How Does An Action Centric Final Fantasy Game With Party Battles Sound?

By Spencer . March 17, 2011 . 6:05pm

imageDissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy and Dissidia before it are the fighting game spin-offs of the Final Fantasy franchise. Mitsunori Takahashi, Director, has been working on this branch of the Final Fantasy tree for quite some time. So, I asked him what else would he like to do with the series.


"Dissidia 012[duodecim] primarily uses a one-on-one battle system, but I think creating an action-centric game revolving around party battles would be very interesting," answered Takahashi.


Ah, an interesting idea since the Final Fantasy games from the core series are party based. Hmm… I wonder what kind of party based game Takahashi is thinking of. Final Fantasy Versus XIII as well as Final Fantasy Type-0 have computer controlled allies. On second though, what kind of "action-centric" Final Fantasy game would you like to see?


While you ponder the question, check back tomorrow to hear more about Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy from Takahashi.

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  • Draparde

    i would love to see a dissidia like fighting game made 4 players somehow. it would be hectic fun x.x

    • Seishunlihuen

      Like Kingdom heart’s tournaments?

  • So if I read it correctly, he wants to make a Smash bros-esque Final Fantasy game?
    Imo that just seems weird if that’s what he wants.

    • Exkaiser

      By party-based, he means a group of heroes, as in most RPGs.

      Dissidia is one-on-one.

  • I would love to see Dissidia in HD with the capability for LOADS of DLC characters. There are so many unqiue personalities in the Final Fantasy Universe that would work well in Dissidia. Ramza from FFT, Locke, Cetzer and Gao from FFVI. Hell imagine Palom and Porom as a single selectable character, taging in and out like cecil’s alignment does.

    • Why “DLC” characters ??? lol BTW, If there were DLC during the “FF VI era”, I’m sure there wouldn’t be so many characters in it…^^

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing Square take a stab at a Metroidvania-esque Final Fantasy game, retaining a strong emphasis on story and characters.

    Maybe not a copy/paste job of Metroid level design, but a sidescroller with a decent amount of exploration and hidden areas, equipment, secret bosses, power ups, etc. Perhaps even multiple areas connected via world map or a “hub”, rather than just one giant zone like Dracula’s Castle or Zebes (even though it’s split up into Brinstar, Norfair, etc.)

    Then again, Versus XIII has captured my interest more than any other game this generation. It looks to be the Final Fantasy that I’ve been waiting for since Final Fantasy X (even if I was one of those guys that liked XIII :P), and if Final Fantasy were to take a more action-oriented approach then my first pick would be to model it after Kingdom Hearts.

  • NoElixirs

    Who hasn’t been asking for this? This is what I am expecting if there should be a future Dissidia installment. It also appears they’re out to construct every type of Battle System too. :|

  • Feynman

    I’d rather Square stop trying to push Final Fantasy into the action game market and return to the ATB system and other such mechanics from back when the series was good.

    Wishful thinking of course, but a guy can dream, right?

    • They are too busy trying to use that so called term “westernizing” which so far hasn’t done diddly. I agree with you though. Go back to the RPG everyone ( who likes them of course.) loves.

      • They don’t call it “westernizing,” they call it “globalizing.” There’s a difference there. It’s unfair to say it hasn’t done them any good either…lots of people are interested in Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, both of which will be published by Square Enix. How is anything else they’ve done westernized?

        • malek86

          It’s not really Squenix doing that, but Eidos. If we left Squenix to do their things, I guess they would have botchered it. By acquiring Eidos instead, they’ve obtained the experience and knowledge of a western developer who has worked in the business for many years. Of course, Squenix is giving their input by choosing which series have to be resurrected, and they seem to be doing a relatively good job of it.

          I think the Eidos acquisition might have been a good thing for Squenix, one which should put them a step above Namco (and maybe Capcom too) in trying to enter the western market. Still doesn’t mean they will surely succeed (right now it seems they are still taking losses), but that will be for the future to say.

    • ShinGundam

      Huh, but you guys told me that the ATB is archaic, What has changed here ? :(
      If SQEX isn’t interested in ATB now then let them do what ever they want, after all ATB is pseudo realtime the more realtime it gets, it becomes something else, ala FFXII, FFXIII and KH command system. It isn’t “westernizing” or “Actionizing” , it is natural progression to me.

