Konami America Hasn’t Forgotten About Releasing Otomedius Excellent

By Spencer . April 21, 2011 . 10:38am


Don’t worry, Otomedius Excellent’s overseas release has not been scrapped. Sure Konami hasn’t said anything about Otomedius Excellent in months, but plans to publish the moe shooting game in North America are still on track.


Just now, Konami sent us a reminder and a new batch of screenshots.


image20 image02 image07 image14


Otomedius Excellent has a multiplayer mode where up to three friends can team up on Xbox Live Arcade for an online assault. The Xbox 360 game has nine characters on-disc which gamers in Japan can start mastering today. Otomedius Excellent will be released in North America later this year.

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  • PrinceHeir

    please don’t forget a PS3 release :(

    • How can Konami forget what was never in development? Otomedius Excellent has only been announced as an Xbox 360 game, just like Otomedius Gorgeous.

      • PrinceHeir

        that’s why i sad don’t forget “a” PS3 release. they could easily make one after releasing the 360 game.

        • OK, but you’ve done this in other posts before too where your only comment is like “please release this for PS3” and it kinda derails discussion. We know you have more intelligent comments than that so if that’s all you have to say, perhaps, it doesn’t need to be said?

          • PrinceHeir

            okay i might be repeating myself in every threads like this, but i really really want this. then again as you said it doesn’t add to the discussion so i’m gonna stop all these “i want X game”. im pretty sure there are other people who would want “x’ game on this “x” platform but yeah after reading it, it kinda feels pointless.

            oh well sorry about that, will never happen again

          • Thanks, much appreciated. I’ve seen you post other thoughtful comments and questions too so you know we don’t want those drowned out by X for Y platform comments :P

          • TrevHead

            Honestly mate if you want to play shmups that badly youre best just to bite the bullet and buy a 360, Although the Jap360 is pricy, a normal one isnt and theres a few region free / Xbla titles available. I see it this way, if you have the funds to buy the games especially the import ones you should beable to save the cash to buy the machine they run on.

            And if you cant theres a shitton of shmups to be played on the PC like Crimson Clover, Hellsinker, Trouble Witches & Hydorah and the upcomming PC only 1-4 player Jamestown. Plus all the arcade games on Mame including all those newly emulated Cave games like DOJ BL, Ketsui and EspGaluda.

            All can be played for free while you save for a 360 and are much better examples of the genre then the mediocre Otomedius

          • PrinceHeir


            im actually thinking of buying one, but if it’s a JP 360 i might not able to understand playing Lost Odyssey. well i don’t import much but i always get my imports on a local store, sure they are pricey but you get what you see.

            where do you buy all of these PC games?

          • PrinceHeir


            ehh don’t mention it, im just too excited for this game that’s all XD

    • Ladius

      It’s a strange situation… the Japanese shmup niche on X360 is dwindling by the day, and the recent shmup releases haven’t seen even a shard of DeathSmiles’s success, but at the same time Mamoru-kun’s PS3 port apparently bombed hard, showing that the PS3 userbase apparently isn’t as shmup-starved as many of us thought.

      As a shmup fan I would like to have more titles every day, but I fear that this little market has been saturated by the massive number of releases seen in the last three years :

      • malek86

        Maybe price plays a part on that? Even I am finding it increasingly hard to justify the $80-90 price tag of almost every shmup out there. Of course value is a matter of content, but price perception is swayed by the overall market, and when many indie developers out there can put out great stuff for $15-20, it kinda makes shmups look bad in comparison.

        Perhaps Cave should just switch to digital and lower their prices.

        • Ladius

          We should also consider that in Japan the indiedoujin shmup scene has far steeper price tags than the western indie scene, not to mention Japanese gamers aren’t as keen as us on PC gaming (Cave has had some success on iPhone, instead).

          That said I can see your point: if there’s a single shmup release every two years it’s easy to shell out 80$ if you’re a fan, but when there are multiple releases every month it’s really difficult to keep up with the offer, especially if you’re an importer and a fan of other genres (my budget this year has been pretty much absorbed by USA jrpg releases).

