Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Takes Place During The Great Shinobi War

By Spencer . March 21, 2011 . 3:15am

imageRemember that Dynasty Warriors-like Naruto game in the pipeline? Here it is, introducing (for the second time) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact.


This PSP game takes place during the "Great Shinobi War". Naruto may seem invincible in Sage Mode, but he has a new challenge. Namco Bandai developed a system where Ultimate Ninja Impact players are attacked from all sides.


image Naruto, Sasuke, and Pain (as the six forms) are some of the characters you’ll meet. Naruto and Sasuke are both playable characters.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact is slated for a fall release in Japan.

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  • SolidusSnake

    Oh noes Tsuna will go krazy when he sees this! :3

    • No kidding. This is probably his wet dream come true.

      I suppose Rasengan will get a nice work out in this game.

  • Got to say this would be a day one buy for me but don’t know when it will come to the states if it does but importing sound nice atm.

  • ..Well, oh what the hell. First day for me as well.

  • Again might give it a go but I’m not expecting much out of this.

  • So we are still under the Namco provides Naruto for Sony, and Tomy makes Naruto for Nintendo. That’s too bad I might would have wasted some money on this!

    • Cloud_ST

      And Ubisoft makes Naruto for 360 xD?.

      • kidhyuga

        they used to.

  • OH boi!!!!! The Sage Mode Naruto looking as hot as ever and that Rasenshurikan!!!! I hope they have the female Pain version in that always says Kuchiyose No Jutsu. I loved how the JPN voice actor would just say that, it was so catchy to hear. Anyway, come on Namco Bandai America, pick this baby up cause I am so gonna be there on Day 1 Baby!!! Day 1!!!! This already looks like it will blow Kizuna Drive out the water and continue the line of truly definitive premiere Naruto Shippuden games on the PSP! So can not wait, you just dont know…best PSP game of 2011 confirmed!!!!!

    • skyblaze

      I bet you needed a cup of water after typing that :P

      • You mean a cold shower :D

        • Ren

          Since when cold showers help with stopping the ovulatory process? If that’s so, I propose every Naruto or Bleach related article comes with it’s own garden hose, so we can douse puppy out of heat.

          • Wait, Tsuna’s a female? Well that changes everything.

          • Ren

            Most things point as Trist being male and it’s taken as the general consensus, but his sex doesn’t really change the fact he’s a Naruto fangirl.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    The only problem with these games is the enemy AI. They usually just walk up to you and wait for you to kill them

    • Dude! That is one of the best highlights as the enemies just get destroyed and brutalized intensely, and with Naruto and I guess that Bleach one, it will never get old destroying the opponents using the most phenomenal attacks ever and watching the combo counter just grow and grow and grow.

      • That’s Bullcrap and you know it.

        It’s one thing if you enjoy it, that’s all fine and good, but to mark it as a good thing? That’s Bogus.

        • Guest

          He’s ultra positive about EVERYTHING so best to either ignore or just chuckle

        • kidhyuga

          We have our own opinions and this is his. i agree with him on the phenomenal attacks and combo counter.

    • It’s a different story altogether on a higher difficulty though. The AI can kill you in 3 hits and they swarm you like zombies hungry for brains.

  • Barrit

    I got a little worried when i heard it was a warriors type game.. some of those are just really bad if not done right. A warriors type game would fit in with the Great Shinibi War perfectly though.

  • karasuKumo

    I’ll see how this goes but it already has an advantage over Kizuna Drive due to the fact that it actually has the real story in it. I’ll wait for the gameplay videos before deciding, if the gameplay is fast paced I’ll buy it for sure. If not, well then I’ll keep my money.

    Is it bad that I’m more excited by the fact that this means there wont be any fillers for a while?

  • IceRomancer

    This definitely has some promise, I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

  • Do we know who is developing this? It’s using Cyber Connect’s naming system but I don’t see any mention of them…

  • The character models are a bit too smooth for a PSP game…

    • Ren

      They are probably using the Sqeenix school of Anti-aliasing all the official game images and videos to make them seem prettier than what they really are.

      • Well, who knows. As long as the gameplay’s good, I guess :3

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