Index Holdings Gives Us A Glance At Their Busy Social Game Schedule

By Spencer . April 15, 2011 . 7:37pm

image After the success of Persona 3 Social and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Zero, Index Holdings is making a huge push towards social games. Instead of building social games from the ground up, Index Holdings plans to base these titles on popular RPGs and anime series.


Here’s a vague rundown of what Japan is getting in the next five months.


Popular RPG
Popular anime game

Puzzle game
Popular anime game

Popular simulation game

Popular RPG
Popular anime game

Famous movie game
Puzzle game


Since Index Holdings absorbed Atlus, all of their intellectual property is available to use and Atlus has many "popular RPGs." I wonder what we’ll see first Yggdra Social Union or Persona 4 Social.

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  • CleruTesh

    “Vague” is about right.

  • I dont know why i feel im being raped

  • Ladius

    It’s not like Atlus’ series hadn’t some spin offs in the past (I remember SMT’s Game Boy Color Trading Card Game, for example), but this is getting a little out of hand… Luckily I don’t think Index can ruin Atlus’reputation in any way, the games Atlus developes are too good for that.

  • amagidyne

    Excuse me while I get my evoker..

  • AzureNova

    Atlus cannot be stopped.

  • Hopefully this won’t distract them from making bigger, console projects. I don’t play social games at all and it would suck for them to stop focusing on other things.

    • Joanna

      From the articles about the absorption from way back, it was stated that Atlus Japan will not be affected in any way….in other words Atlus Japan will continue making handheld and console games like before but now Index’s own development group will be able to use Atlus I.P.s for these social games. Of course, if Index wanted to, they could merge all the development teams and do only social games, but seeing how they are really happy with Catherine’s sales, I don’t think that will happen. The worst that can happen is Index taking more creative control over Atlus….but that’s more a wait and see thing. So far, Atlus looks to be unharmed. Devil Survivor 2 looks just as good and fresh as the first game :3

  • Atlus does get money from this, don’t they? So it’s not a bad thing, right? I mean, Index will make moneys with the Social Games, Atlus can spend it on developing new awesome RPGs, which Index then can use for their raperage… win/win, isn’t it?

    • CleruTesh

      Wish I were as optimistic. The more that crappy social/microtransaction games prove financially viable, the more they will take resources away from real games. Someone needs to to tell whoever is playing these games to stop.

  • A lot of Hipsters will be displeased.

  • cmurph666


  • I just love the idea of social games going mainstream. Still, this is only in Japan and it’ll probably be a few years before they consider bringing them to the USofA!

  • Joanna

    After playing SE’s facebook games, I can safely say social games are not for me. I don’t like the lack of gameplay (Chocobo’s Crystal Tower basically played itself in the actual dungeon part, which made me sad. The Knights game was a bit more interactive but you still had no control over the actual fights and there was a daily limit of how much you could play for free).

    I sort of wish Index would look into small digital games for the consoles/handhelds (minis, (3)DSWare, WiiWare, PSN, Xbox Live Arcade). These little gaiden chapters or spin-offs could be really small in scope yet still be fun to play. Even Apple Mobile games are better since they actually have gameplay (Song Summoner). Ah, but this is my selfish desire as a gamer. It sort of sucks when you see the Persona/SMT brand yet know the game won’t be any good because it’s a free-to-play transaction based game. Or the other alternative, the renting model, that’s just as bad because I much rather pay more once and have the game forever. But maybe I’m taking a small sample (two SE facebook games) and generalizing to all social games. I’d love to be proven wrong and shown that there is actual gameplay and fun to be had in social games.

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