White Knight Chronicles II Is Coming To North America, But Not From Sony

By Spencer . April 7, 2011 . 12:01pm


Don’t worry, you won’t have to import White Knight Chronicles II from Europe. Level-5’s transforming RPG is coming to North America, but Sony Computer Entertainment America isn’t handling it.


D3Publisher, the company that brought us Gods Eater Burst, is publishing White Knight Chronicles II here. The sequel includes a remastered version of the original game on-disc too. Unlike the Japanese release, you don’t have to start with White Knight Chronicles 1. Players can skip to the end of the first game and go straight into White Knight Chronicles 2.


wkn21 wkn23


White Knight Chronicles 2 is slated for a summer release in North America. Europe gets the PlayStation 3 RPG in May.

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  • Zero_Destiny

    Well I never played the first but I guess this is good news. I’m starting to really like D3 hopefully they can continue to give us games over the future.

  • Apparently I bought WKC for nothing, I knew I should’ve waited.

    • Ereek

      Yeah, I feel the same way. At this rate, you might as well just wait for WKC3 and get the entire trilogy.

      Still, it’s a nice addition.

      • there isn’t going to be 3rd, WKC ends with the 2nd game I heard.

        • lostinblue

          There’s a new WKC coming for the PSP though.

          • AdamBoy64

            Yes, I’m really excited about that as well. I haven’t heard much about it, but I best be preparing dollars to buy a PSP.

          • Ren

            I don’t have a source but I heard it was subpar. I was going to see if it was worth getting, but I kinda gave up after I heard it wasn’t that great.

          • lostinblue

            @ Ren – Is it out already? If it’s not then a lot of games only really come along in the end, perhaps it’s not there yet, but as long as it didn’t launch yet… it might. (and sometimes people testing builds outside the company are testing old builds)

            Anyway and even if it’s out, I wouldn’t judge it just for that, Level-5 has the good habit of keep working on games after they launch in japan for their international releases often at least partially addressing it’s flaws/downfalls.

            I know that happened with White Knight Chronicles 1 and I know first hand it happened with the last game I purchased from the, Inazuma Eleven, that was thoughtfully upgraded with all the improvements they did for Inazuma Eleven 2 and 3 mechanics.

            Not to say it’s gonna be a different game, but if the flaws are something palpable I’m sure they’ll try to address them. :)

          • Joanna

            The PSP game is a prequel set 1000 years before WKC1&2 so technically the game could still end with the second one unless Sony decides to make a third game.

            Also about your comment to Ren, actually Level 5 had nothing to do with the PSP game. SCEJ owns the White Knight I.P. and they are doing the PSP game along with Matrix.

          • lostinblue

            I see, thanks for the info.

            And yeah, that pretty much renders my argument useless. They really had nothing do do with it? not even some sort of counseling for the plot? seems uncourteous to do.

          • Joanna

            Well officially they have nothing to do with the game. Whether or not Sony Japan is basing origins off of something Level 5 wrote when developing 1 and 2, or whether they have informally had some input isn’t known. Although I am inclined to think there was no input because the prequel takes place so far in the past.

    • I know how you feel, i will feel so bad when i buy this -_-

    • Your purchases helped to secure the second one coming and for people like me to jump in and experience it while supporting Level-5, thereby ensuring they continue to make good products….

      • godmars

        Still not going to stop the feeling that its just another JRPG – sub-standard aside from a Phantasy Star rip – that could have been something more. Have a far better single player component.

        • raymk

          You don’t like anything do you? lol. Well your just one of those people thats hard to please.

      • Not really, I just bought a promotional copy online.

      • AdamBoy64

        Indeed. I played through the first one and well and truly got my moneys worth from it – I have no regrets.

    • HarryHodd

      I had 50 hours of fun with the first. Updated graphics and battle system is enough to make me want to play again. I think it’s a nice bonus for what is essentially a sequel.

  • IM glad for more RPGS on the PS3. Its looks like its a pretty robust and fun comprehensive longlasting RPG so I can add it to my list of RPGS to get. Hopefully it takes less than 180 hours to platinum and offers a great single player experience? Some reason it reminds me of an MMO?

    • Less than 180 to hours to Platinum. Hmmmm? I dunno. I know people who have put in 150 and still are only at 60% for this game. Myself, I put in maybe 70 and my percentage is still really low.

    • neo_firenze

      It does feel a lot like an MMO in combat. I’m a long time Final Fantasy XI player, and the first WKC felt more like FFXI than any single player game I’ve ever played – including FFXII. Differences are that you can switch characters at will and let the CPU control the rest of your party, WKC is completely story based (and actually quite linear), and WKC has PS3 level graphics.

