Mysterious Caped Character Seen In This Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Video

By Spencer . March 3, 2011 . 2:12am

During the Game Developer’s Conference keynote, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata took a break from his analysis of gaming trends to show attendees a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.



The last time we saw Nintendo’s upcoming Zelda game for Wii there wasn’t a shield energy bar or a caped character who could teleport by snapping his fingers. Those skeletons armed with two swords are familiar. At last year’s E3, I had to swing the Wii remote at angle so it passed through the monster’s defensive stance.


No release timing information was announced at GDC. In the meantime, Zelda fans can pick up The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D when it arrives in June.

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  • Guest

    Baroth in my Zelda. =)

    Now start arguing and complaining about everything. Just two things I wanna point out:
    You can hide the HUD
    The combat is slowed down BECAUSE it’s a trailer.

  • alundra311

    The game looks amazing. Can’t wait for it.

    • Kaoro

      I agree. I loooooooooove that muted pastel color pallet they are using.

      Not looking forward to the additional motion+ expense tho…

      • alundra311

        It’s a good thing I got a wiimote+ as a gift from my girlfriend. It’s actually preparation for this game. :D

  • Jeebs

    The mysterious caped person is Vaati. Google him.

    • I dunno… he maybe vaguely resembles Vaati.

    • Zero_Destiny

      He’s Vaati’s second cousin who is mad at Link for always beating up Vaati. XD lol I think he defiantly looks like Vaati. If he is really him I have to say wow Vaati has been going places in Zelda, maybe one day he’ll replace Ganon. lol

    • Yui

      I want to refute this, so bad, but it fits with the “currently at least a little bit correct let’s not argue about this anymore” timeline, and seeing as Skyward Sword involves the creation of the Master Sword, it puts it in awkward position. So we can’t throw it out entirely! I say we need someone with serious knowledge to clarify this for us, because he looks nothing like the Vaati I remember. He is neither small, nor an eyeball. XD
      I mean, Vaati’s been in Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and Minish Cap. If we assume, as most people seem wont to do, that Minish Cap was the first Zelda (chronologically), then it fits. I don’t remember Vaati ever getting a definite [SPOILERS] Wind Waker Ganondorf-style final death, so…you could be right? Maybe? It’d be nice if they stopped recycling characters, though. :D

      • Zero_Destiny

        I still think it’s ether’s Vaati’s cousin or Vaati All Grown-Up. My how the little guy has changed (and apparently forgotten how to wear pants lol).

        • Yui

          Looking at that second picture, he kinda looks Zora-esque to me. I don’t know, it’s weird, but the bluish skin just makes me think “hmm, maybe some crazy sort of offshoot?”

          Anyway, Vaati is so cute it’s unfair. My eyes water with glee every time they set upon him. :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            Vaati swimming? Now there’s a sight. lol

          • Kris

            He reminded me of a Gerudo, a bit actually. A male Gerudo that… isn’t Gannondorf, I guess.

        • Pesmerga00

          Actually, seeing the sword theme. Look at the cape.

          Thats right everybody’s a Sword. o.O

          • Zero_Destiny

            That’s my other theory. Look at my comment above. :D Either way if it’s a new villain, your sword, or maybe even both it’ll be really cool. :)

          • Pesmerga00

            Possibly both. Maybe, and I’m going out on a limb here. You will have to fight the personifications of you weapons before you can use them. Seems interesting but a little too Mega Man.

            Oh God. They would be the “Sword Masters” and you would gain their powers after defeating them. Then you would fight THE Sword Master to gain THE Master Sword!

            My head hurts now. :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Pesmerga00 Yes that’s awesome!!!! Right there million dollar idea. We should go into the gaming business a game like that has to be made now!!! XD lol The fighting the personifications of your sword bit kind of reminded me of BLEACH with their Zanpakutou’s. It really is a good idea though. I kind of think it would be cool to turn an all powerful villain into a sword though and then use him for good. It’s poetic justice. :)

          • Pesmerga00

            I’m half expecting this, defeat the personifications thing to happen in Skyward Sword. I don’t think it’s that far fetched.

