Final Fantasy Type-0 Screens Leave The Chocobo Stable

By Spencer . April 22, 2011 . 10:05am


Usually seen with magic cards floating overhead, Ace is hanging out at a chocobo stable. In battle, Ace can throw cards at enemies, which can be done at close range or from a distance. One of his abilities is "Deck Open" which makes Ace draw four cards. Depending on what cards he draws you may damage an enemy or recover characters in your party.


image image image


Queen is armed with a saber (specifically a Mythril Saber in the screenshots) and this weapon lets her easily chain attacks. Her "Cross" ability hits enemies in a line.


image image image


Nine is the dragoon of the group. He uses a lance, which gives him a spin attack that hits enemies further away. "Jump" is one of Nine’s abilities and this skill sends Lance crashing down on enemies from the sky. In Final Fantasy Type-0, Jump has an area of effect and can hit nearby enemies on top of a target.


image image image


More screenshots of the three warriors and their tonberry summoning teacher Kurasame follow.


ace_0301[1] ace1[1] ace2[1] kurasame1[1] kurasame2[1] quee_0301[1] queen1[1] queen2[1] suzaku1[1] kura_0301[1]nine_0301[1] nine1[1] nine2[1]  suzaku2[1] suzaku3[1] suzaku4[1]

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  • Nine is my fav character so far.

    • karasuKumo

      Dragoons ftw!

    • Guest

      So is Ace the main character or what? Some other article mentioned two other people saying they were the main characters now…

      • I thought there is no main character since you can use any of the 12/13.

      • darienkarl

        Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya…..

      • Ren

        Ace is the leader of class Zero and probably one of the most important characters, but the actual story is seen by Machina and Rem. Kinda like in Haruhi, where she’s the most important character but not the protagonist.

    • I know right he’s so cool like epically cool!! I’m always gonna use him thats for sure!!!

  • karasuKumo

    Seriously can’t wait for this, the character designs are some of Nomura’s best. Chocobos are lovely and the attack effects are looking gorgeous! ^^

  • man this game is actually looking to be pretty epic. ever since X the FF’s have been kinda wth. This better bring them back up, i feel Square became a pretty cocky company overtime and dont really put their heart and soul into their games as much as they used to

    • well mr. sakaguchi no longer in the company since after X he just left where he got more money…mistwalker lol

      • doomspeller10

        you’re probably kidding, cause we all know the box office flop known as FF The Spirits Within had much more to do with his departure.
        EDIT: Even if what you say were the case, that decision wouldn’t make sense money-wise since after X came XI and freaking Kingdom Hearts, another milking factory. I’d like to think his decision was an honor thing.

      • Letiumtide

        Actually, despite his name being on the credits for Final Fantasy X, Sakaguchi admits to having next to nothing to do with it.

        In fact, for X and X-2 he his merely credited with Localization Executive Producer.

        Final Fantasy X Localization Executive Producer
        Final Fantasy X-2 Localization Executive Producer
        Final Fantasy XII Special Thanks

    • NoElixirs

      Since Day 1, this game already had epic behind it.

    • AnimusVox

      It’s kind of a shame this was treated like the red headed step child for awhile.

  • darkfox1

    I have not been following this game so well does someone mind telling me what this game is about? And how about the battle system? I plan on getting this game along with a bunch of others when i get my new PSP

    • Its in a world where each nation has a crystal, there r 4 nations so 4 crystals. 3 of them have already been captured by some guy name Cid Oldstein and it crated a world war sorta. This kids u see r in the nation with the last crystal and their defending it pretty much. the gameplay is like Crisis Core and FF12 mixed together id say. im excited for it,. looks promosing

    • It’s about four nations based on the Chinese constellation. The white tiger nation led by Cid breaks the peace treaty between them and iss able to conquer the other nations with his army of l’Cie except the red phoenix nation, where these main characters reside, because they are protected by the crystal until it shatters leaving the nation defenseless against Cid and his army. The main characters are the only survivors having still the power of the crystal, in which they’ll use to bring down Cid.