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      tbh I had my fill of ATB in FF. For the most part, they recycled it for 8 games. It was absolutely fine for 4-6, 9, and X-2 (since it was done right).

    • Joanna

      Yeah I feel the same, but then again I’ve always been more of a turn-based RPG fan than an ARPG fan. I don’t mind if they make action spin-offs like Dissidia, but it seems like Versus XIII and Type 0 will be action games and it worries me. It’s almost like they are testing the waters to see if Final Fantasy will sell as an ARPG and if it does, we won’t see another mainline FF with anything resembling turn-based battles. (Maybe I’m worrying too much.) I guess this is why I appreciate Dragon Quest so much, it’s a franchise that knows it’s ok to keep the core gameplay intact while evolving presentation, characters, and story.

  • agree with Feynman SE should stop with FF series. if not then a Dissidia on HD!

    if SE keep pushing FF series beyon am sure it’s gonna die out faster then they can blink there eye. i mean come on FF series need’s to stop and push other series like mana series and more of the chrono series!

    man i been a fan of FF since day 1 i be 30 years old soon and i hate to see my favorite jrpg franchise get play out by this new generation.

    anyways we got other Series that SE should make games for!!!

    • There aren’t any other JRPGs that come to mind that even come close to Final Fantasy, even in its current state. Story, characters, settings, etc. all seem so unique to me and no other series has managed to capture that feeling. In my eyes it’s almost a sub-genre in itself.

      Of course there are plenty of other great JRPGs out there, a handful of which are also Square’s, but I still don’t want to see Final Fantasy die out just yet. I will say that they need to narrow their scope for the series. They can’t continue these giant compilations such as Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Ivalice Alliance and Fabula Nova Crystallis. If they would just go back to making numbered titles one at a time, and in a more timely fashion, that would get the series back on track.

      I was foaming at the mouth for Versus XIII in my other comment, but I think it’ll be the title that stands above the rest in Square’s recent history. It sounds as though it won’t feature many of the things folks disliked about XIII, while also moving the series forward to some degree.

      That being said I’ve love to see Chrono and Mana sequels. Maybe we’ll seem ’em, if they do decide to take a more sensible approach to Final Fantasy in the near future.

      • Testsubject909

        Unique huh? Hmm… do you watch anime often? Honestly, the cast of Final Fantasy feels relatively pretty damn stereotypical. Sometimes cliched and cheesy, 13 definitely is a victim of that.

        Versus 13 also feels much the same way, unfortunately…

        And there’s much doubt at a Chrono sequel or a remake. Oh I remember how they crushed that fan-made no-profit 3D Chrono Trigger Ressurection 1 to 1 faithful adaptation…

        Games from the Nes/Snes era feels more like they’re getting a rather minimal treatment. Low budget to work upon and mainly sent out to gain money to fund their larger budget titles of which I’ve found myself more disappointed then their lower budget titles…

        It’s pretty damn sad.

        • doomspeller10

          ^This. Hopefully the launch of the 3DS and the NGP will make them feel compelled to prepare some REAL remakes worthy of this generation. I’d be happy with any remake from the PSone era OR Chrono Trigger, is it too much to ask?

          • Suicunesol

            More remakes? You want more?*

            *unless it’s FF6*

          • BadenBadenPrinny

            Only remake I want is Parasite Eve. I could care less about other square properties at this point

          • Testsubject909

            Oh, I keep dreaming of a day when we’ll get a proper 3D remake of FF6 or Chrono Trigger with, at least, late PS2-era graphics. Make them PSN/XBLA downloadables and price them whatever you want, even if it’s 40$. I’d sink my teeth in them.

            Just because it’s Chrono Trigger or FF6 in late PS2-era FFX-like 3D freaking graphics…

            “But what about HD?”

            Screw HD, if they can pull off the above said with a relatively low budget and finally give us fans what we’ve been having wet dreams of for years and overprice it. There’s a very, very high chance many of the fans will just say “Screw it. I’m buying. NAOW! DAY 1 BABEH, DAY 1!!!”