            Link’s Shikai command: Hiyah!

  • onilink888

    Bamboo slashing looks badass! D:

  • badmoogle

    I don’t know how they’ve managed to do this but TP actually looked better.I’m very disappointed from the visuals.
    At least i hope the gameplay will be much better than the graphics.

    • I really didn’t like Twilight Princess’ darker look, so this is a welcome change. Even my favorite look in a Zelda game (Wind Waker) was starting to get stale after WW and two DS games.

      This is a nice mash up, familiar aspects from both WW and TP combined into something that looks fresh. I think it looks amazing.

      • badmoogle

        I understand what they tried to achieve but in my opinion it’s not working.

    • You also apparently hated Wind Waker.

      • badmoogle

        You are wrong!:p
        Actually Wind waker is my favourite Zelda in terms of art direction and i think WW’s style (cell-shaded,colourful,cute) is the most appropriate for Zelda games.
        TP went for a more realistic,and darker look but still managed to have vibrant colours for the most part.
        This game however looks very boring thanks to its washed out colors as well as the combination of a more simpler visual style (than TP) and the realistic look for character models.

    • Caligula

      I feel the opposite, actually. TP felt kind of dark and drab, and not in a good way. Skyward, on the other hand, looks a lot more vibrant.

      But to each their own.

  • I don’t think I’m the only one… but I seriously don’t wanna play this game with a wii-mote. =/
    Looks alright otherwise. I’ll wait for reviews. Something about a mysterious character already says s/he’ll be gone by the end of the title. Zelda titles are pretty by the number in most aspects.

  • I wish i could play this with a normal controller… Mainly because i dont really want to buy a wii motion plus only for one game T_T

    The video was pretty good, but i HOPE, i really do, that they at least give a little time to the story…
    The only Zelda game that has ever left a bad taste in my mouth is the last game they developed and it got me worried, Zelda Spirit tracks…. Ugh, if it wasnt for the fact that Zelda did more in the story (and i didnt really liked her personality)… It was all the same!, i mean, go back, go up in the tower, map, again go new place, do some really monotonous stuff to get a new dungeon… beat it, go back, again go up a floor…. Seriously.. Phantom Hourglass was so great and they had to do something at that level…

    Zelda’s gameplay is important yes, but the story, is what makes Zelda, Zelda, like ocarina of time, simply great. the highest part of the Zelda mountain, majora’s mask, excellent and crazy, strangely addictive, wind waker, new, good, and different, oracle of seasons/ages, just perfect, minish cap! funny, interesting Zelda DX, so mysterious, Zelda a link to the past Old school and good, Zelda Four Swords, innovative and nice story, Twilight princess, great theme, and great characters (too bad they tried to change Link’s love interest with that girl D:, and took less light in the relashionship between Link and Zelda, they should at least made her green haired for the sake of old times), all these games had an unique story and theme, all i saw in Zelda Spirit tracks is a train… and a somewhat annoying Zelda… The beginning of the game was pretty good, but everything was just so obvious it got boring…

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol The DS games were great. I thought Spirit Tracks was just as funny as Minish Caps. Though the climb the tower over and over again gameplay in both of the DS games did get old fast. I think you won’t be able to play this game with the classic controller though since it looks like all the waggle is an import part of the control here. But I don’t mind in Zelda. It should make it really fun. I trust Nintendo knows how to use waggle right and not in a cheap gimmicky way. :) And shame on you WildArms how can you not have a classic controller yet? Best way to play Wii games if you ask me. :D That and it works on all the VC games and what’s even better is that you can atcually use the joysticks in any and every game. even old NES games you can play with the joysticks. Unlike another company I know, SONY. Sucks that I can’t use my joysticks on all the ps1 games.

      • I have classic controller o.o, you meant wii motion? I dont know any game that interest me that you can use the wii motion but this Zelda… And i still havent found anynone that could lend me one, those things are expensive here

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh I don’t have one ether. :( But I thought all the Wiimote come with those built-into them now. Am I mistaken? Sucks that their expansive.

