Capcom Japan Doesn’t Believe Mega Man Is Popular In The U.S.

By Spencer . March 31, 2011 . 5:41pm

megaman After seeing the news that Capcom cancelled Mega Man Universe, I thought about a conversation Seth Killian, Community Manger, and I had after talking about Mega Man Legends 3.


"There is also sort of this weird issue in Japan where a lot of Japanese developers, at least internal in Capcom, sort of don’t believe Mega Man is popular in the U.S.," Killian said.


I was stunned since the Mega Man series, in my opinion, has a large and quite vocal following in North America. With a bit of disbelief, I replied with "Really?"


"Yeah, I had the same response! Like ‘Really? Really really?’ because he is really popular here," Killian responded. "People really like the character, X, and everything down the line."


Back to Mega Man Legends 3, Killian re-iterated what he said in our interview earlier, "Frankly, if you can rally your friends [for Mega Man Legends 3] they are looking at that kind of thing. I gotta say this isn’t a cheap publicity stunt where like (says in a comical voice) you can get all of your friends over to come here and help us out then the game’s future is OK. (back in his regular voice) Those are a contributing factor, but it’s also dependent on the team’s own work and the project they can put together with the budget and timeline they’ve been assigned."

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  • If Megaman isn’t popular in the U.S., explain The Protomen.

  • androvsky

    That’s… surprising. I assume they have sales numbers to back that up, but it’s a very well known property even if it doesn’t sell well.

    And on a side note, I really like the new mobile version of the site. :) Might make that my bookmark for browsing on the PS3 (comments are completely broken on the PS3, among other issues).

  • FireCouch

    Japanese developers sure do have a warped idea of what Westerners like. They have unrealistic expectations of trying to cater to the type of people who only play Call of Duty.

    It isn’t like these people were the ones who bought their games a decade ago in the first place…

    • Who could blame them? For some Japanese companies, America is better off teabagging in shooters than play ANYTHING that’s not an FPS.

      • They could create a definitive platforming Megaman experience using current gen presentation levels? That is one thing FPS games do deliver on that they should replicate if that want to make it better for America, I think.

        • It’s almost impossible to replace any of Megaman’s anime style presentations with the likes of, say, Lost Planet 2. Megaman X “or” Legends with exceptional graphics and awesomly destruction? What can fanboys say to that?

          I’m guessing the only way for the franchise to make it to the next gen is that Capcom creates a whole new Megaman game.

          (Revelation! Reboot! Conspiracy!) @[email protected]

          There’s only so few ways for FPS’ to deliver on this type of thing. Black Ops, while still photo-realistic, is still nothing but explosions. The environments are post-destroyed. You don’t even need to use the environment at your disposal unless told to.

          • They should have done Megaman NT Warrior in the style of a third person action adventure game, like AC

          • Assassin’s Creed? Closest thing to that is Legends, minus the scaling tall buildings bit.

  • I’m getting a stomachache just reading the said statement. Has Capcom really deteriorated to such ill faith in America? Megaman, of all franchises?

    • puchinri

      Considering they also thought no one would care about Dante (and DMC as a whole) getting an overhaul, I believe it.

  • Zero_Destiny

    “Capcom Japan Doesn’t Believe Mega Man Is Popular In The U.S.”
    It’s popular and don’t start thinking differently. Capcom I grew up on Megaman. I got most of the games you released. You can’t think it’s not popular. Classic, X, Legends, Battle Network, Zero, Star Force. I got all of those. (I should probably try to track down ZX sometime). Please!!! I mean come on the fanbase IS here!!! That’s why we got all the toys, models, artbooks, and other things that wouldn’t sell here without a fanbase. Please remember about us Capcom. We love Megaman. :D Megaman for life!!!! ;)

    • Maxwell3000

      Zero, you know what this means. If Megaman games don’t sell at Black Ops level…then its not popular. Not even a little bit. 18 million sales minimum THEN it might be a tad popular.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Argh!!! I’m not going to let one of my childhood franchise die in my country!!! Looks like I’ll have to buy 17,999 copies of the next game. It’ll be hard on me but if that’s what it takes I’ll do it!!!

