Is Atlus Teasing A Persona 4 Anime Series?

By Spencer . April 9, 2011 . 3:19pm

Do you know Mayonaka TV? Fans of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 probably remember that is the twisted TV world where shadows roam. A video spreading around the Internet leads to a countdown site, which shares the Persona 4 art style.



Poke through the teaser site and you’ll notice a link to Sony Music, specifically this URL: Take out the JavaScript bits so the URL is and it leads to Aniplex.


Persona 4 anime, anyone?


Update: Thanks to everyone who sent this in! (I just checked through our tip line now!)

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  • I’m sure the clock goes Day / Hour / Minute
    So if it’s right, then we get news on April 11th (Monday in Japan)
    Which is also the first day of the Persona 4 story :D

    • A very astute observation!

  • I don’t know what to say. :O

  • Hopefully I’ll finally get that full version of Pursuing My True Self that I’ve been waiting for…..

    • Zero_Destiny

      I’m pretty sure there already is a Full Version of it. It just didn’t come package with the OST for the game in Japan and was only the short version in America. You had to buy another MegaTen OST in Japan to get this song.
      I love this version. XD Oh yeah and we can’t forget all the live versions of it and the remixes too. Good stuff. :D

      • That sounded more fan-made then official to me though. It was just the same sound, edited around. I didn’t hear any new lyrics in it :/

        Edit: In fact, Im pretty positive its fake. And thus I continue to dream…

        • Zero_Destiny

          Don’t give up dreamin’ it is honest to god from an MegaTen OST. :)

  • It could also be Persona 4 Portable .

    • Yui

      I’m not going to lie here – I hope you’re right. Or, at least, I hope we get something along the lines of P4FES. I know ATLUS have repeatedly said “nope.jpg”, but man, there is nothing I would like better than to see a story revolving around PersoNanako, in a vein similar to that of The Answer.

      I mean, I’m happy to accept anything P4, but here’s to hope, right? :D

    • I wish!

    • Yes, please.

    • joesz

      Even what you have said sounded……EPIC!

      The trailer isn’t about that at all-_-

      P. S. Congrats on your first 3DS,Ishaan.

    • AoiKaze

      Do. want. P4P ONEGAI~ X3

      • I’d love to get one too, since I haven’t played P4 yet (yeah, shame on me) and don’t have PS2/PS3, but have PSP.

        I also can’t wait to get European Collector’s Ed. of P3P.

    • lightningrook

      That would make me bear-y happy.

  • I approve of a Persona 4 anime.

    Three hundred times.

  • Zero_Destiny

    If there is one I hope it’s anime opening is as good as the MAD’s I’ve been spamming Ren’s profile with:
    [] = Ren I haven’t shown this one yet, consider it a preview of more spam to come. XD

    • Ren

      Just talking to Alha when I read it on Japanator an hour ago and he goes saying he tipped Siliconera some hours before and now we’re daydreaming on someone’s profile, forgot whom. Damn, between Silico, Bounce and Lunch things get confusing. I’m almost making the the next music post, so wait a bit. And if you don’t play this game before the anime comes I’ll… I’ll spoil the whole ending for you!

      • Zero_Destiny

        I look forward to your reply oh and very soon for P4. And on a side-note I also already know about the Creation Goddess Izanami and how your first PERSONA is Izanagi, partly because I know their myth already but mostly because the MegaTen Wiki is dangerous to read when you’re bored. XD

        • Ren

          Meh, that’s just basic knowledge. There are so better thing to spoil than that.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yes I know ^_^ But I couldn’t go any farther. Anyways Ren Laters. Won’t be online for a coupe hours. Hope your music will be there when I get back home. XD

    • I was about to post that “Personal For”, but I see that you’ve posted it. Really liked that MAD. It’s awesomely stylish. Wish I had the skills to make something like that.

    • Chippel

      Oh man! I do not need that Persona PSP song in my head AGAIN… But those are nicely made indeed.

  • Yui

    Gosh darn it! Another countdown for me to follow! I’ve had that stupid Dragon’s Dogma countdown up since the announcement now, and that heartbeat has been permanently seared into my auricular clots…why is the industry doing this to us? Why??? :(

  • erengy

    Almost definitely an anime. There’s a hidden image that says “Index Corporation / P4A Committee” and there’s also a link to in the flash animation.

    • The “A” probably stands for something other than “Anime” or “Animation”. I personally hope it’s a game since i don’t watch anime that much anymore

  • Do not want.

