Carpe Fulgur Hope To Have Chantelise Out By The End Of April

By Ishaan . March 2, 2011 . 8:24am


Up and coming doujin game publisher Carpe Fulgur’s next project is a game titled Chantelise. Developed by EasyGameStation, the same developer that produced Recettear, Chantelise is a third-person action-adventure game.


Chantelise is similarly titled to Recettear; the game is about two sisters, Chante and Elise, out to hunt for a witch whose curse has apparently turned Chante into a fairy. Chantelise plays like a hack-and-slash game, and you can find better equipment as you progress through the game.


In a recent post at his blog, Carpe Fulgur co-founder, Andrew Dice, stated that, while the date for the game isn’t set in stone, Carpe Fulgur hope to have Chantelise out by the end of April.

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  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    If I remember correctly, this game has been in development for a long time… Oh wait I just noticed the bottom left corner… Yup I was right.

    Also, 2D sprites on 3D battlefield, haven’t seen that in a while.

    • “Also, 2D sprites on 3D battlefield, haven’t seen that in a while.”

      Clearly, sir, you need to play Ys: The Oath in Felghana! ;)

      (On topic, I’m actually quite looking forward to this. There was a Hardcore Gaming 101 article about this game a while back, and I’ve been intrigued by it ever since, but never got around to playing it. And this seems like a good excuse to remedy that!)

  • This seems like it might be more up my alley than Recettear. The art looks a bit better despite this being the earlier game, too. Weird.

    Will definitely give it a shot.

  • Apollonis

    I really wish I could play Recettear on this laptop, but for some reason in the demo, right when it gets to the dungeon sequence, the framerate grinds down to an unplayable level–it’s weird because I know this thing has played more graphically intensive games than that just fine.

    • I’m not 100% sure, but I think the default fps for the game is 60 fps. You can change it in the custom.exe file.

  • I’m still surprised they localized this before something simpler like the impossible game-esque Tokkyu Tenshi.

    I guess they still like their RPGs.

    • If you really want that game to be localized, why not send an email or tweet to them?

      Unless, you already have, then I apologize.

      • 5parrowhawk

        As you may have noticed, the good folks from Carpe Fulgur frequent this site. That’s as good a reason as any to post wishes here.

        Speaking of which, I wonder if they’ve started work on localizing Territoire. The demo’s been out for half a year…

        • I know they frequent the site, but if someone had wait for an article about them to make a request here, why didn’t they ask sooner via the other means available?

          • Got a twitter reply since Dice seems a bit busy trying to get a console dev kit.

            “@manasteel88 Well, part of it is the fact that there aren’t a lot of Zelda-esque action-adventure games available on the PC…but, well, platformers… :x Since the company is dedicated to bringing “rarer” games over, it seems a better fit”

            Just thought I’d share that.

  • This would be awesome if it was on the Saturn. But as a PC title by today’s standards… I hope it’s not going to be very expensive.

    • PurpleDoom

      Recettear was only $19.99, so if they launch this through the same services (Steam and other digital download outlets) I’d imagine it would be around the same price.

  • Ohh, i like the fact that the girl is in 2D, that would make things a lot better for my computer lol

  • Gelsa

    I tried the European release of this game (the name of the company eludes me right now) and didn’t find it very fun to play. The bad translation might be somewhat responsible but I just didn’t find the gameplay fun. Though to be fair I went into the game expecting it to be more “rpg-ish” than it really was so that probably tarnished my view of it a lot. Might give the CF release a try though.

    It should be noted that I played the game with a playstation 3 controller and not my keyboard.

  • Hoooh~

    I wondered if they’d get to this. I’ve not ever played the full version, but the demo definitely caught my attention. I’ll have to buy this when it’s released…

    Sucks we probably won’t see a release of Duo Princess though. (It’s kind of impossible, since it’s an unofficial Dewprism/Threads of Fate spinoff by EGS.)

    Edit: A little more explanation of what I remember:

    In general, it feels like a cross between the 3D Zelda games and Ys VI (IMO.) and has a pretty interesting combination magic system where you collect Gems in certain orders to unleash different magic attacks (Things like 2 or 3 thunders make a giant Iron Ball that orbits you IIRC).

  • MisterDandylion

    So, 2D sprites in a 3D enviroment (kinda makes me think of Oath of Felgana of the Ys Series)

    Looks and sounds a little bit too happy. Meh, like happy :)

    By the way, mind my bad English but: How do you pronuance the title…?
    Chanteh-lees…? Chantee-lais…? I suppose it’s Chantee-Lees but I don’t know :S

  • Rarutos

    Yesssssssssss, take all of my money Carpe Fulgur!

    Just like you did with Recettear. <3


  • its been some time since i seen this game, its nice to see it get picked up by a company, it would be awesome as a ngp title!

  • Aaaaaaaahhh derp derp derp don’t take April as gospel. We’re going to TRY to have it ready by then but I make no guarantees.

    • JustaGenericUser

      EDIT: Crap, ignore this.

    • JustaGenericUser

      Do you have any other plans after Chantelise? (Hope this appears under your post this time.)

      EDIT: Huh, that’s weird. It was positioned like a normal reply at first but once I refreshed it’s under yours. ….

      • Yeah, but everything else is currently Stuff We Can’t Talk About Yet. And plans could still change. It’s an exciting time, either way.

    • Will the inventory system be bigger? :D


  • TrevHead

    As a lover of doujin games Ill buy anything that gets an PC localisation (aslong as its good of which a lot of them are) I hope this game sells as well recettear.

    I really hope carpe-fulgur or somone else would pick up Fortune Summoners, the Corpse Party series or any 2D sidescrollers like Rosenkreuzstilette. There is a shitload of really great doujin games that would piss all over simlar western indie efforts that get on steam.

    I still waiting for a good vertical / horizontal shmup to appear on the platform

    • Well, we’ve been TRYING to get in touch with the crew behind Fortune Summoners, but we can’t even seem to get a reply. It’s a bit worrying. If someone knows of a better way to get in touch with MEL than the email form on the Lizsoft site, we are seriously all ears at this point.

      • JustaGenericUser

        I hope you do get into contact with them someday and they give the okay, Fortune Summoners Deluxe looks very good and it’ll be a crime if no one else gets to play and they don’t get more money they deserve.

  • Wow this looks awesome. it’s giving me PlayStation 2 vibes :D Bring on April (or whenever its ready :D)

  • TheGoddamnedKamina

    Reccetear was awesome. Can’t wait for the new localization.

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