            That said. Hey Squeenix. I know how much you luv money. Look at what I said, look at your fanbase. You KNOW it… They WILL purchase an overpriced downloadable PSN/XBLA 3D PS2-era graphic remake of Chrono Trigger and/or FF6.

            You see that minor profit you made with those crappy “3D” DS and GBA/PSP relaunching of old titles? Yeah, you could make WAY more.

        • Joanna

          Other than Snow, who was cliched and cheesy? Sazh was actually surprisingly not stereotypical, Hope had actual character growth, Fang was also a surprise and refreshing, Vanille walked the edge but ultimately I felt she subverted her trope, even Lightning, who was pretty much silent sulking hero, had her moments of moving beyond the trope (like her bonding with Hope).

          I’ve seen you say the same thing multiple times, but I honestly thought FFXIII had great characters but poor execution. Versus XIII looks far more stereotypical right now: bishounen brooding prince and bubbly pretty princess Stella. Having read and watched a lot of shoujo and shounen manga and anime, I can’t count the times I’ve run across those tropes. I don’t like to contrast something that isn’t even out yet with something that is, but based on the main characters, Versus XIII seems to stick to the textbook much more than XIII, in my opinion.

      • Yui

        I don’t say this unkindly, but hearing you saying they should stop with Ivalice Alliance fills me with uncontrollable sadness/rage. Every game in the Ivalice setting has been fantastic, simple as that – Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Advanced, Tactics Advanced A2, FFXII, even Revenant Wings. Not a single one of those games is unbefitting of the Square-Enix name, and three of them have been some of the greatest games in Square’s long history.
        Compilation, maybe not so much, but I loved FFXIII and I can see FNC becoming excellent too, with the way it’s going at the moment.

        • I didn’t mean that they should stop any one of those projects in particular, just that they can’t keep creating these large compilations for every new Final Fantasy game. They announce a handful of games and we’re sitting here waiting for them for years.

          As much as I like the games, they could be a whole lot better if Square would focus those resources on smaller games and projects. Versus XIII, XIII, XIII-2, Type-0, XIV, Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, Dissidia, etc. Then all of their remakes, ports, spin-offs, and so on. I know that Square is a powerhouse, but that’s a lot of ongoing projects. I can’t imagine they aren’t spread thin right now.

          • The only compilations they’ve made are for FFVII and Fabula Nova Crystallis, though, aren’t they? (Ivalice Alliance can hardly be counted here)

            In a sense, they already are doing what you suggested and focusing on smaller projects. That’s why T3B, Dragon Quest IX, Dissidia, 4 Warriors of Light, Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance etc are all portable games. They crank several of those out every year, while their console titles take longer to develop. That probably won’t change in the foreseeable future.

            The only exception to this, I would say, is Type-0, which has been in development for quite a while as a result of switching platforms. I don’t know; I think Square as a company is taking a lot of risks with its identifiable brands.

      • Shin Megami Tensei. That is all.

        • defiance777

          that franchise is not even close to being as good as the FF franchise.

          • SolidusSnake

            You’re right, its superiority is such that even comparing it to FF is an insult.

          • hmm… lets compare 2 games that came out around the same time
            FFXII and Persona 3 Portable
            Story: goes to persona 3
            Gameplay: I found FF12 less boring than Tartarus
            battle system: goes to FF12
            graphics: FF12 had some awkward shading, P3P wins that one
            sound: kinda a tie, but P3P has more variety (pop, rap, rock, piano, & opera-ish music) P3P gets the point
            Replay value: played FF12 once, didnt like it and sold it, P3P ive beaten multiple times, point for P3P
            FF12: 2
            P3P: 4

      • >”There aren’t any other JRPGs that come to mind that even come close to Final Fantasy, even in its current state.”

        >he hasn’t played Tales of the Abyss

      • BadenBadenPrinny

        There’s plenty of characters in JRPGs that surpass FF characters by a long shot. Square never was good at characterization post FF6, especially when it came to FF 7,8,10 and from what I’m hearing 12 and 13. In the aforementioned games, I can easily say 90% of the cast is bad

        • defiance777

          90% of FF characters are good, that is what you meant to say. Just because you dont understand whats going on doesnt mean its bad, it means that you are ignorent. I can see that ignorince has a strong hold on you but you can break the spell it has over you by enlightening yourself so you can understand characters that deeper then your comprehension.

