Final Fantasy Type-0 Tidbits On Ace, Queen, And Oriens

By Spencer . March 16, 2011 . 2:10am

ff013Jump has a little feature on Final Fantasy Type-0, which is the next project from The 3rd Birthday director Hajime Tabata.


This update discusses Ace and Queen, two of the game’s many characters. By using the analog stick and pressing buttons, you can make Ace attack with different kinds of cards. Queen, the girl with glasses in the picture, attacks with combos and unspecified special techniques.


Four great nations in Oriens, each with a crystal, are at war in Final Fantasy Type-0. All of them are named after the four major Chinese constellations.

– Byakko the steel arm

– Genbu the solid shield

– Seiryu the incorruptible eye

– Suzaku the blazing wing


The group of characters you control are from class zero in Suzaku’s magic school. The whole world is waiting for salvation from Agito, but what will happen to the world when Agito appears?


When first announced Final Fantasy Type-0 was Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Square Enix plans to release the two disc PSP game in Japan this summer. There’s a trailer for the game here.

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  • Just my opinion…

    but I think a company has too many items on it’s development plate when a Director finishes a project and then moves on to finish a project that was announced years ago

    • Testsubject909

      Not to mention having expressed a desire to bring 3rd birthday as a complete console game, rather then a handheld one, though lacking the backing to do so and the time.

      Which is to say, spreading themselves like so and causing projects that could garner surprising results to be rushed, seems like a continuation of bad planning by Squeenix who still seem, to me, to be aiming for a quick short buck rather then newfound or reborn franchises.

      Still, they’re a large corporation, and they’ve got quite a few aces up their sleeves to save them from their turmoil…

      And yet, part of me wants to see that empire come to an end. I’ve already had many great years with it, and it wouldn’t hurt to see Squeenix plummet, and from it’s ashes, amongst the best and brightest amongst them, be reborn in a smaller company that will take greater risks and bring us new classics…

      Might not be nice of me to hope to see the death of a company whom I have adored and witnessed shift and change and fuse and mutate and split itself from within (Hello Mistwalker). But still…

      • “And yet, part of me wants to see that empire come to an end. I’ve already had many great years with it, and it wouldn’t hurt to see Squeenix plummet, and from it’s ashes, amongst the best and brightest amongst them, be reborn in a smaller company that will take greater risks and bring us new classics…”

        And then the same thing will happen where the “best and brightest” become burnt out and will end up the same way like Square Enix is like.

        Also, Square Enix have – and still will – now and then bring us a game that is pretty much awesome.

        • Testsubject909

          Hmm… that is pretty much a given. A big enough company, capable of funding many games, can make many good things.

          Thing is, many people sometimes forgets that some of these great games aren’t Squeenix made, they’re made by an alternate company, such as Valkyrie Profile.

          I’m always quite a bit peeved whenever someone praises Squeenix for being such brilliant developers for making Valkyrie Profile. Always feel like reaching through the screen and giving them a pimp slap.

          Companies like Tri-Ace are losing recognition because of that blinding Squeenix game that just seems to suction off all praise from the general community as many seems to be unable to determine the difference between developer and publisher sometimes…

      • ” a smaller company that will take greater risks and bring us new classics…”

        And you think a smaller company can take greater risks? One failed title could bring the death of the company.

        • Testsubject909

          A smaller has no choice BUT to take greater risks if it wants to climb back up top.

          And it takes more then just one failed title to bring down a company… It takes one Extremely poor title. Just one minor failure does not drive a company down, but repeated small failures do.

          Such a situation literally pushes a company’s back against the wall and forces them to learn from every iteration and from the gaming community to provide something unique and memorable and strong and enticing, something that will set a new standard, a new bar, a new Must-Have experience.

          As Squeenix is right now, they can depend on the strength of their brand-name to do cheap cash-ins if they wish to. They can churn out old classics or quick remakes to bail themselves out of trouble so long as they don’t meet up against too many copyright issues (Parasite Eve).