      I liked the original quite a bit, I’m thrilled to see confirmation that the sequel is coming to NA, and I’m hopeful to see the PSP game also get localized. Perhaps also by D3? They did a good job on God Eater Burst and I’m glad to see them continuing to pick up these kinds of games.

      • Thanks thats good to know. When I was looking around, I was thinking that one HAD to have Human controlled players and that it was just a online co-op game experience. Glad CPU can control the other members.

  • Yukito

    D3Publisher? Odd. Well, as long as I can carry over my WKC file, I don’t care. Goes to show Sony doesn’t care anymore. Thankfully, others do.

    • landlock

      I hope NamcoBandai I handling the translation/voice acting and not Sony Europe.

      • AdamBoy64

        As long as they didn’t change any voice actors… lolz. That’d be terrible. I don’t think I’d buy the game if they did that.

        Well.. if they did and revoiced the first game as well, that’d be.. somewhat okay.

  • Barrit

    Just please don’t change the name to something silly like “Whites Knight Chronicles”.

    • Or throw a little Xenoblade localisation in there and have it end up as “Whites Knight Chronicles II: Chronicles’

      • your comment just made my day

      • Whites Knight Chronicles II: The Chronicles of the White Knight

        • Ever heard of Legend of the Legendary Heroes? Yeah, your example is at least as hilarious as that is. xD

          • Lol but that anime was quite good on his own.

          • I agree, I liked the show, it was a bit confusing here and there, but it was quite the cool anime. Though I’m hoping for a second season, ’cause as much as I remember they can’t let it end there~

          • Wow I thought I was one of the few who watched that. The main character was so awesome, I previewed a few episodes and then stopped because I want to wait to experience on disc release. I hope Funimation releases it as it looked epic from all the images I saw of each weeks episode!

          • kroufonz

            that anime is awesome and have psp game with wizardry style rpg.

          • Yeah I remember that. xD

      • epy

        Nice, I lol’d

    • Exkaiser

      Banco Japan isn’t involved in this one to make them change it.

    • PersonaSpace

      Totally thinking that.

  • I still cant belive it has the first game T_T

  • godmars

    Wonder if WKC2 will still include the Home items.

  • zhemos

    be nice if they give us JP audio this time around.

  • I find it simultaneously sad that @playstation #SCEA is too pussy to localize niche games, yet it got #butthurt about Demon’s Souls, being @AtlusUSA’s moneymaker.

    • What are all these niche first party games you keep speaking of? If I’m wrong, I welcome you to correct me on this, but it doesn’t appear that SCEA have declined to localize too many Japanese titles. Demon’s Souls, this, and…maybe one or two more. That’s not a huge number. It’s better than, say, Namco, you know?

      • kroufonz

        there is only 3 SCEJ published PS3 JRPG and SCEA refuse to even try releasing two of them.

        a big publisher like SCEA can’t even localize 2 of their already limited first party JRPG?????

        while SCEJ publishing all of SCEA and SCEE PS3 game in japan even tough not all of them sell that much, why can’t SCEA give some love to JRPG.

        not first party but i can imagine SCEA already rejected a lot of third party publisher to release niche japanese game,

        • But you don’t have any specific titles. The only ones I have heard of them rejecting are visual novels. Otherwise, I haven’t heard of them refused to let third party publishers bring PS3 titles out here, at the very least on the PSN.

    • You know its sometimes beneficial for the publisher to let another company handle the publishing. Demon’s Souls did phenomenal for Atlus size of a company. Whereas that amount of sales for a Sony published game on the PS3 wouldnt have really added much money to their coffers based on their multimillion selling franchises. Not to mention Sony’s release state of titles has been pretty robust, they most likely just need to focus on their own stuff here than getting this title to be honest…

      • KyoyaHibari

        Demon’s Souls didn’t sell to well in hindsight, but Atlus themselves were happy it sold as much as it did in North America since our videogame fan base is mostly directed towards FPSs and more specifically the generic and highly overrated CoD series, DS sold 600K, Black Ops sold 6 mil…

        • As the best-selling game from Atlus US’s…it didnt sell too well? The only comparison that can made here is that this is how well a quality game can sell when it is not giving an extravagant 10+ million $ marketing budget and etc. Wouldnt be surprised if the marketing budget exceeded the development costs of Demon’s Souls.

          • KyoyaHibari

            That sentence made no sense to me “As the best selling game from Atlus US’ best selling game”? But anyways, Atlus was surprised at how much they sold believing it wouldn’t appeal to modern US gamers, it sold well based on how other games have sold in 2009, but to them they weren’t expecting that many so I doubt it was there highest seller.

          • Im quite sure it was their best selling game ever. What other US released Atlus game has sold more than 280K units?

          • KyoyaHibari

            It was 600K, and they didn’t claim it to be their best selling game in the article so I don’t think it is, there may have been another game that did better, I still love Demon’s Souls though, one of my all time fav games which you should actually get btw, Im pretty sure it wasn’t their highest selling game.

