Missions In Armored Core V Can Take Up To An Hour

By Spencer . April 6, 2011 . 11:16am

Prepare yourself for a long battle before you start Armored Core V. This week’s issue of Famitsu notes story missions can take between 20 minutes to an hour to complete. In the middle of missions, players can capture Garage Points where you can reload and repair your mech. All missions in Armored Core V can be played online with cooperative play.


As mentioned earlier, Armored Core V has players fight over territory. While everyone is on a team, you can switch temporarily sides as a mercenary. If your team needs extra firepower mercenaries can be hired for a price. A screen that shows a player’s user ID, rank, and mech type (sniper, defensive, etc.) lets teams pick a mech to fill a void in their forces.


For players who want a quick mecha fix, From Software created order missions with simple tasks to complete. Armored Core V has over seventy of these to play


From Software plan to release Armored Core V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year in Japan. Namco Bandai will release the title overseas early next year.

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  • Ass long mech battles!! Sound great if I may say so, for me the least~ And as long as you can repair your mech, it shouldn’t be really frustrating.

    • I know man! If Spencer didn’t make that one comment about repairs, I would be pissed having to last an hour and wasting ammo on a single mission! :(

      I hope repairs don’t take away your rank either.

      • Exactly! That’s the point which made the whole idea a lot more tolerable for me too and I too hope that it won’t affect the ranking.

  • Well now I am hooked. I usually do try to play games on an hour basis after research hours, so it is a fitting length of time. With missions able to be played online and offline I think I want to day 1 this. It would be my first armored core entry. Excite.

  • godmars

    Given the multiplayer aspect you’d expect this, but if they’re talking singleplayer, hope there’s a save feature.

  • I think the last armored core that I played was on the ps1…

  • Thats good to know. I can’t wait to single handedly beat missions with only a light mech with 3000 AP only armed with a blade and pistol :P

  • Guest

    I still have to finish Another Century’s Episode R for PS3…

    • PrinceHeir

      damn why do you have that game? :P

      it sucks only Armored core is being localize here. there are soo many mecha games from japan like super robot wars, virtual on etc.

      if konami released Zone of the Enders 3. i expect the popularity of mecha to skyrocket through the roof. maybe we could see more mecha games from japan :P

      • 5parrowhawk

        I finished ACE:R with a couple of different characters. It was pretty bad with only a couple of bright spots (being *moderately* interesting boss fights). Sadly the franchise has been going downhill in the last couple of installments.

        • PrinceHeir

          ehh will try it still :D

          it looks awesome, though i wish more mecha games come to the west. i need that Macross Frontier game. even if it’s only a trial game

          • True enough the Trial game looks super sweet, would love to get my hands on one as well~ :D
            And ACE:R while not really good compared to 3, is still a nice game if you know what you get for the price you pay, especially playing as the FMP! units is nice. :D

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah Full Metal Panic FTW :D

            i also want Xenosaga and Zone of the Enders :P

  • Is Hidetaka Miyazaki working on this? If so, in what capacity? I am otherwise not interested since being disappointed by the PS2 launch title.

  • Draparde

    I loved For answer, and this one’s looking good too. long mecha battles are fun.

    • neocatzon

      on the bad side, failing in these missions kills the enthusiasm

      • Draparde

        omg, your right, i hope you can fail certain objectives that wont cause you to have to start completly over.

  • Sounding more and more like Chromehounds everytime I read something on it. I can’t friggen wait for AC5.

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