Xbox 360 Owners Don’t Have To Wait Too Long For Moon Diver

By Spencer . March 22, 2011 . 3:36pm

moondiverSquare Enix set March 29 as the release date for Moon Diver on PlayStation Network. But, the ninja action game is also coming to Xbox 360 too. When?


We don’t have an exact date, but Square Enix says Moon Diver will be available on Xbox Live Arcade sometime in April.


If you missed our previous coverage, Kouichi Yotsui, co-designer of Strider, is developing Moon Diver with Feelplus.. *ahem* AQ Interactive. It has cooperative multiplayer where you can link up for MoonSault attacks, characters that learn new moves when they level up, and a ninja traitor who is actually a college student from California.

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  • DO WANT T_T.

  • Code

    Aw mann I thought today was the 29th, I was disappointed to see it wasn’t in the PSN update opo;

  • Gonna wait on the reviews for this one.

  • godmars

    Am I the only Strider fan not excited for this game which seems to be trying to be sold on it’s supposed Strider heritage? Who thinks that the gameplay comes off as a bit anemic and the four player option is pointless?

    • raymk

      i don’t and i don’t think thats what their doing and i’m a big strider fan. I mean the same thing could be said about that other game Kouichi Yotsui made like strider(forget the name) so I don’t think that way. The four player option isn’t pointless because i’ve always wanted strider on 2 players myself so I love the idea. I wasn’t excited for hard corps uprising either at first but after playing it its the best psn only game. I mean other people where bound to think like you and i’m sure there’s people who just want strider just like people who just want contra or any game that’s a spin-off for gameplay or another.

      • godmars

        uh, Hard Corps isn’t PSN-only. An I get the feeling, because of the multiplayer, that this game would have been XBLA-only except Square needs to see an actual return and some sales numbers. Something they likely wont see in their home JP market.

        Even though the original Strider played slower and more awkwardly than you’d expect for a ninja game, because of MvC2, the general evolution of action games in general, I was expecting something far less static than what few gameplay videos I’ve seen. It also comes off as extremely cramped if not cluttered.

        Have yet to play Hard Corps, but from what I’ve seen it just comes off as a direct Contra clone. Something that doesn’t stray too far from the mark and improved where it needed to. Moon Driver the more see of it comes off as both too much and not enough.

        • raymk

          well i Didn’t actually mean hard corps was a psn exclusive(I have it for xbla and psn)just that its the best game on psn in the realm of things that you can only get by downloading from psn like castle crashers,scott pilgrim etc. Moondiver is coming out on psn first then xbox second so its not exclusive either but xbla has a bigger selection of games to choose from.

          You also still have to remember that it has rpg elements in this game and i’m sure it was never supposed to be a direct clone of strider. In all fairness clone or not it would be good to give it a try, I hated that other game that was a strider clone until I played it and the same can hold true for this. Sides we don’t get very many good Downloadable games often do we.

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait to get this :D

    please capcom hire Kouichi Yotsui again for the next strider :P

  • Soon we’ll get to see just how crazy this plot is :D Though it will be hard for it to topple the “WTF!” story of Contra Rebirth.

  • I’m still waiting for Hard Corps Uprising ;__; Please don’t delay this for EU, SE. Pretty please?

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