Gloria Union Is The Next PSP Game From Sting And Atlus [Update]

By Spencer . March 29, 2011 . 9:10pm

image Atlus and Sting aren’t even done with Gungnir, but already have another project for PSP. Gloria Union was revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu.


Fresh off Radiant Historia, Horishi Konichi is the director of Gloria Union. Fellow ex-tri-Ace employee Hiroshi Konishi is the game’s character designer. Sunaho Tobe, who did card designs for Yggdra Union also created cards for Gloria Union. Word from Japanese forums is Gloria Union will be in stores on June 23.


We’re searching for a scan for more details and to see if Gloria Union is directly tied to Yggdra Union.


Update: Gloria Union is the latest entry in what Famitsu says is the "Union" series. I suppose this means Blaze Union and Yggdra Union are their own spinoff of Sting’s Dept. Heaven games. The battle system should be familiar to players who played past games. Sting used the same unit vs. unit system where you can use skills to deal big damage.


The lead character is Ishuto, a pirate boy who dreams of being a great pirate. With a great sword in hand, he goes treasure hunting with Pinger. She’s a childhood friend of Ishuto who looks up to him like an older brother.

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  • Wow, so many PSP games. I see an ex tri-ace employee…makes me want more news from Tri-Ace :(

    Anyway, I cant wait to see an update to this article later…

    • They killed off Star Ocean with Till the End of Time… so we won’t be seeing anymore of those…

      What else did they make…?

      • Whoomp

        The Valkyrie Profile series and Resonance of Fate, a great game no one played because it was released the week after FFXIII (thanks to the marketing geniuses at SEGA).

        • Resonance of Fate is epic, still playing it now (thus far looking to be my most played game this gen). Tri-Ace makes creative battle systems that are fun.

        • I heard Resonance of Fate was baaaaaaaaaaad. Like really bad.

          I’ve only heard good things about the VP games though (except Covenant of the Plume).

          • Whoomp

            Whomever fed that misinformation to you deserves to be hurt. It’s gooooooooood. Like really good.

          • They were valid sources…

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Oh great, another Union title Atlus USA will likely not publish.

    Sorry if that sounds a bit ignorant, standoffish and rude, but I was really looking forward to Blaze Union and Yggdra Unison in English. This is like rubbing salt in those open wounds for me.

    • Guest

      I don’t hate that its on the PSP because I hate the system, I hate that its on the PSP because the chance of ANY of all these great new titles there were just announced being localized is basically zero.

      I wish these games were being announced for NGP/3DS. Fresh new platforms, everything starts getting localized the first couple of years.

      • i don’t see any reason why these wouldnt be released here, Xseed/Atlus have been putting their games on PSN, and all PSN psp games will work on the NGP

        • Guest

          PSP market is crap in NA and non of these niche games have seen a release here in a long time. At least not that I can remember. None of the Dept. Heaven spin-offs have been localized. I doubt this one will be, especially since it’s on PSP.

          EDIT – When the hell was Gungnir confirmed as Episode IX….

          • Knights of the Nightmare wasn’t released all that long ago, and from what I heard last it did fairly well, despite being a rerelease

          • Joanna

            I want to be as optimist as you but all PSP Sting games have been ports that Atlus already had the translation done from the first releases …not to mention Atlus has lately stopped bringing over a lot of JRPGs including two spin-offs of Yggdra Union: Yggdra Unison (NDS) and Blaze Union (PSP). So I can’t see how they would pass over those and localize this one. :/

        • That’s why I still believe in a possible PSN-release.
          First it was Tales of Graces and now it is Atlus.
          It’s a conspiracy to force the entire world to learn japanese to import those games.

      • malek86

        I believe we’ll eventually get Gungnir, just like we got Hexyz Force and KitN PSP. This one, on the other hand, seems a bit more difficult, just like Blaze and Unison. I guess Atlus believes this whole Union series thing is for Japan.

        How much did the original game sell in the USA? If it didn’t sell much, that would explain why they are unwilling to release its spin-offs.

    • Joanna

      Yeah, right now all Sting games are dead to me because the chances of getting them are next to zero. Which is really sad because I really liked Knights in the Nightmare. (Still need to pick up Yggdra and Riviera….gah too many good games I missed out on before).

  • four_black_hearts

    Uh, what? This was supposed to be a series where every game was fresh and new! Are they really going to keep banging out Union spinoffs while we’re still waiting on five main series episodes?

    • Gotta fund the projects somehow.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      The Dept Heaven series is still following the fresh and new formula for every game, it’s jus these Union titles that have been pretty much using the same gameplay for every release.

