Heads Up Dragon Quest VI: Realms Of Revelation Is Amazon’s Lightning Deal

By Spencer . February 23, 2011 . 10:07am

dqviRight now, you can get Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation for $24.99. It’s inside Amazon’s Gold box and it’s the current lightning deal. However, the Nintendo DS remake won’t be around long at that price.


In an hour, a Nerf game, perhaps one for the Wii, will go on sale. Grab it here if you missed out on buying Dragon Quest VI last week.

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  • Yui

    This is a good thing! Time to buy into the game, guys! Do your thing!!!



      • Yui

        *powers up*

        (And hopefully, it’ll add to the game’s overall sales! :D)

        • hey, HEY! I’m the one always bringing bread to our table, IM THE ONE WITH PANTS IN THIS HOUSE!

          I’ll BUY DRAGON QUEST 6 WHEN IS OVERPRICED,…. BY DOING THIS I WILL FEEL BETTER AND WILL FEEL THAT I SACRIFICED MORE!, so, once i get it, i will feel it’s more important to me! see? SEE?

          • Yui

            I bring bread to the table too, you know!! I cook, and I clean, and I work, and what do I get?! I get told it’s not good enough! I DON’T GET ANY RESPECT! I WANT TO WEAR THE TROUSERS, DAMN IT!!

            See, the difference is, as long as this is priced at a reasonable profit level, you can buy more copies now, cheaply! So you can either buy one more expensive copy, or two copies that are slightly cheaper but add up to be more! I know which one I’d pick. Get one for our guests! :D

          • WHUAT!? I respect you! WE LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE DAMN IT!, and you never clean the clothes i like! WHY YOU ALWAYS DO THAT! It doesn’t feels good when im thinking to put some shirt and when i open the closet is not there!! JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE IT?!

            And i wont buy anything for our guest, stop inviting people to the house! Seriously…

          • Yui

            You don’t respect me! You don’t respect me at all!! I cleaned your suit just the other day, and you know what you did? You spilled food all over it! Why do you make my life so hard?! ;_; And that ratty old shirt of yours was so disgusting, I just had to destroy it! Why can’t you understand I like to keep a clean house?!

            See? It’s always me, me, me! Always the host. You never help me! These people are our friends and family, and you treat them like subhumans! >:_(

            (Otherwise, I do apologise to Spencer for once again taking one of his articles and veering it completely off-topic. I still wholeheartedly recommend picking up DQVI! :D)

          • Ren

            T-T Mommy, why are you fighting with daddy again? Why you two never stop fighting? A-am I, am I to blame?T-T

          • Yui

            @Ren Don’t worry, honey, it’s not your fault. Mommy and Daddy are just a little angry today, don’t worry. Go back to sleep, I promise everything’ll be OK tomorrow. :D

          • Who is this “Spencer”!? I thought you vowed completely to me! How you want respect if i cant trust you, uhhh?!

            And you wouldn’t be the host if you don’t invite people to the house! All they do is bother and take our food! You know i like to be on boxers when im in the house, you think i can do that if you invite people?! No!

          • Ren

            B-but, daddy, I though you walked naked in the house. And why you forgot uncle Spencer?

            Wait! Does this mean I can’t invite my friends over on my birthday anymore?T-T

          • @Ren Did she made you call him “Uncle” Spencer… WHAT?!, and when your mother doesn’t cleans my favorite boxers i have no other option, now you know how many times she doesn’t do her work xD

          • Yui

            Spencer is our LANDLORD! You’d know that if you paid attention to me more, to our situation more, but no!! You never do! You don’t care enough to care!!! ;_;

            How do you think we’ll make friends without making an effort? What if something happens to us?! What’ll happen to Ren, then? What’ll we do?! Ren is our child!! Ren needs a family, and friends, and people he can trust! Maybe if you weren’t so LAZY, and would make an effort at WORK, we wouldn’t need to have people eating into our private time!! D:<

          • Ren needs to man up!, this is the best way to get him ready to this beautiful but full of cruel people world. He needs to learn not to depend on anyone, and learn to judge people so he can know who is friend and who is foe!

            So you have been going for the LandLord?! Uh? You know how much i worked to get this house?, thanks to you Ren won’t be able to belive in women anymore, and i dont know if my heart could handle it anymore. How can you say im lazy if you have no idea of what i do at the work!