    I’d rather like a portable version with a female MC, hell yeah!

    • raymk

      I would to but an anime is cool. besides they said they weren’t going to make a p4fes so I don’t want them to go back on their word. You know that be kindof a big lie if they did do it.

      • A P4P would not be a P4Fes tho. It would just be a port.

        • Whoomp

          What would be the point then? P3P isn’t “just a port”, Persona isn’t “just a port” and the upcoming P2P won’t be “just a port”. They have all had new materials added and been enchanted in other ways for the PSP as incentives for people who played it before to play it again so why would a P4P be an exception?

          • Enhanced Ports, right. P3Fes is an addon. Difference much? :) You play another character and the story is set after the events of P3, it continues the story. So if they say they won’t do a P4Fes, aren’t they just saying they won’t do another addon to P4 that continues the story? As far as I know they never outright declined that they would port P4 to a portable console?

    • DanteJones

      Totally agree, girl Souji is… yeah. :O


      • Zero_Destiny

        Looks at pics. *drools* Super Hawt. :)
        Argh!!!!!! Why!!! Why does the internet make me so confused!!!!!!!! @[email protected]

      • Just to make sure, the girl with the yellow background isn’t Souji, it’s Izanami~ :P
        Other than that I agree totally! xd

        • DanteJones

          D’oh! I thought the eye color change was along the lines of femc from P3P, oh well. :< But Izanami in a school outfit, hmm…

  • If it’s an anime, they better make it good. No more Trinity Soul please. Everyone’s expectations is as large as the galaxy itself by now.

  • malek86

    At least this time the countdown is less than two days.

  • This isn’t too surprising, given how much it was demanded a few years back. A P4 anime topped the “what do you want to see most” list.

    Still can’t wait. :3

  • That’s weird– I always got the impression that Japan liked Persona 3 a lot more than P4 and the rest of the world liked P4 more. So why not a P3 animu… Unless they’re counting Trinity Soul as the P3 adaptation for some strange reason?

  • cmurph666

    I want P4P.

  • LynxAmali

    Why not a P3 anime tying into a P4 anime? I can dream, right?

    Hopefully this will reedem the atrocity that was Trinity Soul.

    • Well, considering they go to P3’s Place in P4…

  • Mayonaka TV? First time I’ve ever seen/heard it called that.

    • Sal

      the Midnight Channel’s japanese name.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Ugh, an anime based off of a game with a nameless protagonist that has no real dialogue is just bad to me.

    • raymk

      Well it works in the manga for persona 3 and persona 4 so it should work in the anime. By that I mean in the manga the main characters actually aren’t silent..They actually talk and have conversations. Its really not that hard to see if you think about it.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Meh, those are tantamount to fanfiction, to me. It’s not hard to see them doing it, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.

  • look here, it seems like hacker could identify the purpose of the clock on the website:

    …. ? More like Persona 4 Anime…

  • >Persona 4

    Do not want!! I prefer the theory about P4 portable.

  • holyPaladin

    Anime or P4P or both!

  • Currently playing and loving this game! But Trinity Soul was disappointing, so I’m a bit skeptical about an anime, but I’d still give it a shot. I liked P3’s story on the whole, but I like the relationships between the characters (everything’s much more connected) and the mystery in P4, so I wouldn’t mind a P4FES/P either. Seems like a good year for Atlus fans!

  • Zetsomaru

    I thought they said they had no plans on making a P4P.
    If this is the case, I hope it’s on the PSP.

  • darkfox1

    PLEASE be Persona 4 Portable. I dont have a PS2 anymore so i was not able to play P4. But i played P3P and it was aweosme. I still need to do the female side but i need a new PSP but yeah P4P PLEASE~~~

  • I’d prefer persona 3’s anime, but hell, i love all the SMT, anything they do im fine with it

    • I’m sick of P3 getting all that treatment. It’s time for P4 to get something.

      • Well, we are talking about the game that put them on the map :P, and besides, I like p3’s story more, i dont care about it getting expansion/port (more attention), all i know is that it’s story is more cooler, it feels more epic, P4, while still good, with nice twists, seems just like a mistery novel, with a pretty safe and common ending :P.
        Saying safe/common doesnt means generic/bad btw o-o, just like…An ending like p3 are the ones that leave you thinking. while P4 just left me with ah “Ahhh… :D” expression.
        P3 left me… “WTF OMFG WHY WRRFSJFWHJSF”

        I know a lot of people that dont have the time/patience to finish persona 3, and i would really love if they could see the p3’s story, so having it in anime would be convenient.