          Also, “serious” shmup players try to master their games before moving on, and having dozens of games releaed every second somewhat cheapens the experience, even if they’re all good quality products. It’s really sad, because with a bigger audience those games could probably keep up the pace without risking alienating their userbase.

      • seriously. xblig, xbla, and retail are littered with them and with similar quality, but at the same time it feels like going elsewhere won’t do you any good.

        though supposedly it didn’t really bomb, as they said they were satisfied and a number of sales came from online stores. [so the same cold be said about 360 releases…*shrugs]…

        in either case, these companies are trying to branch out… which should prove interesting, and hopefully won’t screw them.

        • Ladius

          Yeah, as Students of the Round’s director pointed out the Media Create numbers for X360 games aren’t as spot on as they were before, since they apparently don’t consider sales from Amazon Japan and other online outlets in a period where brick and mortar stores have dwindled X360’s shelf space.

          The same could probably be said of PS3 Mamoru-Kun, but even if they did register a profit those numbers were hardly what many PS3 shmup fans were expecting after years of clamoring for ports of the X360 exclusive shmups :

      • maxchain

        With all due respect to Mamoru-kun, that was kind of a niche title for all of gaming development to use as a gauge of interest for the system. They should test the waters with something more mainstream while they’re at it, like, oh, I dunno… Otomedius?

        • Ladius

          Personally I would like to see Cave do a PS3 port of Death Smiles or Mushihimesama Futari to gauge the userbase’s interest.

          That said, something similar happened with the visual novel fanbase: PS3 users kept clamoring for more PS3 releases seeing all the X360 exclusives, and then Umineko 1-4 (a PS3 exclusive) bombed hard : White Album did decently though, and Dunamis 15 will be multiplatform.

          • TrevHead

            I personally think that most shmup fans will have bought a 360 by now (and maybe the same for VN fans) so selling a port of 360 game wont sell. PS3 titles would do better if it is exclusive to the system like Rockin Android’s games on the PSN these seem to be selling decently.

            I suppose the best way to gauge sales is to release multiplat at the same time.

            As for all of us thinking there was a mass of PS3 gamers ready to snap up any shmup or VN that comes their way, I think of the ps3 comments were from ppl who only wanted something the couldnt have. Or to use the saying “their eyes are bigger then their belly”

            IMO the PC is different to the PS3 as there already is a sizable number of shmup and retro game fans on that system and would jump at the chance to play any new Japanese games released for it, just take Reccettear on steam that sold extreamly well, topping steams sales charts. How Japanese devs contnue to ignore the platform really puzzles me considering the industry isnt doing so well.

  • Excellent

  • puchinri

    I often wish I had an Xbox 360. What are the chances on of a PS3 port? ;u;

  • I’m really glad that DeathSmiles came out on iphone, now I only need this game with its series.
    Hopefully someday we’ll see it on PSN or at least on iphone. -__-

    • CleruTesh

      Ok so I opened the app store after reading your post and I guess it’s not in the US huh?

      • It’s not out yet?
        Well according to Joystiq (and Siliconera also), it should come out in this spring. So I guess it’s still not out.
        Well my apologies, I don’t own iphone/ipod/ipad myself so I don’t know if it’s on the store or not. But I’m planning to buy iphone 4 very soon and hopefully DeathSmiles will be my first game to get.

        • CleruTesh

          If you’re buying a new phone for gaming, have you considered the xperia play? I haven’t tried it yet, but I can tell you that 90% of the games I’ve played on my iPod touch make me think “Dammit why can’t there be a D-pad and buttons!?”

          • I’m not gonna buy iphone for games. I want iphone mainly for its great apps, and some other games which looks enjoyable on it (such as Angry Birds).

          • CleruTesh

            In that case, allow me to suggest DDR. That game translates surprisingly well to the format. (Much better than a gamepad at least, IMHO)

  • International online play?????

    • Aoshi00

      Should be.. if it’s like Wartech, the first Senko no Ronde..

  • Will we get the chair as pre-order bonus? lol

    I’m glad Konami didn’t give up on this. Moar shmups @[email protected]

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