Persona 3 Portable Collector’s Edition Is A Reward For PAL Gamer Patience

By Spencer . March 7, 2011 . 10:27am

P3P_collectors_pack-4-3-2011Europe is still waiting for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, but when Ghostlight releases the PSP version it will come with a bunch of bonus items.


The collector’s edition includes six art cards (no Koromaru?), an A3 sized poster (11" x 17"), and a 48 page art book. The whole package is quite similar to the PSP special editions Square Enix only releases in Europe.


Reserve Persona 3 Portable from Ghostlight’s online shop and you’ll also get a t-shirt as a bonus.




European dark hour explorers can pickup Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable in April.

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  • ZOMG this is way more than what Atlus gave us lucky! Now if only it the reward was offered pro bono.

    Oh and Ken, Akihiko, and Shinji are, once again, forgotten. I want an Akihiko card…

  • Ereek

    SE is being pretty nice to Europe with all of those nice collector’s editions.

    • Uhh… This one is by Ghostlight, unless you’re just saying that.

      • Ereek

        I forgot the word “too.”

        It was meant to be referring to games in Europe in general. They’ve been getting goodies lately.

        • malek86

          I consider it compensation for having to pay more and wait more. It’s kinda like how Vesperia PS3 came with extra stuff.

          Mind you, I still prefer to import US versions, so I pay less and wait less. I’ll leave the collecting to the collectors.

  • I’m almost tempted to import!

  • kupomogli

    And another.

  • Great, now I have to buy Persona 3…again³~ >_<

  • FlamingSausage

    So much MEH! I’m so glad I didn’t wait this long and imported. Not even the T-shirt can save it, I don’t like character mash-ups.

  • FlamingSausage

    And why are they using 5 year old artwork for the boxart? Not that I would care that much but it doesn’t really make sense since the game has a female protagonist and she isn’t even showing on the boxart.

    • I thought that is her, she doesnt have the same hairstyle as Yuka-tan.

      • Nah, that’s totally Yuka-tan. Yukari’s the only one in the pink sweater.

        • malek86

          Typical way of distinguishing main characters from irrelevant people: they are the only ones allowed to wear non-standard uniforms, or accessories.

          “Hey, do you think that guy will ever join the party?”
          “I doubt it, he is wearing a standard uniform.”
          “What about that one?”
          “He’s got a cap. Uhm. Chances are good.”

    • malek86

      I call sexism!

    • I agree.. they’re using artwork from Persona 3 and not really P3P. The only bit that’s P3P related is the female protagonist card. lol Maybe they’ll have some in the art book?

    • exhume

      That is really weird that they changed the cover art. The European releases of all the P3 games have been different to the USA’s now (though at least P3:FES has the original Japanese artwork, which is sweet).

  • “The collector’s edition includes six art cards (no Koromaru?),”
    BLASPHEMY! Koromaru ;_; forever mine <3

  • malek86

    A little late, I expect most of the people who care will have imported the game by now.

    • Maybe, but those bonuses sure are tempting >_>

      • indeed it is, i’ve got the ntsc version and I’m thinking of buying this just because its the collectors edition. Awesome thing is that the game will not release this month (3ds and ar tonelico qoga). Having another persona tshirt would be nice :)

        • Ladius

          Yeah, march is overloaded with great jrpgs like Trails in the Sky and Tonelico 3, releasing P3P’s limited edition in april is a boon for my wallet too XD

    • I did, but I’m going to end up getting the pretty version, too. If anything, it will support Ghostlight, who not only deserve the support, but who already gave me a free PSP game anyway. XD

  • I only recently wanted to play the Persona series so this is awesome news. Really awesome news. I’d love the T-shirt but it’s going to cost a lot more on the official store than it will be on somewhere like shopto.

    It’s just a shame the first one has only been released on the PSN over here. I like my physical copies of games. I need to import it.

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    I like that shirt a lot more than the Junpei cap. The Junpei cap was a nice sentiment, but was useless to me, as I look terrible in baseball caps, as do all of my friends. T-shirts are much more versatile.
    The best bonus would be headphones modeled off of the main character. Though, due to cost reasons that would likely have to be a LE bonus instead of a first press bonus.

    • I believe the headphones actually existed, though I forgot the brand.
      But they stopped the production of it.

