Final Fantasy VI Finds New Friends As A PlayStation Network Release

By Spencer . April 14, 2011 . 1:01pm

ff6bSquare Enix has re-released almost every PsOne Final Fantasy game on PlayStation Network in Japan. Final Fantasy IV and VI are left, but Cecil is about to be stuck on the Solitary Island because Final Fantasy VI is confirmed for Game Archives in Japan.


Shinji Hashimoto tweeted the news and set April 20th as the release date. The news came with a few videos of Final Fantasy VI running on a PSP.


The PsOne version has two full motion video sequences, a bestiary to read, and pre-battle animations to mask loading times. I imagine Final Fantasy VI will be a bit speedier as a file on a Memory Stick or PS3 hard drive. Relm’s sketch bug is fixed in the PsOne version, but the evade stat (and blindness) is still useless. The Vanish/Doom trick is alive and well too so you can defeat Deathgaze the first time you meet him.

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  • Would they even still release IV, now that the PSP version is out?

    • malek86

      Doubtful. But then, they did release FF1 and FF2 despite the Anniversary Editions coming out.

      • neo_firenze

        IIRC, they released FF1 and FF2 on PSN well after the PSP Anniversary editions though, allowing the retail PSP games to get a long period of system exclusivity. I can’t imagine them putting a cheap FFIV re-release up while the PSP release is still new and can get sales.

        The one thing in favor of FFIV still showing up on PSN FFIV is that the PSP FFIV Complete is PSP-only. PSN re-releases of PS1 games are generally (but not always) playable on both PS3 and PSP. So if someone has a PS3 but no PSP, S-E can still sell them the PSN FFIV (again).

        We’ve seen it happen before. In addition to FF1 and 2, S-E has released FF Tactics on PSN after the PSP game had been out for a while. From other companies, one example is Castlevania: SotN – available on PSN and also in the PSP Dracula X Chronicles release. In the case of FFT and SotN, the PSP game and the PSN port are both available to purchase online through the Playstation Store.

        • PurpleDoom

          I think the reason for the large gap between the Anniversary remakes and the PSN versions is more because Square didn’t even start putting up their own games until mid-2008, and nothing Final Fantasy until 2009. I think IV is eventually going to go up if only to complete the PS1 FF games on the service, but I agree that they’ll probably give the PSP remake some time first.

  • When are they gonna realese the remake of FFVI? D;

  • well i play this several times on my ps1 as i still own my copy of anthology.

    i want a anniversary remake!

  • malek86

    “I imagine Final Fantasy VI will be a bit speedier as a file on a Memory Stick or PS3 hard drive.”

    Not quite. The PS3 emulates the PS1 closely, to the point that they kept the same speed of the original CD drive. Probably in order not to mess up the video sync in some games. The loading tims in Blood Omen are just as cringe-inducing as they were originally.

    It’s true for the PSP though: the load times are faster. In BO, they are reduced by about half, making it a lot more playable.

    I don’t know why the difference. Maybe it’s a remnant from when the PS3 emulated the PS1/PS2 via hardware, and they couldn’t be bothered to take care of it (I don’t think they’ve ever actually updated the BC…), while the PSP always had software emulation.

    • AdamBoy64

      Well, thanks for letting me know.
      When I play FF6 again I might just stick to the Wiiware version.

  • They need to make a real remake of the game, like they did with Final Fantasy IV on the NDS, just on the psp, I mean if they can produce (in my opinion) mediocre games like Mindjack or Front Mission: Evo., a well-crafted prequel to Final Fantasy VII (Crisis Core), or waste their time on a game that was never even finished/released(Gun Loco -__-), then I think they can invest some time and money into a beautifully and well thought out game like Final Fantasy VI….I think

    • Guest

      Front Mission SRPG series is not mediocre. Front Mission Evolved however is.

      • I agree, the previous installments on the Ps1&2 were good games, but as I mentioned, FM:EVO not so much, it abandoned it’s SRPG roots and originality, as well as intriguing storyline.

        I think Evolved was just too similar to Armored Core.

  • PrinceHeir

    please US release along with FFV,Chrono Cross and Trigger and my life would be complete ^^

    though a NGP Enhanced version of FFV and FFVI would be welcome :)

  • Finally I’ll be able to beat Final Fantasy VI. Shame on me I still haven’t beat one of the greatest FFs/RPGs.

  • Guest


    • AnimusVox

      Yes me too. I’m not a huge FF fan, but VI was my favorite, I feel it’s overshadowed sadly.

  • hadjimurad

    I’ll take this, and any quality remake they want to do. I love FF6. (said in my head not to cause arguments: “ahh…the best FF.”)

  • xxnike629xx

    I was hoping that they’d do a remastered PSP release of FF III, V, and VI.

  • doomspeller10

    VI is my absolute favourite of the series but… if they won’t even try to fix the [in]famous bugs, it sounds like a total quick buck approach. Those who have CFW can play it from years or even emulate de GBA version. Hopefully this doesn’t discard the possibility of a real remake.

  • FX102A

    Never played FFVI and I want to correct that. However, which is better: The SNES version (available on Wii VC) or the slightly updated PSOne version (not yet confirmed for EU PSN but I’m guessing a matter fo time)?

    • PurpleDoom

      As far as I know, the only changes to the PS1 version are the couple of things listed above (2 FMV sequences, a bestiary, and the pre-battle animations) so pretty much either one is fine.

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