Oh, Maybe Namco Bandai Will Localize Tales Of Innocence

By Spencer . April 7, 2011 . 2:32pm


Namco Bandai passed on publishing Tales of Innocence for the Nintendo DS years ago, but there is a glimmer of hope for an official localization.


A few days ago, Namco Bandai filed a trademark for Tales of Innocence. Odd considering they already own a Tales of Innocence trademark from 2007. Even if Namco Bandai was being overprotective, two trademarks for the same title and application is a bit overkill.


Namco Bandai is in the process of reviving the Tales series in North America with Tales of Graces F. Perhaps, they’ll throw fans another bone with an English version of Tales of Innocence. Since the DS market is slowing down, a 3DS version is a possibility. Given how common Tales ports are it’s not too hard to imagine either.

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  • MrRobbyM

    How about Tales of Hearts instead of the bad one?

    • malek86

      This is the bad one? I thought that was Tempest.

      • MrRobbyM

        Tbh, they’re both kind of meh from what I’ve seen. Hearts on the other hand is the best out of the three DS games.

        • malek86

          I have trouble believing that Innocence could be on the same (abysmal) level of Tempest. Believe me, I’ve played and beaten the latter.

          • kupomogli

            You and everyone who have beaten Tempest have my respect. You have much more dedication than I do. One of the only Japanese RPGs I’ve imported and was the quickest one sold.

            I don’t import RPGs in a language I can’t understand, but it was cheap so I was like. Hey. Why not try it out. I see now why it was so cheap. The battle system was absolute garbage. I maybe played about two hours of it before I couldn’t stand playing it anymore. If it was English I may have been able to put more time into it because I’d have understood the storyline, but going off the battle system alone it was just too much.

            This is the main reason why I stick to Gundam games. The storyline usually doesn’t drag on and when a Gundam game does have storyline, it’s usually in the heat of battle. Plus I’m a Gundam fan so the series I’ve watched I know all of the storyline so I can pick up what’s happening.

          • malek86

            Yeah, tell me about it. I only kept playing because I knew it was going to be over soon. If it were a 40-hours epic, it would have flied on the shelf after 30 minutes.

            But hey, could have been worse. Could have been .hack//Link. Tempest was merely a bad game, but I was actually disgusted at that one.

            … this reminds me. I got Sigma Harmonics when it was cheap on P-A. Never played it though. I should at least try someday. Maybe it will be even worse than those two.

        • Exkaiser

          Tempest isn’t kind of meh. It’s atrocious. Worse than Symphonia, because at least that has an alright battle system to back it up.

          Innocence is okay. Pretty average for the series, all things considered.

    • Innocence was good, as malek said, the “bad” one was tempest

      • Ladius

        Innocence is a gem compared to Tempest, but it’s a flawed game nonetheless : Unlike Hearts, Innocence is an outsourced mothership, and it shows (badly paced plot, horrible Alfa System dungeon design, horribly designed boss fights that require tons of grinding, short length etc), even if the game has endearing characters and a good battle system.

        • Really? The plot was praised, you make it sound worst than it critically is…

          “Reviewers praised it for its fast, action paced battle system claiming that it was refreshing compared to recent turn based JRPG’s like Dragon Quest. The storytelling received positive reviews for the way it unfolded and its surprising plot points. One critics stated, “for a DS game, it is one of the best of its kind in the genre.” Likewise, Tales of Innocence received a warm welcome of it being a new addition to the Tales series by both fans and critics.”

          • Ladius

            I can speak for myself and for my friends who played it. The setting is really promising (even if it isn’t well developed) and the characters are really endearing (again, I don’t think the game manages to do them justice in the long run), but the plot’s pacing is quite rushed in the second half and many interesting themes are left unexplored, even if it isn’t a bad story per se.