      • AoiKaze

        Although the P3 branded headphones are no longer in production due to them being Limited edition, the actual headphones themselves are still being sold. They are the Audio-Technica ATH-EM7 GM Adjustable Aluminum Clip-on Headphones. Amazon currently has them for around 50 dollars. Bought a pair myself a couple of years back, and I like ’em. X3

        • @Tommy & Aoikaze
          Ha, thanks for the clarification, I saw the Audio-Technica and thought to myself, damn I need one of them, but didn’t have enough money at that time, maybe will look it up again. xD

        • Exkaiser

          Are they still up and running after a couple years? I’m so used to terrible headphones that break after three months that I don’t know how long nice ones last.

          • AoiKaze

            When compared to the $10 Sony ones I usually get (in-ear loop ones), they last a pretty good while. After about two years, I noticed a bit of a drop in the quality of Bass, and probably a few months after that, one side of the headphones went dead. However I believe it’s more of my part on neglecting to take care of the headphones properly. But from my experience, they lasted far longer than the cheap ones I usually buy.

      • Audio Technica ATH-EM700.

        This isn’t the exact model, but it’s the closest you’ll ever get outside of Japan.

        Edit: >< Darn I got beat because I was too busy looking at other headphones.

        • Exkaiser

          These are the ones I have. They’re really, really nice.

          • My first quality earphones, and they blew me away. Never looked back

  • Whoomp

    I was on the verge of importing this when Ghostlight announced that they had it so I decided to wait and it seem… well kinda worth it? Artcards and a (probably) folded poster are both rather uninteresting for me but I am all in for the artbook, slipcase and reversible cover.

    Won’t buy it from their store though since in my experience these kinds of t-shirts are that they often are really cheap and uncomfortable with odd sizes, “heavy fabric” and/or neck strangling collars *thinks back at the nightmare shirt that he got with the first .hack//roots limited edition*.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider


    Use that code to get 5 pounds off the RRP when ordering from the Ghostlight website (code given by Ghostlight themselves; no shady business, in case you’re wondering)

    Screw P3P actually, with its lack of anime cutscenes and exploration. I will buy this regardless, because it’s a nice CE and I’ll be supporting Ghostlight’s future endeavours (P2P whenever it is translated by Atlus USA, wink wink).

    • The menu-ish movement outside of dungeons is actually really, really cool. The added speed of the cursor plus the teleport feature just makes it overall, just, like, great.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        TS and Joshua:

        Unfortunately, I found Tartarus to be really boring after some time and, besides the Full Moon events (which were amazing), one of the things I looked forward to the most in the original was running around the dorms, the school, the shopping, etc. It made for a nice change of pace, and I could “unbore” myself of all the dungeon stuff.

        Sometimes, streamlining is greatly beneficial indeed (see NMH to NMH2), but this VN business/Location menu in P3P just doesn’t cut it for me…

        I loved the original though, and it was great to see P4 addressing the boring dungeon issue (it was an issue to me).

    • After spending over 80 hours on the game, it was such a fantastic presentation with the way they did it, that the lack of anime cutscenes wasnt an isshu at all and the dungeon exploration is to die for.

  • My god

  • Europe seems to get stuff late but more extras. Im jealous.

    • Yamaneko22

      So you would be ok with waiting (sometimes) years longer to get a same game with more extras?;) I would gladly switch all of this, just to ensure Europe is not missing anything and getting all the games at the same date as USA.

  • Hells to the yeah! I cannot wait for this game XD XD XD

    This special edition looks awesome… must see if i can pre-order it somewhere… But I want the T-Shirt! :O

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Wait a minute…since when does Atlus release games here in Europe? Not that I mind, but this is a suprise.

    • It says that Ghostlight are the ones releasing it, not Atlus.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        No, I mean, I figured that they weren’t publishing the title in Europe themselves. I am just suprised to see an Atlus game coming out over here. But then again, I wasn’t aware of what Ladius mentioned.

    • Ladius

      Actually we got almost all of their PS2 releases thanks to Koei and Ghostlight. Even PS3 and Wii titles managed to arrive here in the Old Continent.

      Their Psp and Ds lineups, however, are almost completely USA-only :/

  • Alexisonfire

    I’m drooling. Oh how much I am drooling.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Kicking and punching myself for recently selling my old psp. I really don’t want to buy another psp, but I really do want all this merch!

  • Roses4Aria

    Wow! Would have much rather had that t-shirt than the Junpei hat. Sorry, Junpei…

    brb, making money

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