          Of course, it’s not to say change is impossible. Changing policy and listening to the fanbase, aiming for long-term health as opposed to short-term simple profit and learning proper focus would do it great wonders.

          That and… I certainly hope that they’ve changed their ways since that last interview I saw from a Squeenix writer, complaining about how she was called in the last minute to just write up events to match up the gameplay and a general story to be slipped in last minute…

          I swear, that article made me want to puke. Story is not something you add superfluously, it’s something that needs to translate itself through every facet of the game.

        • no risk no reward.

      • kupomogli

        What Square Enix really needs is new story designers. You know who should be writing every storyline to every Final Fantasy? Yasumi Matsuno. You only have to Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen, Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together, FFTactics, and FF12, to see how good the storylines would be if he was in charge of them all.

        While I’m not sure if he’s still having health problems, if he wasn’t, this is one person I would love to see having his own development team in Square Enix. He certainly deserves it. Unlike some people which are given hold of series that don’t deserve it, one of which I’m not a fan of(Kingdom Hearts– and not because of Disney mind you.)

        • Bakuryukun

          FF12 didn’t have a good storyline but then again that’s because Matsuno had to the team part way through due to health concerns, and then the people who took over after him made REALLY stupid decisions, (ie: making Vaan the main character, making the plot fall of the face of the earth half way through the game) what was there was good, but good golly miss molly, the pacing was horrible.

          I don’t know if they should ALL be done by him, but I’d be down with more Matusnoness in Final Fantasy for sure. I’d say let a bunch of different writers have their go, variety is the way to go imo.

          But then, I don’t really have a problem with the newer FF’s like a lot of people seem to.

        • ToSeektheChosen

          The Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together was good, but FF12? No way, the story was horrible. Sure the maps were huge, and the graphics were good, but the story was just undeveloped,boring, and too political. It had less of the memorable moments you’d expect in a good Final Fantasy game, and the characters were undeveloped as well. For example, what did Vaan and Penelo have to do in the story? Nothing, they just followed Basch, Fran, Ashe, and Balthier around…

      • PrinceHeir

        hell no :P

        as much as square has been in a slumps lately they still been able to release good to great games like Tactics ogre LUCT, Birth By Sleep, not to mention PS1 classic games that we have been getting all 3 weeks and many more to come.

        they still have an ace up their sleeves like Versus XIII, XIII-2, Type-0, Kingdom Hearts III and the inevitable Final Fantasy VII, VIII Remake.

        add other revive franchises like Deus Ex HR, Tomb Raider, and soon to be Legacy of kain.

        so don’t give up on SE yet. they’re still an awesome publishing company and good developer.

        let’s see if they can do something unique about this title :P

        oh and i still want a Parasite Eve game on PS3 :P

        • Testsubject909

          Before a FF7 remake, they’d best give us a proper FF6 remake.

          And prior to any of these, why not continue down the Chrono Trigger line, huh? There’s a lot of money to be had in that section.

          I question how deeply involved Squeenix are in either Deux Ex or Tomb Raider, considering it’s a joint operation.

          Legacy of Kain seems to be forgotten in the depths of the void as far as it seems. I have this doubt I’ll ever see an HD remake of it.

          On the matter of Tactics Ogre, I’ll thank Squeenix’s big wallet, but my gratitude goes directly to the developer himself and, in an extent, to Atlus and the original company from which the Ogre series stems from (Ah, the sweet memories of Ogre Battle… I need to go find both Ogre Battle for N64 and Tactics Ogre for PS1… Actually, as redundant as it is, I would enjoy seeing Tactics Ogre PS1 classic available on PSN.)

          Birth By Sleep, I’ll give my thanks to the developer as well. I’m not sure how grateful I should be to Squeenix as it is. I seriously don’t know whether I should or shouldn’t be. Mind you I am glad to see it return, but I also understand that there are issues with the game and I can’t tell who I’m supposed to blame for these issues.

