The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue, The Sequel To Zero No Kiseki, Hits PSP This Fall

By Spencer . March 22, 2011 . 12:23am

image Keeping with their promise, Falcom formally announced a sequel to The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki for PSP. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue picks up a few months after the events in Zero no Kiseki with Lloyd Bannings returning as the main character. Elie, Tio, Sergei, and Randy are confirmed to be in the game along with Noel Seeker, Wazy Hemisphere, Cao Lee, and Oliver. Shirley, a new character, was also seen in the magazine. She’s the girl with the red hair on the right.


Falcom touts Trails of Blue’s concept is this game will have the greatest climax in the history of The Legend of Heroes series. This next part may be a spoiler so highlight it at your own risk! The mystery of the Phantom Flame Project will be clear in Trails of Blue. Zero no Kiseki foreshadowed events for the sequel including Wazy’s secret, which is a keyword. The story of Crossbell City, the setting in Zero no Kiseki, is not complete.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue uses a revised version of the Orbment system introduced in Zero no Kiseki. New elements will be added including an option to skip attack animations. Players get a car from the Special Support Division in the game too, which can be customized. Compared to the previous game, Trails of Blue will have more content.


Falcom has The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue slated for release on September 29 in Japan. The PSP title will be available as standalone game or part of a limited edition package with a Nendoroid.


The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki has not been announced for North America at this time, but Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo told Siliconera he would love to bring it over to the US.

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  • Ereek

    Westerners better buy Trails in the Sky so that there will be a chance for localization! Even if it means having to release it on the NGP so that there’s more of an audience.

    • SolidusSnake

      In the words of Father Alexander Anderson: AAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN!

    • Oh you bet we will!

    • I’m on 3 pre-ordered LE’s so far… If my wallet could take it, I would have gotten more and given them away as gifts like the fabled XSEED Boxhead Claus of Nakashima Land, but my place of work is done for, and thus is my money source. I’ll be damned though if I don’t see this entire series make it here eventually… To get more money and in turn more TitS for the world, it’s time to find me a sugar momma/daddy! …I’m open to either at this point :-|

      • You inspire me

      • Ladius

        Damn man, you have my respect, and I just followed your example updating my preorder from two copies to three. This series needs to be supported more if we want it to be completed.

        • Now i feel double inspired, i swear if i would be living in the US i would back you guys up

          • Ladius

            Actually I live in the EU, I am importing my share of Trails goodness from videogamesplus :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yes WildArms is right. You guys are like Super Heroes fighting for the good of the gaming world. Thank you!!! You’re awesome. :)

    • DanteJones

      Amen friend, gonna try and convince everyone I know who owns a PSP to get TitS.

    • I HAVE MINE PRE ORDERED! Let’s hope everything goes great, seriously

    • Ladius

      Yeah, every one of us should spread the word about Trails’ release on videogame boards, blogs and media outlets (if there’s some journalist among us).

    • Draparde

      i agree, i preordered mine awhile back, just counting the days…

  • Finally, they have decided the title. Can’t wait for it!

    Tia? I think it’s Tio, the blue-haired girl from ZnK. Also, Olivert (blond guy) is Oliver. Another character from Trails in the Sky.

    • Hours

      Yep, Tio is correct, and it’s actually Olivier, not Olivert or Oliver.

      Anyway, I’m so excited for Trails in the Sky next week, and this is shaping up to be another great entry for the series.

      If you like RPGs, buy Trails in the Sky! Support this great series!

      • Oops, yeah it’s Olivier.

        JP news site reports that Falcom will upload a trailer on 24th March.

      • Hours-

        Technically both names are correct, but that’s falling into spoiler territory.

    • Yeah thats right – thanks for the correction. I thought “Olivert” was Oliver myself, but the scan calls him Olivert so I went with what Dengeki reported.

      • Nnnnno, Dengeki is, uh… a spoiler factory. Let’s put it that way. :x Don’t pay close attention to it, you saw nothing~

  • Yeah, that “Olivert” thing is actually… a mild spoiler. Doesn’t give away much, but man, they’re treating some revelations from the early games as “You should know this already” material already, aren’t they :V

    Anyway holy crap, XSEED just has more and more work ahead of them. I almost wonder if 3rd should be skipped or delayed at this point in order to get straight to Zero and Blue. I suspect some people will want to gut me for even suggesting it, though. :x

    Well, if you want to see this come over, Falcom fans, you know what to do.

