Ah, So AQ Interactive Was Developing Gun Loco

By Spencer . March 29, 2011 . 1:05am


Outside of a few trailers, Square Enix was pretty quiet about Gun Loco, their canceled their Xbox 360 sprint and gun shooter. For instance, the publisher never mentioned which company was developing the game.


Two Linkedin profiles point to AQ Interactive, more specifically their Artoon division. Artoon handled Blinx the Time Sweeper, Blue Dragon, and umm… Vampire Rain. The Last Story was sort of an Artoon project too, but by then AQ Interactive de-branded all of their studios into one giant AQ Interactive family.


Here’s something else interesting. Gun Loco, according to the LinkedIn profiles, has been in the works since 2007. Back in 2008, Gun Loco already had translated dialogue and in-game text. Another tidbit is Gun Loco had vehicle controls, which suggest players could drive something in the game. No trailers demonstrated this, however. Square Enix planned to publish Gun Loco this year before ceasing development of the game.

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  • So all this talk is “maybe”, “what if” and “could have”.

    Well, whatever I’m not gonna miss this game, didn’t even know about its’ existence till it got canceled.

  • Wait…wasn’t Vampire Rain that game which was horrible slated and ridiculed? I guess maybe losing Gun Loco isn’t such a bad thing after all…

  • Shouldn’t we all be more curious if they have what was formerly feel+ still working on that mysterious 360 rpg? mmm.

  • How very funny, since when someone talked about how he thought they were porting this to PS3, I described this as the least anticipated port since…

    Vampire Rain… teehee.

  • real mature, guys. expected better from the siliconera community but ya’lls are some class-act dicks. sure, not a perfect portfolio but still a damn good one, better than most devs. such a damn shame that they spent 4 years working on this only for squenix to pull the rug out from under them at the last minute, right before the game was supposed to ship. tragic.

    • While it’s sad for the people who wasted their time on something that would never get released, to call the canceling of a game like this “tragic” is probably one of the most absurd overuses of the word I can imagine.

      You know that article from a few days ago, where a lot of us talked about how stupid focus groups can be? This is the type of game, I imagine would’ve tested very highly to those groups. In other words, this is not like someone burning the Mona Lisa. This is more akin to someone painting over graffiti on a bathroom wall. It’s possible someone worked really hard on that graffiti. I’m sure it bums them out when it gets painted over, but it’s still graffiti.

      The world is not going to stop spinning because one more game where people mindlessly shoot things got canned

      • A game having guns in it doesn’t make it mindless and just because a game is mindless doesn’t mean it’s a bad game so while that might be a pretty analogy it’s just plain ignorant to generalize gaming like that

        The fact is, people devoted 4 years of their life to this project and no doubt they cared deeply about it and no doubt they take offense to hearing their hard work compared to bathroom graffiti. You never played the game. I never played the game. It might have blown chunks or it might have been GOTY material but it’s just really low of you to make the assumptions you’re making.

        • Well, I said that it’s sad for the people who worked on it. I’m just amused by how angry you’re getting, like this was your most anticipated game of the year or something. I mean, my god, man, the game looked horrible and their participation in Vampire Rain means that while they may have worked on an okay project or two, they’ve also worked on crap, which is what this was looking like.

  • Really is a shame about this project. I was looking forward to it.
    And from their list, they have done some awesome games in the past. Vampire Rain was pretty abysmal, but Blinx and Blue Dragon were awesome. And what little I have gotten to play of Last Story is really nice as well.

    I surmise though that most here don’t even own multiple platforms so have never had a chance to play Blinx or Blue Dragon on the pretext that they were both Xbox exclusives.

    As such they really should not be spewing crap against the company until sampling a wider array of their work.

  • So, the plot thickens…

  • Guest

    Ah so all the crybabies and whiners who were pouring all the Hatorade last week here citing this game being outsourced and developed by a Western developer were all wrong huh?

  • KCdash

    Interesting considering SE slashed this fiscal year’s net profit forecast by 90% ($142 million to $11 million) back in december and another quirky concept shooter (Mindjack) made from another subsidiary of AQ (feelplus) and published by SE was released on January and turned out well… not that great. Plus a quote from The Magic Box site “Square Enix’s Gun Loco ex-developer Yuki Kawawa mentioned that development of the game was suspended back in February, before he left the company. The cancellation has nothing to do with the Tohoku earthquake last week, it seems to be related to lack of confidence with the game.”

    Although it does seem like a waste of money since it was close to release. I don’t think many people would shell out full price for something like this, maybe they should have considered restructuring it for XBLA which would have lowered publishing costs down without dropping the project entirely.

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