          • Yui

            This world is beautiful, but its people aren’t cruel! They’re wonderful, and I want Ren to grow up in a world where he feels safe and comfortable being around them, not some horrible wasteland like you paint it to be!! >:|

            Yes, I’ve been going to the landlord, and everyone else, too, because they see you for what you ARE!! They’re on my side! I should take Ren and run away from you, leave you alone, so you see how lucky you are to have us!! I’m sure Ren will be able to believe in women, and people, and me, when we’re done, because he’ll be free, and happy! I don’t care if your heart can handle it, because you haven’t cared about mine all these years! And if you’re anything like you are at home, at work, then frankly, I’m completely right!!

            (Okay, this is some seriously weird stuff. I feel like I’m roleplaying, and not in a good way. I swear my parents used to have these exact same arguments. XD)

          • If you were in the bussines’s work you would see how this world’s people truly are, you still say that because i’ve protected my family so they dont have to live with all that garbage!

            DONT YOU DARE TO RUN WOMAN, AND I HOPE NOTHING HAS HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND SPENCER, you dont know how many secretaries i had to change until now so i could stay faithful D:

          • You know, with “the world is beautiful” you reminded me of the last part of Ar tonelico 3’s trailer xD

          • Yui

            Protected us? Protected us?! You’re the reason we have to deal with bad things so often! Your alcoholism, your laziness, they’re killing our family, can’t you see that?! ;_;

            I promise you, I’ve been faithful, and I won’t run, because I’m sure this family can still be saved. But I don’t believe that you’ve been faithful. I can’t believe it…not after what you told me last year. Not after that. >:(

            (Oooh, a twist! Now things are getting interesting. XD)

          • When did i become the bad one D: if only you had idea! And it has been years since i last drank, stop making up stuff woman!

            What i told you last year?! O_O Im not unfaithful!, and thanks to japan all my inner desires are satisfied (lol xD)

          • Yui

            You’ve always been the bad one. Ever since the start, you’ve used us and abused us like a monster. I can never forgive that. ;_; And don’t lie to me! I saw those empty bottles of whiskey in your study! You’ve been drinking again, that’s why you’re so angry all the time!!

            Then why, why would you tell me those things? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. They’re all there, in my head…I can’t stop…you’ve ruined me. You stole my smile!!

            (lol indeed XD)

          • Ren

            *opens the closet*Daddy! Is this a-a-a sh-shot-shotgun?!

            And a body pillow?

          • :(

          • Ren

            TO BE CONTINUED…

          • Yui

            I’d completely forgotten about that. Man, am I ever looking forward to Ar Tonelico 3. It should be a great game, of that I have no doubt. :D

        • *Reads comments*


          *Hides behind a slime knight*

          • Yui

            Spencer! There you are! Tell him! Tell him what you told me, what we discussed!! He’s been so…so…I don’t know the words, but they’re bad, they’re so bad!

            (Gods, Spencer, you have the longest temper of anyone I’ve ever met on the internet. I’m so sorry for all this, but it’s gone too far for me not to see it through. I apologise. Again. XD)

          • Spencer, i have a lock-on on you >8(, dont get too close of Yui, or else!

            And im not bad >:( , sometimes you have to act like the bad guy to protect the people you love!

          • Sorry, I can’t make myself not ROFL at this.

  • Omg so cheap… D: freaking amazon

  • Croix

    Why didn’t I get this in my email, Amazon!? You’re supposed to always alert me to deals in video games (and you usually do, which makes this an unusual occurrence)!

    A big thanks to Spencer for the heads up in their place though. Much appreciated.

    • Barrit

      If you normally receive their emails, you may want to check to make sure it didn’t go in a junk folder. I got an email from them on Monday saying that today will be nothing but video game lightning deals all day long.

      • Twitter is another good way too

  • Zero_Destiny


  • Aoshi00

    75% claimed, did we do our job *.*? I’m actually not that huge of a DQ fan, but I grabbed it anyway, not sure if it’s going to be abundant like DQ IV or rare like V.. actually kmart had a pretty good deal last week w/ 15000 shopper pts ($15) back..