    • Kaoro

      Just making a mental note of your post. If I end up enjoying Trails in the Sky I’ll come back here and gut ya.

      • I, uh… thanks?

        • Kaoro

          No problem! :P If I do become a rabid Legend of Heroes fanboy, the blame lies with Xseed tho.

    • Ladius

      Interesting, is Trails 3 skippable in order to enjoy Zero? From what I understood The 3rd was filled to the brim with informations regarding the characters and setting, but maybe that’s all optional material? If so your idea could really save the series, especially since gameplay-wise The 3rd seems to be the least appealing.

  • waiting the chinese release!

  • I want More LOH IN ENGLISH!!! <3

  • Omg so many good articles in 1 night!

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I hope XSeed will keep on releasing these on UMDs. I’d much rather get the entire LoH series on PSP that way, and not any way else because some NGP is coming out. I just hope they’ll still find profitability in these games in 2013.

    Another alternative I guess is to get another company to help them out. Perhaps someone looking to get into localizing handheld/console RPGs? One who had a very memorable title come out last year on the PC?

    • Ladius

      UMD, PSN, NGP carts… every single option is fine by me as long as we manage to have this series translated.

  • Kai2591

    Seems like Nendoroids gets bundled with games more and more..

  • Im still on the fence with Trails in the Sky. The one in this article is the third entry in the (Trails) series?

    • Is the first one… Ummm, as far as i understand (dont quote me) This is the first game out of three, with the same MCs…? , while there is the newer one, zero no kiseki (and they already announced the second of this one), wich i think, in storyline, it happened before the trails in the sky games…

    • WildArms is right. While there are three titles in the Kiseki Series (Sora no Kiseki/Trails in the Sky, Zero no Kiseki, and now Ao no Kiseki), Sora/Trails is made up of three parts: First Chapter, Second Chapter, and ‘the 3rd’.

      So it looks like this:
      Sora no Kiseki FC (This is Trails in the Sky- what we’re getting next week.)
      Sora no Kiseki SC
      Sora no Kiseki the 3rd
      Zero no Kiseki
      Ao no Kiseki

      • That’s the right order of the chronology. Zero is more a name than being the first one in the saga because the mains characters from Sora joins you in Zero and they tell part of the events from FC to SC.

        So I think that the trilogy from FC to 3rd is related to something in some part of the world while Zero changes this objetive and is another continent with completly new cast. To put an example.

      • Guest

        Woah we’re so far behind then

        • Yeah, most companies havent been very… “LETS LOCALIZE!!” those games because of it hugeness

          • Feynman

            It’s more than just the size of the games. Its also the fact that the PSP isn’t a very attractive device for western publishers compared to the DS, and the increasingly low level of gamer interest in jRPGs.

    • PurpleDoom

      Technically yes, but Sora no Kiseki was spread out over three separate games.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Alright I can’t wait for it to come to the west. TiTS will be a success. It has to be. Come on everyone. Don’t screw-up. This should be great. :)

  • Ren

    Why do you call Ao no Kiseki as Trails of Blue while you don’t call Zero no Kiseki as Trails of Zero Spencer?

    What’s the general chronology between Sora and Zero? Is Zero playable without the Sora trilogy, or you need to have played Sora to understand it?

    • You need to play Sora first, you can understand Zero pretty well but without Sora you can’t understand some events and character that return from the previous game for some reasons and the main antagonist are related with events from Sora too.

    • It’s because that’s how the game is known on the site. We discussed Zero no Kiseki/Trails of Zero before Trails of the Sky was the official name for Sora no Kiseki.

      Since Xseed used the “Trails of” subtitle for the series as the official English title I started to use it for the sequel, but kept Zero no Kiseki since that’s how I think most people recognize the game.

  • Reitsumi

    The Nendoroid is Tio. A long time ago Falcom uploaded some images in twitpic:

  • WonderSteve

    Another sequel for me to the “Legend of My Empty Wallet” or “Trails of the Penny in my Piggy Bank”

    XSEED should participate in these quest!

  • Guest

    Bring over the fighting game

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