        • Maxwell3000

          That anniversary pic is awesome! (Downloading)


        • Zero_Destiny

          lol I thought the same thing. Wild Arms 3 is my fav of the series. :)

        • Maxwell3000

          WILD ARMS ALL DAY! HAHA! My love for the series will NEVER die. Just wish we could get another soon =)

        • Pichi

          Oh yes, oh yes! My favorite one as well!

      • malek86

        Seriously, why must people find a way to drag COD into every single discussion? :P

    • PrinceHeir

      April Fools ^^

      lol if they announce that all capcom projects are halted until further notice :P

      still that was silly of them, though i think the character X is more popular than Mega Man here. same with Strider-Strider Hiryu. same aspects of the chracter different person

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yes!!! Please tell me it is. You don’t know how much I thought about that during today. I was like “hhmmm . . . Please God tell me it’s a joke.” This pleases me. It means I don’t have to go out and buy 17,999 copies of the next game. I always did like X better myself. :) *Now quickly gets up from his hissy fit and tries to retain his composure so not to looks completely dumb*

      • Exkaiser

        Huh? X is popular?

        I’ve never really gotten that feeling…

        • PrinceHeir

          umm yeah :P

          if you look at the most wanted MVC3 character in japan, you could see X as top 1. the regular megaman and other versions are around 24 upwards.

          not to mention how can you not like X? he’s basically the most complete form of Rockman ever. being able to change armor, giga attacks, saber and such

          • Zero_Destiny

            OMG I love when X has the sabre in X6 it’s so [email protected]!!!!
            Spoilers about X5 So don’t watch!!!

          • PrinceHeir

            hell yeah :)

            i just finished the X4-X6 during the first week of march. soooo awesome :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Prince Yes! I loved those games. ^_^ Some of the best platformers around if I do say so myself.

          • Exkaiser

            I didn’t really care for that much from a gameplay perspective. Made Zero feel less unique, even though X still didn’t really do much with the saber.

          • Japan AND America

          • PrinceHeir

            ohh here in US too X is popular. i don’t know about Megaman here(i think he’s more popular here, but im no sure) but there has been alot of Rockman X9 discussion that has been going around for years.

            oh if you really want the world. let’s include other countries, i for one can assure in my country that X is most known(compared to other versions) due to the playstation days. we even had those Rockman X figures that let’s you change armor and palette on the go(along with Gundams)

            im not saying the regular megaman is not popular. but X is just more popular imo, but i can see why people love the original blue bomber that much.

            i mean he goes way back during the days of castlevania and mario :P

          • @PrinceHeir

            Well, that too, and that Capcom-Unity has voted for X the most for that MvC3 poll you mentioned.

          • Exkaiser

            Oh, I’ve never really met anyone who likes him. I always figured he was the Great Mazinger of the franchise. No one remembers Tetsuya.

            I’m pretty ambivalent about X, really. I don’t like him as much as Classic despite him having more stuff.

            Oh well, if he’s got fans, that’s cool. Nothing against him.


      • Zero_Destiny

        No!!!! No one can harm my Megaman no Tamashii!!! It burns passionately for the blue Bomber. Even when it has bad voice acting I still love it!!!
        Megaman 8: []
        I think this guy summerized 8’s acting the best lol
        Megaman X4 SUPER SPOILER

        • *sigh* Iris…

          • Zero_Destiny

            And then someone made a silly song to go along with it XD
            Spoilers Are Still there
            That story always got me. Not the bad acting the Iris story. I loved X4 so much. Poor Zero. :( Oh well the Colonel was so [email protected] He’s one of my fav Megaman charas. ^_^ I was so happy when he came back in the battle network series. I had to get his version. :)

          • Is this even considered a spoiler anymore???

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Garyuu Well it’s a great story and I don’t want to be the guy to spoil it for anyone. Playin’ it safe.