          Oh and, just so you know. I’m a man of many doubts. I don’t exactly act with blind confidance, just a certain level of certainty and conscience in my own stances. What I know best is that I lack information.

          But I can say this with enough certainty upon which I stand proudly upon. With the passage of time, I have witnessed many other great companies out there whom feel as though they deserve far more respect and support then Squeenix. They’re easily known, Atlus is one obvious one, they brought me many wonderful memories from days old (Ogre Battle, Thousand Arms, Persona), NISA is another. Many people will point to X-Seed.

          But there are also the oddities… Such as Capcom. I love their games, but the more I hear about their methods, the less I like them, as a company…

          That last detail being said. I think we need to separate three things when we wish to show our gratitude towards the root of a game. The Publisher. The Developing Company and the Developing Group… A publisher provides us with access to a game. A Developing company provides the fundings and manpower to make a game, and a Developing group, whom can migrate from one company to another (*coughsmistwalkerandplatinumgamescough*) are all three individual entities…

          Certainly makes the matter all the more complicated doesn’t it?

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah i agree they should explore more of the chorno series and xenogears as well as vagrant story and parasite eve. oh and the world ends with you sequel would be nice.

            well square’s own visual art studio are doing the CG and obviously they’re promoting this game in japan(not sure how much though) so yeah they’re doing some work :P same goes for tomb raider(except the CG part if they have one)

            as for legacy of kain, if they revived pretty much every eidos game this is pretty much a given. im actually surprised they bothered working on Deus Ex on the first place. never knew it interested them :)

            *on a side note i just watched a new gameplay video of Deus EX HR showing multiple pathways and such. i love this game, still kinda wish it’s 3rd person but alas it’s all good :)


            well at least they did some work on Tactics ogre and birth by sleep :)

            i didn’t say square is better than other companies. in fact now that you mention it, Atlus has been doing awesome this past generation as well as level 5, grasshopper manufacturer, kojima productions and new studios like platinum games and many more.

            you know capcom, sometimes they do good things others not soo much(DLC, never using their IP’s full potential) seriously where’s my strider. chaos legion 2, dino crisis 4, darkstalkers 4, megaman X9?

            they could have at least put some PS1 classics or collections like dino crisis 2(it’s still not on PSN) legends 1,2, darkstalkers and megaman, x collections, and so on.

            and when did i say i don’t give credit where it’s due? i actually acknowledge developers first before any publishers, yes as you said mistwalker, platinum games, as well as the companies i mentioned above. what im saying is that despite square’s recent quality and such. they’re still good, people tend to assume that square is dead due to this not living up to the expectation of their past games. and without square what could have happen to eidos’s IP? the product might be different or they may have stayed dead forever.

            Deus Ex HR is probably one of my most awaited games along with MGS Rising, Catherine, Dark Souls, and such.

            can’t say i blame you for questioning square’s quality. even i sometimes doubt their work but i acknowledge something if the quality is there. it doesn’t matter if it’s a new or existing IP.

      • Jenova2212

        The death of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest would end up probably being the greatest things ever for the JRPG genre.

        The world – no, JAPAN, needs to move on and evolve. JRPGs have been stuck in place for two decades now, whereas the West has clearly evolved the genre.

        There’s a reason why games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Elder Scrolls are at the top right now, while Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are second banana.

        But, JRPGs can still come out on top like they used to – if they TRY.

        • Code

          I don’t really think so, the North American audience is what has changed, I don’t think JRPG’s are going to be able to “sell like they use to” without losing a lot of the qualities that make them what they are. Not saying JRPG’s don’t need to push for change (they definitely need to more then ever), but I don’t expect them to make a comeback like SNES/PS1/PS2 eras, the core audience in North America is different now then it was then, those are days gone by.

