It Isn’t A Disgaea Game, But Nippon Ichi’s First 3DS Title Has Prinny

By Spencer . March 23, 2011 . 10:39am


While NIS America is plugging away at Cave Story 3D, their parent company in Japan is developing Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh, a game based on those stickers you get with Lotte’s chocolate wafers. The Nintendo 3DS game is a tabletop style game where you combine kanji on the stickers to make words.


See the stickers for Etna and Laharl? Etna’s kanji is "demon" and Laharl is fittingly "king." Pair these two stickers together and you get "demon king" which has its own attack. Finding the right combination of kanji is the key to playing Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh.




Characters pop out of the screen when you do flashy special attacks. In addition to Bikkuriman characters, a bunch of Disgaea characters are in the game too. Prinny, Flonne, and even Disgaea 4 star Valbatoze are confirmed for the Nintendo 3DS title. You can see more Disgaea 4 characters done in the Bikkuriman art style here.


Bikkuriman Kanjyuku Haoh is slated for a summer release in Japan. A North American release has not been announced and given the kanji combining gameplay system I’d say it’s unlikely.


bikkuriman11 bikkuriman14 bikkuriman13 bikkuriman12  bikkuriman10bikkuriman07 bikkuriman06 bikkuriman05 bikkuriman04 bikkuriman03 bikkuriman09 bikkuriman08

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  • Region Lock says hi.

    • Altritter


    • Reitsumi

      I’m very angry with nintendo for that.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I like all the designs. :D But I swear every time I see Lotte I immediately think Loto. T_T I’m too much of a fan boy.
    Oh Flonne that’s a risque pose your doing there. :)

    • Testsubject909

      Somehow, I don’t think you’re worried for her safe being…

      • Zero_Destiny

        Was it that obvious? ^_^

  • *Sees the second left picture* Whoa whoa whoa… Who said Prinnys are allowed to look badass?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Just wait until he trips because of all of his gear and explodes. XD

      • Testsubject909

        Not if the inside of his shield is properly cushioned to take the impact of his fall!

    • Hero Prinny says hi.

      • Hero Prinny still looks goofy so no, Hero Prinny does not say hi, he just explodes.

  • Catloaf

    Wow, is that Etna…Not only wearing clothes, but armor at that!? I suppose it makes sense for her to take battle involving sweets seriously, though…

  • Code

    Dare I say, this game looks delicious~?

  • KyoyaHibari

    My guess is either a FPRPG like the 1st few Dragon Quests or a card based game

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