Devil Survivor 2 Has Many More Main Characters Than The Last Game

By Spencer . March 23, 2011 . 11:31am

imageFamitsu’s Devil Survivor 2 blowout is online and has a few comments from the team developing the Nintendo DS sequel. Suzuhito Yasuda, character designer on Durarara!! and Yozakura Quartet, was hired as the main character designer for Devil Survivor 2.


Yasuda says he only worked on the main characters since there are many more main characters in Devil Survivor 2 compared to the previous title. Atlus staff are designing the sub characters. Thirteen characters signed a pact with the devil so I suppose the are at least thirteen lead characters in Devil Survivor 2. You can read about the protagonist, Daichi, and Io in our coverage from last night.


image Manga artist Mohiro Kitoh (Shadow Star and Noririn) is designing the invaders, specifically boss characters. Kitoh said he was given instructions to make the character look lively on the Nintendo DS so he decided to make create the invaders with easy to understand forms. Alioth (right), the Septentrion invader that arrives on Thursday is one of his designs. Famitsu hints that the Septentrion may not be your standard alien invader by raising the question are the invaders here to destroy mankind or are they saviors?


Kenji Ito known for the Secret of Mana and Romancing SaGa scores is composing music for Devil Survivor 2. He worked with the Atlus sound team to create dark and hard melodies with symphonic elements like the original Devil Survivor.


Shinjiro Takada who worked on the Growlanser series and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor says its been two years and they can finally announce "2." While Devil Survivor was set in Tokyo, Takada says many major cities in Japan have been recreated for the game. The drama in this game comes from the tension of being in the middle of fighting mysterious invaders. Takada says gameplay systems have been strengthened in a big way and Devil Survivor 2 will be a title players can enjoy many times.


Akiko Koto, art director on Devil Survivor and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, says the Devil Survivor series is a game about choice. The idea of how we choose to live everyday was blended with a strategy RPG system. How will the thirteen devil messengers be affected? Will players be able to protect towns recreated in the game? Are the invaders really a threat? These were some of the questions Koto thought of while working on the game.


Be sure to check Famitsu’s article to see screenshots of the game. The extra turn battle system and the devil auctions return from Devil Survivor. Atlus has Devil Survivor 2 slated for a summer release in Japan.

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  • Testsubject909

    Oh yes Siliconera. Keep piling on the good news, makes me raunchy and feels so good!

    *coughs* sorry. Too much Austin Powers.

  • malek86

    The main character looks like a Kaito Kid reject, the male friend is essentially Yosuke, and the girl is… Little Red Riding Hood?

    Anyway, if you’re fighting aliens, why are there random battles with other demons? Do I take it they are just there to grind, while aliens will only be bosses? I thought they might have made it like Persona, where monsters and demons are not the same.

    But wait Atlus, what about a Devil Summoner 3? Since you seem to be in the mood for sequels, I might as well ask now (I’ve already lost all hope for a PAL release of DS2 anyway).

  • So much information and it seems like the game is massive. I cant wait to play the Overclocked this summer, hurry, so I can experience this series.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Very much looking forward to this, even though I’ll definately have to import it, since I doubt we’ll see many more DS games coming into EU from now on. I just reeeeaally hope they’ve animated the demons you fight this time around, it feels extremely lifeless in the first game. You animated the demons in Strange Journey, so please continue on that path.

  • Checked the Famitsu article.
    …Of course I can’t read Japanese. I only looked at the pictures. ^-^

    It would seem this game is using a black-blue colour scheme, as opposed to DS1’s Hellish Crimson.
    It looks way nicer this way, I think. I liked the redness of DS1, but it grew tiring after a while.
    Makes you feel kind of aggravated, and aggressive just by playing the game. All that red. >->

    This game, however, has a far more “mature” feel to it.
    It’s dark, grey; a very depressed world.
    One of the screenshots shows a colourless, realistic-looking building.
    Smoke comes out of it, and the speaking character is quite clearly on the brink of insanity.

    …screw the 3DS. I /will/ get this.
    I don’t care how bad it will look on the 3DS’ screen. This is effing gorgeous.
    It’s quite possibly the greatest thing since the first Devil Survivor.

    Also, I absolutely /love/ the title graphics.

    (Would anyone with a 3DS and a copy of Devil Survivor be so kind as to comment on the image quality?)

  • Saraneth

    I’m guessing that the Septentrions are angels.

  • Reitsumi

    It’s good to see that the second part is going to be in NDS not in 3DS

  • Guest

    That main character is extending his hand out to me

  • I hope the names of rest of Septentrion aren’t going to be Alkaid, Mjzar, Megrez, Phecda, Merak, and Dubhe.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I hope there not going to be named Adam, Lilith, Sachiel, Shamshel, Ramiel, Gaghiel, Israfel, Sandalphon, Matariel, Sahaquiel, Iruel, Leliel, Bardiel, Zeruel, Arael, Armisael, Tabris, and Lilim. (I think I listed all of them) I’m getting a serious EVA feel now.

