Yars’ Revenge Is Like A Stylish Panzer Dragoon

By Spencer . February 25, 2011 . 11:37am

Atari and Killspace Entertainment are rebooting Yars’ Revenge by giving it an anime makeover. The original game players controlled a bug-like alien. In the 2011 game, the main character is a woman in insect armor.


While both games are shooters, Yars’ Revenge (2011) is an on-rails shooter with three main kinds of weapons: regular laser, lock-on missiles, and a railgun for enemies on the ground. Kind of reminds me of Panzer Dragoon… sans dragons.


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  • Please hurry and come out. Loved the first back in the day, and this one looks awesome as well.
    And her shield? Total nostalgia bomb.

    EDIT: This would be an awesome Kinect/Wii/Move game.

    • godmars

      Isn’t referring toe the first like comparing the first ever wheel to…hovercraft?

    • Now I’m convinced the world is ending, because I actually agree with you about something. lol

  • Advent_Andaryu

    I wish they would bring the Panzer Dragoon series back with a reboot…

    • Just release Panzer Dragoon Saga on PSN/XBLA first :D

      • I could have sworn I read somewhere that Sega don’t even have the original source code for that anymore.

    • PrinceHeir


      *oops wrong game :)

      yes New Panzer Dragoon please :D

  • thaKingRocka

    Looks pretty fun to me. I’m interested.

  • I really want to like it..

    ..but I also really want to get to say; “Ha, more like ‘Yaris’ Revenge'”

    Decisions, decisions.

    • Do both!

      Just because you like something doesn’t mean you can’t also poke fun at it. :)

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I’m pretty eager to try this. Frankly I’m surprised at how coherent and detailed everything looks. The whole art direction screams Masamune Shirow, more so than Miyazaki like they claim. But oh well they’re the creators.

    Speaking of mash-ups, my dream retro shoot ’em up would be called:
    Ikaradiuslay Bladeburner Type IV: Twinkle-Twin Panzer Fox Invaders & Punishment’s Revenge 64. Take that, Square!

  • It just looks like an early PC title. Even the dude describing the game sounds like someone from the 90’s.

    • TrevHead

      Nothing wrong with that is there? As 90% of the best action games are retro arcade games and its cool this gen is beginning to go through an revival of all the classics

      • I meant as in the presentation. It just gives me that vibe and not in a good way.

        • TrevHead

          Ahh my bad, ive seen so many comments from ppl hating on 2D games that I jump to conclusions

  • HarryHodd

    Move support?

  • TrevHead

    Although I suck at twinstick rail shooters i’m quite stoaked for this title.

    And im very suprised its getting an PC release as its my prefered platform as ill beable to go back to it years from now when all the 360s and PS3s are burnt out

    • Are you expecting an EMP that the rest of us are unaware of?

      • TrevHead

        dunno what you mean by EMP but if you are wondering why I mentioned PC while the article header does not. Im going by the fact it says PC download at the end of the trailer

        • EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse.

          Here’s an article on what they can do.


          I ask, because you talk about the console systems like they’re going to burn out sometime very soon. Also, as someone who has had two PC’s die on me over the last fifteen years, I have to wonder what type of magical computer you have that there’s no danger of it ever burning out.

          • …Don’t tell me you’ve been ignoring all the stories of RROD 360’s or YLOD PS3s. I actually know someone whose Wii bit the dust, and my PS2’s laser is on its way out. (My PS1 is already dead, which really sucks because I own one of the thirty-or-so PS1 games that is completely incompatible with slim PS2s.) :((

            Unfortunately, console repairs can’t be done without quite a bit of technical knowledge, difficult soldering, slightly esoteric tools, and/or replacement parts that can be kinda hard to get. Whatever breaks on a PC can typically be replaced with a crosshead screwdriver and a trip to Best Buy—unless the machine’s too old, in which case you’d end up doing the same thing as a console and getting a new one. Since the platform has better backwards compatibility than most (if not all) consoles, that isn’t too bad a deal. ;)

          • No, consoles do break. I’ve had a Dreamcast, a Saturn, and my old 60g PS3 die. I also remember having to turn my PS1 on its side to get it to continue working, and I don’t personally know a single 360 owner who has never experienced the RROD, but you know what? If I wanted to, I could find a working Saturn this afternoon at a store off Bowery. I could find a Colecovision or an NES at the same store. The way he worded his post made it sound like you’d never, ever be able to replace your PS3 or 360 in the future.

            I’m just saying that he’s acting like the PC is this big invincible machine, when it’s just as breakable as any console.

  • Is it odd that my first thought upon seeing this is…

    I hope I can use my Move with this?!? Why would such a thought pop into my head?

  • I’m insulted by the title.
    It implies that Panzer Dragoon is not stylish.
    When the games are so stylish that they still look cool today.

    This game looks really awesome though.
    It doesn’t look like it includes the ability to shift the camera around you to shoot enemies on all sides.
    Which is one of the reasons PD is more fun for me than Starfox.

    • countupyoursins

      “I’m insulted by the title.
      It implies that Panzer Dragoon is not stylish.
      When the games are so stylish that they still look cool today.”

      True, true. Panzer Dragoon games are very stunning and this game seems influenced by then. Now I just hope it plays as good. We’ll be set, then.

  • Guest

    Looks fun but a little stiff.

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