Anyone Want A Remake Of Live A Live? Well, Aside From The Game’s Creator

By Spencer . March 25, 2011 . 6:17pm

livealive After working on Final Fantasy IV, one of Takashi Tokita’s other Super Famicom games was Live A Live. Perhaps similar to SaGa Frontier, this RPG has chapters you can play in any order. Each one takes place in a different time period. One scenario was modeled after kung-fu films where a martial arts master groomed three successors. Another episode takes place in the Wild West. Live A Live also had a prehistoric, Edo, sci-fi, and modern day stories.


The present day storyline was like Street Fighter RPG Lite. You played as a wrestler and picked opponents to fight from a character selection screen. There were no dungeons, just boss battles where the wrestler had a chance to learn special moves. Live A Live’s battle system is turn based, but you can also move around the battlefield. All characters – heroes and enemies – are on a grid, so each attack has a range parameter. When you finally get to the last area…. well I’d better not spoil that.


Live A Live was not released outside of Japan, but since Square Enix isn’t shy about remaking games I brought up the idea of a Live A Live remake when I spoke with Tokita. "Definitely, if the fans request it, I’d love to do that," Tokita replied. "In my experience, Live A Live’s omnibus style of multiple chapters was a learning experience and an element I brought over to [Final Fantasy IV:] The After Years. That’s why that game has multiple chapters, as well."


I then asked Tokita how would he design a Live A Live remake if he got a chance to create it. "Hmm… for the current market and times I think downloadable by chapter would be the best way to do it. And then, if you download all of them you can play the final episode."


"Please request it," Tokita said smiling and with a brief laugh. I told him I would bring the topic with the Siliconera readers. So, anyone interested in a remake of Live A Live?

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  • I’ve played a lot… A LOT of Super NES/SFC games. And Live A Live is my favorite out of them all. So, yeah, of course I’m interested!

    The original version was able to do so much with such limited technology… honestly, there are some downright terrifying, emotionally charged portions of the game which were accomplished with graphics that weren’t so advanced even by 16-bit standards. So I’m unsure if a remake could really do it justice while retaining that unique aspect of it. Still, I’d love to see it happen, I hope I’m pleasantly surprised.

    The question becomes whether we’d ever see an international release. On something that’s not a phone. Maybe we should wait and see if the remake’s actually made first before getting too excited.

    • Guest

      Of course I’d demand graphics rivaling that of Crysis if done

      • So you want a game that only a minority of people can play?

        • I would. The current gaming population is out of control. We need classes.

      • I don’t really think that would go well with Live a Live

  • Guest

    yeah go ahead do it. I’ll allow it

  • SneakyHawk

    I’d play it if only for the sake of trying something new. :D

  • I’ve been meaning to play this eventually (there’s been a translation patch released for a fair while now). So yes a remake would be welcomed :D The 3DS or NGP would be a nice platform for it :D

  • Yeah, I’d like it. Not as downloadable chapters, though. Just make it a single game split into chapters. I’m not buying them individually, because then the problem comes in of all of them being individually worth the money and when they come out and taking up space and so on and so on.


    Just don’t milk it by having to pay for each chapter.

  • sounds like an interesting game for my rpg library <3

    • Zero_Destiny

      You need to play it!!!! OMG it even has a wild west chapter!!!!! You’ll love it!!!! Plus I like the game’s humor. It’s got a charm to it.

  • Exkaiser


    Live-a-Live is tied with Metal Max Returns for my favorite SNES/SFC RPG, and it’s by far my favorite Squaresoft game.

  • Generally? Obviously. Sold as he wants it to be? No. No!

  • Zero_Destiny

    YES!!!!!! We so need it!!!! I love that game. :3 And maybe this time square can fix their past mistake of not releasing it in the west!!!! XD Great music, fun gameplay, and pretty funny humor. I love this game. The best stories where Akria, Masaru, and Cube!!!! XD Love that little robo he’s the best. I like playing Captain Square too. Good times. This is a remake that needs to be done!!!!

  • no thanks

  • LastFootnote

    Yes. I’d buy it whether it was released episodically or all at once.

  • JarshR

    Most certainly, as long as it was localized. Though, I would rather have it as one complete package rather than downloadable episodes.

  • He lost me right at “downloadable by chapter would be the best way to do it.”

    • Bakuryukun

      I think Price should be a higher concern than delivery method, just because it’s done in chapters doesn’t mean those chapters have to all be expensive.

      • True enough, but honestly, I speak for myself when I say I am not willing to pay more than $5 for a DD SFC title. Even five is stretching it for a seventeen year old game that I wasn’t exactly blown away by when I first played it some ten years ago.

  • Rollersnake

    One of Square’s best and most experimental games, I’d say, and the best Square game that never made it to the west. I’d be interested in a remake.

  • Allarion

    I would love a Live a Live remake. It’s one of my favorite rpgs of all time, and there’s only a few that hits the same emotional beats that Live a Live had.

  • I want Live A Live remake (not port).

  • Live-a-Live remake naw!!!!!!!

