Evolution Of CyberConnect 2′s Anime Style Graphics

By Spencer . March 4, 2011 . 2:01pm

CyberConnect2 revised the graphics and models between Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and the sequel published by Namco Bandai Games last year. In 2008, CyberConnect2’s Naruto game had three types of models: low, medium, and high resolution. Distance from the camera determined which model the game loaded.




  Total Tris* Face (in Tris)
Low 4,000 700
Medium 8,000 1,400
High 16,000 2,400

*Tris are triangular polygons.


CyberConnect2 determined the low model was unnecessary for the sequel. Since Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a fighting game characters were usually close together.




  Total Tris Face (in Tris)
Medium 12,000 1,500
High 20,000 2,500


Isao Takeshi mentioned other tricks CyberConnect2 used to make their game feel like an anime. For example, when Naruto punches there is a blur-like effect, which CyberConnect2 added to make the game feel faster. The team did this by pasting an after image with a blurry texture on top of the polygons to create the motion blur.


When running with a Rasenshuriken in his hands, it appears Naruto runs fast, but that’s partially an illusion. CyberConnect2 made characters seem faster during special attacks by rotating the background on an axis. Attendees got to see the same attack before and after the effect, which is a notable difference. Rotating the camera and twisting it to create an "Itano Circus" (a blast of missiles from the Macross series) were two other techniques Takeshi utilized for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

  • DARN!!!! Mr. Spencer got to attend the best meeting of a lifetime! I wouls have done anything to hear my favorite developers talk and share the technique behind the phenomenally epically awesome game of the generation or even of all time.

    I cant wait to see how Naruto Shippuden NGP looks as well as Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3! Ah just the thought of it makes me so glad and hyped!!!

    • Vino (Tim N)

      You really love your Naruto games =)

      I’m like this, with Shenmue.

  • I’ve never really liked the way the games played exactly, but I’ve made sure to check both UNS games out simply because of the incredible animation they have going on in there. I still don’t find the story of that particular universe all too compelling, but delivered by CyberConnect 2 I can totally buy into it for as long as the game lasts.

    If they can work their magic on Asura’s Wrath while letting Capcom handle melding it with a really solid crowd control fighting mechanic, that could be an incredible sight to see.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      It’s a shame they’re using UE3 for Asura… But I’m sure they’ll be able to work some of their magic into it =)

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Well if Atlus could make Catherine using the Gambryo engine (which Fallout and Oblivion were built on)…

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Yeah, when I saw the Gamebryo logo in the Katherine demo I was like “No way Oo”. What has Bethesda been doing this whole time?

          Then again, Atlus is made up of wizards and warlocks, so I suppose it’s understandable.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Ooo now you’ve got me thinking…

            *Eyes stare off high into space, steps up onto a table, arms make sweeping gestures, as if about to break into song and dance*

            IMAGINE… Imagine an open world game, like Just Cause 2 or Oblivion… BUT in ANIME STYLE. Like, Catherine’s anime style. Or BETTER, Naruto: UNS 2’s anime style…

            *Drools*Slips on own drool*Falls off desk back down to earth*

            Yea it’ll never happen. :S

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Shivers! Dream on… =/

  • Code

    Although I’m not really into Naruto games, I can’t stress how much I love them visually, CC2 really does some of the best graphics work in Japan. Really wish Cyberconnect 2 would spread/share some of it’s techniques with other companies owo;

    • And continue with the dot hack games T_T

      CC corp…, i miss to read stuff about you in the web before going to The World

      • malek86

        After Link, I’m not even sure I want to play .hack anymore. Unless they can assure me they will make a good game this time.

        • Well, i think LINK was made more for the fans than anything.
          Talking seriously, the first 2 dot hack, were a lot better than Link (without counting the visuals) If they go back to the console and do what they do in G.U. but, of course, with all improved, i’m sure it would be great as always

          • malek86

            “Well, i think LINK was made more for the fans than anything.”

            Actually, I think we fans deserved better than this.

          • Hahaha, you got a point there xD, but i meant it more in like * yay! all the character from the dot games/anime again!* style of thing.

            But well, is not like i was expecting much from a psp game, at least it looked pretty good -.-‘

        • If only I could understand Japanese… I want to see with my own eyes how bad is //Link

          • malek86

            It’s not like you need japanese that much. Aside from the main plot (which sucks anyway), the story is played out by just replicating scenes from the anime and games, except adding Tokio in the dialogues (but he never does anything consequential, he might as well not be there). If you have watched the anime and played the games, you already know what they are saying. Really.