          • Aoshi00

            You spoiled it for me, now Iris is dead, what am I playing the game for!!!??? I thought she would smooch me as part of the ending lol :) The sad thing is it’s been so long I even forgot her name was Iris… Hm.. you could spoil it for Tsuna, but I don’t think he would ever go back to play this game :)

            Zero sounded so wussy here in Eng… In Jpn, he was done by the same macho voice (Okiayu Ryotaro) in all the games.. X had been done by a few people though even in the Jpn ver…

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. Dr. Light does LOL cat talk :) I missed the anime from Megaman 8 and X4 (and the PS X3 intro too)… I listened to the Jpn openings countless times back then (I only have the Jpn ver, but I played the US ver at a friend’s and remember the voice acting was so fake and cheesy, like Symphony of the Night).. and that classical music was used in EVA :) I don’t know how the others feel about J-Pop w/ Rockman.. the rock songs from X5 & 6 were great too.




          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes!!! I love Megaman X3’s opening. ^_^ It’s so 90’s that I don’t know how you can’t love it. My fav Japanese Opening will always be X6 though which I already posted on this thread. I atcually like the American Openings too. Grew up on them so they have a place in my heart. My fav American Openings will probably be Megaman 8. The American Opening just captures that classic Megaman feel for me way more than the Japanese Version Ever could hope to do. [] And Megaman X5. It’s just a great Opening. I got nothing why I like it better the Japanese version. I just do. [] The sense of rush you get and how it pumps you up is all I can figure why I like it so much.

            Oh on a completely different note if you’re looking for some Mega laughs look no farther than Gutsman’s @ss. >_<

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, the Eng instrumental ver openings were pretty good and fitting in a different way, now that I think about it I did pick up the US ver later as well.. but I just remember me and my friend were laughing at how bad and mechanical the voicing acting was, we were in high school then, we had sleepovers playing games..

            It’s quite amazing the intros feel totally different w/ different songs/music like Jpn Tales intro use J-Pop, the J-rock OPs for Rockman X5 & 6 were sung by Megaman’s seiyuu (Shikamaru in Naruto)..


            And the US ver of X6 also used the J-rock intro (I hated the virus thing),

            And there was Electrical Communication for 8, but I agree the US music was really good too, but back then I was hung up on the bad voice acting..

            Gutsman’s ass *.*.. that’s going to give me nightmares now lol.. the cartoon was pretty awesome, especially the opening drawn by Jpn.. Camille got bitch slapped by Char, how did that get in there lol..

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Aoshi00 All I remember about the Megaman cartoon was that cutman is incompetent. XD
            Oh and I also remember how evil Windows 95 was lol
            And one that I’m sure Sawada will really like “The Real Bro Relationship” (lol sorry Sawada :P)
            >_< lol I loved that cartoon. It was so so silly but so awesome. I dig the ridiculous English opening it had to. Super Fighting Robot Megaman. WTF? It's such a weird opening but it's awesome. :D

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. oh man the metallic clanking was disturbing *.*… again Zeta Gundam, what the hell!? lol… Oh yea, Super Fighting Robot Megman, catchy as all heck like Power Rangers, VR Troopers, or Super Human Samurai, I could repeat those songs forever :) The animation was amazing though, and then there’s the crappy animation in the episode :) Imagine if the whole series was done like the intro…



          • Zero_Destiny

            @Aoshi00 Super Human Wha … ? That was too much. >__<: []
            It seems like all the sentai get the best US Openings. ^_^. I'm sure everyone will laugh at my Kamen Rider noobness but this was the first Kamen Rider I saw and it kicks @ss and I can't get the opening out of my head. :)

          • @Aoshi H-h-hey I grew up with those series okay! I totally wet my pants when I get to see them back in the days >_< However, when I tried to watch them again in this day, I thought to myself "what a huge blocky robot. did I raelly watch this when I was a kid?" I'm looking at you flashman and maskman.

          • Also Zero, VR troopers was actually taken from the Space Sheriff series Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider. Good stuff back in the days :D

          • Aoshi00

            @Zero_Destiny / Ashgail But how about Beetleborgs lol :)? The Jay Leno clown scares me.. What they did the to Sentai shows back in the 90’s, you can’t make that stuff up… I guess they were so bad they were good..…Hey I did watch them too, that’s all it was on TV.. I even watched RL Stine’s Goosebumps and that Aussie show Round the Twist too.. RL Stine was like a kid’s Stephen King or something :)..


