Espgaluda II: Black Label Goes Budget This Month, Did We Mention It’s Region Free?

By Spencer . April 5, 2011 . 1:31am

esppcThree Xbox 360 games will join Japan’s Platinum Collection this month. These titles, much like the Platinum Hits line in North America, are re-released with a grey stripe and a wallet friendly price.


Lost Planet 2 kicks the Platinum Collection party off when it lands stores for the second time on April 14 for 2,990 yen ($35). Nier: Gestalt swears it will be ready a week later on April 21 for 3,990 yen ($47). Finally, Espgaluda II: Black Label flies into retail on April 28.


We confirmed with Cave the Platinum Collection version will be region free too. So, if you missed the manic shooter last year you can grab Espgaluda II for 2,940 yen ($35) at the end of this month. That’s the price Play-Asia set for the Xbox 360 version too.

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  • mikanko

    If anyone even remotely considers themselves a vert shooter fan, they should seriously consider purchasing this game if they own an Xbox 360. My personal favorite game in the genre, and now for under forty bucks.

    • neo_firenze

      Agreed. No excuse for passing on this at the new lower price region-free release. Fantastic game – even if you DON’T consider yourself a vert shooter fan, if you consider yourself a fan of gaming it’s worth a try to see what it’s all about. This game might convert you to a fan.

  • Arcm

    Woot preordering with Mushihimesama right now!!!

  • What are the packaging differences with Platinum Collection games like on the inside? Like is the disc art uglier? Can that sticker-like thing on the front cover be removed, or is it part of the actual boxart?

    • mikanko

      It’s part of the actual boxart, and it does say platinum collection on the title of the disc, but the art itself on the disc is still rather nice. otherwise I don’t think there’s really any difference. Platinum collection games also come in grey colored boxes which I actually prefer over the usual neon green that Xbox games come in. I do certainly appreciate that the image isn’t as badly cropped as they were before.

      I’m basing this on the mushihime sama platinum release.

      • Ah alright, thank you very much. I suppose when I do get a 360 I can live with that sticker image bein’ on the boxart.

        • You could also print out a replacement sleeve if you have a nice printer, or some sort of store that’ll do it for you.

          I did it for my Mushihimesama Futari platinum copy, though I’m having a hard time finding an Espgaluda II picture.

          • Code

            I wanted to do this with my copy of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, but I couldn’t obtain a high resolution image for a replacement omo;

          • Yeah, that’s not a bad idea! What sort of paper would I want to use if I wanted it to look like the original sleeve?

          • I’m not sure what it’s called. I work part-time at a printing company that occasionally does CD covers/inserts, so that’s where I got the paper I used.

            It’s very thin and the texture is sort of like non-glossy photo paper. I can check out what it’s called next time I go in.

          • I’d really appreciate if you would. Also, where do you typically go to find printable boxart? Thanks in advance!

  • I asked Cave about this ages ago, but they didn’t reply to me. :/

  • This game is a GEM

  • Code

    Hooray~! Good news for all, rar, I’m still working up moneys to flesh out my 360 shmup collection. I was thinking of possibly picking up this and Mushihimesama, next, so convenient price drop is convenient.

  • Agh. Now I’m tempted to get a 360 for this, Mushihimesama, cave dual pack thing, deathsmiles, and Lost odyssey…

    • Don’t forget Strania. Best console ever for shooter fans

    • SolidusSnake

      Yeah, you should definitely get one. I’d recommend avoiding the Slims, though. They seem to have reliability issues. If you can get the model right before the Slim – the one with the Jasper chip – then you’re set.

      • Well, the only option I got is a slim though :/

        Guess I’ll just buy the games and get a 360 during a big sale or something.

        • mikanko

          I recently had to repurchase an xbox 360 and basically just went on ebay and messaged people asking if their console’s ampere rating on the back was 12.1 or 14.2 or whatever the other option is… The ones with the Jasper chipset that don’t red ring are 12.1. Was able to pick one up for just over 100 bucks after shipping.

  • Esp2 for…35 USD?! That’s even cheaper than most domestic disc games! Granted, I already have an original-print copy, but I got that for $85. DDDD:

  • Very cool, I didn’t get MushiFutari until it went Platinum. Here’s hoping MMP & Pink Sweets eventually goes Platinum as well.

    • No chance, the game charted in the 30’s, bombed epic hard

    • Doubtful. I bought it full price though seeing it’s 2 for 1 it’s basically Platinum Priced already.

  • Guest

    I wish GALGUN was region free

    • You hate the Xbox 360… why would it matter?

      • Guest

        I hate MICROSOFT and their business practices. I OWN a 360. So no I don’t hate it. And I certainly don’t hate any developers. I just LIKE the fact that PS3 & PSP are REGION FREE.

  • fallen

    So, I’m buying this regardless, but for anticipation purposes, I have a question for people who have played this game:

    I understand Black Label’s OST features arranged music by Ryu Umemoto. The Xbox 360 release also includes the arcade version, however. Does this original arcade version maintain its original OST by Manabu Namiki and Mistuhiro Kaneda? I love all these composers, but Namiki is my personal favorite shmup composer.

    • Yes, the arcade/360 mode has the original music.

      • fallen

        Thank you! Super hype mode activated!!!

  • I could complain about paying $80 this summer, but it was worth it! Anyone who loves shooters should pick this up. With all of the mode variants its like getting five different games in one. Plus it is very pretty!

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