Help Nippon Ichi Choose A Disgaea 4 DLC Character

By Spencer . March 24, 2011 . 4:12pm

imageNippon Ichi is running survey and asking fans which character they would like to see in Disgaea 4. You’re not limited to the five characters – Marona, Aricia, Prier, Kisaragi, or Unlosing Ranger. Any character from a Nippon Ichi title is fair game.


The most request character from the poll will be turned into an additional character for Disgaea 4. Second place and lower will be considered for content development.


I think (hope?) maybe Nippon Ichi wants to hear from Western fans. You can submit an entry for the survey here, but no guarantees that they will count English entries. If you want to try just fill out the form as described below with only one character suggestion.




Here’s a link to the survey. The poll will run until April 24 and Nippon Ichi plans to announce the results at the end of May.


So, which Nippon Ichi character (i.e. not anyone from Ar tonelico, Atelier or Neptunia since those are not developed by Nippon Ichi) would you want to see as Disgaea 4 DLC? I’m picking Mikan, the cat who cries orange juice from Jigsaw World.

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  • Guest

    The girl from Criminal Girls. Someone submit that as a vote for me. I don’t care enough to do it myself. =P

    • Boooh, im gonna put all of them anyway, still, it will only take you like 5 minutes

  • The Unlosing Ranger, hands down!!! It’s time for a true hero in my Disgaea!

  • We all know it wouldn’t feel like a Nippon Ichi game without

    ZETTA BEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    -So yes, my vote goes to “The Most Freaken Badass Overlord!” himself.

  • ALL OF THEM, AHH!! I LOVE ALL THOSE CHARACTERS, wait no, i dont know the one in the middle, and i’ve never been too fond of marona, BUT ALL THE OTHERS GO!!

    Character name: 全部 –> Put this, it means “all” of them >8D

    • True that. They will probably end up adding most of them anyway. Well, I hope they will. :D

      Edit: The girl in the middle is Prier from La Pucelle, she was in Disgaea 2 and 3 as DLC too, I see no reason why she wouldn’t be in this one. :P

      • La pucelle is out for ps2 right? in engish, i seriously gotta get it

        • Testsubject909

          Yeah, La Pucelle is on the PS2.

        • yeah it is, but they have a lot of small edits on the game. for instance Croix takes drags off invisible cigarets. and i think they might have altered his gun a bit(i could be wrong on that one)

          if thous small type changes don’t bug you(they didn’t for me) you should buy it up!

    • Who is going to be shelving out that 1.99, respectively, for each character? lol.

      • Haha, i dunno, maybe some guy at NIS will be like, “omg! this guy said all of them! This moves my heart!!!, LETS PUT ALL THE CHARS!! ”


        • Zero_Destiny

          It’ll bring Manly Tears to the programmers’ eyes. :)

    • Ren


      • Haha, but “zenzen” is normally used for other kind of stuff xD like..

        P1: Hey, you tired?
        P2: 全然 (zenzen) completely… xD

    • Zero_Destiny

      All of them? Great idea! Please NIS I BEG of you!!!! Do it!!!!

    • Code

      Yeah, really >w<; NIS probably is only just below (or above >w<;) Nintendo and Capcom, for having the highest percentage of damn good character designs, and there not below by much considering how many years Nintendo and Capcom have on them opo;; rar, every time characters come up, it STILL makes me want an NIS all*stars 2D fighter omo;

      But yeah seriously very tempted to put down All opo;;

    • Wiccan1109

      =O How can you not like Marona? She’s like the sweetest kid ever created! I mean sweet as in ‘aww, look how compassionate and innocent she is’ not the ‘DUDE SWEET’ way.

      • Hahah, i dunno, is not that i dont like her… xD But i just can’t like her, is weird D:

        • Darkrise

          I like how she looks almost similar to Pleinair. =D

  • I considered putting down Trenia or Alexander from Makai Kingdom, but I can’t resist having the chance to get the one and only Gig, master of death!

    • With one of the coolest english voices in english i’ve heard

      • Totally agreed. His voice is amazing and perfect for him.

      • Zero_Destiny

        That’s the power of Yuri Lowenthal being able to atcually play around and give variety to his voice!!! Love when he’s able to do better voice work like he did in P3. The guy played 3 (well really 2 can you count the main as a speaking chara?) different charas and I was hard press to tell them apart. :3

        • He was still instantly recognizable as Gig. It’s usually his delivery that’s praised, regardless of whether his character is a royal pain-in-the-ass, a brooding teenager, a regular teenager, a psychotic little kid, or a badass destroyer of worlds.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Took me awhile to recognize him. I was like an hour or two in with Gig and then went “OMG that’s Yuri Lowenthal isn’t it?” Anyways the delivery was great and I love it when voice actors are given a chance to mess around and find real cool ways to deliver their lines. Sounds like it must of hurt though. lol Ouch I can imagine your throat being soar after talking like Gig for days on end or even hours on end. :( But all the pain was worth it!!! Sounded great. :)

          • Lowenthal is used to screaming. “REPLICAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” or his only line outside of battle in DDS1 are such examples. I think doing his Gig tone is hardly anything compared to that. Imo, if you compare voice samples of long-haired Luke and Gig, the only difference is that Gig is so much more badass.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Lee lol How could I forget about REPLICA!!!!! I still think he has a more raspy and laid-back voice when he does Gig myself but I suppose opinions vary. :)

  • Kevin_Levin

    Levin from Soul Nomad: ATWE. We’ve seen one from Soul Nomad from Disgaea 3.