    • Code

      rohnoz, wildarms is running allll the lights with that sentence >w<' I think because of the focus on slashing angles (you particularly see it on enemies) a normal control probably wouldn't (dare I say) cut it zwz~! But yeahh, I know the feeling; maybe not so much for story, but I’ve felt the gameplay between Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks has been marginally weaker then past games, it’s become a little too formulaic, and I felt there just wasn’t a sense of exploration like older games omo;

      • Haha sorry, i just started to write and write and couldnt stop, thought it would be hard to read at the end xD.

        Yeah, let’s see how everything ends up with this one, it’s too late now for me to stop getting all the Zelda games xD

        • Code

          haha I know the feeling it happens to all of us >w<'

      • onilink888

        “but I’ve felt the gameplay between Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks has been marginally weaker then past games,”

        I have to strongly disagree here. Twilight Princess absolutely shines in terms of gameplay. Its dungeons have reached the pinnacle of level design, perhaps second only to MM’s, and in terms of combat engine polish, it easily surpasses any of the other games. There’s no debating that as far as I’m concerned. :P

        “it’s become a little too formulaic,”

        Which is precisely what I want. The standard Zelda formula. If I wanted a different experience, I’d play Alundra, Okami, Darksiders or any other game in the same genre.

        “and I felt there just wasn’t a sense of exploration like older games omo;”

        I completely disagree. Given how gargantuan, well realized and fleshed out the world is , compared to the previous games, I’d say the beckoning of exploration is a lot more pronounced in TP.

        • Code

          lol, it’s just my opinion don’t sweat it >w<' To me though the Zelda series should never be formulaic, every game should be it’s own unique adventure, and this has been true for pretty much every Zelda game. But I felt after Twilight Princess there was a turn to looking back more then forward.

          Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of things I liked about Twilight Princess, like it’s push towards more character development with Midna, Zelda and Ganondorf (especially Ganondorf). And I did like some of the direction with it’s dungeons, particularly the pyramid and mansion dungeons >w<'

          But I just don't feel like large is synonymous with deep opo; to me there wasn't enough stuff for how large the world was, and what stuff there was was all so close together instead of spread throughout the world like other Zelda's would have done. To me that combine with much more linear sections between dungeons, and little reason to return to old locations, kind of made exploration in the game a lot weaker.

          • onilink888

            “lol, it’s just my opinion don’t sweat it >w<'"

            I'm not angry or anything like that. Just very passionate. :D

            "To me though the Zelda series should never be formulaic, every game should be it's own unique adventure, and this has been true for pretty much every Zelda game. But I felt after Twilight Princess there was a turn to looking back more then forward."

            Not that I don't think TP is unique or anything, but I believe that's what they were going for (being formulaic); take most of Zelda's staples, refine them, and roll them into one grand package, and I believe they've achieved that for the most part with TP.

            "But I just don't feel like large is synonymous with deep opo; to me there wasn't enough stuff for how large the world was, and what stuff there was was all so close together instead of spread throughout the world like other Zelda's would have done."

            Can't say I agree there. I found a lot of things to do in the many regions of the game. I would most likely apply what you said to WW. Sure, there were a lot of little islands scattered throughout the world, but most of them were empty. And it didn't help that they were surrounded by a vast and monotonous (and somewhat boring) ocean. I know: "It's an ocean, what else are you expecting?!", but that didn't make for an exceptionally compelling experience if you ask me. :P

            With Twilight Princess, though, there was always something different to see no matter where you went: it had quite a diverse geography, and the fact that you could ride across its vastness on Epona in epic fashion helped a lot.
            (Also, that poe finding quest helped me see every nook and cranny of Hyrule, and, in my opinion, there is quite a bit you can do.)


            Off topic: I've got two questions: what does opo mean and how do you underline, bold and italicize? :P

          • Code

            To use the font styles, just use HTML tags for bold, for italics, and for underline >wwww< lol!

    • Caligula

      Eh, I disagree. I think the gameplay is the most crucial part of Zelda and the reason why it’s so popular. The games have a semblance of a storyline, but they’re always pretty loose and minimal to the point where I don’t think it’s even necessary to understand what’s going on to enjoy the game.