            The game is bad too, you are essentially doing QTEs all the time, except it’s always the same “press circle in the right spot”. And it never, ever ends.

            The fanservice is supposed to be the incentive to keep up with the horrible gameplay, but since it replicates the anime very closely, there’s no real reason to do so – I could just play IMOQ or watch Sign again, and it would be the same.

            I thought maybe I would play for another while, to see if I could get more characters, but I just can’t take it anymore. It’s so bad. And not in a so-bad-its-good way. What a waste of $40. I can understand why they didn’t localize it. Not even the translators wanted to touch it.

      • z_merquise

        I think they were developing a new project with Capcom titled Asura’s Wrath so they were really not stuck in just developing dot hack or Naruto games.

        • This is correct. CyberConnect2 is developing Asura’s Wrath.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I am more on the side of hoping that they would make a new IP with a similar anime cel-shaded look (I am not into Naruto games either)… But alas, Namco probably owns that tech and CC2 are working on Asura’s Wrath, which might be a good game but doesn’t have that anime look at all…

      (I was hoping they’d stick to their anime sensibilities like for Tail’s Concerto, .hack, and Naruto games instead of going the browned out color scheme, SSFIV style grit filter, and Kratos level aggro route–running on an engine with a macho pedigree no less)

      Maybe Strelka Stories will be that game?

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        I would love to see other uses for that engine too =/ I loved Storm 2, but I can’t help but feel that they’re being held back by the Naruto franchise. I’m probably wrong, though =P

        Do they have complete creative freedom making Asura? Maybe the less colourful look was requested by Capcom…?

        Speaking of Strelka Stories, have any platforms been announced? It will probably be for the 3DS… It seems to be related to their furry universe (Tail Concerto and Solatorobo), so I don’t think they would risk making an HD game. Too expensive. It probably wouldn’t sell enough, and they know it. Too bad, I guess…

        • Why do people always say this? I thought on numerous occasions theyve shown that they utterly love and live and breath Naruto, Im quite sure for some of them, it is their dream franchise to work with. I can not imagine that it is holding them back.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I recall you saying something about it before, so you’re probably right about that (and I’m sure you know Naruto better than most). But I imagine they’d want to tackle new and different IPs as developers eventually.

          • Code

            Yes this is true, they really do love Naruto at CC2, I remember seeing them display all the manga on a shelf, and where they take/use pages for reference material well working. Although it’s still a shame to see them not branch out further into other creative endeavors.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Because it’s fun.

            They may love it (I would’ve grown tired of it after so many years), but they can only go so far in terms of innovation when dealing with an established franchise like Naruto. I would like to see an original HD game made by them. Unfortunately, no publisher so far seems interested in funding one (unless Asura was their idea, which I doubt).

            To you, it may not matter, because they’re synonymous with Naruto, and as long as you have your Naruto fix, all is well. But after playing G.U. (someone, PLEASE explain to me why it was destroyed by the critics. Please), Silent Bomber and seeing Solatorobo and Tail Concerto, I really wish I could get to play new games with new concepts. As I said above, I loved Storm 2. Really, it was one of my favourites of last year. But I want to see them do other stuff.

            Well, let’s wait for Strelka!

          • Because critics (most of them) nowdays are stupid and all they do is try to make laught talking bad about a game, so people keep going back because it made them laught (specially if they didnt got money from developers, im sure this kind of thing happens, when a game review page is popular enough)

            And of course, let’s not say they always make fun of J-rpg games… even at those times.

            Is like gamespot…. They put a woman, (a WOMAN, not trying to offend, but with this game (you will see wich one at the end), putting a woman may not be that good of an idea), that seems to hate J-rpg games, or no, scratch that, she just doesn’t seem to have patient for any RPG game and wants everything easily served on a plate, (and i even got my doubts if she hates anime) to write a review of Neptunia… Imagine the results…


            And now, from some decent reviewers


            Check the hack G.U. reviews… Seriously, RPGfans reviews might be the only reviews i could read and feel secure of what im reading. (And they still are faulty with some games, but is no big deal)

          • I doubt they would grow tired of it, theyve been doing games other than Naruto, probably to make sure that doesnt happen.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I have no clue honestly, about Asura, but considering Capcom’s overall strategy, I wouldn’t be surprised if “make something that would appeal to the west” was something that was requested of CC2.