        • They did had the chance of making a P3 anime and they never used it.., game over we have three games that’s good enough, I don’t want another FFIV~ xD
          Now it’s time for some love for P4 and the ever epic Souji, before the announcement of Persona 5, or how you say it FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! xD

          • Lol, either way, i dont mind if it’s p4 or p3, but im sure p3, mostly because of how it ends AND IT’S EPICNESS, would get more attention, specially from people that dont play games… But im sure P4’s would do fine, but not cause as much inpact as p3.


        • Story preference is an opinion man. Sure, P3 has a great build up, but the pacing was very awkward, story was non-existant until the last few months and took too long to get anywhere. I also found it to be rather generic, with only the ending being the good part. P4’s story may not be the greatest, but I like the change of direction, the pacing, and actually having a story from the start. Not to mention, P3’s already got FeMC with P3P, FES expansion, and a few cellphone stuff. What does P4 get? Nothing.

          • P4’s story was much more interesting with all the mystery stuff that happened in the game, the pacing and storytelling was fabulous(and probably more adult too…?), the characters had better backstories and personalities, some were quite unique, and I personally am a sucker for mystery stories, so I take that into account too~
            Souji was a far more interesting main than Minato, as he actually gave you a feeling of having a character with preset personality(and he was damn more badass to boot) instead of just a bishounen avatar. The sidestories, Social Links, were a lot more interesting and meaningful than the ones in P3. Then again I may be biased here, but I agree with Firo, P4 needs more love~ :P

          • Yeah, p4 wasnt bad, but i think p3 is more mainstream, simply said. After all, im not talking about what game is better than other, im just sayin wich one would do better on the anime bizz.

          • So you are still saying p4~ because it didnt got anything? You are againts favoritism i see, p3 got all that because it is good, story is an opinion yes, but it seems there is a LOT more people that prefer p3 rather than p4, that is why we got all that p3 stuff, dont you think? If not, maybe they should had gone for p4… They knew p4 didnt catched that much attention as p3. (im not saying p4 is bad).

            Remember, im not talking about what game is better than other, im talking what game would fo better in the anime bizz, have you seen bakuman? Is close to the mainstream not mainstream stuff they always talk about.

            If i want an anime that would represent these games (the persona games), i would go for P3, not everyone plays games, so they might not even know the series, instead of a group of teens solving misteries, i think something like p3 would get more people, not everyone like misteries/police style of stories, p3 is more direct, like more action/character based, and it doesnt feels they are doing detective jobs, even if i enjoyed the game a lot, i felt more thrilled with p3’s moments and twists, actually, i prefer p4’s people rather than p3’s, junpei and ken got on my nerves so many times. In p4, i liked all your party.

            Found it generic….? Since when SMT are generic…? Could you please tell me what did you find generic? I cant think of any game that reminds me of p3 besides p4.

            And i dont know what part in he game the story was non-existant, maybe you spaced out in the middle or beginning of the game… Also, as i said before, even if it, for you at least, “took to long to get anywhere”, it was in the game, not in an anime, i dont think you could think the same thing would happen on an anime.

            Anyhow, if this is for an anime, there are more chances it’s for p4, so yeah, p4 will have something more, rejoice!

          • Do you have the statistics of people preferring P3 to P4? Is there any evidence to back up your claim? I’ve seen just as many people on both sides.

            Warning: May have some spoiler related material.

            A transfer student finds himself with an ability to fight against these monsters of the night. Only he and his friends can find out why the Tartarus exists, and why things are as they are.
            A transfer student finds himself able to go into a world inside television. There has been an ongoing case of murder, and the transfer student and his friends think it’s a possibly that the TV world could be connected with the murders. Only he and his friends can connect the clues together to find the culprit and stop the murders.

            You know what? The pacing in the story so slow. For the first 3 months, all we get is “Hurr, we have the powers and nothing plot related is happening. We recruit people and find more like us, but we still don’t know anything about the tartarus or the shadows and stuff. We do get Yukari trying to get everyone beaten up, but saved by Shinjiro”. Many months later, we get ” Oh noooooo we were helping to free the harbringer of death, Nyx”. We get one final month with NOTHING happening until the very end, then you fight nyx.

