Alice: Madness Returns Goes Up The Rabbit Hole With The Original Alice As DLC

By Spencer . April 19, 2011 . 1:21am

alice1American McGee’s original Alice came out over a decade for PC and Mac. Maybe some people picking up Alice: Madness Returns for either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 missed out on it. Don’t worry, Spicy Horse is packing the original Alice in with (some?) copies of Alice: Madness Returns.


McGee slipped the news to CVG which report copies of Alice: Madness Returns will include a download code for Alice 1 on consoles. It’s unclear if every copy of Alice: Madness Returns will have this bonus or if it’s only for a special edition. Electronic Arts bundled Dead Space: Extraction with Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor: Frontline with Medal of Honor so a similar promotion for Alice: Madness Returns isn’t totally out of the blue. It’s also unclear if Alice will be sold separately on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade or both platforms.


Alice: Madness Returns will also have dresses that change Alice’s abilities available as downloadable content. When we played the game with Spicy Horse, a staff member explained Alice changes her costume when she enters different worlds too.


A tip of the hat and Cheshire Cat grin to Charles L. for the tip. Thanks!

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  • landlock

    Cool, never played the original I was gonna grab it on the PC but I won’t bother now.

  • Judgment8


    • Barts



      • Charles Lupula

        Then he gets kicked down into the rabbit hole.

        • Chow

          Thanks for explaining that. It really made me see…

          [puts on sunglasses]

          …through the looking glass.


  • vall03

    aw, why no DLC for PC version… :( oh well, I can also get it on the PS3…

    • Charles Lupula

      Probably because, up until now, the game has been PC-exclusive and you can still download it, today even if you own a PC. For people who only have the PS3 or 360, this will be the first time we’ve ever been able to play it.

      I know I was on the fence about the game precisely because I couldn’t really ever play the first one (played about an hour at a friend’s place, but controlling the game with a keyboard drove me insane), but now it’s become a definite buy.

      • doubleO7

        Actually, the PC version has been OOP for quite some time and has become increasingly difficult to for for a decent price for several years now.

        It would be nice if they would throw us PC gamers a bone, instead of making us pay $50+ for used copies of the original. Even if its not bundled with the new game, a rerelease on Steam, Direct2Drive, or Good Old Games would be nice.

  • SoulArbiter

    The more footage and news I see of this game, it intrigues me more and more.

  • mirumu

    Wow, I want that version.

  • Charles Lupula

    I’m thinking, since they didn’t announce the bonus as a PS3-exclusive (the above-mentioned bonuses for Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor were PS3-only bonuses), it’s going to be one of those things to keep people buying the game new. You buy it new, it’ll probably come with a code. You buy it used, you have to buy it off the PSN or XBLA. Makes sense.

    • Pichi

      Hope it’ll be in all new copies and not a limited run. If a limited run, I don’t mind missing it if I can get it on PSN/XBLA.

  • thebanditking

    Sounds cool, though like Dead Space 2 I would prefer if the original Alice was on the PS3 bluray with the new game.

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