Hollow Ichigo And Ulquiorra (Second Release) Rev Up For Bleach: Soul Ignition

By Spencer . February 23, 2011 . 1:01am

imageFirst seen in V-Jump, Hollow Ichigo and Ulquiorra’s second release form will be in Bleach: Soul Ignition.


The magazine also outlined a new system for the PlayStation 3 Bleach game. On the left side of the screen, Bleach: Soul Igntion has an ignition gauge which charges when you do combos. When the meter is maxed out you can hit L2 to activate ignition mode. In this state, you can trigger your ultimate attack by hitting L2 when the ignition gauge lights up.


Bleach: Soul Ignition is slated for release sometime this year.


A hearty hollow handshake to Shinsu for the tip. Thanks!

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  • Xekyo

    sick. :]

  • So is this a hack and slash or some kind of fighter? With 3d single boss fights similar to Sengoku Basara?

    • Xekyo

      i think it’s more of a hack and slash. not much variation in the choice of moves and combos.

    • Shuryou

      In a nutshell: it’s Dynasty Warriors Bleach Edition.

    • neon6
    • Barrit

      After playing the one stage in the Japanese demo.. It is in the same genre as Sengoku, but I wouldn’t say it’s as face paced or as over the top.

      Then again, it could just be a bad demo and not a very good representation of the final game. I remember playing the Sengoku demo and it just did not do the game justice at all.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Like others have said, it’s like Dynasty Warriors, not DB: Raging Blast. A 3D hacknslash, not a 3d fighter

  • Zeonsilt

    Played JP demo.
    One-button Dynasty Warriors gameplay is ….bad&boring.
    Graphics is also like ps2,except for character models(not monsters).
    There’s no combos in it,just spam [Square] & sometimes [Triangle] (Magic range attack,mana based).
    p.s. that L2 attack is completely broken.

  • karasuKumo

    I personally can’t see what people are complaining about, just because it’s not a Raging Blast/Ultimate Ninja Storm clone doesn’t mean it wont be good. I loved the demo and didn’t mind the one button combo because if you linked it right with the other attacks it was fine. A hack & slash was the right way too go for Bleach, it keeps up with the pace in the show.

    Plus in the full version there might be more combos, especially since there was a level next to Ichigo’s name. I can’t wait to see all of Aizen’s and Ichigo’s forms in this!

    • Well said, karasu. Having good hopes for the game myself, since it’s made by the Soul Carnival team.

      • karasuKumo

        Thank you :) Apparently this will go up to the end of the big Ichigo vs Aizen fight! I can’t wait, although there’s no guarantee of a western release -_-.

        • I think only the DS had the advantage of having localised Bleach games. Would love to have Heat the Soul in english myself, even though I understood how everything works in Japanese… Probably the best thing is to not get any hopes of a western release. My hopes died long ago after seeing 2 Soul Carnivals and 4 Heat the Souls pass by without any news of localisation

          • I wonder what made SEGA decide to bring out the Bleach games…

          • Not sure myself, but they localised up till the 3rd Phantom means the series must’ve gave them quite good money

          • karasuKumo

            True I would’t mind importing this, we pretty much already know the story and how to play it but it wouldn’t really be as good. I have a bit of hope for this considering it is on the PS3 and it covers a ton of the story but as you said theres a big chance it wont be released here. Fingers crossed though ^^

    • Im complaning because is a clone of sengoku basara/dinasty warriors, but with less variety… (after watching that gameplay video)
      The only reason why i would like this game is because i like a lot some parts of Bleach’s battles and some characters…

      • How can you say its a clone without even playing the full game?!

        • Demo and video of the demo, normally demos are not thaat different from the original game.
          Im not saying that a die hard fan of bleach would not enjoy it, but it would only be because is bleach

          • The demo wouldnt have all features of gameplay available to the user, so I cant see an immediate justification to compare it to Sengoku Basara being viable.

          • But it was already close enough, if they add more i would expect other attacks or combos? More reason to compare it to sengoku basara

  • ZOMG Ichigo still looks phenomenally epic!!!!! I know one thing, I cant wait to play this game and see all the footage of it in JPN and hopefully it comes to the US as well. The recent conclusion to the arrancar saga has hyped me up to the extreme for Bleach and I just cant wait for more and more!!!

    And this is just plain awesome to get to play as my tied for first, favorite espada (Grimmjow and Ulquiorra), but more cogently, Ulquiorra and his second release, thus far, the best fight in Bleach to date (Ichigo v Ulquiorra), I mean, that was just a stunningly epically awesome fight that knows no comparison (though it does rival that of the recent Ichigo v Aizen!!! and IchigoXGrimmjow).

    OMG I need Bleach Soul Ignition now!!!!

