Tri-Ace Tech Demo Shows Us Their Shiny Rendering Engine

By Spencer . April 21, 2011 . 11:18pm

Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile developer tri-Ace has been pretty quiet after releasing Resonance of Fate. While the studio didn’t share any details about their upcoming games, they posted a technical demo of their in-game engine.


Please note this video is not a teaser for a future tri-Ace game, just a look at their art and rendering engine in action.



Seeing the burly character pick up the Edge figure from Star Ocean: The Last Hope was amusing. Especially because the entire world of Star Ocean is a s- oh wait… I’d better not say that! Pretty demo. Perhaps, this will help tri-Ace land a new contract or two.

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  • Ereek

    Teasing us with 4D space, are they?

    Also, brown and bloom everywhere.

  • Let’s go Resonance of Fate 2. Make it happen.

  • Valkyrie Profile 3: Hrist please.

    • PrinceHeir

      oh yes please, been waiting for this :)

      i hope they use this engine for the next VP but different colour pallete.

      i want a angelic-like feeling :)

  • DanteJones

    Dunno what their next game is gonna be, but it needs moar Nolan North.

    That, and the lady in the trailer should have her own game. :O

  • skymap

    RoF changed my opinion of Tri-Ace. I’m anticipating whatever they’re preparing … though I guess we wont know until TGS.

  • Despite the popular opinion, I would LOVE an *unrushed* sequel to INFINITE UNDISCOVERY. [and why not actually incorporate the original concept of things actually changing [opening,closing] over time, unless I missed something…]

    Of course some Resonance is in order. They do have a number of teams after all, though having no releases after so long is rather frustrating.

    • Hmm.. I’d imagine that would be really difficult since Microsoft owns the Infinite Discovery IP, but Square led the development after the project was bogged down.

      • Well, I don’t think we’d ever understand what MS is thinking. I just think it should be given another chance since the ideas were there.

        Granted, I’m still waiting on a miracle called Phantom Dust 2…. so I may as well be called delusional.

        • Specifically for Infinite Undiscovery, they wanted the game to be done. So, they handed it Square Enix to finish the title, but retained the IP for it.

  • city_debut

    Star Effect: Gears of Eternity.

    I kid, of course. The engine looks great, and the bokeh shader reminds me of the new Unreal Engine trailer that turned up about a month ago.

  • First the new Unreal Engine and now Tri-ace’s new engine. Now this is an evolutionary feature. Watch out Squeenix, tri-ace is REALLY gunning for top dog this time.

  • Edge statue looked cool.

  • VWinds

    The character designs actually look good. And they’re adults too, which is a huge plus.
    Lets hope that actually translates to their next game.

  • The race for the best brown is on.

  • Zeonsilt

    Star Ocean 5?Hell,yes!
    /oops,i’m sorry,this is *rendering engine demonstration*.

  • godmars

    Mixed feelings seeing obvious Western influences, even if only a demo, but it looks good. Just hope that if they do a space themed title it has vehicles. That its not just walking.

    • FireCouch

      Western = grown man, I suppose.

      • neocatzon

        how sad it is, by the way I want to see a gramp as main character sometimes

        • kroufonz

          yo’ve got it bro, there is this thing called nier :P

          • neocatzon

            39 to 44, not old enough

      • Yamaneko22

        As long as women will keep their beautiful, ladylike looks, I’m ok with that:3 I would cry bloody tears, if they would give women Gears of War like looks TT_TT

    • Testsubject909

      I don’t know… The guy made me think of Vanquish, obviously japanese in it’s depiction of a western man (I mean, look at him. He’s nowhere near burly enough or snarky looking enough to be western made.)

      • godmars

        The Gears brick is the typical Western character?

      • Yeah, I mean… Look at the chick. There’s enough Japanese there without it being moe-moe. I wouldn’t venture to say the man is particularly memorable-looking, but it’s a tech demo, after all.

        • Guest

          I’m tired of moe. It’s really ruining creativity factor with it’s tired tropes and cliches

      • Extra_Life

        His suit looked a bit Isaac Clarke, I thought, mixed with a bit of Mass Effect, and yes! Vanquish!