          • J-pop in my Megaman X was never my cup of tea, that’s why liked X7, X8, and Command Mission ENG openings better. Only reason people diss those openings is because they’re replaced. :P

  • shion16

    Capcom Japan must think that eat food in a bun is a bad idea.

  • is capcom like high? i mean you’d figure the sales of the game would say its quite popular, not that i know all of the sales but even then the fanbase is like Godzilla sized

  • Maxwell3000

    WHHATT? I still have my copy of Legends 2 and even still pop it in the ps3. I mean aren’t the combined sales of all the Megaman games that made it to the U.S. pretty substantial?

  • Errm….A-april fools?…
    I mean, really?! C’mon, Mega Man is definitely popular! :)

    • Errm… no. It’s March 31 and we don’t do April Fool’s jokes.

      • In hindsight, it must’ve been possible that by the time this news feed got released in Japan’s local time, it must’d been April Fools’.

  • What the hell?

  • KyoyaHibari

    Wow, they cancelled Universe … Geezus, the reason Mega Man isn’t that popular now is because Capcom is barely releasing any Megaman games, aside from the kiddy Starforce series which is pretty much a rehash of the Battle Network series and also Megaman 9 & 10 which were 16 bit which made no sense to me considering 8 was like what, 64-bit? Capcom needs to stop living in the past, make a totally new and original Megaman game with some recreations of the classic characters like Bass & Zero, but don’t make them as childish, and maybe layoff the 8-boss selection screen, they should make it sortof open world exploration and you can recruit these characters during the story like Bass, Duo, Protoman, Zero, etc, make it appeal to a broader range of an audience, veterans and newcomers alike, sortof like how the X series was mature looking but maintained a suitable level of violence.

  • forte was my favorite character. next only by roll, servbots, and met.

  • also i love the megaman games. i want them all on my psp, and in the future, my 3ds and ngp!

    • Ok, i will have them on my office tomorrow morning, ill be waiting for you >8D

  • Megaman is as far as I know widely regarded as one of the classic gaming figures in North America. I think it’s kind of strange for Capcom to not be confident in one of their oldest franchises.

  • April 1st isn’t until tomorrow Capcom, dag nabbit!

  • They are saying that after all this time, i can’t help but “lol”, all i hope is that they dont cancel megaman legends 3….

  • I Thought Megaman was Really Popular in the US and Europe
    how can Capcom not think like that

  • fallen

    That is insane. When I listen to VGM or chiptunes at work, there are literally only three things anyone has EVER likened any of it to: Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man. That’s IT. What the HELL is their definition of a popular franchise!?!?

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • Kris

    Maybe not Star Force, but I’m pretty sure Mega Man is loved in the US.
    If they thought this though, I’m surprised we’re getting Western-developed versions of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry instead of Mega Man.

    As much as I may get hated on for this, I think a Western-developed game in the MMX universe could be kind of interesting.

    • This has to be sentiments from the handheld developers. I can’t think of any part of Mega Man but the handheld games which aren’t really popular here.

  • Christian Wright

    maybe its the way mega man has been delivered over here. mega man 9 and 10 were aimed toward old school players. that crowd is becoming few in number when you look at the younger generation thats mostly about fun. we could call games bad and give them low scores but they end up being “fun” for younger crowds. i just think capcom needs to take a different approach and do something innovative. i thought thats what mega man universe was going to be but now it’s no more.

    has anyone heard about or played mega man 8 bit deathmatch?

    • For me, as someone in his 30’s who loved the old school Megaman games, I was a bit disappointed with the decision to go with 8-bit graphics for Megaman 9, especially after Capcom had just shown off Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Bionic Commando Rearmed. I had been really hoping they would’ve gone with one of those two styles for the next Megaman game. It felt like such a step down from how much I loved the graphics in Megaman 8 for Saturn/PS1. Still, the game itself was fun, so I didn’t complain much.