    • Barrit

      I stopped watching Bleach on episode 256.. sounds like I am missing out on a lot of epic fights..ugh, now you got me wanting to catch up on it. If only there were more hours in the day!

      • No time better than to catch up now, since the arc has ended. The arc was awesome to enjoy watching in huge chunks (I got behind a few weeks, but watched weekly eventually!). It was epic, especially the past 4 or so episodes.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        If you’re going to catch up, catch up on the manga…

        • If one has already made it through 256 episode, then might as well keep going, plus the manga will barely take more than 6 hours to catch up with, lol.

          • But the anime is just full of so many boring fillers… is better to go for the manga

          • Come on dude, the past 40 or so episodes havent even been filler (just at most three episodes)…

            The Materialized Zanpaktou arc wasnt a boring filler anyway, youre one of the first Ive encountered that said it was a boring filler arc. I think it was the best, with the Bounts being the least entertaining though still decent.

          • A friend that always watch the anime told me not much ago that bleach is finally over with the fillers (so it seems they have been bothering for a while) and is continuing with Aizen’s last battle, good thing they will stop now with the anime, more fillers would destroy it.
            I mean, suddenly stopping in the middle of the Aizen’s war and putting some boring and unrelated fillers (at least boring for me), just made me stop watching it

            And there is more reason to do that now, with bleach rebooting, it almost seems like, the author is telling us “Let’s start again!” with the manga D:

          • How are you commenting on the anime without even watching it? The anime isnt stopping. Bleach is going into a filler arc now that the Arrancar Saga has ended this week. A glance at the episode titles for the next weeks will show this.

            The filler occured right before Ulquiorra’s fight with Ichigo, that is way far from Aizen’s stuff in Karakura as that had nearly 40 episodes of uninterrupted material…

          • Because im a bleach fan and a friend always tells me what happens in the anime.
            You said it yourself, fillers, fillers, fillers, after aizen stuff more fillers? What will they do? Ichigo shouldnt have powers after that. Worst part is that bleach’s fillers bore me to death… Even to a point that im starting to dislike the thing, i only read the manga because ive got this far, but the manga is also kinda boring now too

          • Well Ichigo didnt lose all his powers yet in the anime based on this episode

          • I imagine they will make the battle againts Aizen longer in the anime, i hope they do that because in the manga it was way too short T_T

          • Yu_TheKing

            If I may. I felt the same way about it but it is to get a lot more interesting now. Don’t wanna spoil anything but it involves the return of Ichigo’s power :D

          • As for me, I’m just glad he ended the fight A.S.A.P. The whole Gotei 13 vs Aizen arc was dragged far too long for its own good

          • @Yamamoto_takeshiYeah im reading the manga now, is not bad, but i dont feel is something “WOW” either, and is kinda weird that people just want to lose their super human powers >_>, i hope there is a hidden reason for that, anyhow, i just cant stop watching it now xD

            @Ashgail yeah, but the only fight i was expecting more ended so fast and weird, while the “war” with all the generals was simply way too long -.-

          • What are you talking about? Ichigo just finished defeating Aizen in the anime…at 3 episodes.

          • Yu_TheKing

            So many twists and turns… Makes you wonder how different his powers’ll be.

            Also seems like Xcution has ulterior motives. I’d never give awesome powers >_<

          • [email protected]@@@

            So he already beat Aizen in the anime? And he still has his powers?, lol, talk about fillers, he loses his powers when he beats Aizen, … let me rephrase, he loses his powers because he beat Aizen

          • Yu_TheKing

            Technically speaking, he loses his powers because he uses the Final Getsuga Tenshou to beat Aizen. Whether he defeated Aizen or not wouldn’t have affected his powerloss.

          • He loses his powers in stages (as Kisuke said it could be the next day, or a year from then when he would go unconscious and wake up with them gone). They just simply decided to end it while he was still in the Soul Society….

            which also resulted in why Ichigo & Rukia was a trending worldwide on twitter yesterday, lol, confirming that Ichigo & Rukia are the most loved manga/anime couples ever!

            I think it makes sense as it allows us to get to see more awesome fights in a filler arc in Bleach with Ichigo with powers and that zanpaktou.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Tried the demo, pretty boring, I’m gonna pass

  • This game is starting to catch my interest slightly. Mainly due to the fact that Perfect Hollowification Ichigo is my favorite form produced by Ichigo’s Inner Hollow.
    So I might buy this game after all. And no problem Spencer!

  • Tecmo Koei should have handled this. Imagine this game on the same quality as Hokuto Musou. I would buy that.

  • i think i’ve played the demo for this sometime ago.it was in japanese and it seemed like a hack and slash sort of like dynasty warriors.

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