Resident Evil 4 HD & Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Coming This Fall On PSN/XBLA

By Spencer . March 24, 2011 . 9:43am

RE4_ComparisonScreen3_bmp_jpgcopyCapcom USA confirmed the Resident Evil: Revival Selection for the West with more details than the Japanese announcement. A quick recap if you haven’t been following the news – remastered versions of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X with 720p visuals are coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


In North America, Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica X will be released separate games on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Both titles are scheduled for fall.


The news came with a few more Resident Evil 4 comparison screenshots. The original version of Resident Evil 4 is on the left and the remastered version is on the right.


RE4_ComparisonScreen4_bmp_jpgcopy RE4_ComparisonScreen5_bmp_jpgcopy RE4_ComparisonScreen1_bmp_jpgcopy RE4_ComparisonScreen2_bmp_jpgcopy

  • Good, but I was hoping for a boxed packaged product. Downloading for days here I come. Day 1!

  • Sal

    I may get it depending on the price.

  • Shouldn’t the 2gb XBLA limit prevent this?

    Anyways, not so sure I’m liking the “upgrades” on RE4, strange how they decided to add a grain filter to CVX but make RE4 cleaner looking, would prefer both of them to be grainy, like me some grainy horror games but will reserve judgement until I see it in motion

    • Are either of these games bigger than 2 gig? I can’t imagine Code Veronica is.

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh that sucks :

    i was kinda expecting for a physical release not to mention they’re separate while the japanese release includes both games on physical form? wow

    • Guest

      They also did that with Arcana Heart, Battle Fantasia & Siren (U.S.)

    • Feynman

      Generally, when large games like these don’t get a physical release, it’s because the publisher doesn’t think the games will sell well enough to justify the manufacturing costs associated with physical media. Given how old Code: Veronica X is and just how many ports there are of RE4, it’s a fairly valid concern. They aren’t doing it out of spite!

    • Bakuryukun

      lol gamer entitlement.

    • I know how you feel. I will likely just hold on to my money until a physical copy is announced. If that doesn’t happen, well I can still rebuy the older version for less than half the price.

  • nyobzoo

    if it’s $15 each, I’ll definitely pick up RE4. Don’t care for Code Veronica

    • $29.99 each I bet…

      • That’s ridiculous. Even the God of War collection had the games for cheaper than that.

        • Was each of the Prince of Persia’s in that collection 29.99? Or am I too high?

          • Wasn’t that either. I downloaded the first game in the collection for $10.

  • thebanditking

    As in the other post, I’ll be passing on these. Everyone else puts their HD remakes on a disc I don’t see why these can’t be. I would have loved to play CV again in HD but not as a download.

    • Probably come to disc a few months down the line if they repeat like what Ubisoft did.

    • I wouldn’t say everyone puts it on the discs (more so Sony does it and not so much the others).

  • Whoo hoo! For once, they didn’t just blindly darken and brownify everything. I see some lighting an some highlights.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Yay, I can avoid RE4 for a bit. (Still thought it was decent) I need my Claire fix, Capcom

  • RE4 this, RE4 that. New version of RE4, RE4 for iphone etc. Seriously I’m SICK of RE4.

  • Personally think they should add trophies to psn games

    • What do you mean, these types of games rereleased on the PSN have trophies.

      • is it confirmed? RE4 from PSN will have trophies?
        I mean, look at FF7 – 9

        • To my knowledge, All HD rereleases have had trophies added.

        • Those Final Fantasy games are PS1 games. It’s not even a question anymore with this.

    • Uhhhh… EVERY game that’s come out on the PSN for the last two years that wasn’t a mini, a PS1 classic or a NeoGeo game has had trophies.

  • Soma

    Awesome news!
    I still consider Resident Evil 4 to be one of the best games ever made. There just isn’t anything that I find wrong with it.

  • badmoogle

    They lowered the quality of the older versions in order for the new ones to look better?WTF Capcom?There’s no way the PS2 version (let alone the GC one) to look as awful as the Krauser screenshot.

    I was moderately interested in this but after cheap marketing attempts such as these my interest has dropped to zero.

