Final Fantasy VI Ready To Blitz PSP And PS3 In North America

By Spencer . April 23, 2011 . 6:59am

ff6eSquare Enix already released Final Fantasy VI on PlayStation Network in Japan and Kefka’s madness is about to reach our shores. The ESRB just rated Final Fantasy VI for PSP and PlayStation 3, which locks it for a release as a PsOne classic in North America.


Shinji Hashimoto said the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI clocks in at 185 MB over Twitter. The opening and ending movies probably account for most of the file size.


We learned last week Final Fantasy VI will also be released on Virtual Console in North America as Final Fantasy III. So, if you have a PSP, PS3 or Wii you’ll be able to download Final Fantasy VI soon.

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  • Jirin

    They should mess with internet people and actually make one of the Leo resurrection myths from back in the 90’s work in the new version. Just so when some random guy stumbles upon the 1/256 item in the 1/256 encounter you can take to his grave to bring him back, everybody assumes he’s lying.

  • Can anyone comment on loading time for this adaptation of the original PS1 release? The disc-based release back in FF Anthology was painfully ridden with loading times, but I suspect playing this directly on PS3 solves the problem. If it does, then this seems like the definitive version to get (I have the SNES cartridge and the GBA release already, but the PS3+PSP combo seems like the most pleasant way to play it). That is… until SE decides to re-release it with updated graphics/add-on stories/3d remake. I’ll buy that in a heartbeat as well. Damn nostalgia.

    • malek86

      AFAIK, the load times on the PS3 should be the same as the disc. You might want to play this on a PSP, which could make things faster.

    • Loading times will remain the same.

      • queenanthai


    • Exkaiser

      The PSP has an option to raise disc reading speed when playing PSX games, which might alleviate load times.

      • malek86

        Only on the PSP, actually. If there’s a fast loading option on the PS3, then I haven’t seen it.

        • Exkaiser

          Oh, okay. I don’t own a PS3, so I just assumed it did.

  • androvsky

    That’s odd, shouldn’t it be Final Fantasy Anthology for the U.S.? Are we getting another region’s ps1 game, or is the ESRB rating separate games in a collection?

    • malek86

      The game was on two discs, so they just took one of the discs.

      • androvsky

        Thanks, I should have remembered that. :)

    • Well, there’s two things to say about this. One is what Malek86 said, and the other is that when Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V, VI, and Chrono Trigger were released in Japan, they were all released as stand alone games, not as 2-in-1 games as they were in North America.

  • I think I’m getting this game once its on the PSN. I played a little bit of it when it was re-released on the PS1.. but that was a friend’s copy of the game. >.> Need a bigger card for my PSP, since I doubt I’ll get a chance to play any games but DW7 on the PS3 right now.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Haven’t touched the VC in months, but for my namesake, I’ll make the sacrifice. The VC version probably has the imperial soldier working over Celes under South Figaro…I didn’t like how they eliminated this detail in the GBA version; made it inauthentic in my view.

  • Testsubject909

    I will buy this solely to tell them “Hey! There’s still a market for FF6. Where’s our godkefkadamned 3D remake already!? Don’t think we forgot about that N64 Tech Demo!”

    • Yes it’s overdue for a remake and yeah that U64 demo was awesome.

      • i agree with you! GBA is by far the best remakes for IV V VI

    • PrinceHeir

      i just want my NGP enhanced edition along with FFV and chrono trigger :P

      but yeah, any news about FFVI is always awesome. will buy this for sure since i might not have the patience to wait for the enhanced version.

    • I’m still waiting for the FFV 3D remake ~_~

  • Guest

    First release for the PSP? I’m buying it.

  • xxnike629xx

    Why can’t they just do an enhanced PSP version based off the updated GBA version…?!

    The same question for Chrono Trigger, FF 3, and FF 5!!

    • This.

    • PrinceHeir

      why the GBA version? i think the FFI and FFII Anniversary Collection and FFIV Complete Collection treatment would benefit greatly for FFV, FFVI and Chrono Trigger.

      high quality sprites, much cleaner interface, fixed dialogue, more monsters, arrange music, new artwork etc..

      • xxnike629xx

        And you do realize that FF I (PSP) & FF II (PSP) were based off the GBA game FF Dawn of Souls, right?

        Also, read carefully…

        I said, “…enhanced PSP version based off the updated GBA version…”

        I say the GBA version because FF V (GBA) and FF VI (GBA) are currently the definitive version of those 2 games. Square-Enix added additional content, and they went back and revised the spelling and script quite a bit (i.e. a new translation).

        That’s what I mean “based off of the GBA version”. The actual content should be taken right out of the GBA version, and then they should do the “enhanced” updates (i.e. like what they did with FF1, FF2, and FF4 PSP).

        Please learn to read carefully. Really. It’ll help you here as well as in other areas in life (and in “real life” scenarios).