      Saying that instead of this game I would rather see Atlus release Gungnir and Grand Knights History as the PSP begins to get ready to enter its waning years.

  • Is good to be freaking alive

  • Guess PSP won’t be going down without a fight

    • What? There are still 6+ months left before NGP hits the market, they wouldnt abandon such a large userbase (and already developed assets) that has no successor available. I dont see it in a state of “going down”

      • not like all of these newly announced games are coming out tomorrow bro

        • Shadow_Raskolnik

          His reply is still valid though, even when the NGP is released the PSP will still have the largest userbase for a while so these games will still be well-received even after the NGP is released.

          • neo_firenze

            Especially considering that digital releases of PSP games will be fully playable on NGP…

            I’d expect to see the publishers that are supporting PSP support now continue to do so at least into 2012.

      • Say that to Capcom. I want my Monster Hunter Freedom 3!!

    • PSP has plenty of life left in it, at least in Japan, and being able to port games over to the 3DS only adds to its lifespan.

    • Barrit

      Games are still coming out for PS2 so I have hopes they won’t just abandon the PSP either, especially when the NGP will be able to run the digital versions of the PSP titles.

  • Zero_Destiny

    I loved Yggdra Union on my GBA. It’s easily one of my fav games with a name that I still don’t really know how to pronounce lol :P I’d like to see what they do with this game. Maybe it’ll be related maybe not. I’m curious about it though.

    • Guest

      Not like we’ll ever play this title.

      • People said we’d never get Tales of Graces F. And this is Sting and Atlus we’re talking about.

        • Guest

          Yea and Stings/Atlus records of localization as of late have been bad. ToG F doesn’t have anything to do with this. That’s on two platforms that are still going strong-ish. (Wii has slow down)

          DS/PSP are on the way out and niche DS/PSP titles aren’t being localized. XSEED seems to be the last and after their crazy Y’s/Class of Heroes projects are done I doubt they’ll be going back to PSP.

          • *facepalm*

            I swear no one understands.

          • Guest

            Please explain…

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            How are Stings/Atlus records of localizations been bad as of late?

            Atlus has only skipped out on two of Stings most recent titles (Yggdra Unison and Blaze Union) The first of which is a ported cell phone game and the second is a pretty much unofficial prequel to Yggdra Union. Now I wouldn’t mind if Atlus skipped out on this one as well and released Gungnir instead, but we’ll see.

          • I think the DHE World Guide actually confirms Blaze Union as an official prequel to Yggdra Union… or something. I found the information somewhere that shows the ties between Blaze and Yggdra.

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            No, I think the DHE World Guide was released before Blaze Union was even announced. Anyway Neither Shinichi Ito or any member of Product Team A had a hand in the creation of Blaze Union so it can be counted as something of an unofficial prequel to Yggdra Union.

          • IsaacGravity

            Wait. XSEED Is doing something with Class of Heroes? Y’s and Legend of Heroes I knew (and actively support), but Class of Heroes? Tell me more…

          • Guest

            Whoops. Mixed it up with Legend of Heroes…sorry about that. >_<

    • mooncalf

      I really tried to like Yggdra Union. I love complicated jrpg and jsrpg but this was just too esoteric for me.

  • If it’s related to Yggdra Union… I want Blaze Union first. >8[

  • I gotta finish Yggdra union lol.

    • Same here! Hahaha! I wouldn’t mind seeing how this one plays out though.

  • malek86

    Compilation of Yggdra Union.

    And I never knew YU was supposed to be its own series. Oh well, that explains a lot. Like, it explains Blaze and Unison.

    • malek86

      Ok, so it’s essentially Blaze Union with a more generic art style, which was already Yggdra Union with a less interesting art style.

      Is Atlus’ plan for Sting to just make a proper new game once in a while (Hezyz Force, now Gungnir) and in the meanwhile release spin-offs to their existing series?

      I don’t know, it could work, but I’m not sure Yggdra Union (or Dept. Heaven in general) is popular enough to warrant so many new releases. I guess if they keep the budget low enough, it might work. But I don’t expect to see many of these games coming stateside.

  • Darkrise

    Is atlus also going to deny us this game as well?

    • Start sending those postcards, emails, and make them telephone calls!

  • I want the old art style back :V

  • hadjimurad

    Vanillaware and Sting news in one day? Man, that’s awesome.

  • Hmmmm…For some reason the screenshot reminded me of Dragon Force (the game not the band). Would love to see that being remade.

    …Carry on.

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