      The gameplay resembles Crisis Core’s gameplay sans the DMW of course.

      • NoElixirs

        Don’t forget Cid Oldstein is using a Crystal Jammer.

    • Ren

      About the gameplay, there isn’t much information released but there are some interesting bits so far

      The game has some kind of mission based system, there’s no word if it’s the main game system or if there’s also a free exploration system. This mission based system is based on war battles. On those missions, you choose and deploy a 3 man party of your characters(there are 14 playable characters confirmed so far) taking the control of one of them. It’s probable that you can swap the control between party members in real time, but it’s yet to be confirmed. Your party will then execute the mission. If all of your party dies, you’ll be able to deploy a party of any of the other characters to continue the mission, with the headcount of deployable units shown on the right of the characters’ life bars, shown as 9 in the screens above. It’s hinted that certain actions can only be realized by certain characters, so managing parties and using every character is important. The game only ends if all of your deployable units die.
      The game is a action RPG on a similar vein of Kingdom Hearts and FF7 Crisis Core. Your face buttons are assigned actions, like magical and physical attacks that can be used to attack enemies. It’s said you’ll be able to customize those actions and even the magics your characters yield. The game is also said to have a great focus on magic on the gameplay. There are also summons, activated by pressing circle and triangle when the bar is full. The summon will take the place of your controlled character and you’ll be able to control it until the timer runs out.

  • I’ll be Queen’s servant <3 something about a girl, a sword, glasses and long hair makes me squee. I cannot wait for this, the battle system looks so good and promising. I'm also looking forward to the character relationships (if any) and how they'll develop.

    • IceRomancer

      Yes glasses girls = teh hotness!
      And if there shy and timid even more so lol

  • Hard to believe this is a PSP game.

    • joesz

      I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard of Crisis Core.

      Now that’s something comparable to this.

      • I did but this one blows everything away, I thought for sure that nothing can top Ghost of Sparta in terms of visuals but this game is a beast.

  • Happy Gamer

    if anything at all, i lost all my enthusiasm for a FF game. its not necessarily the franchise itself but since guchi has gone it felt like just another RPG franchise to me. I get all hyped up when I hear Mistwalker products like i did back in Square days.

    But this game altho it seems the farthest and spinn-offy from the main series actually has me interested.

    Im really not interested in versus and XIII-2, somewhat. I think its my hopes of wanting that game to be what I expected XIII to me.

    Back to topic but this game is simply one of the greatest looking visually PSP game i have seen.

  • The visuals look great, and what I really like is how it’s encompassing a lot of the elements, new and old of the FF series. Plus, they’re trying to be somewhat unique with the whole card thing(which has been done before but not really anymore) and the Tonberry summoning teacher(does that not scream awesome?)

  • Nine seems cool though Ace even cooler. Surprised that the US Square Enix is still so quite about the game.

  • i cant wait to play this.

  • looking pretty good for a psp title and glad it dosent say XIII agito. loving the name type-

    loving the 3rd birthday and crisis core graphics!

  • joesz

    Why does Spensa always has to take all the enjoy by uploading the “Goodies” and leaving the “Meh meh” to Ishaan:)

  • Probably the only Final Fantasy game I’ve been interested in since Crystal Chronicles.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome art style :)

    hope for NA announcement soon ^^

  • KotaroInugami

    …*tosses money at square enix*…

  • This game will be epic

  • I want this game NOW!!!!

  • Angeru_Lito

    Where´s the nerdy underdog kinda kid I´ll be playing as? I know so little about this game wich is good I´ve been avoiding everything that way the game will feel fresh and new, surprises everywhere

  • too bad that I don’t have psp

  • Love the excitement around this game! Cant wait bro!
    Oh and heres a vid embarrasing my friend lol

  • I know it’s bad to be hyped about this, but…meh. This game will be worth the wait.

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