        • I think you’re forgetting an important fact, which is that games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts sell the systems on which they’re released. If those games weren’t made, a lot of people wouldn’t bother to buy those consoles at all, which would mean less incentive for developers to make different kinds of RPGs for them.

          I’d also argue that Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest have evolved continuously. Whether or not they’ve evolved the way you would like them to is another matter, but they have evolved. I doubt their death would do even the slightest bit of good for the genre as a whole.

          • Testsubject909

            Those games, specifically Final Fantasy, can sell by reputation alone. I would argue that a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy would sell just as well and would move many gamers to any console they’d be released to.

            (Which is why you’ll often find me saying how FF13 should’ve been a ‘Final Fantasy by spirit’ rather then a direct inclusion, mainly because just doing that, just calling it Fabula Nova Crystalis, would’ve lessened the backlash it received and opened many more gaming minds to it. Forgiving whatever shortcomings it would have had, just because it wouldn’t have been called Final Fantasy. That name nowadays seems to be equally a boon as it is a curse.)

            Kingdom Hearts seems to be selling on a mixture of nostalgia much like Kingdom Hearts 1 by Squaresoft which captured many fans with it’s Disney magic, which some fans have felt has been slowly fading. And most likely maintains itself mainly due to expectations and hopes and hunger for Kingdom Hearts 3, the proper sequel and continuation of the story in a forward motion.

            Dragon Quest is just about the only game I’ve no complaints about. Enix’s series seems to have done nothing but please nonstop, even when it moved to a handheld…

            They certainly have evolved, and I’ve also noticed something odd. I’ve never been a big fan of Dragon Quest in the past and always preferred Final Fantasy, though as Final Fantasy increased in attention and detail towards higher end graphics, I felt the gameplay or at times the story to be oddly lacking in minor to major ways: FF7’s needlessly complex story that did nothing but create more plotholes then actual interest, FF8 had poor pacing, repetitive grind and a complete lack of any semblance of difficulty… And honestly, a convoluted story in the end, which always makes me baffled as to why people claim it has the best story. FF10 had a wonderful lustrous world, but the voice acting was a bit subpar, there was quite a lot of idiocy, though thankfully the battle system felt smooth, albeit still rather easy outside of the optional bosses which are typically known to be difficult fights no matter the games.

            (As such I don’t really take them into account as per the game’s main difficulty as they are entirely optional challenges on the side. One wouldn’t judge the difficulty of a game entirely based on a single optional near-impossible boss after all.)

            Yet on the other end of the spectrum, old time rival of JRPG dominance in reputation, Dragon Quest, has had an impressive facelift with it’s 8th iteration, yet felt packed in the gameplay department to a point where I’d honestly have far more fun with it then I would with the latest iterations of Final Fantasy. And Dragon Quest 9 didn’t so much change the entire gameplay as it evolved upon it, adding more to a tried and true and slowly morphing it in such a manner. It certainly isn’t quite as big a daring jump as FF13, but it certainly proved beneficial, both for it’s reputation and it’s appreciation from gamers in general. (And sales I hope.)

            (Pardon if I’ve poorly expressed myself here or there. I’ve got two little nieces being baby-talked to, it’s a bit distracting.)

          • ToSeektheChosen

            ^totally agree, truer words have never been spoken :0

        • SolidusSnake

          And the relative popularity of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Elder Scrolls is due to their quality, not the fact that they exploit tropes and cliches (space opera, tolkien) that are far more familiar to Western audiences and more in line with Western tastes. RIGHT….

          I guess it would be rude to remind you that CoD: Black Ops has sold far more copies than any of those games, and that therefore Bioware and Bethesda are actually second banana in the Western gaming milieu?

