Laharl’s Gundam-Like Pirate Ship Comes To Disgaea 4 As DLC

By Spencer . April 20, 2011 . 2:32pm

Laharl’s dream of being a mobile suit pilot is about to come in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.




You can add the Laharl Kaiser V, a Gundam style pirate ship to the PlayStation 3 game for 200 yen ($2.50). Pirate ships travel between worlds and bring your characters into another person’s game. Since you get a bunch of Laharl Kaiser V pirate ship parts its possible to edit this design and make your own Disgaea 4 mech.


007[2] 008[1] 009[1] 010[2] 011[2] 012[1] 015[2] 016[1]


You can also get base customization parts to change the hub world into Holt Village, Adell’s hometown.




Speaking of Adell, he and Rozalin can join the cast of Disgaea 4. Each character costs 300 yen ($3.60) on the PlayStation Store. Take a look at their signature techniques, revised with new sprites below.



070[1] 071[2] 072[1] 073[1] 074[2] 075[1]



079[1] 081[1] 082[1] 083[1] 084[1] 085[1] 086[1] 087[1] 088[1] 089[2] 090[2] 091[1] 092[1] 093[1] 094[1] 095[1] 096[1] 097[1] 098[2] 099[2] 100[2] 101[2] 102[2] 103[2] 104[1] 105[1] 106[1] 107[1] 108[1] 109[1] 110[1] 111[1] 112[1] 113[1] 114[1] 115[1] 116[1] 117[1] 118[1] 119[1]120[1] 121[1] 122[1] 123[1]124[1] 125[1] 126[1] 127[2] 128[1] 129[2] 130[1] 131[1] 132[1] 133[2] 134[1] 135[2] 136[1] 137[1] 


Asagi is another downloadable character and this Asagi is different than the character you can unlock in Disgaea 4. She costs 100 yen ($1.20) and if you purchase Asagi between April 28 and June 30 proceeds go towards earthquake relief efforts. This batch of Disgaea 4 downloadable content will be available in Japan on April 28.



056[1] 057[1] 058[1] 059[1] 060[1] 061[2] 062[1] 063[1] 064[1] 065[2] 066[1] 042[1] 043[1] 044[1] 045[1] 046[1] 047[1] 048[2] 049[1] 050[1] 051[1] 052[1] 053[1] 054[1] 055[1]

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  • Asagi’s special move looks damn awesome, almost like a John Woo movie!! :D

    And hell yes for my personal Disgaea Gundam!!! I love the DLC for D4 so far! :D

    • Zero_Destiny


  • Adell looks cool, the Laharl Gundam looks cool, love his sprite in those images.

  • Ereek

    For people who have played the Japanese version, how did the “invasions” end up working? Are people sharing their levels made from the level-creator often?

    • Exand

      Lots of maps made by other players, but the majority are trick maps for easy CP earning. CP being the currency you use to buy map parts. I’ve come across only a handful of well thought out maps that were for puzzle solving. Maybe as the game ages there will be better custom maps.

      For the pirate invasions, all you do is go down a list of players, select their uploaded pirate group and watch the AI battle. You don’t control your characters, you just issue general “be a healer” or “use special attacks” commands between rounds. Not very interesting or fun.

      • Ereek

        Thanks for the elaboration. It’s too bad the invasions didn’t turn out well. But I wasn’t sure how they would in the first place.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider


    That looks pretty good. Mechas make everything better.

    And I gotta say: that’s some great camera work. Nice angles.

    Oh Disgaea, how I’ve missed you.

  • ninjaonizuka

    Im super excited for this game definitely getting all the dlc i want! and thats all of it

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    2 Asagis, 1 Game = WANT!

  • This one post has such large amounts of win in it! :D

  • Code

    rar, now THAT is DLC worth money, LAHARL KAISER V ACTIVATE +o+~! Seriously though the game is looking excellent and like it’ll be right at home in my PS3 for the rest of the year after it comes out here >ww<'

  • cmurph666

    Whoa, I need this game.

  • Klaus00

    People:RUN RUN RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!YOSHITSUNA IS HERE! |Announcer:Super Battleship Yoshitsuna IS HERE! |Zetta:What the hell is that?! o.o |Asagi:Say hello to my little friend :DDD

  • WAH!! Can the next news be about these DLC characters in action (on video)?!! 2nd Asagi RAWKS in those images!

  • LAHARL SHIP!! is that and Ideon and Gundam like ship? DO WANT!!

  • You would Laharl… you would…

  • Sal

    Unkown_PC posted the DLC character skills!

    • ASAGI!!!!!!

      That video should have been in the news article! Now, to see if Unlosing Ranger will be the next DLC character…

  • each … cost …. each

  • Woohoo! Gundam Prinng! When it comes to games I could care less about graphics but these HD sprites reeaally enhance the epicness of Disgaea’s already over the top skills.

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