Moon Diver DLC Makes Silence Playable, Adds New Score Attack Stage

By Spencer . April 11, 2011 . 8:22am


Ah, so this is why you can’t select Silence in Moon Diver. The black ninja from Stanford is downloadable content.


A DLC pack makes the ninja, who appears as a rival in Moon Diver, the fifth playable character. Moon Diver also has a downloadable score attack stage. In "Flow" the screen automatically scrolls while you chop through enemies. While Moon Diver is a multiplayer game, score attack mode is solo.


The first wave of Moon Diver downloadable content will be available this week in Japan.



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  • godmars

    People are actually going to pay more for this lazy…thing?

    Its a multiplayer remake of Strider made by the creator of Strider. No real effort was made to improve upon a twenty year old title, and now they have the nerve to try to get more money out of it.

    • Sadly there are people that think co-op/MP means a game is worth every cent. Stuff like this is a joke.

      • godmars

        I’m actually wrong for blaming people for buying DLC for this.

        I should be blaming Square for offering it – Bad Square – BAD SQUARE! No. NO!

        (Anyone got a rolled up newspaper or spritz bottle big enough for a multi-million dollar game company? An Activision or EA fan perhaps?)

      • raymk

        Sadly there are people who think sports titles and DLC for anygame they like is worth every cent. I don’t see how it differs from a full price game to a budget one your still being nickled and dime 90% of the time. If you buy DLC at all then you can’t judge anyone else on what they do no matter the game.

      • True, but there aren’t a lot of local multiplayer games anymore. Some of the really great multiplayer games are online only.

    • AnimusVox

      It doesn’t help the fact that the story is pretty ridiculous aswell.

  • PrinceHeir

    haven’t finished tha game yet, might buy this though. he looks badass :P

  • DLC in your DLC… Did Xzibit make this game? The fact is that this game is already overpriced… and now they want you to pay even more to complete the game? No thanks.

  • Code

    Wasn’t wild about Moon Diver, the demo really just kind of put me off of it immediately. I’m curious though how much they’ll be charging for characters just for the sake of wondering how much above/below Hard Corps they fall opo;

  • Rare is it that I see people turn on a game so anticipated so quickly. But you can’t blame people. That demo is really lackluster. I was all excited about the game and then…that demo…and the analog-only control in a 2D game…such a disappointment.

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