Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross Captures The Feel Of The TV Series

By Spencer . April 7, 2011 . 1:06am


Namco Bandai says the genre of Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross is a "completely become a hero action game." Looks like they took that to heart.


The first screenshots are out and the Wii game looks pretty much like the Japanese TV show. This Super Sentai game actually has characters from multiple series. Shinkenger, Goseiger, Go-Onger, and Goranger are confirmed to be in the game.


image image


Even though a screenshot shows four rangers fighting, Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross only supports up to two players. Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross is slated for a fall release in Japan. While this specific game may only be for Japan, this could be the base for the announced Power Rangers: Samurai game Namco Bandai announced for North America.

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  • My body is ready. Bring it to NA, Bamco!

  • Kibbitz

    Sadly, no Wii and no plans to get one. Day 1 purchase if it heads to PSP or PS3 somehow, though I doubt it.

    • Guest

      Xenoblade Chronicles
      The Last Story
      Earth Seeker
      Arc Rise Fantasia
      Pandora’s Tower
      Night of Sacrifice
      Zangeki no Reginliev
      Dragon Quest X
      Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Road Victory
      Tatsunoko vs Capcom
      Disaster: Day of Crisis
      Fatal Frame IV
      Fatal Frame II
      Another Code R
      Golden Eye 007

      Not good enough to get a Wii for??

      • Kibbitz

        To the right people, probably. Mild curiosity for Xenoblade Chronicles, The
        Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. Zero interest in everything else in that
        list. Only things I would want to own for sure are SRT Neo and Oboro
        Muramasa. Also, not fluent in Japanese, meaning that if I want the US
        version for Muramasa for better understanding of story, I need two Wiis.

        Edit: Forgot, the other would have is obviously Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross.

        • Guest

          Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO not good enough for you??

          • Kibbitz

            It looks like something I would pick up on a bargain if I had a Wii, not
            something I’d pick up a Wii for.

          • Guest

            You’re really a tough nut to crack aren’t ya….I yield… : (

            ….Captain Rainbow not good enough for you??

          • Kibbitz

            Haha, sorry. I’m not an easy guy to sell things to, usually =P

  • You lack Gokaiger (which was pictured on top) on the list of confirmed teams, also according to a scan, only five teams will be part of the game… unless they change their minds!

    • Kibbitz

      I don’t think that there’s much room for that at this point. Does the Wii support DLC additions? If it does, we might see more through that method, I guess.

      • malek86

        It does, but very few games have DLC content. I wouldn’t bet on it.

        • Kibbitz

          I’m actually surprised they even bothered with a sentai game, let alone
          something Musou-y. I can’t even remember when or what the last sentai game
          was, with my last experience being probably Goranger in Super Tokusatsu
          Taisen 2001.

          • The last was the Hurricaneger game for the PSOne.

          • Guest

            Those were pretty cool too (well not as cool as the Kamen Rider PSX games but cool enough)

  • I hope this will be used for the Samurai game
    cause it would be epic and awesome at the same time but that’s just me XD
    Since they based Dragon Knight on Climax Heroes

  • PrinceHeir

    i was hoping for a fighting game with kamen rider :P

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