See The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue’s Teaser Trailer (And The Nendoroids)

By Spencer . March 24, 2011 . 1:46am

Following the reveal in Dengeki PlayStation, Falcom shared a teaser trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue.


As seen at the end of the clip, the limited edition includes the PSP game, a drama CD, and two Nendoroids. You get Tio and Elie in the 9,240 yen ($110) bundle.




The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue comes out on September 29 in Japan.

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  • TiTs… just a few more days to go.

    • alundra311

      Man, I can’t wait to play with TiTs. ^_^

  • Looks like game + nendoroid tie ins are becoming more common these days. Not that I’m complaining :3

  • Another Falcom game and a sequel for Zero no Kiseki? That’s it i’m saving my money for this, sorry 3DS

  • Note that this trailer is HUGE GODDAMN SPOILERS for Zero, even if you don’t realize it at first.

    But even then. Man. What. *What*. *WHAT*. The Japanese Internet is going bonkers over this. Just when you thought Trails couldn’t get any more like “the Mass Effect of Japan”, Falcom pulls a perfect Mass Effect Trailer on us. I want the game out now if only to answer the horrible burning questions the trailer raises.

    The wait for this game in English is gonna be KILLER.

    • Manonam

      Do you think these games will ever see the light of day in English? I’ve been reading around and a lot of Americans seem skeptical if they will even get SC and the 3rd… The general consensus seems to be from those that I’ve talked with is that XSEED won’t ever be releasing Zero or Ao in the future and maybe even SC and the 3rd… We’re all thinking right now that it would be best not to buy any of the Trails games in the trilogy until they’ve all come out just to guarantee that we don’t waste our money on something that’s not a sure bet… I mean I understand the idea of buying multiple copies and stuff to support them, but that seems kind of foolish since the translation for SC hasn’t even started as far as I know and just because the voice acting may have all been done, I hear there’s not a whole lot of voice in the games to begin with. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Trails Part 1 and 2 like halves of a large story, so basically if I buy Trails now, I’ll finish the 1st half of the game in a few weeks and then I’ll have to wait like 2 years to actually get to play the other half? I’ve heard the 1st game leaves you dangling on a bunch of major cliffhangers and that’s kind of a turn off for me considering the wait between games. But anyway I think it would alleviate a lot of fears if we had some kind of translation status bar from XSEED for at least the next two games, otherwise I’m tempted to get a 3DS because Nintendo has got a stellar line-up and I won’t have to wait that many months to get my hands on any of these gems. Can someone have XSEED show us some sort of progression bar like those people who do the fansubs do?

      • Im sure that if the game sells, XSEED will do it’s thing completely. Seriously, is easy to see XSEED wanting to release all of the game, but at the end, the sales will be an important factor. They are doing their best to release them soon, we gotta understand that they are still a small company so dealing with this amount of text is pretty challenging, but better late than never eh? Anyhow, im sure they are getting faster as they release more games, nothing is better than experience.

        And, look at this post, they did on psn blog . Some people ask for the SC, and you can see she says that they are working on it, or she even mentioned that they have problems trying to get the SC game onto psn :P.

        So yeah! At the end, is all in our hands, im sure they are doing all they can!

        • Manonam

          I still think I’m going to wait like everyone else I know until all 3 Trails games are actually released before I think about buying anything. I just don’t feel like picking up one game and then finding out that we’re not going to get the rest… That would be like only getting a half a book for my money…

      • XSEED has committed to doing SC at a minimum unless the first Trails release completely bombs, as WildArms posted.

        But that’s part of the trick, and part of the reason FC and SC were split to begin with in Japan: they can’t have people wait for FC and SC to be done before we throw money at them. SC in particular is just too huge. People have to buy the coming release if they want to see SC come over; XSEED simply can’t *afford* to commit the necessary resources otherwise.

        A “progress bar” wouldn’t really be indicative either; games as complicated as the Trails games often have editors looping back to older work to polish it up, new things crop up, etc. The bar would basically be pointless; there’s a reason no professionals do it.

        So goodness gracious no, don’t skip the upcoming FC release if you want to see the rest of the series come over. XSEED can’t afford to bring it over otherwise, and if FC does even okay SC is guaranteed. And if SC does well, Third and/or Zero are guaranteed, etc. etc… Basically, so long as people like the games and buy them properly, getting all of them won’t be an issue.

        As for the speed thing, well, they’ve said they’ll try to make one drop per year, basically. And let’s just say that depending on how the chips fall, options are there to speed up the process. Let’s leave it at that.

    • Then, i have been unconsciously spoiled, i still havent even realized i have been spoiled! AHH IM CONFUSED

  • I’m always excited for more EiDen, but right now I’m more curious about their new IP in development for the NGP

  • Ladius

    Want….Trails…. so….bad…..

  • alundra311

    Another awesome Legend of Heroes game. Hope this and zero no kiseki gets localized too.

    • I actually spoke to an XSEED rep on their official twitter and they said that it was too far off to tell about ZNK but it will likely be localized..Here is the tweet

      • alundra311

        Likely is good. As long as the Sora no Kiseki trilogy gets localized first, I don’t mind waiting for it. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  • Hmhmhm delicious Nendoroids are delicious~~…Oh, wait a game and a drama CD as limited edition extras too? That’s unexpected and awesome! :D


  • Wackoramaco87

    Wow, what a teaser! Makes me even more excited to finally get my hands on TiTs next week! =D Really hope the sales to well enough to justify bring this over stateside, eventually!

    Question, what does the girl say at the end? Watashi Mizkisei? Er… I think Watashi is the female form of “I”, right?

  • I still love the music for the Legend of Heroes series. This just cements that love deeper.

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