• Zero_Destiny

    Aww, Those are all so great. Way better than mine. :P I dig the fanart. I wish I could of drawn something as nice as that. Well congrats. :)

  • http://tristsantithesis.tumblr.com/ Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Like the Mitochondria one, witty!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Devin-Peterson/100000531492020 Devin Peterson

    Congratz to TenchiMuyo1991.

    It was hard finding a picture of mitochondria that wasn’t some dissection chart thing. Yea, those are red and white blood cells though. ^///^

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Val-Vieira/1174083080 Val Vieira

    I had an idea to portray Aya as a 3 year old and to make a birthday card for her 3rd birthday, but I was too busy to enter the contest. I also thought that someone else would have had the same idea, but there’s nothing in the honorable mentions. Did anyone enter anything similar to that?

  • PrinceHeir

    all of them are awesome :D

    though i didn’t entered the contest(lack of imagination and sucky drawing skills)

    still good luck to the winner and all those who participated in this contest.

    love the last pic, sooo touching ;)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ER2SJ6OJ6IPQ333UT3MYFWXGDU Atom

    I can’t believe I won!. Thanks for saying my art work was great!. And thanks for picking me! ^_^

    Oh and thanks to all that is congrating me!

    I really never enter contest, well because I figure I would never stand a chance. But I took the chance with this one, because I love this series.

  • hush404

    Sadly I didn’t have time :( You guys should send me the prize anyways though :P

  • https://twitter.com/kcgst Karu

    Congratulations Tenchi :)

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