            I tried to love P3, but I just couldn’t. I thought it was alright, but just can not comprehend the love it gets. What was so “epic” about it?

          • “Do you have the statistics of people preferring P3 to P4? Is there any evidence to back up your claim?”

            Compare all that has been released for p3, with all that has been released with p4. I dont think atlus jp, choose to favor one game because of what they think, they surely made polls, etc, and received more feedback of one game than another.

            And i see, all the grudge is because you couldnt get into the game. There is nothing i can do about it, it seems you are more for investigation stuff, what do i find epic…?


            -2 guys (one is akihiko, i dont remember the name of the other now) whose because of their mistakes, the mother of a kid was killed, one of these guys, leaves school, becomes a “criminal” style of a guy, and even after joining your party, and you get him into fights and all, he gets himself shoot in order to save the kid.

            -They are traitioned by the guy that helped to start the whole S.E.E.S., Mitsuru’s dad sacrifice himself in front of her to save her, leaving the company and all the responsabilities he had to Mitsuru, and she takes them all and confront them without flitching an eye.

            -A robot, Aegis, because of her, a battle she was having againts Death, the mother and father of our MC died in that battle, and Death was sealed into our MC’s body, she swore to protect him because she was the one that destroyed his life.

            -Ending, a guy that sacrifice all he has to save everyone else, fighting the last boss, a fight he couldnt win, but in the middle of the battle hearing the voice of his friends backing him up (even the guy that sacrificed himself and joined the party for a bit will be heard here ) giving him the power to use his body to seal the last boss. This of course made everyone lose their memories of him and everything related to Tartarus.

            -Aegis, capable of being the only one to remember him and what he did after all that, stays in silence watching how everyone else enjoy their lives, watching him enjoy the last moments he could enjoy.

            -Even after this, he tries to stay concious until the day they promised to reunite the day mitsuru, akihiko graduate.

            There is so much more i dont put or dont remember too well to mention, and all of this is without mentioning the FES events.

            *END OF SPOILRS*

            Is hard to explain this, because as you may already know, games are something that is experienced, not told… I mean, everyone someone ask me to talk about a game, i never know where to start, because there are just so many stuff, and so many feelings you get when playing it, is something you gotta experience. If you couldnt get into it, then i know why you would prefer p4. There are different tastes, again, remember im not saying one game is better than other >_>, this is getting out of hand, im just talking about wich game would do better on an anime.

            And the tansfer student thingie is only generic on animes/mangas… that isnt what made the perosona 3 and 4 games unique anyway, both main plot were different than normal games, with school sim, and with excellent characters.

          • Ok, we’ll stop here. I’m tired of arguing with others about P3 X P4 anyway.

            Do you really want a P3 anime, 3 P3 games, P3 Cellphone games, and more P3 stuff? It’s like FF4 for Atlus. Milked to death. P4’s gotten nothing, and has recieved just as much praise, if not more. It also has a big fanbase that wants more. Why not please them for once? (Which is what they’re doing right now, I hope)

          • Well, is not like i live in japan, all i could enjoy are the p3 games released here, not all that extra stuff.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Hey WildArms out of curiosity have you played P3 FES yet? I ask because it kinda changes the ending to P3. I too really love that ending and thought blasphemy why change it but man the story in FES is good stuff. It changes P3’s ending a bit but I couldn’t complain by the time it was over.

          • I played FES, but i only did aerith’s “the answer”, in FES, the ending was a bit different, in the main story? o.o, but in aerith path it continued just how it ended in the normal version of persona 3 :p.

            If you were talking about the answer, then yeah, that episode was so freaking epic, and the part when they were fighting between them was so cool T-T, it reached my heart

  • lightningrook

    Well MAL’s saying it’s an anime.

  • IceRomancer

    Im down for anything Persona 4, anime or psp port! :D

  • bring it to ps3….

    • Bring what? o__O


        • O o
          _ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

        • Zero_Destiny

          Personally I’d just be happy with PERSONA 5 but if you really want your game to have so many i’s and e’s then who am I too judge. lol

          • lol, it would be pretty funny if they put fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD

          • And no one would be able to find it on the internet, because they’re unsure of how many i’s and e’s are actually in five.

          • @Just
            16 I’s 38 E’s. The numbers of the i’s and e’s are under the main title so no problems there~


    Ack, do not want.. Didn’t like P4’s story that much…

  • KyoyaHibari

    Better not be like Trinity Soul, heard it’s terrible.