          • SolidusSnake

            I can see that fanboyism has a strong hold on you, but you can break the spell it has over you by enlightening yourself so you can play games that don’t suck.

          • defiance777

            i understand that a simple minded person such as yourself cant grasp the concept of what a good game really is. so just stick to simple dumb down games before you hurt your brian.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

            How about you learn to spell the word “ignorant” before retaliating out of blind faith. Maybe you could expand your horizons so you can stop talking about things beyond your comprehension. (See what I did thar)

    • Bakuryukun

      I disagree, there’s really no need to stop the franchise unless it stops selling, they can just reinvent the series whenever they need to, because it’s so variable from installment to installment, but then that’s a view of someone who still likes the franchise and games within for the most part.

    • defiance777

      your the type of person that doesnt like change. FF games are still very well made and show no real sign of failure. I would like to see Dissidia on the ps3 but it being on the psp does not make it bad nor does it being on an hd console make it good. what makes it good are the talented creators. I really hope SE doesnt listen to people like you and alot of the people on this board because that is how a franchise becomes bad, by listening to stupid people that dont know any better.

  • Wow, for a second I’ve read “party game with battles” and it came to my mind something like a game as Mario Party board style with Final Fantasy characters that in the end of each turn, instead of playing minigames, they played fights up to four people or computer controlled characters. Not in a Super Smash Bros cartoonish way, perhaps with an over the shoulder style with very big stages nice to hide and creep behind the opponent players, either being in paired teams, 3 against one or all out, because it would be cool to keep those options. Probably best to be played online in such over the shoulder style, but with a split screen function just to make the player feel good for having the option.

    There you go, my idea was born out of a misreading insanity. With some luck one can consider this one of those kinds of ideas that makes the author either a madman or a genius, before finally fit me in the mad side.

  • PrinceHeir

    i actually want a full-rpg like game(well it’s basically a FF game) with all the main characters, villains and all. but that would be hard to do a story since the villains are very diverse. you don’t know who will lead who unless they bring back chaos and cosmos again.

    i think the metroid-vania style is a cool idea. though i really really want a open ended FF Game with all the main characters and villains. but as i said the story would be difficult to make so yeah.

    another Dissidia fighting game on PS3 would be lovely though :P

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Final Fantasy ala Smash Bros? I’d be up for that.

    • I wouldn’t. Smash Bros. is no longer fun because certain people like to impose specific rules all the time.

  • Testsubject909

    This, PS3, even if just a PSN downloadable. Offline 4 player split-screen or Powerstone type zoom-out with online higher limit, possibly.

    Battle royale/tag-team/team-battle style with the ability to change targets utilizing the right analog for both camera control and re-locking with a simple push of the same familiar relock button we’re already using for Dissidia, or the R3.

  • four_black_hearts

    Sounds absolutely terrible!

  • Just posting here that I’ve finally gotten all accomplishments in Prologus. Man, it was long.

  • Wiccan1109

    I never thought Dissidia was a good fit for the PSP. Final Fantasy’s biggest let down character wise is almost always its main protagonist, generally they are some of the most bland, detatched or whiny characters in existance (you simply can’t relate to them without having a lobotomy or being 13) /however/ the supporting cast members are usually just fantastic and bursting with life and charisma. Having to sit through a whole game of watching the main characters angst and pout over everything was murder, and the fights did feel like they were a little too big for the PSP to convey.

    I think the sequel helped a lot by adding some more lively supporting cast members, now you kinda feel like theres something going on, but i know just about everyone out there is a tiny bit heartbroken that someone didnt make the roster. (For me it was Seifer :S) When they mentioned party battles and action, the only thing that crossed my mind was XIII versus and the XIII PSP version, or Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I think its something they’ve already done and its about time they continued to make mothership FF titles the way they used to be and vent their ‘westernisation’ ideals out on making titles like Dissidia live up to their true potential. Generally what i would have hoped for is just one installment of an epic HD dissidia game with all their major party members and antagonists in 3 vs 3 tag team fights. Using team combos and assists and just enhancing what they’ve already done.

