Final Fantasy VI Locked For Virtual Console Re-Release

By Spencer . February 25, 2011 . 2:03am

celesSquare Enix has been re-releasing their collection of Final Fantasy games as Virtual Console downloads in Japan. The only game in the series from a classic Nintendo console that isn’t available for Wii is Final Fantasy VI. That’s going to change next month since the Super Nintendo RPG with a taunting octopus popped out of the ocean and onto Nintendo’s March Virtual Console calendar.


Last Resort, the arcade version of Puyo Puyo, and Ufouria are slated for release too. Yes, we got Ufouria before Japan did. Jaleco kicks March off with Fire Fighting, a Super Famicom fire fighting game better known as The Ignition Factor in the West. It costs 800 Wii Points ($8). Final Fantasy VI is considered a premium title and costs 900 Wii Points ($9) in the region.


A handful of Square Enix games are available for Virtual Console in North America. Final Fantasy, the original NES game, is among them

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  • Final Fantasy IV may not be on the US Virtual Console but the SNES game formerly known as Final Fantasy II definitely is.

    • You sir are correct! Thanks for the correction. I forgot the SNES version retained the original US title.

  • Still waiting for a glorious remake with the presence of Octopus Royalty!!

    • cmurph666

      Just imagine a PS3 remake with twice as many Octopus battles…

      *sniff sniff* It would be beautiful~!

  • Hell, it’s about time (if I may use a tagline from another game).

    I don’t have Wii and I don’t intend to buy it, but when it reappears on Virtual Console, the chances are it will then propagate to PSP, NGP, 3DS and so on.

    Good times!

  • Code

    rar, hooray! I’d love to see Final Fantasy VI show up on Virtual Console >w<' Especially considering the game has become obscenely rare even with the reprints it has had on PS1 and GBA.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Want to know a funny story? Last summer, I was perusing the DS section of my local electronics store just out of curiosity, when I happened to notice a copy of Final Fantasy VI Advance in the corner of the section for €20. Believe me when I say that I couldn’t have purchased it fast enough.

      On the other hand, they also had (and still have) a copy of Final Fantasy V Advance, but the bastards want €40 for it. -_- I am currently waiting to see if they are going to lower it. That said, I am worried that they will permanently remove it from the shelf if I wait too long. Afterall, they might end up thinking that noone is going to buy it anyway.

      Anyway, on topic, this particular new doesn’t affect me, since I already have a copy of the game and I don’t use digital distribution anyway (or have a Wii for that matter). Nevertheless, I am still happy for Virtual Console users and I hope the game comes over to the US/EU Virtual Console as well.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Final Fantasy VI = WIN no matter what form it takes or what console it’s on XD

  • Soma

    Waiting for Final Fantasy VI Complete on the PSP. :D

    • PrinceHeir

      hell yeah :)

    • EvilAkito

      That would be amazing. I’m getting pretty tired of FF4 remakes. It’s a great game and all, but FF6 deserves love too.

      • Soma

        I agree entirely. IV was okay for the first half … but then it got ridiculous.
        However, the North American version coined the best line EVER with “You spoony Bard!”

        • Kamrom

          They’re afraid of messing with it. FF6 is one of those hallmark games. It did everything as well as it could, and pushed the SNES to its style limits. The game may not be too hard, but it is very much loved.

      • Bakuryukun

        Yeah, FF5 too, I’d like to have an non-emulatated version of that game that isn’t horribley messed up in some fashion

  • GVmanX

    This’ll likely have the terrible Ted Woolsey translation, so no buy for me.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Hey don’t dis Ted Woolsey. He had a limited tech to work with, a large amount of censorship to deal with, and for the time the translations were very good. It’s not like he changed the story completely and ruined any of the charas. He stayed as true to the original source material as he could with the limited resources he had available. Plus his translations helped to pave the way for future USA releases. So yeah thanks for being a whining baby and hating people for stupid reasons. You’re nothing but a SPOONY BARD!!! lol:P It’s okay to have your own opinions and I’ll admit the translations are a bit dated now but I still find your complaint unreasonable. Plus I don’t see any complaints about his awful work on Super Mario RPG, or Secret of Mana.

      • I don’t think he was the one who did the legendary “spoony bard” translation… (i’m not sure if that’s what you’re saying so if not, sorry ^^; )
        But yeah, Ted Woolsey did a pretty good job for Chrono Trigger and FFVI. In fact, that was the translation I played for both of those games since that was what I had for the US releases anyway.

        • Zero_Destiny

          I was just going for famous funny lines. It was that, son of a submariner, or the Warrior’s line from Final Fantasy I that goes something like “I love swords”. lol

      • You should use the term “son of a submariner” instead of “spoony bard”.

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol Oh you :)

      • skymap

        Eh not really. Some of his lines actually don’t fit in with the characters, for example Shadow who will “slit his momma’s neck for a nickel”

        • gatotsu911

          Um, what? That line was great. Sure beats the bland “oh, he’s such a badass” line in the original script.

          • Bakuryukun

            also that’s not really a line about Shadow so much as it is Shadows reputation, I thought it was kind of cool that they set him up as such a terrible guy, but then as the game goes on, you find out he’s actually a pretty good guy.

      • GVmanX

        I’ve never been able to enjoy FF6. It’s either because Ted Woolsey’s translations are terrible, or FF6 is a bad game. I’m leaning towards the former.

        And don’t get me started on that mockery of a localization that was Secret of Mana. There’s another game I’ve always see get hailed as being amazing, yet Woolsey’s translations ruined it for me.

    • gatotsu911

      lolwut? Woolsey’s translation actually made FF6 BETTER. The original script was dry as all getout, and in particular Kefka’s dialogue in the English version was a massive improvement.

    • Bakuryukun

      Yeah Ted Woolsey’s translations weren’t bad at all I don’t know what your talking about, FF4 had a shotty translation for sure, but that wasn’t done by Ted.

  • thaKingRocka

    I was considering finally playing through this on my netbook connected to the TV. Maybe I’ll do this legitimate version instead. Then again, it’ll look a lot prettier on my netbook.

  • we need to see remakes of this and V for sure. I through IV have run their course for now… Let’s see some updated V and VI, not just those ports for the GBA.

    The one thing that bothers me about those ports is that the sound and music for those games are actually downgraded despite the fact that they’re supposed to be enhanced ports.

    • Bakuryukun

      Yeah I know, some people even try to convince themselves that they are “remixed” soundtracks, which isn’t true at all, they’re just poorly downgraded. Hell there’s even a patch for Final Fantasy VI Advance, to make it’s music LESS horrible

  • skymap

    Okay, now just release it on PSN or PSP.

  • sooner or later SE is going to get to FFVII’s mark and when that day comes….well…i can’t really promise all hell wont break loose.
    since i don’t know what system they’ll plan for it.

    • SolidusSnake

      FFVII is already on PSN, though I can’t recall all hell breaking loose when it happened.

  • gatotsu911

    I will be most displeased if this doesn’t make it to NA.

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