        • Zero_Destiny

          I love Dragon Quest because it stays true to it’s roots. I’m not all for those more action-based games. I enjoy a slower-pace and more basic kind of game any day of the weak. It’s more fun for me. Don’t get me wrong I like the action-esque games. I think this game will be pretty cool and it’s definitely more actiony. But I prefer games at a slower pace. Also even though Dragon Quest keeps true to it’s roots it has changed so much over the years just like Ishaan said. And Final Fantasy you better believe it has change. I can barely recognize it any more. It’s SO different from what it use to be(and that’s not a bad thing don’t think I’m complaining). Besides since when has a niche genre of games ever been on top? I could see where you’re coming from if we were talking about just Japan but all those series do mad high numbers in Japan. And IF THEY TRY. That really upsets me. These games just aren’t lazily thrown out without thought or reason. I’m sorry to inform you but even a horrible game that’s just so awful and is no fun playing takes effort. Anyways you can tell that SE tries hard with all their games. The recent games like Type-0 and Versus XIII have been in development for so long and have had a lot of time, money, and people’s energy spent on them. I’m kind of atcually REALLY SUPER HARDCORE upset because that statement. I have no idea how you can justify it and insult all the hard-work put through by these people. Also fun fact for you. Mass Effect 1 sold about 2.5-3 million copies. Dragon Quest IX sold 4.15 million copies and that’s not counting the million copies sold this year in America and Europe. Yeah truly Dragon Quest is second-banana to Mass Effect baby (no offense to Mass Effect fans).

        • Bakuryukun

          Have WRPG’s REALLY changed that much? Of course, they’ve changed somewhat, but then I would argue the same is true of JRPG’s. I don’t know why people make it out like there is some kind of WRPG renaissance, there’s just a few WRPG’s that are genre-blending a bit now, which JRPG’s are ALSO starting to do.

          Also Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts are by NO means second banana, maybe in your opinion they are but I think that those series’ in particular are still selling more than the series’ you mentioned on the international market.

    • doomspeller10

      Don’t fret dude, they better get things right with their upcoming games or we’ll be seeing a bunch of spawns siblings to XIV, and that’s not what they want to happen. Anyways, IMHO they’ve only got the handheld games right in this generation, so I have a good feeling about this game… I’ll be playing Dissidia 012 in the meantime.

    • What do you mean? Someone cant direct numerous titles at once?

      • @Tsuna NO they absolutely can, I just meant how overtaxed Square Enix must be to have a director complete a game in less time than he wanted, and then move quickly to direct a title that was announced 4? years ago

        • I read that as “47 years ago”, which sounds better.

    • cmurph666

      OH, so, that’s probably the reason why I haven’t received my FFVII PS3 remake I’ve been asking for.

    • karasuKumo

      I believe Wada realised this in 2010 when FFXIV failed due to repetitive scenery and various other things that can be blamed on them rushing it. He said “We have to reconstruct all our brands again, and make them into something perfect. I regret the fact that we let them all get so sloppy.”

      Take that how you want but I reckon he understands what us fans want better, although it could go horribly wrong if for some reason they decide to try and cater for western fans. I’m hoping that this decade will redefine Square Enix with the releases of Versus, XIII-2 and Type-0 being the start of something good. Although you can never be certain with Square Enix.

  • Yui

    How likely is it that we’ll see retention of the naming system in the Western edition? I like the symbolism behind the current names, and if they destroy that for the sake of appealing to the West, that’d be pretty sad. The likelihood of SE coming up with something equally awesome, or better, is very low. :(

    (Also, forgive me for citing symbolism as a reason for anything. Now I just feel incredibly pretentious. XD)

    Thanks for the news! Any scans or anything included?

    • i doubt they would change it it because of the west who dosnt know about the four mystical beasts

    • Exkaiser

      Uh, pretty likely.

      Is Square-Enix known for changing their naming schemes because the mythology isn’t apparent in the West?

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Nah. FF XI didn’t change ’em, after all. Besides, “Genbu” and “Byakko” are just as obscure as “Bahamut” and “Quetzalcoatl”, mythology-wise.