  • Considering how the last one turned out…

  • Japanese fans of Persona 4 know Mayonaka TV.

    American fans of Persona 4 know the Midnight Channel.

  • If its an anime pls be better than the persona 3 anime

  • The most exciting thing about this? An Anime could eventually be dubbed in English. English dub = Melissa Fahn!!! That’s all that matters.

    • Persona Trinity Soul wasnt dubbed in English, and if NISA would get this one, then I doubt it wouldnt be dubbed.

  • amagidyne

    An anime, huh? I have many answers to that, but most of them are basically just unintelligible shouts of bile and rage.

    More seriously, Persona 4 works better as a game. That’s why it’s a game. No matter how well they make this, it will be worse than the game.

    I will give it one chance, though. If it doesn’t have anything to do with the story of the game, and if the protagonist of P4 isn’t in it, maybe it will be good. It could be set before he arrives or after he leaves Inaba, and the story could work completely smoothly.

    But I don’t know who I’m kidding, that’s not what they’re going to do. They’re going to derail this train, whatever it takes. Trinity Soul took my optimism and broke it in half like a dry twig of bad writing and horrible misunderstandings of Persona mythology.

    Prediction: They’ll somehow turn the Midnight Channel story into Hell Girl. Then there will be a plot twist when it turns out only meercats can summon personas, and they’re fueled by Nazis! On the moon!

  • PrinceHeir

    either an anime or a FES like is fine by me :P

  • Aoshi00

    I hope it’s an anime, they alrdy had several P4 drama CDs like Steins;Gate (trying to finish the game now since the anime just started.. Steins;Gate also getting a PSP port though) Do people really want a port, it’s not that fun to play the same game again on a smaller screen right? It’s not like many couldn’t experience the game the first time being on 360..

    • Guest

      It’d be nicer in English

    • I wouldnt mind a port if they put another female MC haha xD

  • Whoomp

    Well, I’d rather have an anime than a portable version. I have played the game through once and feel no need to sink another 60 hours into it just to play as a girl or whatever, I love the game but it will take years before I will be up for that task again. An 10 hour (I assume) anime split into 24-26 episodes that animates the key points from the game is much more digestible.

  • I wouldn’t mind a Persona 4 anime adaptation. As for a port for P4, I thought Persona 4 was considered to be complete anyway, but anything is a possibility at this stage, I guess.

  • uhh no

  • Roses4Aria

    Heck, I bought P3P just for the opportunity to play as a girl. If they would do the same for P4 I’d be thrilled.

    But then, I’d be just as happy with an anime, so it’s all good. :)

  • Wiccan1109

    My first thought was P4 portable, i guess it would be interesting if they put up a female route like P3P (although i reckon they should make Kanji datable on both lol) since it put an unusual spin on things. I don’t really think thats what this is about, but i must say id really like an anime, the characters of P4 really resonated with me and id love to see them expanded more. Actually its one of the few things where i’d hope it would get an English dub because their attitudes and interactions in the english game were just classic. Despite Teddy hurting my ears at times.

  • Zenkito

    I know not many Will believe What I am about to say but Persona 3 & 4 are being released for the PS3 as a HD collection.

  • MisterDandylion

    I consider myself a hardcore Persona fan and a fan of the Megaten Series in general. Still I believe I have a lot to understand and experience to fully grasp the concepts that compose the Persona series.

    Still I have a question: I feel like the odd one here BUT…… I was the only one that remotely LIKED Trinity Soul? (maybe because my expectations weren’t that high)

    Maybe it had something to do with the fact that in the first minute I read it was a
    ” non-canon pseudo-sequel to Persona 3 with unnecesary cameos”, I just said screw this.

    • Ren

      It was bad, but I actually liked it, until the last episodes when I dropped the series because I lost interest.


    Hope it’s just as hilarious as the game.

  • Sakurazaki

    I guess people would like a game > an anime…

    Anyway, I just hope no one ends up hanging from a TV antenna that day… heh heh.

  • Sal

    30 minutes left!

  • prinnydood123

    Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but its an anime.

  • Sad to crush people’s hopes for P4P, but its official its an anime adaptation

    • Zero_Destiny

      Already been discussing it for like an hour. XD

  • MisterDandylion

    It’s official:

    Persona 4 The Animation.

    WHAT!? The main character is named Yu Narukami (I prefer Souji Seta more… it had more spark xD

  • Confirmed: Persona 4 the Animation. Coming soon!

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