  • SolidusSnake

    I voted for Cornet from Rhapsody. What better way to destroy your enemies than with a storm of pancakes? :3

  • Zero_Destiny

    I was going to pick Axel but HE’S IN IT!!!!! So I’m pretty happy. :3 But I guess it would be cool to see Ash. I always liked him. Fun chara, I can see a ghost in the Netherverse as a good fit too. :D

  • Alouette or Croix from La Pucelle.

    • I could totally go for some Croix, yeah. Either him or Gig would be the coolest DLC characters they could go for, Croix especially since he hasn’t gotten the chance to shine!

    • Croix is a wonderful choice!

    • Methylene

      Croix please, yes.

  • Draparde

    I’m tottaly going to put Layna from Soul nomad.

    i hope they accept western votes…if not its sad we don’t get many events like this V_V

  • I would say Almaz! But I have a feeling he is probably part of planned DLC anyway.

  • Prier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (or someone Marl related!)

    NIS needs to release more Marl games (waiting on the sequels to La Pucelle ;) )

    And NISA needs to actually localize them XD;;

  • KyoyaHibari

    Cough* Demon Overlord Zetta Cough*

    • What do you mean, dood? He WAS already in the game from the start:

      And he’s not a book, dood! He is back! The Bad Ass Freakin’ Overlord is back in his humanoid form! He’s so Bad Ass, his Zetta Beam reached space! What a surprise to see Zetta here.

      Oh and I wanna see Unlosing Ranger!

      • Testsubject909

        Unlosing Ranger vs Badass Overlord Zetta…

      • Code

        Seriously, Zetta is still one of my favorite NIS characters, and despite NIS having quiet a power struggle between characters, for whatever reason I STILL consider him the strongest owo;

      • KyoyaHibari

        HOOOOOOOO! I feel a burning sensation through my body, this emasculating magnitude of GAR within Zetta the Badass Overlord is making the very foundations of my mind, body and soul burst into the heavens with a giant combustion of manliness. I feel the god-like transcendence of Zetta’s power exponentially heating the fires of my very existence into an overwhelming aura of over the top exhilaration, strength and pride that is infinitely more furious, fiery and outstanding than the sun and the universe itself, I feel like the prime being, the absolution of the universe! I…DO NOT NEED TO GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN!

  • Hours

    We need some more beefy dudes in the series. There are tons of cure girls and scrawny guys which is cool, but the series needs more muscle! :D

  • BlitzWhat

    Walnut/Faded or Gig are the only sane choices in this insane world.

    • Oh man, yes, Walnut too. Walnut or Endorph really, either one would be amazing.

  • theoriginaled


  • Pichi

    Would love Pram!

  • WyattEpp

    Totally just put Eclair and asked them to increase the number of faces for the character cut-ins.

    I’ve never understood why each character only has like four expressions. Even the first Disgaea (Region 1 release) only took up 732MB on disk! It’s mostly (608MB) sound files too; the amount of available space is cavernous compared to the size of the image data. Considering the long development time, it seems they could add a lot more character to those things for fairly cheap.

  • IceRomancer

    I’m going with Alexander from makai kingdom, let’s get some new blood in there!

    • Klaus00

      ^this , I even created a Bulletin on youtube for my subs to vote for him :D , It’ll be a fresh new rival clash for having Zetta AND Alexander in D4 :D

  • I submitted Darkdeath Evilman! ♥
    Just think of all the fun they could have with his various appearances for special attacks! ♥


    I hope Flonne, even after this new change made for her, stays a Raging Tokusatsu Fangirl!

  • Dimitrivs oshea

    So hard to decide prier, or unlosing ranger, or even the prison girl! oh man what do i do who do i choose

  • Dimitrivs oshea

    Prier or unlosing ranger thats all i need….unless of course if they decide to add prison girls then..hmhm

  • evilmoogle

    Unlosing ranger. why?
    because later in the game it made me do this:

  • Would love to see the Unlosing Ranger be included. But he’s going to lose out to either lolis or big breasted females :(

  • Methylene

    I wonder just how useful is this going to be? Unless N1 decides to really cut back on the DLC compared to D3… aren’t the top choices going to be content they were already planning on adding? I mean, for some characters, it’s almost 100% certain that they are already planned… and yet, you can bet people will vote for them… just look at the people calling for Zetta while he’s already in game.

  • lag0morph

    Definitely Unlosing Ranger! My only other choice is already confirmed as a DLC character! (Asagi)

  • Klaus00

    Oh man , I really hope Seraphim will get ”nuff votes

  • KotaroInugami

    ASAGI!! Oh wait… they already got her… I’m good with whoever then. :D

    • how about her other variants? it would be awesome to see bug asagi! or prinny asagi

  • Castile, no doubt

  • Darkrise

    Pleinair, Prier, and Unlosing Ranger!!!!

  • I know I’m alone here but I’d give anything to have Odie from Soul Nomad appear again.

    But seeing Gig again would still be pretty nice.

  • Well i voted for Alice from CRIMINAL GIRLS she is my favorite character from the game and i like her to be a DLC for Disgaea 4

  • Raharu95

    What About Recit from Trinity Universe?

  • Raharu95

    Or maybe Kanata from Trinity Universe, is he acceptable?

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