            Dungeon design, however, is simply horrible: almost all of the game’s dungeons are confusing labyrinths with enemy infinitely spawning some 2 centimeters from you, making avoiding them somewhat impossible since the pathways are always very tight. Since Innocence is a dungeon-heavy game, it’s very difficult to avoid noticing those flaws. Because of this Guild missions are really boring too, Alfa System really showed its colors here :

            Battle system is Tales 3d goodness with some minor additions, but unfortunately in the second half of the game there are some absurd boss battles that manage to last far too long (one is almost a 30 minutes affair…) because of their oversized HP bar. Moreover, being constantly haunted by monsters makes the battles almost frustrating after a bit.

            At the end of the day I’m still glad to have played it and I think it’s far better than Tempest, but since I expected a good Tales game I was still disappointed. I will avoid hyping outsourced Tales games in the future.

          • Tropxe

            I completely agree with this. Tales games often have moments of shaky pacing, where it seems like the writer is stalling for time – almost like the characters are actors who’ve forgotten their lines and are just improvising. These moments tend to happen towards the end of the game, though. In Innocence it happens from the start and keeps on happening to the point that there’s no momentum or sense of urgency to anything.

  • ragnarok989

    Yes, bring over the one that people already beat in English through a full fan translation instead of Tales of Hearts which doesn’t (and is way better IMO)…very Namco like….

    • kupomogli

      Yes. Bring over the game that people who don’t like emulation and prefer to own copies of the games that they enjoy.

      Just because you’ve played it through emulation doesn’t mean everyone else prefers to.

      • But i can still imagine a nice amount of sales lost because of that, not that i agree with the way Raganok commented

        • ragnarok989

          Yes I could’ve phrased it better, but I was basically trying to say it’s clear that the patch will cause losses in sales which is clearly what they wanted.

          And kupomogli that’s not the point. Like I said above, it’ll cause a loss in sales which will give Namco the impression that DS Tales games aren’t worth bringing over…btw I didn’t play it through emulation, I played my imported Japanese copy.

          • Pretentious much?

          • I do not understand how that is pretentious at all? It’s common sense to surmise that a game that has been fan translated will have a hit in sales over a game that is still Japanese only. OMG he plays ROMs, he’s evil. There’s plenty of people out there that actually buy Japanese copies of games. Heck, I have bought Japanese games so I wouldn’t feel guilty about playing a ROM.

            That being said, I’ll buy the official ToI if it comes here. I can just see ToH selling better in this niche market.

          • Tropxe

            It’s pretty pretentious to use words without knowing what they mean – like you just did.

          • SeventhEvening

            It shouldn’t cause a drop in sales. Mostly because Tales fans seem to be the most vocal group about their distaste for Namco and their localization. Any article about any subject that is Namco related results in at least two dozen postings featuring people complaining that “tales of X” isn’t being released in English. Tales fans need to either:

            A) Suck it up and buy innocence. If Namco sees enough sales, maybe they’ll translate Hearts.

            B) Shut up. If you’re not willing to vote with your wallet when it counts, then you can’t criticize Namco for making a sound business decision.

            I don’t mean to single you out or anything, this is just what I’ve observed from Tales fans. No matter what Namco Bandai does, they’re always considered the enemy. Tales fans seem like they’re never happy about anything.

          • It feels and sounds like a painful choice to me. It’s a shame too, considering the whole JRPG backlash back then, Namco Bandai could and should had marketed Tales as an alternative to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts; instead, it spend what should’ve been Tales marketing money, just to get North American gaming rights for Dragonball. >_>

            Now, I’m getting the vibe that Innocence will be DS version of Phantasia GBA, marketing-wise; Heaven forbid that from happening.

          • malek86

            “No matter what Namco Bandai does, they’re always considered the enemy.”

            Well, in the fans’ defense, admittedly Namco has been doing a lot of bad choices. They don’t localize a whole lot of games, then they localize the worst ones (Phantasia GBA and maybe Innocence?)…

            But I too was taken back by all the complaining for Graces F. I can understand why Wii owners would be disappointed, but this is still the best thing Namco has done in a while.