      When they decided to stick with that graphic style for Megaman 10, though, it just felt like an odd design choice. Like they weren’t trying to move forward with the series anymore.

      I would love to see a fully HD Megaman game that plays like the old school games and actually looks like a fully HD Megaman game, but as I said in the other thread, part of me thinks it feels right for them to stop making new entries with Inafune gone. I may not have liked his decisions and opinions towards the end of his run at Capcom, but Megaman was still his baby and I’m a big believer in the rights of an artist towards their creation.

  • cmurph666


    Like what kind of alternate reality do Japanese Capcom Developers live in…?

  • If this is already out as an April Fools’ in 2011 in Japan, then they’re just sticking it to us, since they feel that we western fans have forsaken the Blue Bomber in favor of FPS. >.>

    On the other hand, if this is true, then they’re caving into western tastes like FPS.

    Regardless, I have this vibe they’re sticking it to us, since we whined hard about #BoF Dragon Quarter and we don’t support their new IPs.

  • rock1644

    This is one of the big problems I have with Japanese developers, they just don’t seem to have interest in their fans outside of their own country. It’s like they don’t exist to them at all.

  • Aoshi00

    Maybe don’t do Mega Man 11 in 8-bit and give us a X-9 (I don’t remember how X-8 ended..)? I mean going retro w/ 9 & 10 was fun and it surprised us all, but it’s also lazy if they keep doing that..

    My mind was blown when I first played X on SNES going from 8 bit to 16 bit, and then from X-3 to X-4 on the PSX, same for Megaman 8 & Castlevania SoTN… I think we need some next gen 2D sprites like Muramasa.. 2.5D remakes on the PSP like Maverick Hunter isn’t so great either looking back…

  • Yukito

    I am interested. I would just much rather have the SNES/MM8 art style over the 8-bit style. Do that, and I would buy them all.

  • Megaman and me have a strange relationship, I love the series but there are times when I’m in “Megaman Mode” and start replaying all those awesome classics but then the fever runs out and not even a new announcement can make it come back. Then after a year or so all of a sudden “Megaman Mode” again and I start playing Megaman games like crazy and playing the new games I missed. Sadly right now I’m in Megaman Mode: Off.

  • PersonaSpace

    I hope this isn’t just an excuse to avoid release Legends 3 here. Bad enough that we’re still waiting on confirmation for Miles Edgeworth 2 and Layton vs Wright.

    • If Legends 3 gets approved the next time the developers meet with board or whatever (group of) executive(s) that approve(s) games at the company, then it’s definitely going to get a U.S. release or else they risk a lawsuit from any of the Capcom-Unity members that participated in the Devroom. I know that may sound silly but it’s a real possibility.

  • Jirin

    Classic Megaman is very popular in the US, among people who like classic games. New Megaman, not so much.

    Video game companies don’t appreciate their niche audiences enough. Everyone only wants to please the middle.

  • You are lying, we love Megaman! You are tearing me apart Capcom!

    • We do not hate him, it’s not true! We do naaht!

  • godmars

    I would say someone needs to slap the stupid out of them, but the required physical damage would likely be lethal.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Megaman Legends is freaking amazing. The original and X series are amazing. Zero is freaking amazing. Even Battle Network is freaking amazing. We really do love Mega Man here, Capcom. I don’t know why you’d think otherwise.

  • mikanko

    This kinda goes back to the complaints Inafune had about his higher ups just not having a good grasp of the gaming market at all. I’m kinda worried for Capcom’s future in the next five to ten years. I’m glad they have Seth Killian, but MvC3’s netcode and online interface is trash, so it’s apparent he hasn’t been able to carry as much influence as he’d like.

  • SonicRulez

    That explains a LOT.

    -Battle Network 1 remake not coming to the US
    -Mega Man of any form being booted from MvC3
    -Starforce being canceled even after SF3 had good reviews and what not

    Capcom, we westerners like Mega Man. Now cut it out.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Oh, I get it, this is some sort of early April Fools’ post, isn’t it? Haha..ha…ha…..