  • Croix

    I love pretty much anything Tri-Ace has a hand in. I may have had things I thought could have been done a little better, but I will say that I’ve been always impressed by the way they make their characters look, both in terms of style and quality. This teaser honestly reminds of Starcraft 2 cinematics, except the characters are of believable proportions here.

    • Aoshi00

      At first I thought it was Nathan Drake in a Crysis suit lol.. the quality is definitely up there like Star Craft 2.. w/ things looking realistic and detailed..

      • Testsubject909

        Now what you need to worry then is that realism doesn’t interfere with style. Some people who focus on the first oftentime forgets the latter and creates uninteresting characters and worlds in the end.

        But this is Tri-Ace. I’ve got good trust in them.

        • Im sorry, but I just don’t understand what you’re saying?

          • Guest


          • Thanks, oh I see, but realism is creative, surely real life is creative.

      • vrakanox

        This made me “lol” mainly because that’s EXACTLY what he looks like.

  • Kai2591

    The graphics and mech suit reminds me of Deus Ex Human Revolution and Vanquish.

    Anyway, AWESOME tech demo~
    Looking forward to their future games using this engine.

    Although I prefer character designs with a more ‘Japanese’ feel to them rather than more western.
    Also, I’m not really into the extremely realistic looks. Well, not anymore. Being way too serious isn’t fun for me anymore.

  • Guest

    Underwhelming to say the least all that brown n bloom, but it’s just a tech demo.

  • “Especially because the entire world of Star Ocean is a s- oh wait… I’d better not say that!”


  • It’s nice now and again to see Japanese developers showcase their internal engines in a generation where the west has come to absolutely dominate the tech portion of the industry, especially a “non-AAA” studio like tri-Ace. I’m highly impressed, particularly by the globe of water and lighting/shadows.

    Besides, it’s pleasing to see that not every JRPG-focused studio is bowing out of the console race in favor of the more sustainable, lower-budget handheld market. tri-Ace may have stumbled now and again this generation, but I tip my hat to ’em.

    • Subsenix

      They stumbled because they favored a Dead Console in the J-RPG world.
      They made the same mistake like Bamco and everyone else…If they would’ve gone directly with the PS3 they would’ve sold at least 2 Millions alone of Star Ocean 4 on the PS3.

      • I think one of the reasons why Star Ocean 4 sold so poorly was that there was such bad word of mouth from people who are 360 owners. I played it when it came out for PS3 and while it’s not the greatest game ever made, it’s not bad at all. I don’t even mind the dub that everybody rants and raves about. It’s a more exaggerated version of what happened to Enchanted Arms, which is treated like the worst RPG ever made, when it’s a only average, at worst. But people complained about all these staples of the genre, things that don’t bother people who actually play RPG’s, and it got this awful reputation. I do wonder if they had been exclusives, for PS3, whether they would sold more of Star Ocean.

        A fun experiment to try is to let someone who doesn’t read the internet, who likes RPG’s, play it, and you’ll see that they don’t have any of the complaints that went around the web. It became almost a meme to rank on Star Ocean: The Last Hope, when it really didn’t deserve that hate.

        • I dont even think I read any reviews or anything before playing it, I just up and bought it when it came to the PS3, it was lovely (and the person who wrote the faq, she was so enthusiastic, making me more enthusiastic to play the game). I think third partys making exclusives are just a bad idea to be honest, especially with a fairly long running series on a platform from a company which had no other titles on its current and previous system before.

          • irzbos

            i cant believe you now have a girl as ur profile pic…im impressed.

          • Ren

            Wait, you actually post here too? I only noticed now.

            It’s not like he doesn’t like women, he just has a obsession with yaoi… or at least that what he said until now.

          • Hm? Thats actually Alexandra (or Sasha), he is so epic that I just have to use his picture for this second season of the phenomenal Seikon no Qwaser! Love it!

          • irzbos

            not often, only when something strikes my fancy in particlar, which tri-ace does and my thought that tsuna had a female cahracter for once as his profile pic (which i guess was mistaken).