          • Exkaiser

            @malek86: You can’t blame Namco for Phantasia GBA. Nintendo was the one who pushed for that to be localized.

            Innocence is far from the “worst” in any respect anyways.

      • Tropxe

        How about this: you could import the Japanese game, rip the ROM yourself and then play it on a flashcard which you can buy for about £12. You’ve supported the game and got to play it in English.

        Fan translations are done out of pure love of the game and by people who spent enormous amounts of time to make it so other people that also like the game can understand what’s going on – all for no profit at all. On the other hand, it’s the publisher that treats it as a mere commodity and doesn’t care if they’re letting down shitloads of fans.

        Now they’re really showing how clueless they are by ignoring all the other Tales games with no translation while working on localising one that’s already been translated. A great example of a load of men in suits sitting in a barren room somewhere in Japan and slowly reading through spreadsheets and pie charts rather than actually asking the fans what they want.

        • “making an exaggerated outward show; ostentatious. ”

          Yep. Looks like I misused it. Myyyyyyyyyy baaaaaaaaaad.

    • Ladius

      You’re absolutely right, moreover the fantranslation damaged the game not only because it provided a way to play ToI in English (localization was great, by the way), but because it showed that the hyped Innocence sadly was not the great Tales handheld entry many of us waited to play :

    • Caligula

      How dare Namco localize anything!

      Who cares if it’s been fan-translated? It’s still better than nothing.

      • Ladius

        Of course every translation is welcome and no one is entitled to anything, but still the fact that a fantranslation has been out for almost ten months could damage Innocence’s sales and reputation (because the game managed to disappoint many of those who hyped it, sadly), and I think it’s normal for a fan to worry about it.

        Personally I will still double-dip if the game is ever released in the USA, even if only to support the series.

  • As nice as that may be, I couldn’t care less for Innocence…now Hearts, yeah that is the one I wish for localisation~ :P

    • Namco says: “NO, 3D ONLY”

  • IceRomancer

    Don’t particularly care for innocence but I will buy it to show support for tales in north America!:)

  • I’d rather Xillia… y’know “look to the future” and all. But hey, why stop a good thing?

    • Wait till Xillia is released, THEN we can beg Namco.


  • Well, i might buy it to help the tales of games, but that game already has a fan translation released a while ago… ._. so i hope they dont choose that one, i would go for tales of hearts if i were them

    • Ladius

      Yeah, I will double-dip Innocence if it’s released in the USA just to show my support, but Hearts would a better effort if they are trying to localize a DS Tales. Of course they could have licensed throughhim’s fantranslation, unlikely as it is.

      • Yeah, i still can’t see that kind of thing happen

  • Yes please, more tales is always good! Day 1!

  • shion16

    well……… i was thinking to buy a DS to play okamiden, i could buy this one too =P

  • Pichi

    I’ll bite. Love the character designs and was hoping it will come. Hope Hearts does too. But, its Namco…

  • LynxAmali

    Much rather have you know, another decent series, other than Tales…like y’know…Dot Hack Link…

    If they really want to troll me and get me to become a NB fan again…..
    Super Robot Wars Masoukishin: Lord of Elementals and Endless Frontier EXCEED..
    Please…NB Games…;)

    • Would be damn great, and will not happen at all…there aren’t enough SRW fangirls in the west screaming to NB for localisation(Well they do to Atlus, but that was kinda contraproductive..the sales of EF don’t help either..) as there are for Tales fangirls~ :/

    • malek86

      I’m gonna go on a limb and put Hack Link on the same level as Tempest. Yeah. I think they could definitely give us something better.

  • vadde939

    As much as I’d love to see an official localization of Innocence (fan translations aren’t my thing) financially it would be very, very bad for Namco. The ideal time to localize this would have been two years ago, the DS market has been a mess for a while now and now that the 3DS is out its only going to die faster. If this ends up being a port/remake for the 3DS it would be better but that doesn’t seem very likely to me.

