• http://www.youtube.com/user/Juddgment Judgment8

    Dood, that’s expensive for what it has to offer…

    • https://twitter.com/RaiohV ShinkaRaioh

      Agree, it’s a bit on the hardcore side, I would more likely pick the Famitsu edition with the poster(I love posters). :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chrome.Cell Bernard Yanga

    O_O must have!!

  • http://tristsantithesis.tumblr.com/ Tsunayoshi Sawada

    I would love to have the postcards on top of the soundtrack cd. Nice.

  • OneOkami

    I think I may just wait on the localized version. Not really feelin’ the swag.

  • PrinceHeir

    badass :D

  • http://chronotwist.deviantart.com/ JustThisOne

    Wait what? Why does Lisa get her own card? She isn’t even the female lead. I mean, she was important and all but… And Maya has to share a card with Jun? D:

    • https://twitter.com/RaiohV ShinkaRaioh

      I’m surely just talking for myself here, but Lisa was just damn more awesome than Maya ever will be! :D

      • http://chronotwist.deviantart.com/ JustThisOne

        I think Maya was supposed to be the big sister, and Lisa was supposed to be the love interest. But throughout the entire game, I always saw Lisa’s undying love to be more of a personality quirk.


        • Ren

          Actually, Jun was supposed to be the main love interest, but the dev team became afraid of the reaction that would cause and changed that. In the actual game, Lisa is clearly the main love interest(on the same vein that Yukari was on P3 and Rise was on P4, based on the idea they had actual clear interest on the main character during the plot) and the lead heroine. Yes, Maya is more interesting and more important to the plot and has a game of her own, but it still doesn’t make her the lead heroine nor romantic interest in IS.

          • http://chronotwist.deviantart.com/ JustThisOne

            Ah yes, Jun. There was even a contact for that. I wish they were brazen enough to make the a Jun and Tatsu pairing a little more apparent though.

            I’m not so sure about Lisa being the lead heroine, but she was definitely important. If she was supposed to be the lead, Maya certainly stole the show. But yeah, she was definitely the love interest.

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