See If You Can Remember The Gundam From These Gundam Memories Screens

By Spencer . April 8, 2011 . 12:02pm


Namco Bandai’s next Gundam game brings together Mobile Suits from the original series all the way to UC. Gundam Memories: Memories of Battle lets players control three Gundam during one mission using a new MS switching system.


Suits are defined as one of three types – close range, speed, or shooter and each suit is effective against different types of enemies.


Gundam Memories: Memories of Battle will be available for PSP in Japan on June 23.


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  • Guest

    Nice but what’s stopping Bandai from bringing Gundam vs Gundam Extreme Arcade game to PS3. Or the DBZ arcade game as well…

    • eilegz

      im expecting gundam extreme vs for ps3, i mean it suppose to use ps3 engine on the arcade so make sense

      • LynxAmali

        They’ve already confirrmed Extreme Vs to have a PS3 port. That was a long time ago at that.

  • Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Setsuna F Seiei!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Awesome! I loved 00 so much that their inclusion just makes me want to get all these games. Looking nice.

  • Croix

    So glad my PSP plays Japanese games….

  • Tim_at_where

    @NamcoBandai I’d love to see more #Gundam games outside of #DynastyWarriors for once.

    • Mike Villela

      they are publishing the next armored core so who knows right?

      • Tim_at_where

        @NamcoBandai might use Armored Core sales as justification whether to bring over Gundam games or not, as ridiculous as it sounds to me.

    • kroufonz

      yeah here outside japan we only get dynasty warrior gundam and a crappy target in sight/crossfire game this gen

      while good stuff like gundam senki, versus series, and SD GG series never leave japan, wish namco bandai could give a bit more love to gundam

      • Tsunayoshi Sawada

        If we want more, than rally up friends and all we know to invest in Gundam DVD’s and such and buying the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games to show them we support Gundam.

  • Eddie

    Wing Zero!!!!!! I remember I use to love building Gundam models, those were the days.

  • PrinceHeir

    what the hell?!?!?!

    never knew Destiny Gundam was so popular in japan O_O

    also can’t wait for seravee gundam and virtue(which ever one is fine :D)

    is it possible for Gundam 00 Move units to appear here? Raphael needs some love too :P

    • ShinkaRaioh

      Well Quanta is in so it may as well be possible for the other Movie Gundams to be in the game, would definitely be awesome! :D
      And yeah Destiny is super popular as are Strike Freedom and IJustice, SEED overall is very well known.

      • PrinceHeir

        i kinda like Seed and destiny at first, but Gundam 00 is the best for me(well except for the movie. big WTF at the end)

        i also watched Wing which is great ^^

        • ShinkaRaioh

          True enough the movie was crazy as hell..but the new Gundams in it were awesome and that’s enough for me. :P
          I like SEED and Destiny too, well Destiny not as much, but again both shows had great designs, though yeah 00 is my new gen fav. as well~

          Wing is awesome, it has a great soundtrack and I’m happy that the TV show is going to be in the next SRW, which comes out in a few days!!

          • PrinceHeir

            hell yeah :D

            wait so Wing is coming out on SRW? if that’s true f yeah :D

            i actually would want a game where all the mechs are in the super robot wars universe(yes that includes Xenosaga, Zone of the Enders) and an anime version too ^^

            that would blow me away, though i don’t see that happening :

  • Zero_Destiny

    Wing Zero Custom, RX-78, Zeta, Gundam Double-X, Double 0, Nu Gundam = OMG THAT IS AWESOME XD!!!!! Those six Gundams are probably some of my fav’s. ^_^

    • ShinkaRaioh

      No Turn A though… :(
      But, yeah they are some of my favorites as well! Zeta has probably still the best design for me~

      • Zero_Destiny

        If it had SHINING AND BURNING GUNDAM and Turn-A (of course), and Victory Gundam MK II I think it would be a near perfect line-up. :) Oh and the EZ-8 too because any Gundam that can beat the sh** out of a Gouf with just it’s arm is a [email protected] XD
        [] Click the Link then again the 7 minutes before hand is just epic XD

        • PrinceHeir

          i remember watching that. soo awesome :)

          Shining Finger FTW :P

          • Zero_Destiny

            Good times. Still remember watching it as a kid. Got the shows on DVD. Love it so much. :)

        • ShinkaRaioh

          Oh hell yes God Gundam please!!! Series wise it’s still my favorite Gundam show, it just has everything one can need! xD
          And yes EZ-8 too, just to show the fancy Gundams how grunts battle! xD
          I loved that show it was realistic and cool.

  • urbanscholar

    …..Excuse me but all?! Wow…seriously!

  • Daniel Morandi

    SINANJU!!! and the mass produced Hyaku Shiki in Unicorn, the Delta plus.

    F90 and F91!!

    CROSSBONE!!! included the Skullheart one.

    VICTORY!! Stand up to the victory!! XD

  • kroufonz

    i remember all of them >< (since me still playing gm3 :p)

    the ms lineup for me:
    close range: 00 raiser/ qan[T]
    speed: F91
    shooter:Strike Freedom / wing zero custom

    wish bamco could make more HD PS3 action gundam game, since gundam senki is quite good

  • Hiryuu

    First thing out of my mouth when I read the subtext: “Wing Zero, obviously.”

    Hell, has it been that long since I played Gundam Wing: Endless Duel?

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