          • Guest

            That’s a dude, dood. He likes dudes who look like ladies. Weird fetish.

          • Third party exclusives are what used to give systems their identity, up until Microsoft decided to play the “me too” game this generation. Back when it was just Sony, Sega, and Nintendo, you’d find a great deal of third party exclusives across all three systems. They’re what sold the individual system. Now, it’s like mud. It’s so watered down and dumbed down and everybody has to have everything.

            You know why I don’t complain about the abundance of shumps on the 360? Or why I don’t say that Xenoblade or Last Story should come to PS3? Because I believe in exclusives. I believe they’re a great thing. They’re the only thing that makes one system more preferable than another.

            And I’m not quite sure what you’re saying when you say, especially with a fairly long running series on a platform from a company which had no other titles on its current and previous system before since Star Ocean 2 and 3 were exclusively on Playstation 1 and 2. I think they may have made a PSP port, but those never count.

          • Well yeah thats essentially what I mean. If people have the Star Ocean on the PS1 and the PS2 (PSP were remakes), then I think it would be wise to assume they would have invested in (at the time Last Hope Xbox 360 was announced, BC PS3’s were available) a PS3. They had a fanbase of SO fans on Sony systems then happened to go to Microsoft…its like pulling a Mass Effect move, ME1 on Xbox then jumping ME2 and 3 to the other system, or Disgaea 4 jumping to Xbox 360, basically they should have stayed to their Playstation roots, and I imagine that would have let it do better.

            I think I prefer Exclusive DLC and such version versus an entirely exclusive game from a third party. Exclusives just leads to disappointment later in a console generation as one has to decide between buying another console or just ignoring those exclusive games on the other system and just being content with their game library.

          • vadde939

            Hmm yeah I kinda have to agree with you on the exclusives thing. The obsession with everything being multiplat this gen does make the consoles seem way too similar. I plan on buying a 360 or PS3 soon (only 3 more upcoming Wii games to look forward to before I’m done with the system) and can’t really choose between them because most of the games that interest me on both platforms are multiplat. Kinda more inclined towards the PS3 for the JRPGs (or potential of future JRPGs as there are suprisingly few on any home console this gen) but the 360 does have Vesperia (I doubt Vesperia PS3 will ever be localized). Hopefully the multiplat obsession ends soon but things probably won’t change while this console gen lasts.

  • heartless141

    it looks ok, not exceptionally good imo.
    the armor reminds me of Kingdom Heart BBS and Dead Space, weird :P

  • badmoogle

    I don’t like the color palette and the main character’s fugly face will give me nightmares for at least a month.
    Everything else looks fantastic though.

  • Now tri-Ace…..where is our Valkyrie Profile 3 : Hrist ,and Star Ocean 5 ?

    • Aiddon

      you’ll get a VP3 eventually, but Star Ocean ended with 4.

      • And so far VP ‘ended’ with a spin-off prequel on the DS,meh.

        • Aiddon

          VP legitimately has someplace it could go. Star Ocean on the other hand hit a brick wall due to 3.

          • Extra_Life

            Nah, 4D space definitely inspired the Eternal Sphere. The next Star Ocean game is either set at some other point in Star Ocean’s mythology (and there was a pretty big gap between 2 and 3 time-wise), or it is set in 4D space. I hope for the latter, and although the video isn’t a teaser, I like to think it is, and is set in the 4D world.

            I can dream!

          • Aiddon

            it’s not going to be set anywhere because a fifth game is not going to happen. Even the series’ producer admitted they were finished due to the plot twist in 3. Time to move on to bigger and better things.

          • I’m just glad there are people out there that don’t royally hate the plot twist in SO3. After some thinking, stuff begins to make sense. Creepily.

            I don’t like to think they’re finished with Star Ocean either, so let me sit here and dream, too. There’s still some unanswered questions out there.

            *sigh* …. just a tech demo, I know.

          • Extra_Life

            @ Aiddon (reply didn’t work), Yeah, I remember the initial comments about Star Ocean 4 being the last Star Ocean game, then I remember other comments/articles not that long after this stating that another Star Ocean game had never been ruled out and that Star Ocean may well return.