    • Aoshi00

      I think maybe the non-upscaled SD version does look that bad on HD TVs now? I was a bit surprised when I saw the comparison btwn DVD and blu-ray in those Best Buy display when B-R first came out, I don’t remember DVD looking that bad and blurry, but then I’ve been watching DVDs w/ a 1080 upscale DVD player or on PS3.. lol.. if you like the game and the price is right (I doubt they would price this very high after so the umpteenth port), I think you should still go for it.. just like some other classics, it’s worth it to own in HD again..I’m definitely getting it on XBLA, believe it or not I have yet to finish either the GC or the Wii port, I’m probably like the only person on earth who didn’t beat RE4 (cuz I’m scared of zombies).. The Wii remote control scheme was great, wonder if PSN ver would have Move, but I didn’t like RE5 w/ Move.. W/ achievement now this is perfect for me :)

      Frankly on disc or not I really don’t care too much (I know many would like to collect a hard copy).. it’s more convenient to play a downloadable game w/o putting in a disc every time anyway..

      • badmoogle

        You know,i was 100% sure these were reverse bullshots (lol this is a first,congrats Capcom),but just for laughs i put my PS2 copy of RE4 in my PS2 which is connected with component cables on my HDTV and man,it looks nothing like this crap.And i remember playing the GC versions of these games at a friend’s house years ago and they looked awesome in his SDTV.

        Don’t get me wrong though i love both of these games (the original versions) and i was kinda looking forward for their HD versions,not because of the trophies (i don’t care at all for them) but because i wanted to experience them in a better graphical quality.And i don’t mind if they are digital or not,i have still lots of free space in my PS3 hd…Still,i don’t take it lightly when a publisher tries to “fool” me with a lame marketing attempt such as this.

        Oh well,i wasn’t going to buy these at release day anyway so i might wait to hear other peoples opinions about them before i decide to pull the trigger.

        But really you should play them they are both amazing for different reasons.CV is a bit more scary and has much better plot than RE4.But RE4 is more fun!:)

        • Aoshi00

          I guess they do look ultra crappy.. I just know some Wii games don’t look good at all on HD TV even w/ component cable, makes it more jaggy even (like Arc Rise fantasy just looks horrible).. like Last Story was a great looking game but it seems blurry, if I switch to 4:3 instead of widescreen, then it’s more crisp.. but good looking games like RE4, FF12, MGS3 probably still look decent even on HD TV w/ component cable or played on PS3 upscaled..I played a little bit of RE4 on Wii and it was really fun, but very early, just escaped w/ Ashley from the little hut when hordes of zombies (or ganados) were rushing in.. wish I’m just less scared of zombies, I’m not good w/ survival horror games, but I beat RE5 okay because it was more about action and more daylight :). lol.. I’m not really achievement/trophy whore, but I like those things to let me know how I’m progressing and a record of what games I’ve played. Hope they come up w/ some funny names for the achievement/trophy, they could be very creative.. RE4 has always been on top of my to-play list (all my shooter friends have beat it), I guess w/ this HD port, I have no excuse and I would try to man up. The chainsaw guy w/ the bag on his head, I hate him :(.. I’m slow w/ games though.. I bought Dead Space Extraction on the Wii and I haven’t even opened it and now it’s on PS3.. so I would just play it w/ Move w/ trophies..

          I heard CV was good too, never played it on Dreamcast or PS2… I would definitely give it a try when price drops (I buy most d/lable games on sale, feels like a real bargain :)

          • badmoogle

            Haha it’s cool to get scared,the scaryness and atmosphere in games like these are some of their most important aspects!:)RE4 is definitely more scarier than RE5 (i found the parts in the castle with the monks very creepy),but still not as scary as the first games in the series which you should also play in case that you haven’t.Personally i think they are much better games altogether than RE4-RE5 especially in terms of story,fear,tension and atmosphere.Lost in Nightmares was pretty scary though.

            And i’m slow with games too…it’s impossible not to have a backlog when you are an adult with work and stuff.What’s even worse i still like to replay my old games so this really adds to my stack of unplayed new games.But hey having fun is all that matters.:)

  • Well, I will definitely be downloading RE4. Code Veronica is a “maybe,” depending on whether or not they made an analog control option.

  • Souji Tendou

    Wait…. what?! You better make a physical copies release Capcom. And don’t forget RE (1), 2, 3 and Zero HD remastered.

  • eilegz

    its gonna be EXPENSIVE and i dont think its worth it. graphically it dont change that much…

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