Resident Evil: Outbreak Staff Helping Slant Six With Operation Raccoon City

By Spencer . April 12, 2011 . 11:03am

reoc Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City feels like a spiritual successor to Resident Evil: Outbreak. Fans of the online survival horror game will be happy to know that some of the Outbreak team are working on Operation Raccoon City.


The news comes from Dengeki PlayStation, which also notes that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City will be the bloodiest game in the series to date. Developed by SOCOM developers Slant Six, Operation Raccoon City puts you into the shoes of an Umbrella Security Service officer. Your character is a member of a four man squad. When you’re not playing with friends, the computer takes over the other three characters.


An interesting tidbit from Dengeki’s feature mentions Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has significantly more recorded lines than originally planned. This suggests the scenario may be longer than the first draft too.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is slated for release in Q4 on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Here, have some new screenshots from Capcom:


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  • PrinceHeir

    still wary about this :

    i hope we can use RE characters like Leon(which i doubt it)

    *on a unrelated note, no DMC news? really capcom? it’s like the game never existed lol

    • On DMC…that is a good thing. lol

      As for RE characters, there is a competitive mode, which I am assuming will be deathmatch of some sort, and they’ll probably have a few RE characters in that or as DLC for that mode.

    • Not sure I’ll be picking this one up as it’s been mentioned before that this time you are playing as the baddies and killing Leon is a main game objective.

      • I usually play like a “bad guy” in most games where I’m given a choice, anyway. I usually just look at the situation of the game and try to play the way I would if that were really happening to me. I mean, in Infamous, for example…I would own that city if I had those powers and no one better even look at me wrong. With Fallout 3, I had a very simple policy: “You treated me with respect, I treat you with respect. You talk down to me, you die.” The people of Megaton gave me an attitude, so I took care of that at the earliest opportunity. Three Dog talked badly about me, so as soon as he wasn’t needed anymore, I introduced him to a shotgun. People who were nice to me, like that old lady in the cabin, got to live another day. Hell, I was very friendly with the people in Paradise Falls.

        I just hope there’s no lame, “they’re really good people, just misguided by Umbrella” twist half-way through. If we end up turning on Umbrella, I want it to be because Ada Wong/Wesker shows up and makes us a better offer. I look very forward to just being bad in this one.

  • Well, it isn’t a four man squad. It’s a three man, one woman squad.

  • FREAKIN SWEET!! Hopefully if it all goes well on ORC we get Outbreak back and remade for the PS3/ 360. With Outbreak they’re character can really connect with you since its just normal everyday people trying to survive a zombie horde and escape the city. Most of them don’t have any kind of army training whatsoever which makes it challenging and has his/her own specialty.

  • Bloodiest huh?
    I wonder if you killed one monster it explodes to a shower of blood….

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