      • LOVE EVA to deaths! Best retro anime ever!

        • Zero_Destiny

          Wow you think EVA’s retro!!! I’m starting to feel old. lol If you think EVA’s retro I guess that makes Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball, and Gundam ancient. XD lol You know Naruto started a whole 7 years after EVA. :P EVA’s not really that much older. I wouldn’t say it’s retro just yet. I’m glad you liked it though pretty good show. Animation is good but you can tell the budget ran short near the last couple of episodes. :( Good story but I wouldn’t say as great as many people made it out to be. Still a great story though. :) And man some crazy stuff happened. :D

          • Fist of the North Star isn’t ancient, it has its own time and space, it’s just that awesome! :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol You know it baby!!! Isn’t it where you got your name from? Love that show!!! You wa Shock!!!! You don’t even know you are already dead.*EXPLODES* >_< So great. I was being a smart Alec again. If you think a mid-90's anime is retro then that's gotta make an 80's anime ancient!!! lol

          • Stuff like Mobile Suit Gundam, Lupin, and Macross are retro. Eva is 90s.

          • xiexie!

            Now I wanna rewatch it brought back memories! Hm maybe I will rewatch it in JPN this time instead of english.

            (poor Russia :( voiced over :( )

      • You are aware that SMT and the use of those names (or at least some of them) came well before Eva?

  • . . . like I said,

    Minako, Minato, Ryoji.

  • 13 main chars? Man I hope you can “recruit” all of them in one go this time, for the best ending maybe.
    That said, the fact that there seem to be a lot of choices in the game, gives me enough reason to expect at least 5 endings, which is awesome! :D
    Hopefully they are all great and fun to get. :P

    • Zero_Destiny

      13 charas, each with their own ending (maybe?), the 13th tarot card is death. OMG I’m seeing a pattern!!!! XD

      • Lol, now that you mention it, I’m seeing it too. xD
        Would be great though, I love character endings, a lot more specific than just bad, default and good ending. :D

        • Zero_Destiny

          So you want it to be more like a visual novel. Yeah I can feel that. Each ending will leave more of an impact on me like that. lol That just reminded me of that poll I made. Coincidences are funny. XD

    • That will probably require Persona 3 / 4 -ish planning, where you’ll have to use a guide to max all the s-links. Hey, all the best things are required through EFFORT! XD

    • DDanny

      I doubt there’s going to be a best ending, megaten games with focus on choices usually leave what ending’s the best to you.

      • I actually hope there isn’t a ‘best’ end. That was the irritating thing about Persona 3/4 you had to just accept one ending. If they didn’t have great fighting I wouldn’t have bothered replaying them.

  • pridesin

    I am kind of getting feeling of “Durarara” in this game.
    Blue, Yellow and Red which each character represents.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Now I really want it. Typical MegaTen. Take the path that makes destroying humanity saves the world, or take the path that saves humanity. :) I didn’t notice before but the main has belts/straps just coming out from his back/collar. It’s like a two for one deal with charas having scarves. XD Nice I dig the design way more. But headphones would of made it even better.

    • irzbos

      headphones woulda been clutch with maybe not as crazy of a collar. The collar reminds me of what the guy wears during a scene in the music video to “jizz in my pants”. I’m also not sure if I care particularly for his messy (strands sticking out) hairstyle compared to the sleek one from DS1, but it honestly doesn’t matter much because I am sure the game will be great.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yes headphones. There awesome. I’ll never forget the first scene of P3. The main with his awesome headphones. ^_^ I do like the collar on this main though. But the first pic we saw of him it looked a little weird. I think the pic that was shown the main was just in a weird angle and it made his collar look really ridiculous. I’m sure it’ll look better in game.
        Video: []
        PIC: []
        OMG please tell me it’s an MP3 player dangling from his neck and not a devil summoner. Maybe there’s some headphones under that hair. :)

        • Saraneth

          What is it with DS RPGs and headphones, anyway? Both Devil Survivor and TWEWY had main characters with headphones, and some of TWEWY’s villains had headphones too. Is it supposed to contribute to the modern feel of the settings?

          • Zero_Destiny

            Probably. Artist just have fun drawing headphones. It’s like another aspect of the charas clothing they can customize and play around with. I think it’s epic when charas have headphones. Love that!!! It’s so cool. I don’t know why but I suddenly like the design a lot more!!! I don’t just think it’s a game thing ether. It’s probably a new fad in animation in Japan. Yoh wears headphones, Tsuna wears headphones, Shujin wears headphones. There everywhere now >_< I think headphones have kind of become the goggles of recent anime. lol

          • I think its probably because it is popular fashion these past two decades and to make it easier to relate to players of today in the target age group. Well thats what I think.

