Nintendo 3DS Web Browser Based On NetFront, Coming By The End Of May

By Spencer . February 28, 2011 . 2:30pm


Nintendo worked with Opera Software to create the web browser for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and Wii. However, Opera is not handling the Nintendo 3DS browser. Japanese software company Access is.


Their NetFront browser will be the engine for the Nintendo 3DS’ browser. Tomihisa Kamada, CEO, said his company is honored to share their browser know-how with Nintendo on their innovative game handheld.


No screenshots or footage of the 3DS browser are available yet, but Access’ website does have a page dedicated to existing versions of the NetFront browser for other portable devices, with a rundown of its features.


The Nintendo 3DS browser is being targeted for release around the end of May in Japan. Once you download it, you’ll be able to open it up even in the middle of a game to browse the web or look up a guide.

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  • Can it stream video.

    I really like por– youtube.

    • It should, if I remember the PS3 browser is on netfront, and thus streams youtube and video from numerous sites. Their site is pretty exhaustive in its features and support.

      • androvsky

        Yes, the PS3 browser is Netfront too, but the only reason it can handle any streaming video decently is because Sony made a special flash plugin. Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been updated for a while, but for the most part everyone who uses it is desperately hoping Sony switches to webkit soon as is rumored.

        But for a browser you can access in-game (which is what was promised on the PS3 originally) I’m sure Netfront will be plenty adequate.

        • Guest

          Webkit isn’t very suitable for mobile devices. I know Apple and Google did it, but it takes a lot of work. History proves that Nintendo won’t put much effort into the browser, which is why they chose the cheap, crappy Netfront this time around.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Its not that simple, Tsunayoshi. YouTube requires Flash, which tends to be a battery hog when it comes to portable systems. This isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be nice to have the option regardless, but there definitely are problems related to streaming video on a portable system.

        • What do you mean, on their official site for their device support, it says, so I do not see why there would be an isshu for it.

          Flash®, Flash® Lite™
          NetFront Browser provides a ready-to-use interface to integrate Adobe® Flash® Player supporting Flash content embedded within a Web page.

          • Guest

            That doesn’t mean that Nintendo will license Flash. They didn’t for the DS and DSi.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Just beacuse they CAN implement Flash doesn’t mean they SHOULD. Again, the problem isn’t whether or not they can implement it…they can. Its just that using Flash tends to drain batteries very quickly, which is important for a portable device.

      • Guest

        It isn’t the browser that streams video, it’s the Flash plugin. All browsers, including Netfront and Opera support the Flash plugin. The question is if Nintendo will support it.

    • Guest

      As long as it supports the Flash plugin, sure. The question is if the 3DS has the power to do so.

  • WOW this is excellent news to come right after I filed my taxes to show that I can totally get the 3DS on Day 1 Baby!!! (and at no cost, thanks US Gov IRS ^_^)

    Now I just hope that it comes to the US fast two, I cant wait to experience the internet in THREEEEEE-DEEEEEEEEEE

    • The Internet won’t be in 3D though. :P

      • It might already be in Japan for all we know.

      • Dimentionalist

        Blast! And I wanted Jelly Juggalos in glorious, glasses-free 3D! Curses and drat!

        • Zero_Destiny

          You wanted this guy? Really I thought no one wanted to buy him. lol

  • ToSeektheChosen

    Sounds cool, but won’t it be rather distracting for some people :P

  • eilegz

    oh great its gonna be like the ps3 browser not very good… on the plus side they can still use opera DS on 3ds

    • Ren

      No you can’t. It’s listed as unusable software on the manual at least.

  • Flash 10 support or bust. >8[

  • Guest

    It’s too bad that Nintendo chose the quick, cheap and dirty solution (Netfront) rather than the much better Opera browser…

    • They had opera before, and it was rated as extremely horrible.
      Thats why they switched to netfront.

      • Guest

        Actually, Opera on the DS and Wii were always miles better than Netfront on the PS and PS3 despite the latter being massively powerful compared to the Nintendo consoles.

        Opera was great for its time, but Nintendo didn’t update it much.

        This shows that Nintendo isn’t really serious about browsers, so it makes sense that they replaced the high-end, expensive Opera with a cheap and crappy browser (Netfront).

  • Very handy for when I play RPG’s :D As long as I don’t have to squint and/or scroll left and right constantly.

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