  • As a downloadable PS3 game…maybe…

  • episodic garbage

  • Croix

    Live a Live, officially in English? YES PLEASE!

    Even though his story is basic, this game has the best character ever just because of what they did to him. Anyone who’s played through this game should know exactly who I’m talking about (but I’m not about to spoil it for the rest of you).

  • Surely, I’m interested.

  • Guest

    I would pay cash money. That is all. For the love of all that is holy, DO IT!

    But, please, no episodic release. We know how that turned out with Half Life…

  • countupyoursins




    Live-A-Live is one of the best RPGs and I’d LOVE a sequel .. maybe on DS/3DS. I think that would work better than the dumb downloadable chapter format they mentioned.

    Also, I’d like to not have the current Square character style, but maybe there’s no helping that. It would be sad for Sundown to return as an androgynous fashion model.

  • Ren

    I want it, if only for the soundtrack and to finally make my lazy ass play it. Damn, I was even listening to Megalomania when I found this on feeds. Just don’t make it episodic.

  • Rollersnake

    I’d buy a chapter-based downloadable Live a Live remake. I’d prefer a physical copy, but if it were only viable as a download, that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker.

  • Oh so that was him? I thought Square Enix was responsible for making all these downloadable episodes in the After Years to get money O.o
    Of course, now with the Complete Collection, I’m glad I held back ^^.

    • Oh, and yes, I do want a remake XD.
      I haven’t played it, but I remember hearing about it and being intrigued haha.

  • Tokyo Guy

    It’s remarkable that Square[Enix] wants to revive every IP but the ones it actually should. Case in point: the two DS Saga remakes were utter failures; even I (who loved GB Saga 3, still own it, and even played it just a few days ago) disliked them. Before it was Hanjuku Hero. Now it’s looking to be Live-A-Live.

    I am at a loss for words in trying to fathom why Square is incapable of making a new game in, say, the Chrono series. A game people want. A game people have been asking for for over a decade. Or if that’s impossible, how about a remake people WANT, like say, Final Fantasy 7 or even a 3D version of FF6.

    What makes everything more upsetting is that even when the company seeks to try new things and has a potential winner on its plate (i.e. Nier), it then follows up by firing all the staff.

    Sorry if I’m so overly critical of this company, but I truly think that if SquareEnix actually got its act together, it could produce the same calibur material as it once did.

  • PrinceHeir

    Im really intrigued how siliconera get’s interview from japanese developers. pretty cool to be honest so how do you guys do it?

    well it’s always good to play games that aren’t release outside of japan. so that’s a plus ^^

  • I loved playing the fan translation of Live a Live, espically with the sci-fi story, i remember jumping and gasphing from that “thing” got loose on the ship. Please remake!

  • gatotsu911

    I was just reading about this game the other day. By all accounts it sounds like a lost classic from Square’s golden age, so I’d very much like to see it come to Western shores in some form or another.

  • Tarlol

    If they expanded each chapter and kept them cheap, I’d buy them. Love Live a Live

  • YES!!!!!!! I would gladly throw an entire paycheck away to have this :)

  • solid278

    Yes, yes, yes, yes!

  • BTA

    I haven’t played it, but I’ve been meaning to… I’d probably be interested in the remake, then. :p

  • DarkWaterClone

    I would be all for this. I just would not want it as a download a chapter every so often. I would want it as a whole game or I would pass on this game.

    Plus it would be neat to see Live A Live as a NGP game.

  • Wow, my wish came true! I was thinking and dreaming about this game since I discovered it’s existence last week! The concept of this game, I like!

    I say, DO EET!!!!

  • Genuinely a fantastic game and a rare one at that. Great stories, characters and game concepts. Our site has all the graphics ripped from it for those interested in seeing what its sprites look like;

  • A totaly overated game. Good idea with multiple stories especially the last one but the rest is bad. The combat system is crap, the whole game lacks of rythm and the difficulty is huge. I can’t see anyone finishing the game without reading a faq especially for the best equipment which is more than required for the last boss.

    SO please move on to another game

  • Yes yes yes and yes. That was a great game, a tad boring at parts though. Which could be improved with a remake.

  • i387

    Stop ruining your IPs Square, please.

    • Bakuryukun

      Stop complaining about Square’s IPs being ruined, please.

      Seriously, I DON’T see what all the huff is about, I play a lot of Square Enix games, and they’ve been just fine and dandy, and I’ve been following Square since Final Fantasy IV was first released on the SNES. I for some reason, can’t see this apocalypse that Square has gone through, I certainly hear a lot about it though.

  • vegalta

    Yes! Live A Live is one of my favorite Square games! Make it happen, Mr. Tokita!

  • if pay for a chapter is how he wants to do it, i would rather have it like that than not at all. i still have dusty live-a-live cart on my shelf :0)

  • I loved Live A Live. Maybe it was just me, but it was just one of those games that really caught my attention. Now, whether I want to play it again paying by chapter is another story, but if it’s a well done localization, I swallow my cringes and buy it for the experience again.

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