Catherine Patch Adds Super Easy Mode And Power Up Drink

By Spencer . March 9, 2011 . 4:03am

catherine_012Atlus made major modifications to Catherine via a balancing patch. The PlayStation 3 patch is live and it even adds a new difficulty level – super easy mode.


A major tweak in super easy difficulty is the drink assist feature. Hold down select on PS3 or the back button on Xbox 360 during nightmare mode to make a drink item appear. Chug it and Vincent will be able to climb three tiers of steps in one move. Since Vincent can fly up the tower with a power-up drink, the nightmare part’s difficulty should be cut significantly.


The patch also balances the number of retries a pillow grants Vincent. If you recall from the demo (which was set to easy mode), Vincent would earn one retry each time he picked up a pillow. Catherine’s update gives Vincent three retries per pillow in easy mode. A pillow is worth two retries in normal mode. Hard mode remains unchanged, a pillow gives Vincent one retry. The way the system has been configured its possible to stock up on retries by grabbing a pillow close to a checkpoint and deliberately killing Vincent to grab the same pillow when he respawns.


Atlus also fixed an issue with the online leaderboards where players not appearing in the rankings and modified text to reflect the balance changes. If you don’t like the changes you can reset Catherine back to its original state by pressing R3 and L3 (or both analog stick buttons on the Xbox 360 controller) at the same time.


Xbox 360 owners will be able to download the Catherine patch file too, but a release date was not announced. Atlus is working with the hardware manufacturer (Microsoft) to sort that out.

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  • T-t-three tiers of stairs? Wow that’s overkill. Will the drink be infinite?

    Now it fits with red bull’s slogan:

    Red Bull gives you wings

  • malek86

    So what’s the difference between Easy and Super-easy?

    • Tha one is easy an the other is super ;D

    • You just view the cutscenes with the only challenge being having to press a button now and then :D

      • That makes it a VN, no? :P

        • Exkaiser

          I dunno, most VNs at least have paths that can kill you.

          • I can expect either of the two C/Katherines to kill you on any path

          • Exkaiser

            Women are just killer in general!

            Well, from a relationship point of view. Love is a battlefield!

    • The drink assists are only on Super-Easy, if I’m not mistaken.

    • That drink, i mean, jumping 3 blocks in one hit lol, yo should beat the level without doing much

      • malek86

        Uhm… if the drink is infinite, they could have just taken out the gameplay parts and let you see all the cutscenes in order.

        It’s quite obvious that Super Easy is for those people who bought the game out of interest in the story and characters, so why have them suffer through puzzles? Just give them the chance to skip stages with the Select button or something. Unless the stages are integral to the story in some way.

        • Yeah, dont know if they are infinite, but with this, they don’t have to worry about the puzzle part ever again…

          But taking out the puzzles would be an absolute overkill to the game, because the puzzles themes are related to what is happening in the real life (of the gam of course), for example you may have already saw in the video the giant creepy Katherine, or well, to be more direct, a giant creepy baby too (you can pretty much imagine what the baby is related to lol).

          It would be really a shame if they just put a button to just skip it D:, and with this, people may try to do it by themselves a couple of times before using the drinks.

          As for me, im sure i wont use it, besides i think using this will make the game a lot shorter D:

        • exhume

          Yeah, I’m guessing there will be story elements within the dungeons themselves. Or perhaps things you do in the nightmares affect the ending you get. Or perhaps the game would only be about 20 minutes long without the puzzle component…XD

        • Aoshi00

          I just d/’led the patch and tried. The drink is not infinite and cannot be summoned at will, it’s still one of the several assist items that you sometimes pick up along the way (original lets you climb 2 steps for a limited time, and now w/ the patch 3 if you toggle to addt’l easy, there’s no word that says “super easy” mode), or purchase if you have grabbed enough coins. Think of the items you use before playing a Super Mario 3 stage, like using a muchroom or donning a Tanuki or frog suit before going in. Otherwise “super/addt’l easy” and easy are the same, w/ the pillows giving you more retries now (easy 3, normal 2, hard 1), which doesn’t really affect the difficulty, just makes retrying easier, like Megaman’s 1-up giving you more lives instead of going to gameovers constantly, although I rarely got a gameover in Cathrine because I tried my best to grab the pillow to make up for the lives I lost.The “select button” doesn’t bring out a drink, its only function is still going back one or several steps if you think you made an error and run into a dead end in “easy mode”, so you don’t need to start over from the beginning. In normal mode, select btn doesn’t work at all and leaves no room for error.So overall Atlus actually isn’t making this game that much easier which is nice since it’s not game breaking, the challenge is still there (the drinks are there only if you could grab it, sometimes they are out of the way), and you would need every assist items you see along the way in the game in either easy/normal/hard mode. And the drink could come in handy for replay to get all 8 endings.The stages shouldn’t be skipped because there are story elements tied into both nightmare sequences, you could talk to the fellow NPC sheeps for hints and other info like in an RPG. Also the polls/choices are embedded thruout the stages, w/ your decision affecting the ultimate ending.I’ve managed to get more gold trophies no easy now, but getting gold on normal is still hard… (3 gold on normal now..)

          PS. I just tried it again.. they’re not making activating the cheats very intuitive… the 3-step gold drinks do appear very often and really help speed up climbing, definitely convenient for multiple playthrus to get all 8 endings.. but made the game much easier of course. Well, again it’s a toggle on and off, you could either activate the more continues or the drinks, you go back to the original mode, then you wouldn’t be playing w/ the patch, everyone wins. It’s like Contra’s 99 lives cheat or Megaman 10’s optional easy mode, I don’t think those things made the game less fun for anyone looking for a challenge, they just make it more fun for the people who think the game is too hard so everyone could enjoy it.

  • Does the game penalise you for finishing it on easy?

    • kyuketsukimiyu

      well, you don’t get any trophies/achievements in easy. Only normal and hard. Other than that, not really.

      • No, you get trophies on easy too

  • Thank God they didn’t dumb down the entire game. Super easy mode ftw.

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    ….So super easy mode is for people who have no interest in playing a game? At least this is contained within it’s own difficulty. But taking all the challenge out of the game would really change the feel.
    To each their own I suppose.

    • It’s for people who only cares about the VN portion of the game, like me.

  • joesz

    Dammit.Too bad, I just finished the game 2 days ago.

  • I’m glad they added a new difficulty instead of seriously altering the existing ones.

    You know, for all those masochists out there =3

  • As if it was honestly that hard to begin with…

  • MisterDandylion

    So this one is for the people that want to play the game FOR the characters and story…. But don’t wanna see the gameplay…. AT ALL…?

    I don’t get it :S

  • lurkingsalt

    I wonder if trophies are still enabled in super-easy mode. As long as the layouts were not changed the patch seems perfect. More pillows so you can try more even on Normal, I don’t see anyone being unhappy about this.

  • PrinceHeir

    “As promised, you’ll be able to block out the effect of the patch. At the title screen, press R3 and L3 simultaneously, and you’ll return the game to its original state.”

    awesome :D

    so as long as we don’t go into “Golden Theater” and hold select or back the effect won’t happen? i think it would have been convenient to put all the tweaks on the options menu. but it’s all good :)

    will try the original version, let’s see if i can finish this :P

  • Jirin

    So you can still play the original difficulty if you want, then?

    All I needed to hear.

  • I don’t care if I suck at puzzle games, no way am I going to play with this patch. It’s become a question of an Atlus fan’s honor now.

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