          • Aiddon

            I’ve only seen that ONCE. Shortly before Resonance of Fate came out, Suguro (who was the director of that and VP2) said something weird about “the next Star Ocean”. However, this ALSO happened to be shortly before SO4: International was coming, so more than likely he was talking about that. The series is DONE, they’ve accepted it, it’s about time everyone else does too.

  • Subsenix

    No matter what you make Tri Ace – Let the PS3 be Lead Platform.
    You and every other J-RPG Dev should know by now where you make money AND sell units.
    No one cares about the quality of a 360 version…They are busy with CoD
    But to be nice I allow you to make your games Multiplat for those people who bought A DAMN 3fixme just for all those low quality/Beta Version J-RPGs(LIKE ME!) at the start of the Gen and still couldn’t buy a PS3.

    • Wasn’t the PS3 the lead platform for Resonance of Fate? I could be wrong on that, but I could swear I read that.

      • Even if it was, there’s not many differences in both versions of the game.

        • Didn’t say there was. That’s the point. Most of the time, when PS3 is the lead platform, both versions are done right. When the 360 is the lead, for some reason, a lot of the time, the PS3 version suffers.

    • implying that ps3 owner don’t play more shooters than the xbox user *cough killzone, Resistance, uncharted cough cough*

      • Look at the sales of the Call of Duty games. The 360 outsells the PS3 on it by 2:1 if not 3:1. First, Uncharted shouldn’t even be on that list. It’s a completely different type of game than the 360 shooters. Yes, it does have some Gears of War influence, but it’s also heavily based on platforming and exploration. Second, when Killzone and Resistance sell as well as Halo, you can talk. Yes, there are shooter fans who own PS3’s. Enough that it’s worthwhile to have a couple of exclusives, but nowhere near the amount of FPS fans on the 360.

        When it comes to RPG’s, keep in mind, the 360 outsells the PS3 in North America by 11,000,000 units. Yet, when Final Fantasy XIII came out, the PS3 version outsold the 360 one, 2:1. Same for EVERY SINGLE MULTIPLATFORM RPG that wasn’t a year old port (meaning: Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Eternal Sonata, and Enchanted Arms). They all sold more on the PS3 than the 360. Maybe not at a 2:1 margin, but considering the system sales, even outselling by 20k is impressive. Considering the gap in systems, one can reason that the PS3 is home to more RPG fans than the 360. Same with fighting games.

    • rock1644

      I can’t believe people are liking this fanboy drivel.

      • Aoshi00

        Believe or not, this board has quite a few PS3 fanboys.. saying PS3 rules and diss the evil 360 you get lots of likes :)

        • Quite sad, reality is…~

        • down with console racism! I never liked Xbox, but that doesnt mean i would go around loving all the people that talk bad about it >_> (neither i would talk about it)

          I mean, how can i talk bad about something i dont have and never have used?

          • Aoshi00

            The way I see it is all 5 systems have tons of great games on them.. no use going around moaning why this game is on that and why that game isn’t on this, all 3 major consoles are pretty cheap now compared to years ago.. I don’t care who does what to who, Sony, MS, Nintendo, none of them are saints or perfect.. all I care is I have fun playing games on each of those system.. they’re all out to make money and get rid of the other guy, that’s how the business has always been.. it’s a waste of time to talk about all this fanboy nonsense.. Now region locking.. that’s something unnecessary we could all hate :)

          • Region Lock… is like the drug on gaming world, a virus on a computer WE MUST STOP IT OMFG!


            “The first down with region block world war”
            “The first “Down with limits! WE ALL ARE BORDARS” reunion”
            “The first nintendo building destroyed by raging fans that want the world to be one”

            They are doing the same thing people did with earth’s territories… Why, oh, humans has to commit the same mistake again and again?!

      • I can’t either. Times like this I wish we could summon a console zord to strike some balance.

        • the iconsole, soon, in stores, by, apple.


          • vadde939

            With a hardware revison every year! Not to mention the best library of 10000000000000000 games half of which just make farting noises! Day 1 babeh! :D

          • This made my day! xD I would totally grab me one Iconsole just for the farting games!!!!