      • Well… the gameplay alone didn’t made me finish Spirit Tracks…

        • Everybody knows story does NOT make up Zelda. Zelda’s stories are often so repetitive and minimal that it really has no impact on (most) buyers of the game. People buy Zelda because it’s fun and has great gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, Zelda games have had above decent stories before, but it’s NOT what makes Zelda what it is.

          • Then you missed a big part, dont get me wrong, but is pretty sad if you can’t get that part, stories are a big part in Zelda, anyone could understand that, specially after playing Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask…

            If i want an action game there are tons and tons, but nothing like Zelda, and i’m sure is not only because you have a sword and shield and have some nice puzzles.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Wow what’s with the teaming-up on WildArms!!! He knows what he’s talking about. Zelda definitely has great gameplay (some of the best) but it’s stories are amazing. Man their great. I love Zelda’s stories. Their not repetitive at all if you ask me. :D Lot of heart goes into those stories and a lot of background info is given to each region and it’s inhabitants as well.

          • Caligula

            Nobody’s teaming up on him… just disagreeing.

            I don’t really get how you find them not repetitive, though? They pretty much all have the same basic storyline of clearing dungeons after dungeons to save the imperiled Zelda from Ganon. TP and WW throw a little more meat in there, but it’s still the same formula every time.

          • onilink888

            “Everybody knows story does NOT make up Zelda.”

            Not wrong, but not quite right either. It’s the combination of many elements that make a Zelda game a Zelda game: its masterful dungeon designs, its staple items, its atmospheric music, its fairy tale/medieval epic hybrid plots, its world, the lore and characters/races associated with that world and many other things.

            “Zelda’s stories are often so repetitive and minimal that it really has no impact on (most) buyers of the game.”

            You’d be surprised (if Zelda was stripped of its great gameplay, for example, I’d still buy it). A minimalistic approach to narrative doesn’t automatically make for a less compelling one. As others have said, there’s a lot of heart that goes into Zelda’s stories; there’s just a certain irresistible charm in them in my opinion.

    • I heard they might be bundling the game with Motion plus.

      • That might help… Still, i imagine this will make the game be more expensive too xD so is the same at the end haha.

  • Zero_Destiny

    My God is this game beautiful. I love it’s style. It’s looks so much better than Twilight Princess (in my opinion). It looks like their using the Wii to it’s fullest capabilities with all those puzzles and new items. This should be a blast. :D And Mr. Tail Dark and wears eye-liner, is he going to be your sword or something? Maybe a new enemy? If he’s an enemy he reminds me of Vaati but even bigger. And wow some of those bosses look Buddhist/Hindu to me. Zelda’s getting some cool looking opponents. This will make the 25th anniversary of Zelda so awesome.

    • Personally I really wanted to see a return of the Twilight Princess type graphics, but better since it was a GC port(I wanted a direct sequel xD), but I agree that this game’s incredibly beautiful. I love that it’s supposedly inspired by Impressionist art.

  • I can’t wait for this looks a lot of fun to play. Dia uno bebĂ© dia uno!

  • I really hope they include a Left Handed option. This might be the first Zelda game I won’t be able to play because of the controls… it has me worried. :(

  • That person IS the Master Sword. Positive.

  • Is that orchestrated music I hear? AWWWW YEAH.
    It’s about time Zelda got the “Super Mario Galaxy treatment.”

  • Man i love Zelda but I dont want to play it with the wii mote :( Lets hope they give us the option to just press buttons to attack.

  • If the caped guy is just “steve” but redrawn then he will most likely be the master sword. But he could be another half if they are two different characters.

  • Oh my! I must have this! I wouldn’t have minded the return of the more mature and darker feeling of Twilight Princess’ graphics, but this is great as well!

  • puchinri

    Way schway~. The graphics and style just look better and better. I love how wonderfully bright and colorful it is. I can’t wait to have it in front of me and enjoy that, and the music sounding great too (I mean, LoZ has great music, but it was good!).

    The bosses (or just enemies) were looking very interesting as well, and I feel as though there are intriguing cultural themes to at least one of them and one of those doors. That has piqued my curiousity.

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