    • Ladius

      Radiant Historia is selling very well, 999 has surprised its own publisher, DQ6 sold at least better than DQ4-5… I don’t think a quality Ds game is destined to fail, not when quality PSP games like Trails in the Sky can still be released in the west even when that platform is the last contender in the USA console war.

      • Pichi

        I wish Atlus would give some of their other third party games a chance after hearing DS games that still sell. Still believe Luminous Arc 3 and Endless Frontier 2 might have done okay.

      • Joanna

        Thank you!
        I don’t deny that 2009-2010 were hard years for the DS but the oversaturation has ended and sales are picking up. There is still a bit of leeway to profit from DS games.

  • androvsky

    Nah, can’t be for the 3DS. Can’t have more than one Tales game per platform this generation in the west… unless they’re going to skip Abyss.

    Keep splitting up that fanbase, Namco. :p

  • Guest

    I was really excited for the fan translation to be released and boy was I disappointed. The game was horrible. I’d take Tempest over this but Hearts would be even better.

    • Exkaiser


      Really now.

      • Guest

        Yup. I’d rather take a game I never played over a horrible one. People say DotNW sucks but I love it.

        • Exkaiser

          Your choices in this case would be Innocence, which you consider “horrible,” and Tempest, which is an absolutely dreadful game, even by the franchise’s lenient standards.

          But, hey, you liked DotNW. Maybe you’d be the only person to like Tempest.

          • Guest


  • Tom_Phoenix

    Considering that, as others have mentioned, Tales of Innocence has already been translated by fans(and, from what I have seen, it is a very high quality translation), Namco is better off choosing another title to localise.

    Its not like the Tales series is exactly lacking in games that could use a translation.

    • Unless Nintendo is throwing in money to keep some DS titles coming this and next year. Then it cant be a lost endeavour and I do not think that many people even know of its existence or participating in the attaining of a fan translation, I for one never even knew this game existed.

    • @NamcoBandai can go out of its way to make amends with its fans, by buying the fan translation. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

  • Draparde

    awesome. if they do i’ll so get it! and if its for the 3DS it will be the 2nd time i get a system for a tales of game.

  • I’ll buy 50 copies of this game to support the Tales series in the west. Heck, maybe we’ll even get it in Europe!

    (Who am I kidding, Namco Bandai only publishes Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece games in Europe anyway lol)

    • AdamBoy64

      Hehe.. Yes. As terrible as it sounds, I gave up on supporting Tales in Europe/PAL, and added my efforts to help US/NTSC sales.

  • Zefux

    Do Tales of Destiny 2 please, Namco Bandai ;_;.

    • puchinri

      Aww, I wish we could get ToD2 and a properly named Eternia. (ToD Director’s Cut would be awesome too… And the other ports…)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well I heard about the ROM but never played it. I’m not really big on emulation and piracy especially on alive systems that’s just a big No-No. So I would be happy if they release it since the more games the merrier. I just hope that if it’s released all the whiners out there will buy it so it doesn’t hurt our chances for more games in the future.

    Really as long as the game is good I don’t see why not play it. Anyways Between no game and getting a good game I’ll pick the good game. So I don’t care if Hearts is better. Because getting Innocence is even better than getting nothing. And if it’s an enhanced port for the 3DS that’ll make the wait even better. ^_^

    • kylehyde

      Amen for that.

    • Ladius

      I hope you aren’t accusing every fantranslation user of piracy, since that would be completely wrong.

      There are people who pirate English releases and there are those dedicated enough to import a Japanese game even before the fantranslation is out simply because they want to support the developer.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Kudos to them. I’m not accusing anyone of anything but a lot of people out there are nothing more than leechers (so maybe I am accusing lol) But as I see it I don’t want much to do with fanlations in videogames anymore. That’s my personal choice and I don’t mean to impose that choice on others. They are free to make their own decisions. Besides I have been guilty of it in the past just like anyone else so I can’t really do too much accusing anyways.

