[email protected] 2 Stream Is Live For You

By Melinda . March 11, 2011 . 9:00pm

If you were ever curious about Namco Bandai’s [email protected] series here’s your ticket into the world of 765 productions. We’re live streaming the [email protected] 2 so grab a seat and snack for an all night virtual pop-idol concert.


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  • yea i cant w8 to play this

  • Omg i cant belive you are streaming this game xD, well, with what have you been streaming so far, it’s ok xD thanks a lot for all this, will be watching it lol (as long as you dont use those guys the added in the game xD)

    • For most part, Project Jupiter are not available to play, since they form part of the storyline mode of [email protected] 2.

      • Oh i see, so you dont choose them, they just appear then :o

        • They basically play the role as your rivals in the second half of the game. They do a pretty good job of it too.

          • I see, thanks for explaining that :D, they have gained a bit bad of a fame on the net, but i thought they were characters you could use on the story.
            If they are Rivals, then is not that much of a big deal

      • I see. That clears up a lot of misconceptions then. I’m waiting for Azusa~

        • Azusa, Ami and Iori are also part of the [email protected] 2 storyline either, and consequently can’t be played (Directly anyway) in story mode. In the stage for you attachment though, they’re selectable.

          Project Jupiter members are not selectable at all in either story OR in Stage for you.

          • Oh, there’s an expansion? Cool.. But since I don’t have a 360, I’m contempt with Idolmaster SP ^_^

          • There’s two parts to the game – the storyline mode where you take the idols on a career to stardom, or the stage for you mode, which is the PV mode.

  • DanteJones

    It’s a shame these games haven’t made it over to the states, they seem like they would be pretty fun to play. :<

    • HarryHodd

      Yeah pretty funny they are exclusive to the 360 and not coming over.

    • Chiupon

      aside from groping 14 year old girls, yes. :D

    • Why don’t we send Namco 50k emails, should work for this if it worked for Tales

      • Wait, let me search my pocket….

        Aw, i miss 49.999 e-mails

  • Press X!

  • Barrit

    Looks pretty interesting to play. What’s up with that one chick’s voice? Kinda sounds like a guy in a way. The way she talks reminds me of the VA for Kobayakawa Hideaki in Sengoku Basara 3.

    • Makoto has had a deep voice since she showed up in 2007, and she speaks with male pronouns, due to how she was brought up. If you’re a Japanese speaker, it’ll confuse the heck out of you, since essentially ‘She’s using the language wrong’.

      Quite deliberate to emphasize the fact she’s a tomboy though.

    • Luckily she grew her hair in Idolmaster 2. You should’ve seen her in the original Idolmaster..

  • malek86

    Just wondering, but why is Rorona standing behind a barrel?

    • Rorona learnt from the stalking master Sterk, of course.

      Actually, it’s a picture from Atelier Totori back when I did the playtest. I thought it was amusing enough to use, and besides, the odds of people having said picture would be fairly low.

      • I think is pretty funny xD, i’m alreayd used for you to have that

  • Thank you for watching the first part of The [email protected] 2 Xbox 360 live stream.

    We may do a quick session. although the stream is temporarily offline due to a quick break. We may quickly finish on a good note, if not we’ll resume for more fun and games while we take our fine Siliconera geared team to greater heights and make them the top Idols in Japan, conquering one fan at a time.

  • Welcome back to our second day at [email protected] 2 – Please tune in as we embark on our second leg, and we take on production studio 961’s special weapon – Project Jupiter.

    If you wondered what all the fuss is about, please join in and watch.

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