          • As a long time Atlus fan, I can tell you Demon’s Souls is their best selling title, in the West, at least.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Ill take your word for it Charles considering you are a long time Atlus fan and I assume you OWN Demon’s Souls

    • lostinblue

      Sorry, I’ve been out of the loop, how did they express being butthurt with Atlus? I never knew thought it was all very amicable.

  • Sony doesn’t care because they know this game is going to flop. lol

    They better put the first game in there. They need something to convice people to buy it. The first game was horrible.

  • HarryHodd

    Great news! Now I don’t have to import.

    This year is awesome! Sequels to Disgaea 3, Demons Souls, White Knight chronicles and Atelier Rorona(hopefully). Some of my favorite games this gen.

  • SneakyHawk

    I wonder…is D3 Publisher handling the release of White Knight Chronicles Origins as well?

  • summer? Ok, thats enough time to save some moey for purchasing it :D

  • AdamBoy64

    Well, it seems a bit unusual in the way it’s happened perhaps, but I’m glad it’s been confirmed over in the US. Might nearly be time to preorder, I think..

  • A bit annoyed that the first game is included, as I feel like I wasted $60, but it’s still nice to see this.

  • Draparde

    Wonderful News i’ll be grabbing this!

  • kroufonz

    at least someone bring this to USofA (and suddenly possibility getting japanese voice are higher now, since it is not published by SCEA :p)

    this make me assume some folks at scea hate japanese game/ or anime in general(especially the core and niche stuff):

    my impression of scea hate toward some japanese stuff based on this list:
    – not even try to release demon soul
    – not giving chance for visual novel (from that nisa president interview about sakura wars 1&2)
    – making it hard for japanese voice only game and niche game with 2d graphic to get retail release (agarest 1 and probably arcana heart 3 for example)
    – now they even didn’t release scej published PS3 JRPG for the second time, after demon soul

    • It has nothing to do with them “hating” Japanese games and everything to do with them not making that much of a profit by releasing this themselves, when it would be cheaper to allow a third party to do so. They know this isn’t going to sell like their other first party exclusives and there’s obviously a third party willing to pick it up, so they went that route.

      As for Japanese voices, unless the European release has them, I doubt very much the North American version will either. Personally, I liked the English voices in the original (I was very surprised to learn that Master Shake did a voice) and, as long as they don’t change any of the voice actors, I’ll be fine with it.

      • kroufonz

        for wkc and demon soul maybe you’re right they aren’t really hating japanese game maybe just some economical reason

        but for some niche third party game that having hard time to be released and even rejected completely,i can’t find other reason than some folks in scea (not all of them of course) are hating this type of game or just simply didn’t want the brand to be associated with niche japanese pop culture, no one know????

        for example the only japanese voice only game they allow to release are yakuza, and agarest sequel.

        I am really wondering what is SCEA stand an policies, maybe siliconera can do some interview to get some words from SCEA abouttheir policy especially regarding their stand for niche games, japanese voice only games, and Visual Novel.

        mangagamer said they interested to get some console VN localized but looks like they turned off by interview that said SCEA ain’t allowing VN to be released over in the US.

        For PS3 Clannad released this month, there is Fortune Arterial, To Heart 2 DX, Utawarerumono 2, Tears to Tiara 2 upcoming, and most of them all very good VN , that already have some name, if scea open up a bit maybe mangagamer could take a move and bring some PS3 or PSP VN. (what a dream i type in this paragraph LOL :P)

  • Japanese voice option…

  • Fredrik

    Does anyone know how WKC1 remastered in WKC2 is different from the original WKC1? Hopefully they tweaked the combat to be more fun.

  • epy

    Awesome news. Hope they add the japanese voices this time around. They cant pretend they dont know people are interested in that anymore.

  • This is great news! I was hoping I wouldn’t have to import WKC 2 from Europe. D3 is the last company I expected to localize this, though. I hope their work stays relatively consistent with Sony’s localization.

    What about the dub? Are they keeping the same cast? Has D3 announced anything about the PSP game?

    • That is alot of details you want. The game was only just announced yesterday via press release.

  • I’ve never been so excited for a sequel to a dissapointing game. Guess that’s how much I love Level-5.

  • Joanna

    Two games for the price of one….I think I may just have to pick this up because that’s pretty irresistible. x3

  • I say “I” to the “Japanese audio.”
    I mean, it was a bit of a turn off when WKCI didn’t have any, and I was hoping it’ll have one…so up until now, I still haven’t finished the game >_>;; /cough.
    I mean, no offense to the English dub, it’s cool…but I just like the original voice of the game :'< (I know, I know, I'm asking for too much…I can't help it ; A;)
    Besides…the Japanese cast looks AWESOME to me ; 3;

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