    • From what i’ve played of DQ6, i still prefer DQ5’s story like 100 times more, seriously, i think DQ5 is the best DQ so far, but i just started so i don’t know what’s the deal yet, i just found the beginning kinda weird O_O, like the MC goes to a weird place, and when he gets back, and he tells everyone where he was, everyone belived him so easily, it was like, Ohh you went there? I see, then you must be the choosen one; stuff like that, and it sounded kinda unreal D:

      • Zero_Destiny

        The story in Vi gets real crazy the farther you play it’s great. Give it more time.

    • O.O! $15 back for buying the game?! Hmm… Perhaps it was a bad idea to go straight to the Nintendo World Store just because they were 100% guaranteed to have copies of the game. (I didn’t want to risk even 0.001% chance of other stores not having the game.)

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, so the game is like $20 + taxes though.. Actually the Kmart I went to in midtown didn’t have it (I was too lazy to drive to my local one), otherwise I would’ve bought it alrdy.. I got DQ9 w/ a $15 coupon from Toysrus before too. I really could wait but don’t want it to become rare later, there seems to be a lot of knockoffs of DQ5 on ebay for some reason..

        • Zero_Destiny

          I’ve ranted about this before on this site but one of the big reason why Dragon Quest V is so hard to find is because SE fails. lol I’ll quote myself from an earlier post now lol “Sadly SE wasn’t treating the franchise very well. It had limited ads and not too many people outside the smaller fanbase knew about Dragon Quest. SE being dumb didn’t think to advertise the remake of Dragon Quest IV on the DS and thought hey it’ll sell just like Final Fantasy and thus printed A LOT of copies of Dragon Quest IV. When sells didn’t match their expectations they printed a VERY LIMITED number of Dragon Quest V hoping it would do well and to reprint more copies later. That didn’t happen. So what we got is a crap load of Dragon Quest IV’s that can be bought on the cheap and a very limited number of Dragon Quest V’s that’s WAY more expansive then it should be. :( Nintendo has done wonders for the Dragon Quest franchise. They’ve advertised Dragon Quest IX quite a bit.”With Nintendo’s backing I wouldn’t be too worried. A lot of the games Nintendo backs recently are still very easy to find like Glory of Heracles and Magical Starsign. Anyways Nintendo’s been treating Dragon Quest far better than SE has done.

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for the DQ expert opinion :) Man, you really changed your handle for that? I kinda prefer just Zero Destiny lol.. yea, I think you mentioned it before.. I was wondering why DQ4 was constantly on sale on Amazon for $20 or less, but DQ5’s price was jacked up by marketplace sellers (and a lot of bootlegs if you’re not careful).. DQ was never as big in the US as FF anyway so definitely needs ads to boost awareness.. but it could be DQ being a bit too old school and niche here too? I didn’t finish Heracles thought it was kinda boring.. Hope DQ10 would turn out to be cool like 8.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Don’t worry you can still call me Zero_Destiny and yeah I’ll change it back to like how it was in the old days once I beat DQVI. lol Heracles is cut and dry but I like my games like that some times. I have a soft-spot for simple games I guess. The only reason why I bought it though was because I loved the second game on the NES. The older ones were better because they were quite blatantly a rip-off of Dragon Quest right down to how the battles and system-menu interface worked. I do suggest to hunt down Magical Starsign though. It is atcually very fun and has a lot of charm and I laughed at many of the jokes in it. The game’s quite funny. And really cheap too. :D Plus I love Brownie-Brown. Their another dev team made-up of ex-Square members (this is starting to be all too common now lol) and made some really cool games like the Sword of Mana GBA remake and Mother 3. Their a great a great studio.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Aha!!! Your bragging and your Nintendo store has failed you! :) Take that lol

        • Not so fast! As Aoshi explained, there weren’t any copies in the only K-mart I would have gone to, so my gut feeling to go to the Nintendo store was right. =P

          • OBJECTION!!!

            This is a Objection Maya style because i dont actually have anything to say… but something will happen from this, dont worry! xD

          • Zero_Destiny

            OBJECTION OVERRULED!!!!!
            *WildArms takes a hit and his health bar goes down*

          • Zero_Destiny

            HOLD IT!!! Regardless of K-Mart not having it you still had to pay more for something you could of gotten for less. Hahahahahaha!!!! *Thinks about how I did the same thing :(* lol

          • We aren’t true fans if we actually cared about the price though… lol

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