        • PrinceHeir

          oh okay my bad i didn’t read the PSP part.

          and yeah if your weren’t being a jackass i would have appreciated being corrected, maybe if you don’t act like that. MAYBE it would help you in other areas, especially in “real life”

          • xxnike629xx

            How was that being a “jackass”? You really can’t take criticism very well can you?

          • PrinceHeir

            everything you said was fine until you said

            “It’ll help you here as well as in other areas in life (and in “real life” scenarios).”

            i don’t know what your trying to prove in that statement, your making it seem like i always make the same mistake. care to explain what you mean by that? i doubt that was a compliment of all things.

            you see i hate people trying to be witty and acting smart, it shows how big their ego’s are.

  • Ok, so Europe got FF V, and the US is getting FF VI…As much as I love FF V, I hope we’ll also get FF VI soon!

  • Okay, while I’m glad that this is coming to the VC and PSN I’m a bit confused. I’ve never played Final Fantasy VI (wasn’t before my time or anything I just missed out on it, sadly) but I’m wondering which one should I get? I’ll obviously save more money if I choose the SNES route but price isn’t a concern. I’m more so worried about quality. I know that in the SNES they edited things out and I’m not really a fan of edits. I don’t know what all they edited out besides swearing and a sprite but I’m gonna ask anyone out there who has played both the SNES and PS versions, which one is worth getting or which one is better and why?

    I really want to experience FF6 after so many years and playing through both Dissidias but I want to experience in the “right” way, so can anyone help me out?

    • I always tell people to play the Playstation versions of these old Final Fantasy games. Because of Nintendo’s strict policies and the limited space available on NES and SNES cartridges, many things were taken out of the original Nintendo releases in North America.

      As for the loading times, they aren’t really noticeable in the PS1 version, and they will probably be even more negligible when you play it on a PS3 or PSP.

      • I hate it when things are taken out of games, for any reasons really. I think content in a game really brings out the quality of it and loading times have never been a big deal to me so I’ll probably buy the PS version. Thanks Maxamarcus!

        • Wait! Actually, FFVI is probably the only game out of all the Playstation ports that had barely anything changed from the SNES version script-wise. Maybe some very, very, very minor corrections like Vicks(SNES)->Biggs(PSX), but nothing dynamic. I think some of the smaller more out of the way bugs were fixed too. It does have a bestiary in the game though, so… Maybe you are better off with the PSX version since you don’t mind load times. (Just wanted to get the fact about the script out to you actually. I got very distracted though.)

          • Thanks Tommy Lee, I appreciate it! I might just get the SNES version in the end..what with the PSN being down due to hackers and all. =/

      • As far as I remember, most of the actual content was kept the same for the PSone re-releases, with only minor changes to storyline. All of the scenes stayed the same, with no additions or subtractions between either NES, SNES, or PSone versions. Many things were removed, which is true of any game, but I don’t recall them being added to the PSone versions, in fact, the only time I remember additional storyline elements being added was for the Nintendo DS release of Final Fantasy IV. However, it is true that most of the PSone versions had unedited or only slightly edited sprites.

        In regards to my own recommendations, they go as follows.
        Final Fantasy I – PSP
        Final Fantasy II – PSP
        Final Fantasy III – DS
        Final Fantasy IV – DS or PSP
        Final Fantasy V – GBA
        Final Fantasy VI – GBA

      • queenanthai

        The loading times were VERY VERY noticeable on the PS1 for FFVI. I couldn’t even PLAY it, it was so bad. Question is…is it also that bad on the PS3? I beg someone in Europe to tell me.

    • Final Fantasy III on the SNES and Final Fantasy VI on PS1 are roughly the same as Tommy explained.

      The GBA version has an updated translation that has less edits in some parts, but actually cuts a whole scene out of the game. Other than the new dungeons & Espers, the GBA translation also has proper names for summons, spells, and so forth too.

      Just throwing it out there, but it’s kind of a toss up between which one I enjoy more. Either way, I’d recommend some version of FFVI to anyone!

  • RupanIII

    I already have this but I’ll probably buy again just to support the classics

  • Let’s see, it will be on the virtual console as FFIII and the PSN will be getting it and there will be a PSP port…wait what about FFV? Unless that one is on the PSN and I’m just not aware of it.

  • bleach1st

     I’d definitely buy this as I’ve never owned FFVI or played it before :| I was too young for the SNES and never got a GBA so I’m still waiting :D

  • soldojo

    As far as I know there is some balancing changes made to the PSX and later versions of the game which I find annoying.

    The main problem I have is the fact that they took away the ability to equip Gau with the Merit Badge, thereby bypassing his inability to equip proper weapons.  This makes him able to dual wield Typhoon blades with a Genji Glove, which in combination with the Catscratch Rage, allow him to hit 9999 damage on all enemies up to 8 times per attack round, effectively making him the highest damage output character in the game.

    And in the PSS version of FFVI, you CAN NOT do this.

    Gau is Nerfed.

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