Red Entertainment, Makers Of Sakura Wars And Agarest, Acquired By UltiZen Games

By Spencer . April 1, 2011 . 1:16am


Gungrave, Far East of Eden, Bonk, Fossil Fighters, Sakura Wars, and most recently Record of Agarest War are all series developed by Red Entertainment. While many of those intellectual properties remain with publishers, the talent is now part of UltiZen Games. The Shanghai based company acquired Red Entertainment.


Similar to Tose, UltiZen Games handles outsourced video game development, but are moving into creating their own games. Crazy Mouse for Xbox Live Arcade was one of those projects.


Red Entertainment will co-develop online games for PCs and smartphone games with UltiZen plus create new intellectual properties. Five titles with UltiZen and Red Entertainment are planned for development this year.


A tip of the hat and bonk on the head to Chris at Cosmos Gaming for sending the tip! Thanks!

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  • Ooh boy, if UltiZen gets big enough, then it’s gonna be a matter of time before we see it buy RED Entertainment-developed games.

  • How long until the next new sakura wars i wonder o-o (not mmo or whatnot)

    • godmars

      Unless its PSP(2) or 3DS, likely never.

    • noxian

      who knows, a lot of those titles are a bit fuzzy.

      actually to correct Siliconera, RED still owns most if not all of their IPs, and that includes Sakura Taisen.
      but when Red went independent in 2005-2006, Sega made sure they had a contract in place to still get to publish Sakura Taisen games.
      i would imagine that relationship remains, except now with UltiZen.

      the reality is i don’t believe Sega is even involved with the newest browser addition to the series, and has shown little interest in taking part in it anymore.
      so Red might be able to do whatever they want at this point.

      but considering that UltiZen’s business appears to be browser games and cheap MMO development, i wouldn’t be surprised if any further development stays in that realm.

      • Darn, i hope they get back to Sakura Taisen games =/, it would be pretty sad if they just stop now

  • AHHHH gungrave I remember playing that game in my ps2 its so awesome although it was wayyyyy too short….

    • z_merquise

      Now that you mentioned Gungrave, I really do wish that they made a new game for that. With the same over-the-top gunfights, more Yasuhiro Nightow’s crazy and bad-ass characters and weapons but with better gameplay.

      Platinum Games’ Vanquish really show that Japanese game developers can also create awesome 3rd person shooters so I hope Red Entertainment would bring the Gungrave series back.

      • Reitsumi

        If they bring the Gungrave series back that would be great

    • PrinceHeir

      the anime was awesome :D

      • z_merquise

        Actually, it’s the anime that got me into Gungrave and Nightow’s manga Trigun. Mostly, anime adaption of a video game were bad to mediocre but not the Gungrave anime. Though it may lack the crazy and over-the-top action, design and settings of the video game version but the anime got strong characterization and a very tragic story. Really recommend the anime!

  • thebanditking

    I am not overly familiar with all of their titles but Sakura Wars has always been good so I am looking forward to what they do next.

  • A Japanese developer gets consumed by a Chinese company, eh? The first of many, perhaps?

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    April Fools? …Please? D:

    • noxian

      unlikely, the Chinese developer actually announced it 2 days ago (adjust for your time zone).

  • Oh,so I will miss Red-chan……….. *crying*

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