The 3rd Birthday Director Would Make T3B A Console Game, If He Had More Time

By Spencer . March 14, 2011 . 1:23pm

ayaThe 3rd Birthday much like Final Fantasy Type-0 was first announced for mobile phones. Development switched to PSP and director Hajime Tabata told us he was focused on making the graphics on par with a console game.


But, what if Tabata and his team had more development time? "If we had been given more time on this project from the beginning, we would have switched platforms from the PSP to a home console," Tabata said in a Siliconera interview.


"I would have then liked to have created a shooting-based survival RPG game, where the player is placed in an even more desperate situation, facing insurmountable odds and having to continually fight to survive."


Check back later this week for the full interview where Tabata discusses how he designed a third person shooting system.

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  • Well, it would be a lot more fun on the PS3(still a great PSP game, mind you), as I still think shooters of any kind just aren’t made for handhelds. Not to mention the awesome HD fanservice we could have gotten! xD

    • I think the NGP is going to have tons of shooters thanks to the second analog stick.

      • You’re probably right, but with the second analog stick I won’t mind it, the controls should be a lot mor comfortable that way.

        • HarryHodd

          It still doesn’t look as comfortable as a standard controller though.

          • Agree here too, but at least it looks far better than the awfully uncomfortable shoulder button control, most action games have on the PSP.

          • HarryHodd

            True. NGP looks to have a nice control layout. Second analogue stick is huge.

  • I really don’t care whether a game is on a handheld, PC or console the game has to be good that’s all.

  • I will buy this game in hopes that Tabata’s vision will some day grace a home console such as PS3.

    Also hoping that it won’t be like 3rd Birthday, in respect to the degradation of Aya’s wonderful character.

  • a console version would have been amazing. But either way, I am happy that we are finally seeing a PE game after so long <3

  • Guest

    Damn his idea sounds better than the finished game. Also would be nice if they hired better writers from what I’ve heard…

  • Wiccan1109

    The only real issue i have with action games on the PSP is that the controls are awful, it just doesnt seem like its built for quick and fluid actions, i pretty much just use my PSP for SRPGs or old fashioned turn based now. I remember when this was first announced and there was a small wave of nerdrage for not being PS3 bound, i’m not too fussed. I’m still not sure if i’ll get it, i liked the older games and the elemental parasite energy but this body switching thing puts me off a whole lot. I’ve read the plot and its a bit odd too, but its still PE related so im not ruling it out. :)

    • kupomogli

      3D Action games on the PSP can be good. It all depends on how the developer makes them.

      You’ve got the Pursuit Force series, Siphon Filter series, Star Wars Battlefront series, Resistance, Gurumin, Gundam Battle Universe, Gundam vs Gundam, Dissidia, etc.

      For example. Games like Star Wars Battlefront went through some changes in order to be playable on the PSP. I actually like the PSP Battlefront games more than the console versions. I just dislike the mechanics of the console version repeatedly change class types when I can choose all items I want on the PSP version and the new gameplay mechanics work great.

      You’ve got to think. Did 3d action games on the PSX suck because they didn’t use a second analog stick? When the PSX was originally released there were no analog sticks, after they released the analog controls the first analog stick did nothing more than allow you to use the control pad on all games, and the second analog stick worked for probably less than five games, where as the PSP has the control pad and analog for different actions sometimes. You had games on the PSX like Parasite Eve 2, Threads of Fate, Brave Fencer Musashi, King’s Field, Crash Bandicoot, Nightmare Creatures, Soul Reaver, Tomb Raider 2, etc. Do I really need to go on? Hardly any games on the PSX used the second analog stick once available and they turned out to be some amazing games. If you really want to talk about a system with games that had bad camera angles, look no further than the N64. People are just knowingly oblivious to older systems, and these are the same people who probably praise a garbage game like Mario 64 and its pathetic camera system.

      “PSP sucks with its one analog stick and crappy cameras on some games. Mario 64 rules!!!!” Hypocrite, anyone?

      • Wiccan1109

        Actually i was never big on analogue sticks myself, i grew up with dpads and i really like using them, its just that the way you hold the PSP and the size of the d-pad and buttons make it very difficult for me to play action games. I tried plugging my way through SF Alpha 3 and Tomb Raider Legends on PSP but i just couldn’t play them with the amount of control i can on a PS controller (or even an xbox controller and that things built like a tank) and that lead to me not enjoying the games very much. I don’t doubt that there are some great games, but things like Dissidia, i couldnt even make out what was going on with the screen let alone control it the way i’d want to. This is just a personal preference though, some people may have a better time with the controls than i do and i accept that, so i really dont mind what makes handheld and what makes console.

  • Aiddon

    First you should’ve gotten a better writer; Toriyama is by far the worst of Square’s writers

    • Skua

      The selection is probably out of his hands. Politically speaking, Toriyama (favored by producers Kitase and Hashimoto) is pretty secure as head scenario writer.

      Requesting another writer would be like asking the boss to replace/demote one of his closest friends. It won’t happen unless top management begins pressuring them to make the change.

      • Aoshi00

        I wonder what Toriyama put into Kitase’s drinks :)I would’ve preferred hectic shooters to be on consoles, but the PSP control here is pretty good.. If people have the Go and buy a digital copy, they could kinda play it w/ the Dualshock 3… just so much going around though.. Toriyama’s writing though, there’s not so much going around it :(…

    • Agree Kazushige Nojima and Daisuke Watanabe are far better writers.

  • HarryHodd

    I would have bought it then. Too bad SE never got the white engine working like it should have.

  • I’ll be picking this up on day one!

  • MisterDandylion

    I’m not really picky about about in which gaming systems the games are released.

    Good gaming quality can come from any system.

    As long as the developers deliver a good and memorable experience no one should really mind the gaming system :)

  • Well, whenever you want to make a PS3 Parasite Eve title, I’ll buy it.

  • evilmoogle


  • ToSeektheChosen

    As long as it releases, it doesn’t matter. After all, I think another good game (if this game even IS good) for the PSP library will help the PSP.

  • MrRobbyM

    “I would have then liked to have created a shooting-based survival RPG game, where the player is placed in an even more desperate situation, facing insurmountable odds and having to continually fight to survive.”

    Now I can’t help but dream.

  • NoElixirs

    He’s said this a number of times…

  • skymap

    It might be worth it if it told a decent story.

  • PrinceHeir

    well let’s just hope the sequel to T3B(if it hints at the end?) will be PS3 :)

    i want my Aya on my shower on HD :)

    im buying The 3rd Birthday and Parasite Eve(tomorrow) on PSN

    please bring Parasite Eve 2 on PSN please :P

  • Eh I somehow like the fact that its on portable system. I see it as a warm-up to Parasite Eve 4 on the PlayStation 3.

  • Oni123

    Love seeing main series games on portables ^^b proves that you don’t need mega HD graphics to make a good game. DQ9 anyone?

    • Exactly. I wish game developers would stop being so graphics-obsessed. This is why almost all of the best games are coming out for handhelds because there you don’t need over-the-top graphics.

  • Xeahnort

    Excuses everywhere. Sega did the same thing with VC 2 & 3 because it was cheaper and require less work.

    Stop lying people, Mr. Tabata

  • I WAS hoping they’d make the game on home consoles. But anyway, SE are good at making PSP games and the game so far did well on PSP. I read once that if T3B was a success, they’d make another one on home consoles. I really hope they make another T3B game.

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