        • Ladius

          You know, fantranslations can actually help the market to evolve by showing publishers that there’s a fanbase interested in their titles.

          The visual novel western scene has practically been resurrected by fantranslations (many ft teams are actually working with MangaGamer and Jast USA), two Ys games localized by XSeed used Jeff Nussbaum’s fantranslation (they recruited him as one of Trails in the Sky’s fantranslators, too) and even this Tales revival could have something to do (among many other causes, of course) with the slew of fantranslation projects involving almost all recent mothership titles that showed Namco the fanbase’s commitment to have those games in English.

          Of course every fan knows that playing a game using a fantranslation doesn’t entitle anyone to pirate it, and that you should actually import the games you play just to give the developers their due.

          Another thing: fantranslators aren’t there to replace official localizations, and throughhim’s last blog entry on Absolute Zero is a great example of this respectful attitude.

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Look you don’t need to defend them to me I don’t care. They are not my thing and that’s all I’m saying. That’s good. I’m glad the fans out their take responsibility and try to help the industry and make it so their translations don’t ruin the official one. So please don’t worry about it. :) No need to justify them to me. They are just not for me anymore and that’s that. If you like them and try to help out as best you can then who am I to say anything. ^_^ No need to worry my friend. It’s all cool.

          • Ladius

            No problem, I wasn’t trying to convince you to be a fantranslation supporter, I simply wanted to point out some context where fantranslations can actually help creating a market for a series or a genre :P

            Of course you’re free to do what you want, that was never the issue.

          • The fact that you said it was a “big no-no” kinda makes you sound anti-fantranslation (which is different than piracy… ) and Ladius was explaing to you why it’s helpful. You seem rather defensive. “They are just not for me anymore and that’s that” hehe. I chuckled, sounds like an ex drug-addict or something.

          • SeventhEvening

            This is very true. I’m a big fan of fantranslation and translation patches….to an extent. If the fan translator is respectful, then it is the greatest. Back in the day no one would have been able to play Tales of Phantasia in English without fan translation. And when Phantasia finally got a release, Dejap offered Namco the translation so they could use it in an official release, and when Namco opted for their own translation, DeJap respected that.

            However, about several months ago (maybe even a year) there was the whole scandal where some visual novel developers announced that they did not want any fan translations made of their works, and the groups translating those did not respect those wishes. In fact, they bashed those companies in forums and continued the projects and they acted like they were entitled to translating and that the companies were completely in the wrong.

            I wish all the fan translators were more like the former rather than the latter. Most of the viciousness and lack of respect I’ve seen has come from Visual Novel fan translators, or from fans themselves.

          • Exkaiser

            Which VN company was that?

          • SeventhEvening

            It was Minori, CUFFS, and Gungnir. Allegedly, there were more companies, but those are the ones I know of. This went on at the TLwiki. TLwiki respected the claims at first, but then they stopped respecting them and went far enough to ban Japanese IPs from their site. I don’t know what TLwiki’s status is anymore.

  • kroufonz

    bring it on!

  • Now maybe they’ll localize One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP…probably not though.

  • kroufonz

    this game already have some fans translation right???

    if tales of innocence finally released in US, maybe if Tales of Vesperia PS3 fans translation complete namco will also released tales of vesperia PS3 in the us :p

    • I posted this theory the other day. Worked for Phantasia, Graces, [maybe] Innocence, so let’s get on Vesperia and Xillia when its out!

  • neo_firenze

    In general, US trademarks have to be renewed after five years. There are also various renewal requirements for “intent to use” marks. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was just a renewal or a replacement filing to keep their options open, and I wouldn’t read TOO much into it. Still, it’s at least a glimmer of hope that there’s a possibility.

    • True, but this wasn’t a renewal, it was filed as a new trademark.