          • Because it’s cool! *___* Or just a tie in promotion to make more monehs. I know that I was trapped into buying the ATH-EM7 because P3’s protagonist wears it *__*

          • There’s also a trope* about headphones being a sign of being alone. I know that when I don’t want to talk to people I slip on my headphones and turn the volume to max.

            *See the site TVTropes for details

  • So the only reason they are putting this to DS is that they could “remake” it in a year or two for 3DS.

    • Yep, that was the first thing that went throught my head

    • I actually don’t mind that. I don’t mind missing out on an enhanced port, because I might not even be getting a 3DS. I’d rather have a DS version with less stuff.

      • So you don’t mind that they are wasting their money and effort for a completely unnecessary “remake” while they could be making a completely new game that you actually want to buy.

        But yeah I know what you mean.

        • Ah.. I guess I didn’t think of that… But who knows, it might not end up being a waste after all. This might be too much positive thinking, but Devil Survivor might be more popular than you think. It did exceed sales expectations in NA. Maybe if the second one does fantastic, the remake will sell well too. (Especially since there isn’t a piracy problem yet.)

    • PrinceHeir

      i agree.

      will probably wait for that version to be honest since i don’t plan on buying another handheld for another 2 years or so

      • ninjaonizuka

        what about the 3ds or NGP?

    • Jirin

      I think it’s because 3DS won’t have market saturation for a year or two.

  • hadjimurad

    I doubted the first game, but it became one of my very favorite DS games. I couldn’t be happier that this exists, and I love everything I’ve heard about so far.

  • Ummm, the characters look nice, ahhh, but this Durarara feeling will be hard to deal with xD

  • Kenji Ito? …Well, okay, I guess. It’s outside his comfort zone, but he’s done music that would be appropriate in the series on occasion.

  • Oh man, Mohiro Kitoh! His mech designs are amazing so I’m assuming the Septentrion are all going to kick ass.

    Someone should let him do all of the character designs for a video game. That’d be bitchin’

  • fisico

    Wasn’t the composer of Secret of Mana Hiroki Kikuta ?
    Kenji Ito has composed for titles in the Mana series but not Secret of Mana (neither his sequel and Legend of Mana).
    And why making such a fuss about “hiring Suzuhito Yasuda”, he was already the chara designer in the first episode which was released before the Durarara anime even begins.

    • puchinri

      You’re right about everything, and I agree. I thought he was hired for the first one anyway.

  • Ah yes. Let’s blur every line, Megaten. <3

  • Sakurazaki

    Considering the girls name is Io, there must be something about it relates to the story here… I wonder.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Kenji Ito? Holy crap, do want.

  • Yashin

    Already noticed some Durarara “references” in the characters. Protagonist with blue as the “main” color, Comic-Relief Friend with yellow scarf and a girl with red

  • DDanny

    Really nice to see there’s supposed to be more choices&consequences now, hope they impact the story in many different ways, as opposed to DS1&SJ where most of the story stayed the same and paths were only different at the end game. Those rescue civilian missions were also annoying, not everyone is playing as a lawful good messiah you know.
    Also hoping to see my favorite LNC paths again, perhaps with the 9 alignment variations like Light-Law, Dark-Law, Dark-Neutral,etc.
    I would also have liked if they kept Kaneko doing the bosses design, but oh well…

  • Kay

    I’ve been waiting forever for this! ATLUS, when have you not catered to my interests? I knew I could count on you! The two-year wait was definitely worth it.

    But, does anyone know whether this game will be set in the same world as Devil Survivor? If so, I wonder which route they’ll take as canon then… Regardless, I hope we’ll see cameos of the main characters from the first game. I want to see how they’ve grown!

  • Jirin

    I enjoyed Devil Survivor quite a bit. I like the structure of the game quite a bit, and I love the field abilities and the way they affect combat. Here are some things I’d like to see changed in a sequel.

    1. More reasonable defeat conditions. Game over if one civilian dies makes half the battles into ‘Save Rafa’, which simply isn’t fun.

    2. Less abuseable field healing abilities. There are some maps where every enemy is a fairy, and then the entire field gets healed to max every turn.

    Other than that, I’m really looking forward to this sequel.

  • “Hey Bro, I’m having a party, you coming”
    “I dunno man, I’m kinda busy”
    “Did I mention that we’ll be hunting devils”
    “FOR REAL! Ah snap bro! I’m totally down”
    “Kay, bring all your friends, including the hawt gal with excessive boobage”
    “Aw you know for shizzle I’m gonna. Aight stay fresh bro”

    And this we now know why there will be at least 13 main characters.

  • Betting that deciding if they’re invaders or saviors is the decision for law/chaos/neutral routes. So we should be expecting this late summer or early fall then.

  • loved devil survivor, so if ds2 will be just as much as a game as the original devil survivor was… I’m sold, no need to improvise ;)

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