    • No, I want to be crystal clear this is not an April Fool’s post. Misleading readers for a laugh is something we would never do.

      This discussion is from the same interview where we talked about Mega Man Legends 3.

  • Pichi

    I believe its a convenient April Fool’s thanks to that Mega Man Universe thing! I won’t believe!!

    • Just like I’m responding to everyone here, this is 100% not an April Fool’s post. We wouldn’t mislead readers to laugh at them, that’s just mean.

      • Pichi

        Thanks for clarity. Now I’m sadden. Thought Mega Man was popular or at least more than above average in their eyes.

  • Apache_Chief

    LUL WOT?

  • Come on… Just hurry up to release Megaman Legends 3 and i will do my part :)

  • When I think of Capcom, my first thought is the Mega Man franchise. Resident Evil comes to mind a few minutes later…

  • Thiefofhearts

    Somehow, I’m not surprised with this reveal since they have been just shoving nothing but “Super Manly Men” in almost all their AAA action games for the past few years. Many of us enjoy bright eyed arcade antics, no matter what PR thinks what the target demo likes.

  • WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!! every gamer from america who started in the 80´s -90´s love Megaman with their souls!! DAMN even if they release new megaman classic and X games (or even legends) they will be sale like hotcackes!!

  • And also if America and Europe wasnt fans enought the people will now better the name “Rockman” than Megaman, but still Megaman its universal right now BECAUSE OF US (occidental gamers)

  • Bakuryukun

    Japan can be really out of touch with the western videogame fan base sometimes.

    On another Magaman related note: I think it’s about time they made Megaman X9 and do it SNES style.

  • Yesterday I said Capcom didn’t know what to do even with Inafune’s presence, and this pretty much confirms it. Dude was smart to leave- I hate to see him leave Mega Man and all his other creations behind, but my sympathies lie squarely with anyone who does not wish to work for complete idiots.

  • So no Mega Man Legends 3 for you yanks then :P

  • I played megaman 1-6 , megaman X 1-4, magaman zero 1-4, rockman exe 1-2, megaman zx, megaman legend … and they still don’t believe

  • O_O My friend told me this yesterday and I had the EXACT SAME RESPONSE..


    It also makes me wonder on how they see their franchises. (looks at the reboot of Devil may Cry) …..

    I rest my case. “-__-

  • No no no, CapCom, don’t do this to us…

  • ipatz

    I don’t believe Seth on this. Marketing team can easily see through how popular franchise is through the sale.

  • kupomogli

    Of course Mega Man isn’t popular when you release Mega Man Battle Network garbage over and over again. Other than the Mega Man ZX series, and remakes of Mega Man and Mega Man X, there really hasn’t been any good Mega Man games released excluding DLC in quite awhile.

    I haven’t bought Mega Man 9 and 10 because I’m not going to purchase DLC. You want to sell me on them, Capcom, then release them on UMD or DS card.

    • Zeik56

      The Battle Network games were actually very good games, once you got past the kiddy exterior. And they actually sold way better than any of the core titles released in quite a long time.

      The more recent Star Force games haven’t done as well though, in either quality or sales.

  • I basically got interested on computer science because of mega man 2 and Mega Man X. I wanted to be the guy making those games. When mega man 9 came out I bought it first day. I love some mega man, and I don’t know why they would think that, but from where I’m standing, Mega Man is popular.

  • I think they JUST don’t want to do it…

  • psychicevetsu

    Frikkin’ seriously?! If they knew how much someone like me spends on manga releases, complete collection books, original game cartridges, and import figures, they’d keep funding the games for years to come. If the sales figures on the games themselves are bad it’s because they’re not releasing enough for me to buy. As of right now I have nearly every one they’ve come out with. Just this week I finally broke down and bought a PSP because the temptation of Megaman Powered Up and Maverick Hunter X on sale was too great. I had sworn I would never need a PSP for anything, and don’t plan on getting any games but the Megaman ones. And if that’s not enough, they should see the books I have preordered on Amazon. That’s the kind of fan I am. Think about that, Capcom.

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