    I get that Dissidia on the PSP was a good way to test the water since its not time consuming or expensive compared to console games, if they kicked it up a notch i think it could be a real winner but its up to them what they do with this now.

    • Bakuryukun

      I don’t know….I like most of the main characters of Final Fantasy games. Not all of them are brooding emos, I just think people like to think that because it makes them sound cool, and implies that they’ve studied the character throughly, even though the opposite is usually true. Besides that, people are so sensitive to characters being sad or emotionally distant these days, it’s never really bothered me personally if a character has a different personality to my own, what’s more important is the actions they DO take and how the interact with the characters and world around them. That’s why of the Final Fantasy main character brigade, Vaan is the worst by and far.

      • Wiccan1109

        To be honest i feel like most of them dont even have enough character to be emo, it doesnt even feel like theyre always sulking, it just feels like they have nothing to say. I’m with you on Vaan for sure, he was dreadful. I dont think /all/ of them are terrible, Ramza stood out to me as being quite a bright, intelligent chap. Zidane also shows quite a range with the spectrum of human emotion without being too heavy on any of them. I don’t feel like many characters before FF7 have had the benefit of a developed script and heightened exposure, so its hard to get a grip on who they are. I feel like Cloud, Squall and Lightning were pretty much the same archetype, generally quite bland, but atleast Lightning was a woman and shed a different light on the theme without relying on sex appeal or Jpop (so far *glances at FFXIII-2*). Tidus was like a bipolar kid with ADD and Vaan was just terribly unlikeable in every aspect.

  • Christ

    I’d love to see multiplayer support and inter-character combo. Also since the battles tend to become repetitive with command selection, it would be nice if they add something ‘uncontrollable’ by the commands.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Personally, they put FF past the point of no return. It’s not like they could rely on it forever either way.

    Mind you, Squeenix is the antithesis of King Midas :(

  • Final Fantasy Party :D

  • I’d either like to see a full PS3 version of Dissidia, maybe even, as a lot of others have said, an old-school RPG with the casts of the various games in the series. An action title? Meh. Can take or leave it.

  • If Dissidia adopted the Gundam VS engine I’d say it’d be one of the most sought after arcade games in Japan.

  • Jirin

    Party action/RPGs tend to have one annoying issue in common: Ally AI. I wouldn’t want to see Final Fantasy try the whole Tales/Star Ocean bit unless they can find a way to prevent the other characters from getting themselves killed every few seconds, especially on harder difficulty settings.

    I can imagine it now. Rosa starts casting cure, standing right next to the enemy. The enemy hits her. The spell is disrupted. She gets right back up, runs right up next to the enemy, and starts casting the spell again. *shudder*

    • Have you played Tales of the Abyss? ‘Cause I always noticed the AI casters ran away from enemies before casting.

      • Jirin

        Well, yeah, it’s gotten better about it since Symphonia. But there’s still major issues. If a boss has a short range devastating attack, the physical attackers will still take up position right next to the enemy, rather than the ‘Hit and run’ tactic that will actually work. Or, if the enemy is charging a spell, they will make no effort to get out of the spell’s range. The A.I. is programmed to decide which attack to use at which time, but it’s not programmed to avoid getting hit at all. On normal, it’s fine. But if you try to play on hard it becomes a major annoyance in every boss fight.

  • Every single time Final Fantasy is brought up… this happens…

  • defiance777

    Most of the people on this board are stupid. FF13 was a great game, it didnt feel like the old ff but why would you want that, thats not progress thats a step backwards. FF13 felt new, challenging, and fun. all the morans here that think they know whats best but hate on ff13 and all the new ff games should give up on games because its people like you who are the problem in every way and not the solution in any way.

  • defiance777

    Most of the people on this board are stupid. FF13 was a great game, it didnt feel like the old ff but why would you want that, thats not progress thats a step backwards. FF13 felt new, challenging, and fun. all the morans here that think they know whats best but hate on ff13 and all the new ff games should give up on games because its people like you who are the problem in every way and not the solution in any way.

  • maxroy

    I think it was around dissidia’s release they were talking about the idea of bringing the series to the consoles if they went ahead with that and upgraded to HD improving the roster to a even larger scale and having massive 3v3 battles.

    I’d die a happy man.

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