I Played The Conduit 2 On Nintendo 3DS (It Has A 3rd Person Mode Too)

By Spencer . March 7, 2011 . 5:35pm

conduit1While High Voltage Software have not announced The Conduit for Nintendo 3DS, they had a playable proof-of-concept demo at GDC. The demo was based on the China level from The Conduit 2, a level Eric Stoli, Lead Designer at High Voltage Software, demonstrated for me earlier. The same assets from the Wii game were used for the Nintendo 3DS demo.


The controls were easy to pick up. Move with the slide pad, aim using the touch screen, and open fire with a futuristic assault rifle by tapping L. The alien enemies acted more like targets than enemies, but this was a far from finished tech demo. High Voltage Software assigned the R button for reloading and made the right side of the touch screen the "jump area." Swipe up on this spot to make your character jump.


I turned the 3D depth slider up and down to get a feel for how High Voltage Software used the stereographic screen. I got a better sense of the depth in the environment when I turned the 3D effect all the way up. Aside from the gun popping out of the screen, The Conduit tech demo didn’t have any leaping out of the screen bullet gimmicks.


There is one feature in The Conduit 3DS that isn’t in The Conduit 2. Press the Y button and you shift into third person mode. Other than shifting the camera, The Conduit 3DS plays just like The Conduit 2. Stoli says the team is experimenting with other control schemes and cameras, but the third person view isn’t finalized.


Again, The Conduit build I played was only a tech demo. High Voltage Software only put together one playable level. The other areas are just 3D fly arounds.

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  • Guest

    This is amazing.
    Didn’t think the 3DS would be capable of graphically mimicking Wii games.

    Being left handed means I will probably end up skipping out on all the FPS on the 3DS though. No nifty slide pad means I’d have to use face buttons to move around and that does not sound very fun.


    • What if they were to use the slide pad for aiming and then have a section of the touchscreen dedicated for movement? They could then have “buttons” on another portion of the touchscreen for easy access to any action that YXBA may be used for, similar to the “jump area” described above.

      Of course you wouldn’t be able to move your character and do any other action but firing simultaneously, the opposite of not being able to aim and use face buttons in console FPS, but I think it would be a halfway decent alternative for left handed players.

      • The ‘best’ compromise is the buttons for moving and the slide pad for aiming.

        You get good levels of control with no issue regarding handedness . Only trouble is those controls are pretty much the reverse of every console FPS ever.

      • Guest

        That’s not possible.
        Being left handed means that I wouldn’t be able to use the slider for aiming and the stylus without crossing hands… duh?

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    3rd Person view automatically makes me more interested.
    Reloading with R while holding the stylus sounds awkward though. Why isn’t it a face button, or better, a virtual button like the jump function is?

    • I think the controls weren’t finalized. When I saw the Conduit 3DS they didn’t mention 3rd person view or reloading. I just started mashing everything and found it myself and said – “Hey what’s this?” Hahaha.

      • Cloud_ST

        lol,awesome,experimenting with beta games is the best xD.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Heck I do that with finalized retail games. Screw the instruction manual! Who reads that! XD

        (Seriously, that’s why those manuals get thinner all the time and don’t come in color anymore)

  • Another game (Kid Icarus was the first) that requires three hands and excludes left handed players. This is going to be a problem because of the slider is only on one side. Before, the dpad and buttons could be used by either hand in a similar way, see Metroid Prime Hunters for a good example.

    • vampyren

      Exactly my view. You need 3 hands to play games like this and Icarus even if you are right handed.
      They stylus is just silly and stupid. they should have added a second analog stick but nintendo have a hard time listening to gamers.

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