Marmoru-Kun’s Remixed Music Matched To New Trailer

By Spencer . March 23, 2011 . 3:27pm

Cyberfront is bringing Mamrou-Kun Has Been Cursed to PlayStation 3 on March 31. Two packages of the Gulti developed shooter will go on sale, a vanilla game and limited edition.


The limited edition, which costs 8,925 yen ($110), includes a 150 page artbook, a super play DVD titled "Perfect Terror," and a soundtrack CD with arranged music. Cyberfront had composers remix music for Meikai Katsugeki mode, a new mode created just for the PS3 release. Let’s listen.



Here’s a sample of some of the art from the book.


mart1 mart2 mart4 mart3


So far, Mamrou-Kun Has Been Cursed has not been announced for an overseas release.

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  • Code

    rar, looks colorful and the musics pretty fun too, getting some serious pocky & rocky nostalgia >w< I'm very tempted to make this the next shmup that I pick up opo (well if Strania or something else doesn't pop up first).

  • MrRobbyM

    Not really a fan of shmups but the music is brilliant :)

    • thaKingRocka

      Hmph. Not really a fan of the music, but the game looks brilliant.

  • JustaGenericUser

    If it does get released to the west, I hope we get it as a retail, both to have it physically and to have the artbook. Sony America might force publishers to have it PSN only, though. I hope not. The ideal would be to have both retail and a slightly less expensive PSN. That’s a good way to get more sales, in my opinion.

    • Code

      Hard call, G.Rev’s mentioned about hunkering down and keeping most of there releases within Japan. Might be something if Strania does well in North America maybe G.Rev will come out of there shell, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath for a North American release. Luckily PS3 is regional free, so importing is a easy option owo;

  • PrinceHeir

    even if the game won’t get a western release. i already plan on buying this on my local store(they always import the latest PS3 JP games like No More Heroes Paradise which i also plan on buying the US version)

    so yeah more shumps and visual novel games on PS3 please. 5pb and cave should take note ;)

  • I’m getting a SERIOUS Mario 64 vibe from Blossom Shower. From 0:42 to 0:47 specifically.

    Super excited about this!

  • Mamoru? Mamrou? Marmoru?

  • Aoshi00

    I really dig these rearranged OSTs that’s bundled w/ the Limited Edition, but it would be better if you could actually switch to these as background music in-game, just listening to the rearranged music on its own just isn’t very fun (sometimes the rearranged ver is so different from the original score it’s hardly recognizable). Really want the goodies like the 2 extra chars/new costumes/widescreen mode.. but especially artbook (there is an in-game gallery but it’s pretty hard to unlock all the arts), but it’s too pricey to double dip….

    • Code

      Yeah, agreed, if it was in-game music that’d be more worthwhile I think, although technically I guess they might just expect people to rip and listen to it oer in-game music any ways opo? I know 360 has a pretty hand music player, but I usually get prompts on PS3 telling me I can play my own tracks in game (not something I do often other then the occasional time to spice up fighters or games with particularly bad music opo;;).

      The artbook I bet would be really slick I kind of want that too, but it’s a bit too much for me right now. Still if it has an in-game gallery that might be at least an okay alternative even if stuff is hard to unlock.

      • Aoshi00

        Same here.. I rarely use my own soundtrack for games unless the game music is boring and I need to spice things up… and here it’s a bit misleading they’re using these rearranged music for the trailer w/ gameplay footages together..I was using my custom soundtrack when I played Sports Champion, I kept losing the same ping pong rally all the time and needed to get into a different rhythm.. I think my 360 Mamoru game had the OST alrdy, I forgot.. usually I ripped all my game soundtracks to my PS3 because it has a much bigger HDD.. It’s good this is a beefy artbook, I don’t like them claiming these small and thin pamphlets as artbooks (Catherine artbook.. but there’s a pre-order bonus, the Last Story artbook was amazing though filled w/ many designs).. Sometimes it’s cool to have the nice arts in a book despite the in-game gallery, like the MvC3 Special Edition, those illustration by different artists are so cool.. and the art for Mamoru-kun here is just cute.. I also liked this game because it feels like a spiritual successor to Rocky & Pocky even though it’s a shmup.

        • Code

          Yeah it’s rare but occasionally I take liberties with my music, like in Raiden Fighters Aces opo’ The music is so high strung, I could barely focus, putting on something that didn’t make my blood pressure sky rocket, helped a lot in it opo;;

          Plus after like 1200 matches of Senko, generally I don’t mind throwing some alternative music in the mix, although to be fair both those games have excellent sound tracks >w<'

          Yeahh I've had a few crappy artbooks here and there over the years, the worst is when it's just the official artwork you see everywhere in a thin little booklet opo; But I've had some really nice ones too, I like artbooks a lot, one of my favorite bonus items, but they are very space consuming sometimes xpx;

  • Guest

    Can u please bring Galgun to PS3

    • Code

      Galgun isn’t made by G.Rev, Cyberfront, or Gulti — Galgun is made by Inti Creates published by Alchemist.

      • Alchemist hiring CyberFront for a Gal*Gun PS3 port isn’t outside the realm of possibility, though.

        • Code

          True, that’s always possible, although still a weird question to ask in a Mamoru-kun topic >ww<'

  • Kris

    This game looks awesome, even if the music doesn’t blow my mind.

    • The music on the 360 version sounded a bit better than these remixes, but the game itself is just boring and I don’t think a widescreen feature will fix that. Here’s hoping it’s getting some other adjustments.

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