          I am dying for some info Strelka Stories but I haven’t heard any since the last time it was noted here on Siliconera. Yea it probably is for the 3DS, they said that it’s something they started because they wanted to, not because they are under some contract. In other words, it’s a pet project that probably doesn’t have a publisher yet, so for it to get off the ground at all without backing means it’s probably not on the expensive-to-develop-for consoles (as much as I’d love for it to be).

      • Code

        Oh yeah don’t get me wrong but I think Naruto is kind of a heartbreakingly huge waste of talent for CC2 opo;; This is a team that is smart, creative, and obscenely talented with visuals, I think they could be making some amazing projects if only they weren’t tied down to making Naruto titles or whatever Namco points at opo; Even outside of just anime visuals, (although I think it’s what they do best) there practically the only people to have pushed cel-shaded visuals to the point of being pretty damn close to looking like traditional animation.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. Even Level 5’s upcoming PS3 Ni no Kuni, from what I can see, doesn’t hold a candle to UNS 2’s visuals. Not just the perfection of the 2D look but the animation as well. If CC2 collaborated with Ghibli… oh my god I would sell my soul to play that game (maybe not but maybe my house).

          For the reasons you stated, I’m beginning to think Asura’s Wrath is a waste too. (Imagine CC2 + Megaman Legends instead)… *grumble*grumble* BUT as I said, maybe Asura’s Wrath is a good game. Nobody knows… *whistles, hands in pocket, roll eyeballs, kick pebble*

  • karasuKumo

    I love the Storm games and still play both of them :). Genius battle system that fits the show perfectly in my opinion. I can’t wait for future installments, especially as a Naruto manga reader ;).

    By the way, any news on Ultimate Ninja Impact?

  • Man, Ichiro Itano’s works were even utilised by CC2? Respect, my man Itano

  • Cloud_ST

    I still remember Accel 2,it may not have been that great graphically but gameplay wise it was soooo good.

    On the other hand,Storm 1 and 2 are really awesome graphically but gameplay-wise,I don’t really like them.

    • Ren

      Never played Accel 2, but I loved playing the multiplayer on the first one with my younger brother, until I got annoyed I always lost to a six year old and gave up on that game. Same thing happened on Brawl later.

      • Cloud_ST

        Yeah the multiplayer is the best,Accel 2 is very similar to the first except for the companion attacks with R1,more characters and couple new stuff,but you should try it out if you can,the gameplay is very addicting,me and a couple of friends have been playing it since 08′ almost weekly lol.

        • Ren

          My PS2 died on 2008 on my second hour on P4, and since then, my brother was able to loose every single disk in a two month period. Consoles on my country are very, very pricey, even old ones, so playing anything PS2 nowdays is impossible for me.

          • Cloud_ST

            sorry about that,I think you would like the game though,you should check out some vids on YT about it,it’s pretty awesome.

        • Ahahaha I actually got bored of the Narutimate Hero series since I bought them non-stop from Narutimate Hero to Accel 2 year after year. I still think NH3 is the best, though. Multiple ougis, multiple customisable jutsus and stat building is just too good

          • Cloud_ST

            Lol,NH3 was really nice,the first 2 were somewhat of a 7/10 for me but with NH3 is when they started getting really excellent,for me mostly because of the bounce mechanic to connect ougis and stuff,the game is really cool but I like Accel 2 more because of the evolution of the characters moves,for example NH3 Kakashi is good,but Accel/Accel 2 Kakashi is BEAST.

  • Why don’t anyone think about Cyberconnect2 taking on the Dragon ball Z gt series. It’s like people are thinking about it but say nothing. well I did.

    • There were actually Dragon Ball GT fans? The Burst Limit games seemed to do the series great justice.

  • Kris

    I want Solatorobo to get a US release. That game looks beautiful, but I can’t play it on my DSi. :(

    • Mr. Kris…the DS and the DS Lite are now more low cost than ever, surely you can get one of those systems!!!

      • Kris

        I want Solatorobo, but I don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars for it. :p
        Also, at the moment, there isn’t enough DSi-enhanced (and therefore region-locked on DSi) stuff that I want to import to warrant the purchase of an extra DS. I’m a poor college student, I have to use my money somewhat carefully!

  • Happy Gamer

    either u like naruto or not its hard to not praise ciberconn2’s visual approach. i remember bak in psone days (more so than snes) i dreamed of something like this: playing a cartoon. now its real and better.

    goodness at technology.

  • NUNS2 is gorgeous, but the gameplay is too coward, the gameplay from the NUNS1 is a lot complete and equilibrated!

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