      • neo_firenze

        One possible explanation:

        They may have actually lost the initial mark – I imagine that was an intent to use mark, which they can’t just sit on. They actually have to use it in commerce or else they lose it. If the original filed mark was lost, that would explain a brand new filing now if Namco Bandai is reevaluating possible releases.

  • Darkrise

    There was also a mention of ANOTHER puzzle a last week that lasted for a few days until a T logo of Vesperia was shown. =/ Namco really likes to tease don’t they, but that makes it all the worthwhile. Now if we can just get a clear announcement soon for a 2011 release…

    • Wiccan1109

      Was it april 1st? Actually i was expecting to come on that morning and find theyd announced Vesperia PS3, only to anticipate April 2nd resulting in a message mysteriously emailed to all our desk tops saying ‘FAKE. HAHAHAHA SUX 2 B U WESTERNAAAAAHS! Much love, Namco Bandai xxx’

  • puchinri

    It would be nice, along with some of the other titles. Honestly, I don’t care if Namco Bandai doesn’t localize it, but if they at least let *someone* localize it, I’m happy (someone like say, XSEED~?).

  • Masengan

    I’ll buy anything from the Tales of series even if it sucks.

  • JustaGenericUser

    You shouldn’t say things to get peoples hopes up. For all we know the possible 3DS version is Japan only.

  • C’mon, @NamcoBandai, just bring this game over, since we need more Tales and less DBZ.

  • A post like this just when I’ve beaten the import copy of Innocence =/ I was at a anime convention in DC in Feb and there was a store full of imported games, so I happened to see Innocence and got it. I got through with the help of dialog translation I found online. I know about the English patch, but I’m confused on how patches work so…. ~_~

    I’m not getting my hopes up, I mean does it make sense to localize a game that 4 years old in Japan?

  • To be completely honest, Tales of Innocence has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I would buy it only if my purchase would help bring over Hearts.

    The pros? Ange (One of the only good characters in the game), graphics, and the battle system (is good for a handheld title). The bad? Generic plot, generic cast, generic protagonist, crazy difficulty spike, and extremely short. The game has one of the worst boss battles I have ever encountered in any video game. I was using the second best equipment for my entire party. (Because to get the best, you need to grind for 324092384092384 hours) I faced multiple bosses in the same dungeon and beat them without a problem. The moment I got to this boss, I died instantly. I tried every arte, every skill, and everything I humanly can to kill the thing. I just couldn’t. I grinded for around 9 hours to gain like 15 levels. Even then, I still can’t beat it.

  • AdrianHeng

    It’s pretty obvious that Namco staked out Tales of Graces because it had a translation project going on, and they knew people were interested in the game. That in itself makes perfect sense.

    But for Tales of Innocence, the translation project was already completed and released ages ago. Any Tales fans they were hoping to nab have since already completed this game. And no, not all of us are dirty pirates – some of us actually bother to rip the ROM from the original game (which we have to import) and apply the patch before shoving it back into an R4 cart, thanks very much.

  • AdrianHeng

    [double posted, my bad]

  • epy

    Can’t say it would be a smart move. Hearts would be a much better choice like everyone else mentioned. Maybe its more of that 3D>2D in America showing its ugly head.

  • A full fan translation of one that people already beat in English would be better. Well, all games are cool because the visitors to my website keep downloading the free games. Everyday many games are downloaded for free.

  • We need HEARTS! Is way better, Innocence is not bad but… wel I already beat it! both Japanese and English. ;_; I liked Hearts a lot more, and woud sell way better than ToI. Gosh! Namco loves to troll. ¬¬

  • No offense to namco..
    They took their sweet time with ToI, so in the end I just imported it to feel less lame and played the fan-translated version..
    I’d without a doubt buy the english version of ToI, but surely not @retail price, I’d buy it when it price drops :)
    That being said, if it was really for the fans, as they “always imply” in their long-winded announcements of announcement….. Heck either they fast-forward their localization to say 1 year after the release of the original in japan, OR in this case they could just prioritize tales of heart….

