Train Massacres And Kitty Races In No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition

By Spencer . April 22, 2011 . 2:31am

nmhdFamitsu has details on four of the ten mini-game like missions that were cut from the Wii version, but added to No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition on PlayStation 3.


Travis Touchdown will slaughter mob of enemies on a crowded train in one mission. Another has players guide ships by signaling them with flags. The people bowling mini-game puts Travis on his motorcycle and you have to knock over people by driving into them. Kitty race is exactly what it sounds like. A cat racing game where you can drop milk, cat food or fox tails to make your kitty move. Looks like Travis’ cat Jeane will be the star of that mode.


No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition comes out on July 21 in Japan.

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  • z_merquise

    Whoa, this got lots of features that the Wii version didn’t had. Though I’m still happy of my purchase of the first game for the Wii, at least from there, I get to experience how it was first made by Suda51 and his Grasshopper “band mates”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that this game would be bad, it’s just that I preferred to witness the original version before I check the enhanced HD version.

    This game might be added in my list of purchase for this year beside Arcana Heart 3, Shadows of the Damned and Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos.

    Oh yeah, let me also add Valkyria Chronicles 3.

    • I know what you mean. When Travis said, “hey, you with the Wii remote” or something like that I thought “…ME?!”.
      The whole game was memorable to me that way.


    Hell, if they add the Red Zone content as DLC for Heroes’ Paradise in NA, I’ll still be happy.

    • nyobzoo

      I’m pretty sure Red Zone is the NA version, since the original PS3 didn’t have those contents but Konami added them for the US release

      • Who knows until it actually releases.

        • All signs are pointing to it. I’m pretty sure we’ll know for certain when E3 rolls along.

  • malek86

    I don’t understand why they keep releasing these in Japan, where nobody bought the first NMH, nor the sequel, nor the enhanced port on 360/PS3. Why do they insist?

    • Well, I’m pretty sure that this will be the version we get in the states. It wouldn’t make any sense otherwise. Konami must know that people will import this rather than buy the North American version, if it doesn’t have all this.

      Way I look at it, at E3, they’ll make it official that this is what we’re getting in August.

      • LynxAmali

        Nope. PS3’s getting Heroes Paradise. Wii’s got the originals.
        360 ain’t getting nothing. Which makes me a sad panda.

        • it could always come out as DLC

        • Guest

          No we will get this version!

        • malek86

          Which is something I don’t understand. The 360 is infinitely more popular in the US than in Japan, and yet they only released the 360 version over there, where the series doesn’t sell much anyway, not even on PS3. Of course it fizzled away.

          The fact that they bothered to make a 360 version at all, should have meant they were going to release it internationally, just like for Catherine… but here, they are only localizing the PS3 version.

          Don’t see the point, really. In this case, they could have just made the port a PS3 exclusive from the start. It would have saved them money.

        • Code

          Uh, from everything it sounds like this is Konami’s reworking for North America’s Heroes Paradise; just being re-released in Japan too. It wouldn’t make sense to re-release it again in Japan under the same name, so they are calling it Red Zone.

        • Who is talking about the 360? I didn’t even bring the system up. We’re talking about this version, which is PS3-exclusive.

          And what makes you so sure we’re not getting any of this, hmmm? Do you have some big, world-shattering proof that the rest of us don’t? It’s really a matter of putting two and two together and it equals this. Wouldn’t surprise me if Konami announce they’re changing the subtitle from Heroes Paradise to Red Zone at E3.

    • PrinceHeir

      well it’s Marvelous doing this :P

      oh and No More Heroes is actually getting popular in japan, when NMH2 was about to be released there were tons podcast and even a conert held by suda to promote the game.

      so yeah i think it’s getting some noise in japan.

      now if they release No More Heroes Paradise 2, my life would be complete :)

      • malek86

        I don’t know about that. In the end, NMH2 didn’t outsell the original game, and even got outsold by that PS3 re-release.

        • puchinri

          I don’t know if people are supporting it more in Japan, but there it does seem to be a bit more popular there since all the releases/news.

        • PrinceHeir

          well i guess people in japan want to play this on a HD system?

          i think it’s good news that the PS3 version manage to outsold the wii. it means people are taking a new interest in the series(even though it’s sad NMH2 sold badly there)

          but if they know there’s gonna be a NMH paradise 2, i think they’re waiting for that :)

          • malek86

            “New interest” might be a bit of an exageration. Even if NMH:HP outsold NMH2, it still sold pretty much the same as the original. I still have to see any game in the series go past 40k in Japan.

            And i don’t think we’re gonna see much interest for this one either, considering it’s yet another enhanced port.

            Maybe if/when a proper NMH3 comes out, we can see how it does.

          • PrinceHeir

            well i just think any no more heroes news is always welcome :)

            but yeah a proper NMH3 would definitely raise the game’s popularity ^^

  • Aw man… I would have wanted kitty races in the original. Now I’m wondering why they didn’t include it.

  • karasuKumo

    Cat racing should be another game altogether, the possibilities! 0_0

  • papuruka

    A cat racing game, eh?

    Reminds me of a certain pop tart feline who excretes rainbows and has mastered interstellar space travel…

  • Just take my money. ALL OF IT. ( ; __ ;)

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