    • lostinblue

      No, if they’re making the game for both platforms they should focus on it running the best possible on both platforms; or rather, making the best they can on both.

      If they last efforts on the PS3 weren’t up there then they should, but that doesn’t mean the X360 is to blame in anyway, or that their version should have been the worse one.

  • HOOOOOOLD up! This is on a console, yes? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    That was AMAZING!!!

    I’m not just saying that, either, and I don’t mind the brown-n-bloom on this case, since it’s only a tech demo and it was set in the evening. This really was amazing in my eyes considering the limits.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Tri-Ace lives! That looks great, even though that’s some extreme motion blur.

    It’s too bad they’re not the best when it comes to sales… Their games are usually pretty good.

  • midgard229

    NEED TO MAKE VALKYRIE PROFILE 3!!!!! use these graphics please tri-ace! i miss lenneth!

    • It should be christ’s game this time, I mean there was a Lenneth game (vp1) Silmeria’s game (vp2) and Wilhem (vp ds) but what happen with my sexy badass black-Valkyrie? D:

      • midgard229

        4 real!!!! i guess its harder making a story based off of a badguy lol. or misguided, loyal or w/e she is ha. still it must be made!

  • Resonance of Fate is the second best RPG of this generation (after Valkyria Chronicles) and I eagerly await whatever Tri-Ace put out next.

    • Hm, maybe I would agree with ROF, but not with VC. I played it for an hour and it really wasnt that gripping, though I do want to rebuy it to check it out again and give it a fair chance. My number one would be (yes its not FFXIII) Star Ocean The Last Hope or possible D3…though with Versus XIII looking fantastic, Type-0 too, it could change.

      • FireCouch

        VC is a damn good game. It may be flooded with anime cliches, but it does it well and pulls it off. And if I’m not mistaken, most people would say it’s easily better than Star Ocean IV.

      • If you only played Valkyria Chronicles for an hour, you didn’t even get out of the tutorials.

      • Extra_Life

        I’m going to sort of agree with you on Star Ocean: The Last Hope. A lot of people hated on it, but I really (and I mean *really*) loved it! “5 playthroughs and both 360 and PS3” loved it. I’d probably tie it with Vesperia for favourite RPG of this generation.

        I don’t usually get that excitable…

  • holyPaladin

    Fayt and Edge figure = win!

    I hope tri-Ace gonna come back with awesome games in the future
    New VP please! and new SO-like games although SO4 is the final series IIRC

  • This video raised to many questions, i cant believe this isnt a tease for a game T_T

  • New IP please, Tri-Ace?

  • Revorse

    Looks nice, but I hope the character designs end up more anime-esque then this western stuff.

  • Aiddon

    and to think this isn’t even a cinematic

  • vrakanox

    This could definately be a Star Ocean 5 if they wanted it to be. Looks incredible to me. The only thing I don’t like is the design of the main character who quite frankly looks like a LOT of other characters.

  • kroufonz

    that’s a bit look like “Star Effect :The Mass Ocean of Dudebro” lol

    anyway they said this video doesn’t related to their upcoming game, BUT after grab Ao4 edge figure we see 5 Rocket launched in that video (SO5 incoming):p

    i want SO5 but tri ace should make VP3 before that,( and this time they should include dual voice from the start and PS3 releaseas lead platform (if it is multiplat))

  • vadde939

    Well the tech demo is nice and all but what tri-Ace do with the tech is what matters. (hopes for Valkyrie Profile)

  • This tech demo reminds me of SO Last Hope when they are stuck on that Earthish planet and the military comes to check it out. The planet where you rescue Meracle? Since the ship outside is super similar and so does the scenery.

  • Nice seeing Fate and Edge in the teaser reminds me that I still have the figures of them in my room.

  • Extra_Life

    Please note this video is not a teaser for a future tri-Ace game, just a look at their art and rendering engine in action. However, this really is a teaser for the next Star Ocean game, set in 4D space, following the adventures of the space faring crew that inspired the creators of the Eternal Sphere, but it isn’t a teaser for a future Tri-Ace game. Honest.

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