  • Of all the Tales games. A sub par DS game that already has a fan translation? Give me Hearts.

    Also, could this be for the 3DS?

  • Tropxe

    It seems kind of bizarre that, considering how insecure and fickle they are with releasing Tales games in the West, they’re bringing out one that is regarded as pretty mediocre in the series, on a console that already has a ton of JRPGs and that also typically has lower game sales than home consoles AND that has already been translated and experienced by a good deal of the sorts of people who they’re depending on to buy it.

    Graces was implied to be coming out in Europe on the Wii, but that seems to have gone away. Now there’s a teaser kind of announcement that the PS3 version is coming out in America. How do they go along that logical process? Initially they ignore NA and decide to release the Wii version in Europe only. Then the PS3 version comes out in Japan and they decide to localise that one instead – fair enough. But they then decide to ignore Europe and release it only in NA, who they were ignoring with the Wii version – despite half of all Wiis in the world being in the US. They REALLY need to put some more thought into it.

    • amagidyne

      Counter-point: You say Graces was ‘implied’ to be coming out in Europe on the Wii, then later say they ‘initially decided to release the Wii version in Europe only’. Which is it? Are you sure you’re not reading too much into Bamco’s announcements?

      Besides, if a game is being launched in NA it’ll be another couple of months before it gets an EU release. Releasing on the PS3 prevents that from becoming a problem for fans, since the games on that platform don’t have regional lockout.

  • Natat

    Why not Hearts, Namco… why? ;_;

    • Why not both? One step at a time?

      • Natat

        The thing is, the way I see it, Namco is doing a big gamble localizing Tales of Graces F (and even a bigger one should they localize Innocence). If they fail this time, we won’t be seeing more Tales games any time soon. Therefore, I would say that localizing the more recent and/or popular games should take priority. It makes sense that when you are localizing games, going from the first released game to the next makes more sense, sure(Not counting Tempest, of course lol), but in this case… I can’t help but be a bit worried.

        • Gamble? Its probably less costly to localize their own already produced games than to develop games built straight up for western audiences that fail to resonate with consumers. Of course, we have no clue what their sales expectations are for the Tales games…

  • Sounds good, I’d pick it up. Unfortunately, I don’t think NamDai realizes how bitter, jaded, and vitriolic the ‘Western’ Tales fanbase is – they’re the type that will spit on any fish roe offered them, claiming they only eat caviar.

    If ToI is released in the ‘West’, I hope it’s successful enough to encourage other Tales games in this region.

  • As long as their “Tales of” revival in the west is limited to America, I want this to be a DS game, in order to be able to play it without getting a region locked system.

  • If they really localize Innocence, that might be the end of the series in English.
    Just localize Hearts for god’s sake, that one is 10 much better than Innocence IMO.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Keywords: “Maybe” and “Innocence” (aka its been out in Japan for 4 years) -_-

    • Remind me to troll Hideo Baba on Twitter, on April Fools 2012.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Noted :)

  • KyoyaHibari

    Come on Bamco, what we need is Vesperia PS3, Versus, and Radiant Mythology 2 & 3, and Xillia when it comes out

  • jarrodand

    Barf. Give us Hearts, Phantasia X or Abyss 3DS instead.

    Hell, give us Solatorobo or Retro Game Challenge 2 instead.

  • Guest

    localize the Gundam vs Gundam Extreme arcade game and the PS3 Gundam game. (speaking to the Bandai side mainly). Namco? make a sequel to Urban Reign. ANd if you’re gonna bring us a fan translated game, bring us Front Mission 5 and Berserk PS2 (which was started then halted…)

  • WMG: Innocence will be localized

    Why? Nintendo of Europe is localizing the Namco/Cyber2Connect game Solatorobo. It got trademarked around the same time as Tales of Innocence’s US RE-trademark. ToI is also Namco related.

    Thus, I theorize NoA will localize Tales of Innocence.

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