Over My Dead Body Then And Now

By Spencer . March 30, 2011 . 4:03pm

Sony Computer Entertainment and Phantasy Star Portable developer are remaking a creative RPG called Over My Dead Body where you and your many children battle a demon to break free of a life-shortening curse.


While Sony could have ported the PsOne game, Over My Dead Body has revised graphics made for PSP. Here’s a look at two scenes, battle and the field, from both versions. PsOne is on the left and PSP screenshots from Famitsu are on the right.


overm1 overm2


overm2 overm1


On top of 16:9 widescreen support, the field in the PSP version has more of a watercolor look than the original game. Famitsu also notes the world changes seasons and shows screenshots of a snowy area.


pic_013 You can bring up to four characters (swordsmen, spearmen, and archers) into battle to fight demons. Eventually, your characters will die and create a family tree like the picture on the right. Over My Dead Body has a system to give your offspring a boost. Items can be passed down using the game’s memento system. New for the PSP version, family members from the cursed line can also create original weapons.


Over My Dead Body is slated for release this fall in Japan.

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  • Kitsune Miku

    I wonder if this will ever make it to the US? Or maybe even the EU? Im really interested in the story and concept behind this game and it’d be cool to be able to play it, but sadly I dont know Japanese so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • symytry

      all signs point to never with regards to an official translation, but anything is possible!

      • Kitsune Miku

        Yea, sadly I agree that its hugely unlikely as the concept itself is so bizzare and niche. I’ll live in hope but I guess I’ll probably never see this.

        • 5parrowhawk

          Uh… there’s a rather popular iPhone game (Infinity Blade) with a somewhat similar premise, so it sounds like Western audiences aren’t too troubled by the concept.

  • I’d like see one of my favorite niche publishers (NISA, XSEED, Atlus, Aksys) bring this to the States. It seems like an interesting concept.

    • Kitsune Miku

      Just making it to the US would be enough for me. Then I could import it. But I doubt we’ll see it.

  • HarryHodd

    Looks ok but the original has it’s charm.

  • Lovely spritework

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Frankly, I actually prefer the original field look. The watercolor style just doesn’t seem to add a lot to the game. The PSP battle screen looks nice, though.

  • We won’t be seeing this for a long time…if ever. Even then I would see it as a minis title instead of a full blown commerical release.

  • Reitsumi

    This is one of my PSX favourite game.

  • cj_iwakura

    Phantasy Star Portable, bla bla bla.

    Screw that, Alfa System made Castle Shikigami. That’s their masterpiece.

  • @playstation SCEA will just NOT bring this over to the US, since it’s niche and NOT an FPS game. :s

  • MK

    That’s quite interesting. I thought Sony doesn’t want to make new turn-based RPGs.

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