    • This isnt 4-kids…

    • NoElixirs

      I’m doubting they will change the names as well.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well they might. You’re right. Really I just think they’ll translate the names like Byakko into White Tiger but you never know.

    • Guest

      This isn’t Enslaved

    • It’s highly doubtful SE would change the names. For most people who have followed RPGs, Byakko/Seiryu/Suzaku/Genbu are somewhat in most RPGs, one way or another. Also, a good part of RPG fans are anime fans, and those four gods are in quite a lot of titles. So they’re not as obscure as many people believe.

  • Oni123

    Neat FFXI sky gods! =D Byakko Genbu Seiryu Suzaku

    • Exkaiser

      You mean the Four Symbols of China? They show up all the time in fiction, man.

      • He’s talking from FFXI experience.. you battle 5 sky gods: Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku, and Kirin.

        But yea.. the gods do show up in many fictional titles.. I first heard of them from Fushigi Yugi.

  • Well, if Agito is delivering salvation, I wonder if its like malevolent and malicious Malprecio, the terrible god to deliver death and destruction?

  • Kaoro

    The director of Type-0 and T3B is the same? The story writers are different, I hope – Haven’t heard anything but negative about T3B’s story.

    I keep saying this but I’m VERY surprised the ball isn’t already rolling with a Western release and promotion. I imagine they will want to avoid the crowded holiday season, not to mention the system’s successor is on its way.

    • Chiupon

      The story for T3B isn’t bad, not at all. But, it’s just not fitting for a PE game. It’s still awesome as hell, though.

    • SE should hire back Hironobu Sakaguchi before he commits business seppuku in the games industry from the shame with The Last Story sales figures. Sakaguchi San is like the Steve Jobs of SE. Look at what happened with Apple as soon as they hired back Jobs….

      • I don’t think Sakaguchi has anything to be ashamed of at all. Remember, the Japanese market (and especially the Wii software market in Japan) isn’t in the best of shape. TLS got Nintendo’s full backing and approval, so he has plenty of reason to be proud. And then, there’s the question of an overseas release. :)

  • Although I am interested at this game, I gotta agree with what ChibiD said. I also really don’t understand why everything is titles Final Fantasy 13 anyway. Shouldn’t Agito and Versus be spinoffs? Is Square trying to make 13 its on franchise?

    • Guest

      This is no longer FF XIII series

    • Agito and Versus are part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project series, where all the games are tied to the same world as the flagship FFXIII game. So, I guess to make things easier (since the three games were announced at the same time), all the titles had XIII in it.

      It does make sense tho.. especially if you look at the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, Before Crisis, and Advent Children all had FFVII in it’s title. The only difference between the Compilation and FNC is that each media form of Compilation (book, movie, game) had characters from the main title, Final Fantasy VII.

  • Croix

    Please be good, please be good, please be good….

    Honestly, if this plays like Crisis Core with party-based combat and has more unique areas with less ‘quests’, I will be perfectly happy. It would be even better if the characters are likable.

  • Roses4Aria

    Part of me really likes the way this game looks and another part of me isn’t so sure about it. I love getting immersed in a game’s story, and I’m pretty much a straight RPGer who has never been a big fan of the FF tactical games. This definitely seems to be much more mission driven than I usually care for. But dang, the game play sure does look fun!

  • karasuKumo

    I adore Crisis Core so I’m hoping this is great. Seeing the trailers and the fact there’s a world map makes me confident that this will at least be good.

  • darkfox1

    did Agito 13 come out? O,o?

    • Not yet. Final Fantasy Type-0 is Agito XIII, just with a new name. It’s releasing in Japan this summer. :)

      • darkfox1

        wow when did that happen? Jeez lol all this time i thought people forgot about Agito 13 when Type-0 was it all along. I so late its just that i dot remember them announcing a change in the title Weird O.o?

  • alundra311

    Just realized from the screenshot, Harry Potter is going to be on this game. ;)

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